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Resources - Vital Records and Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery - Appendix A

ATTENTION!  This page has been superseded.  The information listed below is no longer accurate. For NARA's current guidance please visit www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/essential-records/essential-records-guide. Please note that this page is available only as a technical and historical reference. This content will eventually be removed.

Appendix A. Further Guidance and Assistance

1999 Web Edition


Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter XII, Part 1236 -- Management of Vital Records.

NARA Records Management Assistance

NARA provides advice and assistance to agencies on records creation, files maintenance, use of microfilm, optical disk technology, and vital records. NARA also conducts records management training classes and briefings, provides information on other records management training, assists agencies in setting up their own records management training programs, and prepares publications. For more information about this assistance, write to

Life Cycle Management Division (NWML),
8601 Adelphi Road,
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Call 301-713-6677, or send an e-mail to records.mgt@nara.gov.

Publications and Training

For more information about NARA records management publications and training, visit the following NARA records management web sites:


Records Management Publications

Records Management Training

NARA Regional Records Management Assistance

For further information on use of Federal records centers, requirements for agency records centers, microfilming services, and records management training and assistance in regional offices, contact the facility that serves your region at NARA Regional Records Services Facilities, or call 301-713-7210.

Federal Preparedness Circulars

Under Executive Order 12656, the National Security Council is the principal forum for consideration of national security emergency preparedness policy. The Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) serves as an advisor to the National Security Council on issues of national security emergency preparedness, including mobilization preparedness, civil defense, continuity of government, technological disasters, and other issues, as appropriate. Also as part of these responsibilities, the Director of FEMA assists in the implementation of national security emergency preparedness policy by coordinating with the other Federal departments and agencies and with State and local governments. To assist the Federal sector in implementing emergency preparedness policy, FEMA issues guidance in the form of Federal Preparedness Circulars (FPCs). Agencies may obtain copies of these by contacting:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Records Management Branch
OS-PS-RM, Room 313
Program Services Division
Operations Support Directorate
500 C Street SW
Washington, DC 20472

Or call 202-646-3015 or e-mail sabrina.vaughn@fema.gov.


Bibliographic note: Web version based on Vital Records and Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery, National Archives and Records Administration Instructional Guide Series, College Park, MD (1996), 90 pp.

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