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New Accessions and Openings - 1st Quarter 2005

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John F. Kennedy Library

Research files of Dave Armstrong. Armstrong concentrated his research on Walt Rostow, Deputy Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. The papers consist of Armstrong's research files, containing photocopies of Rostow's papers spread over several archives. 16 feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the personal papers of Orren Beaty, Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior. Contains correspondence, pamphlets, reports, and news clippings about Stewart L. Udall, the Secretary of Interior, Arizona, and politics. 4 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the papers of David Nunnerly, author, President Kennedy and Britain. Contains oral history interview tapes and transcripts for Nunnerley's research on American and British policy makers of the Kennedy and Macmillan years. 0.25 cubic feet. Open.

Accretion to the Rose Kennedy Papers, material relating to her memoir, Times to Remember.

Accretion to the personal papers of Robert Roosa, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs. Contains material from U.S. Treasury including clippings, photographs, memorandums, notes, manuscripts and books, meeting minutes and transcripts, Hearings, Legislation, speeches, President's Message to Congress, calendars, and reports. 26 cubic feet. Closed pending review.

Accretions to the Ernest Hemingway Collection, totaling less than one cubic foot:

Letter to Lois and Sieg from Errett Callahan, neighbors of Ernest Hemingway's family, commenting on Hemingway as a young boy. 2 pages. Open.

Photocopy of a draft of "Return of the Foreign Correspondent" by Martha Gelhorn, ca. 1942, and an oversize copy of Pan American Railway ticket. 8 pages. Open.

An accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of the personal papers of Paul and Barbara Bussey, Turkey, 1964–65. Includes slides of Peace Corps volunteer training in Vermont and work in Turkey. 100 slides. Open.

Accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of four oral history interviews with:

Patricia Albaugh (Tonga, 1967–69)
Rowland Bennett (Malawi, 1963–64)
Ann Carmer (Morocco, 1998–2000)
Kenneth Hill (Turkey, 1965–67)

Fifty-eight additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection and 11 additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection were accessioned, processed and opened.

One hundred sixty-eight photograph items, 44 audio recordings, 9 video recordings, and 1,280 feet of motion picture film were accessioned this quarter. The accessions include local television newsfilm coverage (on videotape) of John, Jacqueline, and Robert Kennedy's appearances and activities in West Virginia during 1960, 1961, and 1963.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned the following oral history transcripts:

Joseph W. Barr, Secretary of the Treasury, 1968–69; President and Chairman of American Security and Trust Company, 1969–74; and of Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, 1977–81. Three transcripts totaling 99 pages.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. (Helen) Dorbandt, 23 pages. Mrs. Dorbandt was the District #5 Representative in LBJ's Senatorial race in 1948.

James J. Hagerty, U.S. Army Commander during World War II and a senior analyst for the CIA during the Johnson administration. 41 pages.

Harold Saunders, who between the years of 1956 and 1981 held positions at the CIA, the NSC, and the State Department. 41 pages.

Winston Taylor, Lady Bird Johnson's paternal first cousin. 20 pages.

All of these oral history transcripts are available for research.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Accretion to the post-Presidential materials from the Office of Gerald R. Ford.

Several 1930–31 issues of the South High School student magazine, Pioneer.

Accretion to the papers of Robert Teeter, 11 cubic feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

Accession of post-Presidential material from both of President Carter's offices.

Ronald Reagan Library

Papers of Maxwell M. Rabb, 1980–89, 8 linear feet. This accession consists of material compiled by Rabb during his service to Ronald Reagan's 1980 Presidential campaign, and his service as the U.S. Ambassador to Italy during the Reagan administration. This collection consists of correspondence, press clippings, speeches, State Department cables, memorandums, and scrapbooks.

George Bush Library

Accretion each to the Barbara Pierce Bush Collection, 2.5 linear feet. Unprocessed and unavailable for research.

Accretions to the George Bush Post-Presidential Collection, 7.5 linear feet. Unprocessed and unavailable for research.

Accretion to the Susie Peake Collection, 2 linear feet. Unprocessed and unavailable for research.


Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

1966 Signature File Series of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Post-Presidential Papers, 1961–69.

John F. Kennedy Library

Personal papers of Thomas Bowman, author. Contains correspondence, Interagency Youth Committee charters, annual reports, memorandums, White House press releases and memorandums, and press clippings on the Interagency Youth Committee. 0.25 cubic feet.

Series from the papers of Rose Kennedy. Diaries series, 1908–74, 5 cubic feet. Times to Remember background interviews, transcripts, research materials, and manuscripts, 15 cubic feet. Both of these series will be opened in January.

Accretion to the personal papers of David Nunnerly, Author, President Kennedy and Britain, containing oral history interview tapes and transcripts for Nunnerley's research on American and British policy makers of the Kennedy and Macmillan years. 0.25 cubic feet.

Personal papers of R. Sargent Shriver, brother-in-law of President Kennedy, lawyer, businessman, government official, and diplomat. Assistant general manager, Merchandise Mart (1948–61); Director, Peace Corps (1961–66); Director, Office of Economic Opportunity (1964–68); Special Assistant to the President (1965–68); Ambassador to France (1968–70); Vice Presidential candidate (1972); Presidential candidate (1976). 172 feet. The papers will be opened in January 2005.

Accretion of the personal papers of Theodore White, journalist and author of The Making of the President, 1960, 1964, 1968. 45 feet.

Oral history interviews with the following people were opened:

Thomas S. Power, General, U.S. Air Force (1957–64); Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska (1957–64); Director, Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff (1960–64), 19 pages.

William Ruder, Assistant Secretary, Public Relations, U.S. Department of Commerce (1961–62), 11 pages.

Joseph John Sisco, Deputy Director, United Nations Office of Political and Security Affairs (1958–60); Director (1960–63). Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organizational Affairs, U.S. Department of State (1963–65); Assistant Secretary, International Organizational Affairs (1965–69); Assistant Secretary, Near East–South Asia (1969–74); Under Secretary for Political Affairs (1974–76). President, American University (1976–80); Chancellor (1980–81). Partner, Sisco Associates (1981–). 14 pages.

Alvin A. Spivak, White House correspondent, United Press International (1960–67); director, public affairs, Democratic National Committee (1968–70), 80 pages.

William P. Wilson, media consultant, John F. Kennedy Presidential campaign (1960), White House (1961–63), Robert F. Kennedy Presidential campaign (1968), 20 pages.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

National Security File (NSF), approximately one-half of an archival container of the files of Robert Komer. Robert Komer was an NSC staff member, Special Assistant to the President, and Deputy for Pacification in Vietnam. The material processed concerns the Johnson administration, Kuwait, and Syria.

NSF, approximately three archival containers from the International Meetings and Travel File. The International Meetings and Travel File contains briefing material, memorandums, and cables on President Johnson's foreign travel, the travel of other administration officials, and international meetings.

Material from eligible textual collections, not yet open for research, was reviewed upon request. This included approximately 300 pages of the Vice Presidential Masters papers; 400 pages of White House Central File, Name Files; 1,150 pages from the White House Social Office Files; and 1,800 pages for the Office Files of John Macy.