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Fourth Quarter FY 2002

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Herbert Hoover Library

Bess Goodykoontz Papers, Assistant U.S. Commissioner of Education, 1929 - 49. 2 linear feet

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Morgan Family Photographs, 50 photographs of the Morgan family, Hyde Park friends and neighbors of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Additional Papers of Ezra Taft Benson, 1942 - 61, Secretary of Agriculture, 1953 - 61.

Lillian "Rusty" Brown Black Papers, 1945 - 46, Red Cross volunteer and member of White House clerical staff during the Eisenhower administration and President Eisenhower's secretary at Gettysburg during the post-Presidential period.

Additional papers of Arthur F. Burns, 1953 - 63, chairman, CEA, 1953 - 56, and member of President's Advisory Committee on Labor Management Policy, 1961 - 66.

Additional papers of Cornelius P. Cotter, 1945 - 67, executive director, Republican Committee on Program and Progress, 1959 - 60.

Additional papers of Ruby M. Weatherford, undated, supporter of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956 and prepared posters, poetry, etc., which she sent to the White House and various Republican officials.

John F. Kennedy Library

Play written by Jacqueline Lee Bouvier for the dinner prior to her sister Caroline Lee Bouvier's marriage to Michael Canfield. 4 pages

Accretion to the personal papers and other materials of Edward M. Kennedy; Legislative Committee staff files of Kathy Kruse, Mike Frazier, Tamara Russell, and Mimi Brody; Press Office files maintained by Lisa Young, Jim Manley, Dan Cranshaw, and Pam Hughes; papers on domestic and economic issues; and schedules. 194 cubic feet

Accretion to the personal papers of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, wife of Joseph P. Kennedy, mother of President Kennedy, including correspondence, subject files, financial files, clippings, and condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy on the death of Robert Kennedy, 1930s, 1958 - 94. 18 cubic feet

Accretion to the personal papers of William K. Leonhart, Foreign Service officer, Department of State (1944 - 65, 1969 - 71); Deputy Chief of Mission, Tokyo, Japan (1959 - 62); Ambassador to Tanganyika (later Tanzania) (1962 - 65); Ambassador to Tanganyika (1969 - 72); Special Assistant to the President, National Security Council Planning Board (1966 - 68); Deputy Commander for International Affairs, National War College (1971 - 75); Vice president, National Defense University and adviser to the Department of State (1977 - 79); Chairman, Senior Intelligence Review Panel, Central Intelligence Agency (1979). National security-classified materials for his government career, 1949 - 76. 6 cubic feet

Accretion to the personal papers of Adam Yarmolinsky, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (1961 - 64); director, President Lyndon B. Johnson's antipoverty program (1964); Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs (1965 - 66); professor of law, Harvard University (1966 - 72); Ralph Waldo Emerson Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston; author, The Military Establishment (1971), including appointment books, correspondence, subject files, articles, speeches, and information on conferences, 1961 - 2000. 52 cubic feet

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

Oral history transcripts with Nadine Brammer Eckhardt, a Johnson staff member in the 1950s, writer, and wife of the writer Bill Brammer from 1950 to 1961.

Addition to the Letters from Vietnam Veterans Collection. Barbara Young of Carpinteria, CA, gave her collection of 53 letters from Phil Nelson, her former boyfriend.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Accretion to Arthur Burns Papers, economist and Federal Reserve Chairman, including news clippings, photographs, printed materials, and some correspondence related to his professional activities during the period up to and including his death in 1987. 3.5 cubic feet

Accretion to Dale Van Atta Papers, a journalist, concerning national security issues, 1968 - 76. 3 cubic feet

Accretion to Susan Ford Bales Papers.

Accretion to Composite General Accessions.

Accretion to Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks.

Accretion to Gerald R. Ford Personal Papers.

Accretion to Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Files.

Jimmy Carter Library

Accretion to Douglas M. Costle Collection, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Carter administration. 24 cubic feet

Robert A. Pastor Papers, Latin American specialist on the National Security Adviser's staff during the Carter administration and later a fellow of the Carter Center while on the faculty of Emory University. 1 cubic foot

Ronald Reagan Library

Geri Bauer Photograph Collection, 1940s - 1950s. 87 black-and-white photos

Clinton Presidential Materials Project

IMPAC Learning Systems Records, materials documenting educational innovations in Arkansas between 1983 and 2000 including correspondence, photographs, and other items related to then-Governor Bill Clinton.


Herbert Hoover Library

Bess Goodykoontz Papers, Assistant U.S. Commissioner of Education, 1929 - 49. 2 linear feet

Frances Knight Parrish Papers, 1955 - 77, primarily documenting her years as director of the State Department Passport Office. 48.7 linear feet

Wayne W. Parrish Papers, founder of American Aviation Publications in 1937. 10.4 linear feet.

Joseph E. Johnston Papers, special representative of the Conciliation Commission for Palestine and State Department and United Nations official, 1950 - 90. 4 linear feet

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Post-Presidential Papers, 1961 - 69 (1965 Signature File).

John Robert Greene: Manuscript and materials re The Crusade: The Presidential Election of 1952, 1979 - 86.

John F. Kennedy Library

Edwin Guthman Papers, 1961 - 93, author; journalist; Director of Public Information, Department of Justice (1961 - 64); press assistant to Robert F. Kennedy (1964 - 65), including materials relating to Attorney General Robert Kennedy's 1964 trips; daily reminders, monthly planners, magazine articles, and other materials relating to Robert F. Kennedy (1964 - 93); material on the Watergate investigation (1973 - 74). 11.5 cubic feet

Laurin Luther Henry Papers, 1960 - 61, public administrator, copies of Brookings Institution papers relating to the 1960 - 61 Presidential transition. 2 cubic feet

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Papers, 1917 - 69, father of President Kennedy, banker, financier, diplomat. Chariman, Securities and Exchange Commission (1934 - 37); Chariman, Maritime Commission (1937); Ambassador to Great Britain (1938 - 40), including personal, family, business, and diplomatic papers. An additional 8.5 cubic feet were processed and opened.

Valdimar Orlando Key Papers, 1929 - 63, educator, political scientist, government official. Author, Politics, Parties, and Pressure Groups (1942), Southern Politics (1949), Public Opinion and American Democracy (1961), and American State Politics: An Introduction (1956). Miscellaneous material used in political science courses, background material for writings, files from Bureau of the Budget and other government agencies, correspondence, notes, and materials from American Political Science Association, Social Science Research Council, and other academic organizations. 62 cubic feet

Robert Thomas Murphy Papers 1944, 1961 - 73, lawyer, government official, Vice Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board (1961 - 73), including transcripts, photographs, case files, memorandums, correspondence, news clippings, and reports relating to the aviation industry; transcripts and scrapbook of Senate investigation of 1944 Presidential campaign; other materials relating travel and negotiations in foreign countries. 27 cubic feet

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, 1961 - current, correspondence, personal journals, Peace Corps documents, newspaper clippings and photographs. 2 cubic feet

James William Davenport Seymour Papers, 1919 - 45, secretary, press attaché to Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy (1938 - 40), including correspondence, speech files, press releases, and news clippings. 1 cubic foot

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

National Security File, Special Head of State Correspondence File, files for Tibet, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Upper Volta, Somali Republic, South Africa, Southwest Africa People's Organization, and Zanzibar.

National Security File, Special Head of State Correspondence Files for the Africa and South Asia Sections.

National Security File, Papers of Edward Hamilton, senior NSC staff member, 1965 - 68, material on Bulgaria, Ceylon, Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea and India.

National Security File, Papers of Bromley Smith, Executive Secretary of the NSC, 1961 - 69.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Everett Ray Holloway Papers, a Vietnam War clemency program participant.

Ford Paint and Varnish Company scrapbook, 1929 - 63.