Federal Records Management

AC 32.2016

June 13, 2016

MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS: Reminders and clarification on the submission of form NA-1005 for use of GRS 6.1 (Capstone) this fiscal year

NARA would like to remind agencies that are planning to use the GRS 6.1 (Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach) as disposition authority for email records, that the form NA-1005 should be submitted to NARA by the end of this calendar year as part of meeting the Managing Government Records Directive Goal 1.2 to manage all email in an accessible electronic format. GRS 6.1 may not be used for disposition authority until a form NA-1005 has been approved by NARA. For further information on this form, please see the FAQs for GRS 6.1.

NARA would also like to reiterate and clarify resubmission requirements for the form NA-1005 as already mentioned in the Capstone GRS agency training module on NARA’s Learning Management System. The module instructs that resubmission is required when agencies experience changes in their organization that affect positions on an approved form, and/or every Presidential administration. Since many approvals of these forms occurred, or will occur, within one year of a new Presidential administration, NARA will not require that forms approved prior to January 20th, 2017 be resubmitted for approval next year. The next required timeframe for resubmission of any approved NA-1005 forms, unless organizational changes occur before, is in 2021.

For any questions, please contact the General Records Schedules Team at GRS_Team@nara.gov

Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government