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Accessionings and Openings for the 1st Quarter FY 2006

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

Two items: 1) a sunbonnet that is purported to have been worn by Lou Henry Hoover when she went fishing in Oregon and 2) a carved miniature village of Dixmude, Belgium, ca. World War I.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Major manuscript donations received during the quarter included the Papers of John Wesley Hanes, totaling approximately 70 linear feet. This significant addition to the library's holdings was a transfer donation from the University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired the following collections:

Papers of Leonard Lyons, newspaper columnist (less than one linear foot, ca. 1956–71). The papers consist of letters from Bess W. Truman to Lyons, thanking him for books that he gave to the Trumans. Closed pending processing.

The Papers of Emmet O'Neal, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, consist of writings by Filipinos recalling their experiences during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. (2 linear feet, ca. 1947–50). Closed pending processing.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Accretions to the papers of Robert B. Anderson, Oliver M. Gale, Jarold A. Kieffer, and the World War II Participants and Contemporaries collection.

The papers of George A. Horkan and Henry T. Kirkland were acquired.

John F. Kennedy Library

Accretions to the papers of Edward M. Kennedy comprising computer tapes from groups and government agencies, 1981–82; staff files (Trina Vargo, 1980–93, and Lisa Young, 1991–93); Palm Beach press videos, 1990–91; EMK's Harvard notebooks, 1950–56; 1980 Presidential campaign files. 8 cubic feet. Closed.

Personal Papers of William L. Batt, Jr., Administrator, Area Redevelopment Administration (1961–65). Papers contain correspondence, memorandums, hearings, bills, reports, news clippings, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous personal materials. 16 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the personal papers of Lincoln Gordon, Ambassador to Brazil (1961–66). 48 pages. Closed pending processing.

Personal Papers of Jarold Kieffer, Executive Director, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Files related to the creation of the National Cultural Center (later renamed JFK Center for Performing Arts). 4 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Special media consisting of 1,067 photograph items, 100 feet of black-and-white motion picture film, 10.5 hours of video tape/DVDs, 27 hours of sound recordings.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • Stanley L. Greigg (U.S. Congressman, 1965–67; Director of the Post Office Department's Office of Regional Administration, 1967–69), 20 pages;
  • William H. Darden (staff member for Senator Richard Russell; Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, 1968–73), Interview II, 31 pages;
  • Owen Joseph Donley (Administrative Assistant to Senator George McGovern, 1963–71; Office of the General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1980–89), 19 pages;
  • Jewell Malechek Scott (ranch employee while married to Lyndon Johnson's ranch foreman, Dale Malechek, and Johnson's post-Presidential secretary, 1969–73; National Park Service employee; employee of KTBC and the Johnsons; chaperone and ranch staff person), three interviews totaling 135 pages;
  • Samuel A. Adams (CIA analyst, 1963–73; author and producer of CBS documentary about U.S. intelligence in Vietnam), Interview II, 20 pages;
  • Miguel Aleman (President of Mexico, 1946–52), 23 pages;
  • Gerri Whittington (secretary for President Johnson, 1963–69), two interviews totaling 20 pages;
  • Orville Freeman (Secretary of Agriculture, 1961–69), Interview IV, 24 pages;
  • Kathy Teague (widow of Harold Teague, a pilot for Johnson whose plane crashed near the ranch in 1961), 20 pages.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Accretions to the papers of Robert Orben. This donation included correspondence, publications, index cards, and carbon copies of joke material, clippings, speeches, speech material, books, and other items that document Mr. Orben's career as a comedy writer for political and entertainment personalities and his role in the Ford administration. 27 feet.

Accretions to the Robert Teeter Papers, Yanek Mieczkowski Research Interviews, James Cannon Research Interviews, Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks, Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files, Gerald R. Ford Personal Papers, Susan Ford Bales Papers, Birge S. Watkins Files, the Composite General Accessions and the Composite Grand Rapids Accessions.

George Bush Library

During the quarter, the Bush Library received approximately 201.17 linear feet of material for accessioning. This consisted donations of the Dr. D. Allan Bromley Collection (90.0 linear feet), the Dr. Esther Lee Bearden Collection (1.0 linear foot), historical materials from Congressman Henry Bonilla (.01 linear foot), and an accretion to the James Cicconi Collection (.15 linear feet). The archives also received an unsolicited donation of books from Robert Grumbacher of Wayne, PA.

The audiovisual department accessioned 54 video, 25 photographic, and 1 audio accretion to the George Bush Post-Presidential Collection. The 25 photos are digital images of former Presidents Bush and Clinton in Houston announcing the Bush/Clinton Katrina Relief Fund.


Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of Dale M. Hellegers, historian (11.2 linear feet, 1915–96). The collection mostly consists of copies of correspondence, memorandums, reports, and minutes of meetings relating to the U.S. military occupation of Japan after World War II and the creation of the postwar Japanese constitution. It also includes transcripts of interviews conducted by Hellegers and others, printed materials, typed and handwritten notes, sound recordings, and other items. Hellegers compiled these materials while writing her book, We, the Japanese People: World War II and the Origins of the Japanese Constitution (2001).

Papers of Richard C. Holbrooke, diplomat and author (less than one linear foot, 1987–88). The papers mostly consist of transcripts of interviews that Holbrooke conducted with Clark M. Clifford while the two men were collaborating on Clifford's memoirs, Counsel to the President (1991). The interviews document Clifford's service as naval aide and special counsel to President Harry S. Truman, his legal and professional career, and his role as an unofficial adviser to Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson.

Papers of Oscar Peace, an officer in the U.S. Navy (less than one linear foot, 1945–47). The papers consist of certificates, photographs, and memorabilia mostly collected during President Truman's cruise aboard the USS Missouri in September 1947.

Papers of Russell P. Andrews, Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President (less than one linear foot, 1940–54). The collection contains correspondence, reports, and photographs pertaining to Andrews's service on the White House staff from 1950 to 1952.

An oral history interview with Raphael Green, a member of the secretariat of the 1946 mission to Korea and Manchuria headed by Ambassador Edwin W. Pauley.

John F. Kennedy Library

Scrapbooks belonging to John F. Kennedy from the period 1940–52 and containing news clippings and articles. 6.5 cubic feet.

Personal papers of William H. Tucker, Commissioner, Interstate Commerce Commission (1961–67); author, Parachute Soldier (1994). Correspondence, reports, speeches, and files of cases pending before the ICC; notes, photographs, manuscripts, and book draft. 48 feet.

Personal papers of Anne M. Whalen, political activist, Syracuse, NY, 1960–68. Letters, campaign materials, newspapers, and magazines relating to the campaigns of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. 0.25 cubic feet.

Personal papers of William Flick. Letters, clippings, and photographs related to a 1950s West Point cheating scandal. 0.25 cubic feet.

Personal papers of Linda Marschner, Kennedy enthusiast and supporter. Correspondence and memorabilia relating to the Kennedy family. 0.25 cubic feet.

Four additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection and seven additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection.

An accretion to the personal papers of James M. Pines, Peace Corps associate representative in Ecuador, 1962–63. Diaries and letters. Two volumes.

Nixon Presidential Materials Staff

Tthe Nixon Staff opened 50,000 pages of records. About 41,000 pages of these records came from the following files series in National Security Files: the Vietnam Subject Files, Vietnam Country Files, and Kissinger Office Files, Agency and Congressional Files. The Staff also opened about 2,500 pages of documents from Mandatory Review cases, as well as documents from our White House Central Files, Name Files, and documents from the WHCF, Staff Member and Office Files, J. Fred Buzhardt, Jr., concerning the commutation of James Hoffa's prison sentence in 1971.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library completed the review and opened 500 pages of Melvin Laird Papers relating to the development of the all-volunteer armed forces as a replacement for the military draft during Mr. Laird's tenure as Secretary of Defense, 1969–73.

The library opened 3,000 pages from the American Citizens Concerned for Life Papers and 1,500 pages of the John Robson Papers.