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Accessions and Openings - 2nd Quarter 2005

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Historical materials from Donald S. Carmichael, original FDR materials related to the design of the Roosevelt Library.

Alden Krider's design plans for an iron lung (done as a National Youth Administration Project).

Accretion to the George M. Elsey Papers.

Accretion to the Edward J. Flynn Papers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Additional papers of Ezra Taft Benson, 1961–63: Secretary of Agriculture, 1953–61.

Papers of Richard Gable, 1937–97: Rural Electrification Administratinon (REA) employee, 1950–60, and Director of Communications for General Services Administration (GSA), 1960–66.

Papers of William B. Macomber, Jr., 1937–2000: Office of Special Intelligence, State Department, 1953–54; administrative assistant to Senator John Sherman Cooper, 1954; special assistant to Under Secretary of State, 1955, and Secretary of State, 1956–57; and Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, 1957–62.

Additional papers of Mary Jane McCaffree, 1952–94: social secretary to Mamie Doud Eisenhower, 1953–61

Papers of J. Robert Schaetzel, 1943–95: foreign staff officer, State Department, 1954–58; supervisor of Foreign Affairs Office, 1958–60; and Section Chief, Office of Special Assistant for Disarmament and Atomic Energy, 1960.

Papers of Lothair Teetor, 1946–64: Assistant Secretary of Commerce, 1953–55, and tax reform lobbyist, 1956–62.

John F. Kennedy Library

The personal papers of Lewis Butler, Peace Corps staff. Field interviews with volunteers, 1962–67. 1 cubic foot. Open.

Accretion to the personal papers of John A. Carver, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Public Lands Management, 1961–64. 27 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

The personal papers of Philip DesMarias, president of Kennedy for President Committee of Louisiana. Copies of correspondence, memorandums, and news clippings relating to DesMarias's work for John F. Kennedy's campaign for President in Louisiana, 1959–60. 0.25 cubic foot. Open.

Two accretions to the personal papers of John T. Dunlop. Post-government Harvard files. 4 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Records of the Edward Devotion School, Brookline, MA, 1920–25. Class rosters, attendance records, and promotion cards for Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., and John F. Kennedy. 0.25 cubic foot. Open.

Records of the Erno Laszlo Institute. Client records from Erno Laszlo Institute, a cosmetology specialist. Correspondence, regimen instructions, transcripts of telephone conversations, and news clippings. 0.25 cubic foot. Closed.

Accretion to the personal papers of Edward M. Kennedy, brother of President Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts (1962– ). Books, newspapers, prints, pictures, memorabilia, awards, plaques, photographs, phonograph records, VHS tapes, reel-to-reel recordings, and cassette tapes relating to Senator Kennedy, his parents, and his brothers. Historical items, 1700–1930s. Bulk dates 1957–2000. 33 cubic feet. Courtesy storage.

A second accretion to the personal papers of Edward M. Kennedy. "Kennedy for Senate" 1994 and 2000 financial, direct mail, photographs, events, and correspondence files, 1993–2000. Campaign for a Democratic Majority financial records, 1996, 1998, 2000. 42 cubic feet. Courtesy storage.

Accretion to the personal papers of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, mother of President Kennedy, and author, Times to Remember (1974). Family and personal correspondence, speeches, photographs, clippings about travel; speeches for campaigns, and about the John F. Kennedy Library and about mental retardation; the deaths of Joseph P. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy; and restoration of John F. Kennedy's birthplace. Includes some Joseph P. Kennedy papers from his tenure as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 1934–71. 12 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the personal papers of Theodore Sorensen. News clippings and other clippings related to Sorensen's career and speaking engagements (1999–2004). Less than 0.25 cubic foot. Open.

Accretion to the Ernest Hemingway Collection, totaling less than 0.25 cubic foot: Six letters plus four envelopes of correspondence between Ernest Hemingway and Wirt Alfred Williams concerning the publication of Williams's first novel The Enemy. Open.

Accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection of 28 oral history interviews with:

Cindy Annchild (Iran, 1968–72)
Merrilie Benthin (Cameroon, 1969–72)
David Brush (Tanzania, 1964–66)
John Bush (Tanzania, 1964–66)
Anne Carrellas (Senegal, 1988–92)
Theodore Cheslak (Kenya, 1975–77)
Kay Clifford (Uganda, 1969–71)
Dorothy Clune (Senegal, 1967–68)
Ed Demerly (Malaysia, 1966–68)
George Ferris (Ethiopia, 1963–65)
Mary (Slattery) Ferris (Malaysia, 1967–68)
Robert Ferris (Tanzania, 1964–66; Malaysia, 1967–68)
Frank Gorman (Morocco, 1969–71; Congo, 1971)
Susette Jacquette (Micronesia, 1975–77)
Pam LeBlanc (Malaysia, 1967–69)
Gerald Martin (Tanzania, 1964–66)
David Mester (Kenya, 1965–67)
Jim Owens (Botswana, 1971–73)
Brian Peceny (Morocco, 1986–88)
Keith Pnazek (Dominican Republic, 1975–78)
Sandra Sefton (Brazil, 1965–67)
William Stevenson (Colombia, 1963–65)
Margaret Taylor (Korea, 1968–70)
Norman Tyler (Sierra Leone, 1964–66)
Tom Wagner (Malaysia, 1965–67)
William Weber (Nepal, 1970–74)
John and Donna Whitney (Tanzania, 1984–86)
Patricia Williams (Thailand, 1968–70)

Twenty-four additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection and 10 additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection were accessioned, processed, and opened.

Fifty-nine photograph items, 51 audio recordings, and 20 video recordings were accessioned this quarter.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Records of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Puerto Rico, 1973–75, part of Record Group 220, 3 cubic feet. (transferred to the Ford Library from Washington, DC)

Accretions to the Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks, Personal Papers, Post-Presidential Office Files, and Personal Financial Papers; and the Composite General Accessions and Composite Grand Rapids Accessions.

Accretion to the Robert Teeter Papers.

Bruce Wagner Papers, consisting of 1976 campaign strategy notebooks, research materials, reports, and correspondence files. Mr. Wagner was chief operating officer of Campaign '76 Media Communications, Inc., the advertising arm of the President Ford Committee. 2 cubic feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

Accession of post-Presidential material from both of President Carter's offices.

Classified files of Walter F. Mondale, Vice-President of the United States.

National Security Council historical file.

George Bush Library

Accretion to the George Bush Post-Presidential Collection, 0.33 linear feet. Unprocessed and unavailable for research.

Robert Stinnett Collection, consisting of the working files for his book George Bush: His World War II Years, 7 linear feet.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Records of the Secret Service Pertaining to the Protection of President Roosevelt (previously closed as Records of Concern and re-reviewed with the cooperation of the Secret Service), 13 linear feet re-opened for research.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Alfred M. Gruenther, 1942–83, U.S. Army Series and the Appointment Books Series of the Records of the White House Office, Office of the Staff Secretary, 1952–61.

John F. Kennedy Library

Personal papers of Lewis Butler, Peace Corps staff. Field interviews with volunteers, 1962–67. 1 cubic foot.

Personal papers of Philip DesMarias. Copies of correspondence, memorandums, and news clippings. 0.25 cubic foot.

Records of the Edward Devotion School. 0.25 cubic foot.

Personal papers of Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht, historian and author. Interviews, research notes, and unpublished manuscript on John F. Kennedy, his administration, and family. 0.25 cubic foot.

Personal papers of Robert Warren Ross, writer. Research materials and draft for proposed book, "A Sports Tribute to JFK," 1963–64. 0.5 cubic foot.

Accretion to the personal papers of Theodore Sorensen. News clippings and other clippings. Less than 0.25 cubic foot.

Personal papers of James Wine, lawyer, diplomat. Adviser on religious issues during John F. Kennedy's Presidential campaign (1960); Ambassador to Luxembourg (1961–62); Ambassador to the Republic of the Ivory Coast (1962–67). Papers relating to campaigns and diplomatic career, 1960–65. 0.5 cubic foot.

Two series of the personal papers of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. Diaries, 1908–73. Times to Remember - interview cassettes and transcripts, 1972–73; background materials, 1908–74; and manuscripts. 20 cubic feet.

Personal papers of Harlan Cleveland, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, 1961–65. Working files, 68 cubic feet.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Papers of Richard Feltner, from his service as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, less than 1 cubic foot.

Accretion to the papers of Robert Goldwin, Special Consultant to the President, 1 cubic foot.

Ronald Reagan Library

Personal papers of Herbert Northrup.

A portion of the Ronald Reagan pre-Presidential papers. The opening consists of Reagan's mostly handwritten scripts for his syndicated radio commentary program, "Viewpoint." This program was broadcast between 1975 and 1979. The opening also includes some gubernatorial speeches of Ronald Reagan.

Personal papers of Charles P. Smith.