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First Quarter FY 2002

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Herbert Hoover Library

  • Papers of Steve Neal, 4 cubic feet of research files from Chicago journalist and historian Steve Neal. The materials document Neal's research on Presidential politics since World War II.
  • The library received seven rare photo cards from Janet Wilcox of Iowa City. These images show Herbert Hoover addressing U.S. troops in France after World War I.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

  • The library received additional papers and other historical materials from Maureen Corr, Eleanor Roosevelt's secretary. These included correspondence from Eleanor Roosevelt, photographs, and a few museum objects, including an Olivetti typewriter used by Miss Corr to type Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day" columns and her correspondence.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

  • Papers of Robert B. Anderson, 1933 - 89: Secretary of the Navy, 1954 - 54; Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1954 - 55; and Secretary of the Treasury, 1957 - 61.
  • Additional papers of Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr., 1945, 1997: commanding general, Tenth Army, 1944 - 45.
  • Johns Hopkins University Publications Project: Additional manuscripts and related material, The Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1951 - 2001.
  • Papers of Robert C. Sprague, 1953 - 87: consultant for the National Security Council, 1954 - 58; director of the Security Resources Panel (Gaither Committee) during the Eisenhower Administration.
  • Additional papers of World War II participants and contemporaries, 1939 - present. As part of its efforts commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II, the Eisenhower Library continued the nationwide solicitation of personal papers, diaries, printed material, and photographs of veterans of the war and those who served on the homefront. Manuscript items were received from 20 individuals this year. To date, the archives section has collected some 69 linear feet of material from 440 donors.

John F. Kennedy Library

  • Accretion to the personal papers of Benjamin C. Bradlee, journalist, newspaper editor, and author. Bound copies of memorandums, 1960 - 65, and research materials and drafts for his memoir, A Good Life. 4 feet.
  • Accretion to the personal papers of William Josephson, General Counsel, Peace Corps (1961 - 66). Chronological correspondence files. 3 feet.
  • Accretions to the personal papers and other materials of Edward M. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts and brother of President Kennedy. Files maintained by staff members Jacqueline Agnolet, Ann Delory, Nancy Soderberg, Nancy Sutinen, and Lisa Young (81 feet). Signed books (8 feet). Included a set of boxing gloves signed by Muhammed Ali and a football signed by Pete Rozelle and Paul Taglibue.
  • Typed text of speech delivered by Rose Kennedy when campaigning for Robert F. Kennedy in New Rochelle, NY, October 4, 1964, with two related newspaper articles.
  • Accretion to the personal papers of George C. Lodge, Massachusetts political figure; professor, Harvard Business School. George Lodge was a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts and ran against Edward M. Kennedy (1962). Articles, speeches, and economic studies, 1999 - 2000. 3.25 feet.
  • Accretion to the personal papers of Richard E. Neustadt, professor of government, Columbia University (1954 - 64) and John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (1965 - ); author, Presidential Power (1960); consultant to the President (1961 - 66); consultant to the Bureau of the Budget (1961 - 70); consultant to the Atomic Energy Committee (1962 - 68). Correspondence and manuscripts relating to government consulting and writing, 1950 - 91. 3.25 feet.
  • Personal papers of Pierre Salinger, press secretary to Senator John F. Kennedy (1959 - 60); press secretary to the President (1961 - 64). Includes transcripts of press briefings, interim reports, House and Senate Committee reports, and miscellaneous campaign information. 8 feet.
  • Accretion to the personal papers of Theodore C. Sorensen, member, John F. Kennedy's Senate staff (1952 - 60); special counsel to the President (1961 - 64); author, Kennedy (1965). Correspondence, reports, and other publications about the Democratic Party and Presidential transitions, 1972 - 98; and foreign-language copies of Kennedy. 9 feet.
  • Returned Peace Corps volunteers added journals, correspondence, memoirs, tapes and transcripts of oral history interviews and audiovisual items to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection including 18 oral history tapes. Wally Allen, Philippines, 1961 - 63
    Thomas Bruyneel, Kenya, 1964 - 66
    Phil Lopes, Columbia, 1961 - 63
    Pamela Lopez, Brazil, 1964 - 66, 1978 - 80
    Sister Sandra Magnini, Botswana, 1979
    Nancy Deeds Meister, Peru, 1964 - 65
    Barbara Straub, Ghana, 1962 - 64
    Marcus Van Hala, India, 1965 - 68
    Ruth Ann (Stanonik) Van Hala, India, 1965 - 68
  • Acquisitions related to the Ernest Hemingway Collection include: four corrected typescript draft chapters of Hemingway's Islands in the Stream, subsequently published in The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway under the title "The Strange Country." Publisher's note indicates the story was composed in 1946 - 47 or 1950 - 51, 131 pages; two letters with envelopes from Martha Gellhorn to Paul Montgomery, 1991; five letters of Hemingway's lawyer, Alfred Rice.

Gerald R. Ford Library

  • Accretion to the Susan Ford Bales Papers
  • Accretion to the Gerald R. Ford Papers relating to his naval service
  • Accretion to the Gerald R. Ford Personal Papers
  • Accretion to the Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files
  • Accretion to the Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks Collection, including audiovisual, print, and museum collection items.

Jimmy Carter Library

  • Papers of Dr. M. Rupert Cutler were accessioned during the quarter. Dr. Cutler was Assistant Secretary of Agriculture during the Carter administration and later served in a variety of organizations dedicated to protection of environmental resources. Though material dates from 1962 through 2001, almost all covers the period after 1976. 59 feet.
  • Papers of Mary E. King. Well known for her earlier civil rights activities and the memoir she wrote on that period of her life, Ms. King served as Deputy Director of ACTION during the Carter administration. The materials document Ms. King's ACTION days and the 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns. 34 feet.
  • Accretion to the collection of Carter biographer and associate Dr. Peter G. Bourne, husband of Mary King. 2 feet.
  • Accretion to the Post-Presidential Papers of Jimmy Carter.

George Bush Library

  • Accretion to the George Bush Post-Presidential Collection. 24 feet. Additionally, 1,351 Post-Presidential artifacts were added to the collection.
  • Accretions to the Barbara Pierce Bush Collection. 3 feet.
  • Political button collection of Allan Anderson. The collection includes 2,526 political buttons documenting numerous political campaigns.

Clinton Presidential Materials Project

  • The Grande Project Collection, documenting the Department of Energy funded international collaboration of scientists who were designing a large neutrino telescope in Arkansas. 34 feet.


Herbert Hoover Library

  • Papers of Fred Clark, founder of the American Economic Foundation.
  • Papers of Philip Warden, a journalist with the Chicago Tribune.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

  • The library reviewed and opened important correspondence from the papers of Anna Roosevelt Halsted, the daughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, relating Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd. The materials had been deposited at the library in 1982 by James Halsted, Anna's husband.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

  • 1970 Files Series of the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Papers, 1894 - 1979
  • Papers of Elisabeth C. Draper, 1954 - 80
  • Papers of Thomas E. Drumm, Jr., 1933 - 86
  • Papers of Joseph M. LaRocca, 1935 - 96.

John F. Kennedy Library

  • Papers of Kenneth M. Birkhead, Assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture for Congressional Liaison (1961 - 68). Correspondence, memorandums, reports, and newsclippings. 2.5 feet
  • Papers of J. Edward Day, Postmaster General, 1961 - 63. Correspondence, speeches, journals, trip files, first day covers, stamps, and photographs from his tenure as Postmaster General and materials relating to the lawsuit Doe v. McCone, in which a citizen sued all the living Postmasters General for opening undeliverable mail. 15 feet.
  • Papers of Jane Mason, socialite and friend of Ernest Hemingway. Contains correspondence with the Hemingways and a scrapbook about her life. 1 foot.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

  • National Security File, Head of State Correspondence File, and Special Head of State Correspondence File, the files for Barbados, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, the Organization of American States, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, and the West Indies were opened for research.
  • Special Head of State Correspondence File, files for Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast were opened for research.
  • Office Files of Mildred Stegall. The following folders were opened for research: "Black Nationalist Activities," "Communists and the Negro Movement," "Civil Rights and Related Matters, 4/64 - 9/65," "FBI Academy," "Harlem Freedom Forum," "Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 12/31/64 - 1/5/65," "Mobilization for Youth by the Community and Social Agency Employees Union, 9/22/64," "Mobilization for Youth, 8/14/64," "Prospects for Racial Violence, 1968," and a series of folders containing reports from June - December 1964 entitled "Race Relations and Related Matters."
  • Previously restricted information in folders relating to Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham was re-reviewed, and most was opened for research.

Gerald R. Ford Library

  • National Security Adviser: Presidential Country Files: Thailand, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cyprus.