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New Accessions and Openings for the 4th Quarter FY 2006

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Presidential Libraries

Herbert Hoover Library

During the quarter, the library accessioned 16 periodicals and 3 books. One audiovisual item was received this quarter: a DVD copy of Hoover's Gold, an Australian documentary film about Herbert Hoover's mining career in Australia. The film company did extensive filming at the Hoover Library and on the Hoover site. The museum staff accessioned a framed picture of Herbert Hoover and a Hooverball of unknown origin.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

The library accessioned 17,868 pages of recent manuscript acquisitions. Also accessioned into the collection were 145 previously deaccessioned books that were identified during the FDR Book Collection project. During the quarter, 496 items were accessioned into the museum collection: 1,418 previously unaccessioned items in the collection and 79 new acquisitions.

New acquisitions include a Works Progress Administration (WPA) handsaw and Japanese and Chinese World War II–era currency donated by Edward T. Guziak and a 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign poster donated by Samuel Wiener. Norman and Ann Cansler presented the library with a set of 10 original pencil portraits of Franklin D. Roosevelt and members of his cabinet by Walter Ernest Luetzenkirchen, Mrs. Cansler's father. The portraits originally appeared in the Washington Star newspaper on the eve of FDR's first inauguration in March 1933.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the papers of Maurice Solomon, a rabbi and personal friend of Harry S. Truman (less than 1 linear foot, 1945–81). The collection consists of correspondence, information about the Harry S. Truman Research Institute, place cards, photographs, and programs for ceremonies honoring former President Truman and his friend Edward Jacobson.

The library acquired the papers of Harry Truman Browne, a Democratic Party figure and admirer of Harry S. Truman (less than 1 linear foot, ca. 1952–65). The papers include correspondence, photographs, invitations, printed materials, and memorabilia relating to Browne's political activities and his attendance at the 1957 dedication of the Truman Library, the 1961 Presidential inaugural, and the 1965 Presidential inaugural. This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the papers of Raphael W. Green, an official with the U.S. Reparations Mission in the Far East after World War II (less than 1 linear foot, ca. 1946–81). The papers include correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and other items mostly pertaining to Green's work on reparations. This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the papers of James Robert Coe, a scientist (about 2 linear feet, ca. 1912–57). The papers include correspondence, hearing transcripts, legal documents, printed materials, and other items mostly relating to the security investigation of Coe by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the papers of Reathel M. Odum, personal secretary to Bess Truman (about 1 linear foot, ca. 1926–96). The accretion includes correspondence, photographs, greeting cards, notes, programs, memorabilia, and other items concerning Odum's work as a secretary for the Truman family and, later, for John W. Snyder, former Secretary of the Treasury. This material is closed pending processing.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

More than 430,000 pages were added to the library holdings during the quarter from 11 accessions, including the John E. Fobes papers (320,000 pages). The Eisenhower Center's nationwide acquisitions program recently obtained 320,000 pages of historical records of John E. Fobes, who held various posts during the Truman through Reagan administrations. The collection was donated by his widow, Hazel Fobes and son, Jeff, of Asheville, NC.

During the quarter, 15 new items were accessioned into the holdings. All of the materials were transferred from the Archives and were from the papers of Henry Byroade, Aaron Platner, Joe Todd, John M. Lee, and the DDE 1916–52 files. Materials consisted of medals, citations, and invitations to the inaugural of Harry S. Truman in 1948.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned 22 textual accessions totaling 168 cubic feet including:

  • An accretion to the Personal Papers of John Kenneth Galbraith, economist, ambassador, educator, author. Correspondence, memorandums, manuscripts of books and articles, reports, speeches, and news clippings covering his later career, Harvard University, and financial papers. 155 feet. Closed pending processing.
  • An accretion to the Personal Papers of Kay Halle, journalist, author, Kennedy family friend. London correspondent, Cleveland News; correspondent, Cleveland Press; radio broadcaster, WGAR (1938–42); executive, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) (1942–45); feature writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer (1948–); member, Advisory Committee on the National Cultural Center (Kennedy Center). Correspondence, photographs, news clippings, printed materials. 5 feet. Closed pending processing.
  • Personal Papers of Lawrence F. O'Brien, director of organization, Kennedy-Johnson Presidential campaign (1960); chairman, Democratic National Committee (1968–72); author No Final Victories (1974). Personal and professional papers relating to his years as a campaign adviser, and chairman of the Democratic Party. 8 feet. Closed pending processing.
  • Six accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Oral History Collection.
  • One addition to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection, one addition to the Robert F. Kennedy Tributes Collection, and 11 additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection were accessioned, processed and opened.
  • Accretion to the personal papers of Edward M. Kennedy, brother of President Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts (1962– ). Objects from Senator Kennedy and files consisting of books, personal family files, VIP and personal correspondence, press releases and statements, debate files, call sheets and schedules, DNC conventions, campaign files, legislative files, speech files, trip files, videotapes, photographs, news clippings, 1937–2006. 231 cubic feet. Courtesy storage.

A total of 161 photograph items, 24.8 hours of audio recordings, and 4.1 hours of video recordings were accessioned.

The library accessioned 25 museum items, including a group of items related to the Robert F. Kennedy Presidential candidacy, donated by a former "Kennedy Girl" for the RFK campaign.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • Pat Adelman, manager of KTBC television station, 1944–46, and an Austin insurance agent, 30 pages.
  • Victor Jaeggli, National Youth Administration member and state director of the Works Progress Administration, 25 pages.
  • Thomas Corcoran, Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury and Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, 3 interviews totaling 78 pages.
  • Harold Fleming, organizer of the White House Conference to Fulfill These Rights in 1966 and founder of the National Urban Coalition, 31 pages.
  • Thomas Francis "Mike" Gorman, Executive Director of the National Committee Against Mental Illness, National Institute of Mental Health's Mental Health Advisory Council, and member of the U.S. Mental Health Delegation to the Soviet Union in 1967, 70 pages.
  • B.F. "Tom" Donald, Jim Wells County Democratic Party Secretary during the 1948 Democratic senatorial campaign, 4 pages.
  • Roland Boyd, Sam Rayburn's campaign manager for Collin County and campaign worker for LBJ in the 1940s and through the 1960s, 44 pages.
  • Boisfeuillet Jones, Special Assistant to the Secretary of HEW, 1961–64, and Vice President and later Trustee at Emory University, 63 pages.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library added accretions to the Arthur F. Burns Papers, Gerald R. Ford Scrapbooks, Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files, Gerald R. Ford Personal Financial Papers, Betty Ford Papers, and the Composite General Accessions collection. The addition to the Arthur Burns Papers consisted of a handwritten journal kept by Dr. Burns between January 1969 and 1974 that was donated by his wife, Helen Burns.

Recent donations include articles of clothing worn by President Ford and First Lady Betty Ford; election ballots from Wright Township, Ottawa County dating to the 1920s–1960s; objects from President Ford's 1976 Presidential campaign, the 1976 Republican National Convention, and President Ford's WIN program; plaques, posters, and presentation items from Betty Ford; a 1974 Gerald Ford Minority Leader desk calendar; and a 1930 South High School football schedule.

George Bush Library

During the quarter, the Bush Library received approximately 33.01 linear feet of textual material for accessioning. These materials consisted of the donation of the Dr. Betty M. Unterberger papers (5.5 linear feet) and accretions to the Anne L. Armstrong papers and the Prescott S. Bush, Sr. papers.