Federal Records Management

File 4: Records Stored in Agency Office Space

(version 2.0 issued July 27, 2012)

1. When do I use this Toolkit File?

Use the contents of this file if you plan to hold records:

  • In a records staging or holding area within your agency office space; AND
  • The capacity of that area for holding records is LESS than 25,000 cubic feet.


  • If the records staging or holding area in your office space can hold a volume of records GREATER than 25,000 cubic feet, then the area must be approved as an agency records center. See File 2 of this Toolkit for details.

2. What is considered a records staging or holding area?

For purposes of the NARA regulations, a records staging or holding area is an area designated within the agency's office space that is used for the temporary storage of records. The term does not include off-site storage (e.g., a storage unit outside the office building). Records staging or holding areas may be established by an agency for maintaining records no longer needed in office space but whose volume or retention periods are insufficient to warrant transfer to a record center before final disposition.

3. Does NARA have to approve my records staging or storage area?

You must comply with the storage standards found in 36 CFR 1234.10 – 1234.14 (formerly numbered 36 CFR 1228.228 – 1228.232) available and in File 5 of this Toolkit, but you do not have to provide any documentation to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

4. Questions?

Contact Scott Birckhead by e-mail at scott.birckhead@nara.gov, by phone on (301) 741-5037.

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