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Accessions and Openings for the 3rd Quarter FY 2007

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Presidential Libraries


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter, 8,322 pages (35.08 cubic feet) of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Notable archival acquisitions this quarter include a 1963 autograph letter from Harry S. Truman to Ben Holiber including a postscript in which Truman takes credit for naming Eleanor Roosevelt "First Lady of the World while she was still with us," donated by John Lieber; an accretion to the papers of Curtis Roosevelt, President and Mrs. Roosevelt's eldest grandson; and correspondence and inscribed photographs from Henry A. Wallace to Charles and Juanita Roos, 1931–50, including many letters written during FDR's first hundred days in office, purchased by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute from Scott Pugmire of Sunland, CA, and donated to the library. In addition, the archives department accepted a transfer of 160 large Chinese and Japanese scroll items, oversize letters from the Dalai Lama and Regent of Tibet to President Roosevelt, and two scrapbook items from the museum collections.

During the quarter, 3,434 items were accessioned into the museum collection, including one new item and 3,433 previously unaccessioned items that have been in the collection for many years.

The printed materials collections added 53 new books, 38 periodicals, and 120 vertical file items during the quarter. Also accessioned into the collection were 750 previously unaccessioned books that were identified during the FDR Book Collection project.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired an accretion to the papers of Eric Fowler, a document collector and local historian in Independence, MO (less than one linear foot, 1945–75). The accretion mostly consists of copies of correspondence between Bess Truman and Mary Bostian. This accretion is closed pending processing.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Steve Wishnezsky and additional papers of Arthur E. Summerfield were accessioned this quarter.

Museum items accessioned include:
Philatelic collection of 2,500 items from the Arthur E. Summerfield Papers. This includes first day issue cachets, programs, blocks of stamps, and albums of stamps all produced during the Eisenhower administration. Included is a collection of foreign first day issues sent to Postmaster Summerfield.

Barbara Eisenhower Foltz collection of photographic albums dating from 1924 to 2006, totaling 104 albums. One dresser originally from the Eisenhower family home in Abilene, and a Victorian parlor chair from the Carlson-Doud side of the family.

A collection of albums presented to DDE upon his retirement from the U.S. Army, dating from 1911 to 1952. A Victorian child's high chair used by Mamie Doud Eisenhower and three generations of her family.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned 17 textual accessions totaling 137.5 cubic feet including:

  • An accretion to the Pre-Presidential Papers of John F. Kennedy. Copy of a Resolution of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate expressing sorrow on the death of their colleague Robert A. Taft. Signed by all members including John F. Kennedy. Open.
  • Eight accretions to the Personal Papers of Edward M. Kennedy. Staff files, 1973–2000, and personal family files. 136 feet. Closed.
  • An accretion to the Personal Papers of Robert Roosa, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs (1961–64). Photocopies of reports, news clippings. 1 foot. Closed.
  • The Personal Papers of Bertram Brown, Special Assistant to the President on Mental Retardation (1962–66). Photocopies of "Diary Account relative to the Presidential Commission on Mental Retardation." 0.125 foot. Closed.
  • The Personal Papers of Shannon E. Mohan, writer. Consists of interviews of Ben Bradlee, W. DeVier Pierson, James W. Symington, and David C. Acheson. 0.125 foot. Open.
  • Two accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including six oral history interviews.

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection and one addition to the John F. Kennedy Condolence Mail Collection were accessioned, processed, and opened.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • McGeorge Bundy, Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, 1961–66, two interviews by Robert Dallek, 54 pages
  • Dorothy Territo, White House Staff Assistant to President Johnson, 1963–69, and White House Special Projects, 1968, 35 pages.

The library accessioned the Personal Papers of Judge Manuel B. Bravo, South Texas county judge, 1937–57. This collection consists of correspondence with Lyndon Johnson and other materials documenting Judge Bravo's involvement in Texas politics, 1929–79, 3.5 cubic feet. This collection is currently not available for research. The library also accessioned the Personal Papers of Richard C. Darling, Deputy Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General, 20 cubic feet. This collection is currently unavailable for research.

Richard Nixon Library

During this quarter, the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff added video oral histories with Nixon aide Dwight Chapin, former HEW Secretary Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Nixon aide Peter M. Flanigan, Nixon speechwriter Ray Price, former U.S. Representative Elizabeth Holtzman, Nixon counsel Len Garment, former EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus, former Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz, former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Clinton chief of staff Leon Panetta, former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci, Nixon aide Stephen Bull, former Commerce Secretary Barbara Hackman Franklin, Senator Lamar Alexander, Nixon official Edwin Harper, Congressman Charles B. Rangel, Nixon press official Jerry Warren, and Gen. Brent Scowcroft. In addition, Dwight Chapin donated historically important 16mm film of President Nixon, including footage of his trip to China and meeting on a Chinese airplane with Premier Zhou Enlai.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's office. It received an accession to the Emily Dolvin materials, which includes a diary of Miss Lillian Carter's Peace Corp tour and various Carter family photographs.

Ambassador John Gunther Dean contacted the library adding a further accession to the collection of his personal papers.

Ronald Reagan Library

William R. Graham: Papers, 1986–92 (40 cubic feet) This accession consists of material compiled by Graham during his service in the Reagan administration. Dr. Graham served as the science adviser to the President and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy from 1986 to 1989. He also served as Deputy Administrator for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and as Chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. This collection consists of correspondence, press clippings, reports on various NASA projects, briefing papers, publications, books, audiotapes, videotapes, and photographs.

George Bush Library

During the quarter, the Bush Library received approximately four linear feet of textual material for accessioning. This material consisted of one accretion to the Jim McGrath Collection. The museum has accessioned, cataloged, and stored 1569 post-Presidential artifacts this quarter with 36,023 post-Presidential artifacts processed to date. The library acquired 333 children's books for the Barbara Bush Literacy exhibit in the main gallery.


Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the papers of Harry Truman Browne, a California businessman and Democratic Party supporter (less than one linear foot, 1952–65). The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, invitations, and other items relating primarily to Browne's political activities and attendance at the Presidential inaugurations of 1961 and 1965, and his attendance at the dedication ceremonies for the Harry S. Truman Library in 1957.

The library opened for research the papers of Raphael W. Green. The papers (less than one linear foot, 1946–47, 1981) consist of correspondence, photographs, memoranda, an annotated calendar, and other materials relating primarily to Green's activities as Secretary for the United States Reparations Mission to survey Korea and Manchuria (Northeast China) in 1946, which was headed by Edwin W. Pauley.

The library opened for research an accretion to the records of the Independence (Missouri) School District, consisting of the contents of a ledger book containing information about the attendance and grades of students at Independence High School from 1894 to 1898, and records certifying that Harry Truman and Bess Wallace graduated from grammar school with the class of 1898.

The library opened for research an accretion to the papers of Francis W. Williams, pilot of the Presidential airplanes, the Sacred Cow and the Independence, consisting of travel logs, photographs, newspaper clippings, certificates, and memorabilia relating to his service as President Truman's pilot.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received approval to open 40,793 pages this quarter in response to FOIA and Systematic processing notifications. The opened material includes select folders from the White House Counsel, Judicial Selection File, Alan Raul, and Stephen Galebach collections. It also includes material from remaining Speech Draft series and documents returned with declassification decisions.

Major topics covered in the openings include Judicial Selection and Anti-Obscenity laws and numerous foreign policy issues.