Federal Records Management

Senior Records Manager Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves as the Senior Records Manager (RM) responsible for leading, planning and managing the department/agency records management program for both core mission and administrative records, regardless of medium or format.

  • Serves as the department/agency senior technical expert on agency-wide electronic and non-electronic records management issues. Advises senior program managers, the CIO and the General Counsel's Office on adequacy of documentation and creation and management of agency records, keeping senior management informed on current and projected operational requirements, issues, legislative, and regulatory matters. Facilitates communications among these offices in matters relating to records/information assets and the management of risks to those assets.

  • Works closely and proactively with legal counsel within the Department/Agency to ensure that records/information assets are managed to ensure government accountability, protect the interests of the public, and mitigate records-related litigation risks.

  • Leads the transformation of agency records management processes to address the challenges posed by electronic records.

  • Participates in Department/Agency capital planning process for all major information systems to ensure that records management functionality appropriate to the records/information assets they support is included in system design. Advises program managers and IT managers on metadata requirements necessary to achieve this functionality.

  • Works with the CIO to build records management functionality into the Department/Agency enterprise architecture and to ensure all Department/Agency information systems incorporate records management functionality appropriate to the records/information assets they support. Consults with the CIO to assure that records management technology in use is consistent with Department/Agency enterprise architecture.

  • Formulates and oversees the implementation of Department/Agency policy and guidance for record-keeping in accordance with Department/Agency strategic plan; Congressional mandates for all electronic and non-electronic records; National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regulations, standards and guidance; and appropriate national and international professional records/information management standards.

  • Plans, organizes, directs, reviews, coordinates, and establishes controls for all Department/Agency records activities.

  • Coordinates with Department/Agency program managers to ensure records creation, maintenance, use, and disposition are in accordance with this guidance and the Federal Records Act. Promotes effective records management throughout the Department/Agency.

  • Ensures, in consultation with senior program managers, the General Counsel, the CFO, and the CIO, the development, establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of effective systems of administrative control for safeguarding all records and deployment of state-of-the-art information technology techniques and modern business management practices.

  • Ensures that Department/Agency personnel are knowledgeable and kept current about records management principles and requirements, and that they receive records management training appropriate to their needs.

  • Directs a staff of records management professionals responsible for the implementation of the records management program.

  • Serves as the Department/Agency representative to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Congress, NARA, and the press in matters relating to records management.