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Accessions and Openings for the 2nd Quarter FY 2009

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Presidential Libraries


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Accretion to the Papers of Maureen Corr, Eleanor Roosevelt's last personal secretary (.01 cubic feet).

Harry S. Truman Library

The Papers of Sol Stolowy, a friend and admirer of President Truman, consisting of programs and other printed material relating to celebrations of Harry S. Truman's birthday and the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation. Less than 1 linear foot.

The Papers of Irwin W. Silverman, Chief Counsel of the Division of Territories, U.S. Department of the Interior, consisting of correspondence, newspaper clippings, other printed materials, photographs, memorabilia, and a diary dating from August 1947 to June 1948, relating for the most part to Hawaiian statehood, Puerto Rico, and Silverman's law career. About 1 linear foot

Accretions to the Papers of Mary Jane Truman, sister of Harry S. Truman. The accretion consists of scrapbooks containing photographs, press clippings, and other documents mostly relating to the Truman family and Margaret Truman's singing career. Less than 1 linear foot.

Accretions to the Papers of Ted J. Sanders, farmer and friend of Harry S. Truman. The accretion consists of copies of correspondence, photographs, printed materials, handwritten notes, and other items mostly concerning Sanders and his relationship with President Truman. Less than 1 linear foot.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Additional papers of John F. Hilliard, 1963–67, 800 pages.

John F. Kennedy Library

An accretion to the personal papers of John Kenneth Galbraith, economist, educator, author, and diplomat. 40 cubic feet. Closed.

The personal papers of Jean Kennedy Smith, Ambassador to Ireland (1993–98), sister of President John F. Kennedy. Files relating to Mrs. Smith's ambassadorship. 51.408 cubic feet. Closed.

The personal papers of Herbert E. Tucker, Jr. Files relating to Mr. Tucker's work on John F. Kennedy's Presidential Campaign and involvement with the DNC. 0.252 cubic feet. Closed.

Ten accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including the papers of Sister Sylvia McClain and the papers of Linda Meinders Webb (0.376 cubic feet), and eight oral history interviews with:

  • Leslie Bloom (Thailand, 1986–87)
  • Ephraim A. Frankel (Turkey, 1965–67)
  • Ken Gaal (Nigeria, 1963–65)
  • Phyllis Gaal (Nigeria, 1963–65)
  • Tom Nawrot (Peru, 1972–74 and Chile, 1975–77)
  • Linda Neal (Korea, 1967–68)
  • Gayle Peper (Ethiopia and Eritrea, 1971–73)
  • Thomas Spear (Tanganyika, 1963–65)

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Robert Olmstead, consisting of USS Joseph P. Kennedy first-day cover envelope and enclosure and other Kennedy mementos; papers from Gen. James H. Polk, consisting of an article, photographs, and film relating to General Polk's role as the U.S. Commander in Berlin during the visit of President Kennedy on June 26, 1963. 0.050 cubic feet.

Two additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection. 0.05 cubic feet.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • Ashbrook P. Bryant, Attorney, SEC, 1941–52, chief counsel, Preparedness Committee of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, 1952–53; attorney, FCC, 1954–58; Chief, Office of Network Study, FCC, 1958–60s. 27 pages.
  • William Capron, senior economist, Council of Economic Advisers, 1962–64; Assistant Director, Bureau of the Budget, 1964–65; Director, Brookings Institute, 1965–69. 47 pages.
  • Raul Hector Castro, U.S Ambassador to El Salvador, 1964–68; U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, 1968–69; Governor of Arizona, 1976–77; U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, 1977–80. 65 pages.
  • Edward Clark, Texas Secretary of State, 1937–38, U.S. Ambassador to Australia, 1965–67, Lyndon Johnson's legal counsel. 33 pages.
  • Fleur Cowles, American writer, editor, founder of Flair Magazine. 34 pages.
  • William E. DePuy, Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV), 1964–66; Commanding General, First Infantry Division, 1966–67; Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1967–69; Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities, Office of the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, 1969–73. 53 pages.
  • C. E. "Curley" Doyle, World War II veteran and college friend of Lyndon Johnson. 17 pages.
  • George D. Jacobson, Deputy Chief of Staff, Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV), 1961–64; Associate Director of Field Operations, Agency for International Development (AID), 1965; Mission Coordinator, U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Operations Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS), 1969–71; CORDS Director, 1971–73; Assistant to the Ambassador for Field Operations, 1973–75. 46 and 44 pages.
  • Elizabeth Johnson, school teacher from Cotulla, TX. 18 pages.
  • Walter Judd, U.S. Congressman, 1942–62; Delegate to the United Nations, 1957; Delegate to World Health Assembly, 1950 and 1958. 49, 54, and 47 pages. Robert F. McMahon and Mark T. Muller: McMahon, World War II pilot; Muller, Signal Corps 1939–67. 17 pages.
  • Joseph "Joe" Robertson, Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary for Administration. 28 pages.
  • James Roosevelt, eldest son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Congressman, 1955–65; Delegate to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, 1965–66. 47 pages.
  • Bess Whitehead Scott, Texas journalist, writer, friend of the Johnsons. 41 pages.
  • Milton P. Semer, Aide and Counsel to Lyndon Johnson, 1956–66; General Counsel for Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1961–66. 33 pages.
  • Merrell "Pop" Small, departmental secretary, California Governor's office, 1945–53; administrative aide to Senator Thomas Kuchel, 1953–69. 40 pages.
  • George Smathers, U.S. House of Representatives from Florida, 1947–51; U.S. Senator from Florida, 1953–69. 22 pages.
  • Adrian A. Spears, U.S. District Judge from San Antonio, TX, 10 pages.

Accretion to the Personal Papers of Sid Davis, White House correspondent for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company. 0.46 cubic feet.

Accretion to the Personal Papers of Jack Valenti, special assistant to President Johnson and Director of the Motion Picture Association. 12.42 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

The following video oral histories were accessioned:

  • William Timmons, congressional relations assistant
  • Harold Saunders, National Security Council staffer
  • Cartha "Deke" DeLoach, FBI assistant direc
  • tor
  • David Parker, Presidential scheduler
  • Henry Cashen, deputy assistant
  • Red Cavaney, advance staffer
  • Pat O'Donnell, congressional liaison
  • J. Bruce Wheilan, media aide
  • Michael Smith, Director of Correspondence and Deputy Special Trade Representative
  • James Tozzi, OMB Assistant Director

Gerald R. Ford Library

Accretions to the Betty Ford Papers, Composite General Accessions and Composite Oral History collection.

Accretion to the papers and audiovisual materials of Roy Wetzel, (1976–2006). 13 cubic feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

Materials from Pepperdine Professor Dan Caldwell.
Accretion to collection from President Carter's Office.
Photograph collection from President Carter's son, Jeff Carter.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 34.547 cubic feet of textual material this quarter:

  • The Eddie Anderson Collection of Clinton memorabilia
  • The Gary Foulk Collection of press clippings
  • The Jeff Olson Collection of materials on the Millennium Trails Program


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

An accretion to the Joseph Lash Papers, 2 cubic feet.

Harry S. Truman Library

The Papers of George Porterfield Gates, grandfather of Bess Wallace Truman (1855–1917). The George Porterfield Gates Papers contain correspondence, bills, receipts, financial records and other materials relating to his life, family and business career, approximately 7 linear feet.

The Papers of Madge Gates Wallace, mother of Bess Wallace Truman and mother-in-law of Harry S. Truman (1857–1952). The Madge Gates Wallace Papers contain bank statements, cancelled checks, receipts, correspondence, invitations, memorabilia, printed material, and other items relating to her life and family, less than 1 linear foot.

Declassified material from the Harry S. Truman Papers: Psychological Strategy Board Files. The newly available documents date primarily from the later years of the Truman administration, approximately 1,300 pages.

The Papers of Fred Wallace, brother of Bess Wallace Truman and brother-in-law of Harry S. Truman (1898–1954). The Ppapers mostly consist of personal letters to Wallace from his friend Lillian Tannehill, his mother Madge Gates Wallace, and other friends and relatives. The collection also includes financial records, printed materials, and memorabilia, approximately 1 linear foot.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Correspondence between President Eisenhower and private citizens, records from the White House Social office, the White House Telegraph Office, and from the papers of Sherman Adams, Eisenhower's Chief of Staff, approximately 4 million pages.

The final three personal diaries of Dwight D. Eisenhower were opened for research. These diaries are from 1966, 1968, and 1969.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Records as President, 1953–61, White House Central Files, Too Late to be Processed. (This artificial series was eliminated by interfiling contents into correct series within the series White House Central Files, 1953–61), approximately 2.5 cubic feet.

John F. Kennedy Library

The papers of Samuel H. Beer, military officer, historian, educator, Massachusetts political figure. 2.772 cubic feet.

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Robert Olmstead, and from Gen. James H. Polk. 0.050 cubic feet.

Two additions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection, consisting of a poem written by Leela Amarasiri Gunawardana, "Noble King Kennedy," and papers from Johanna Besek, consisting of a poem written by the donor, "A Tribute To Our Beloved President." All materials were accessioned, processed and opened. 0.050 cubic feet.

Two additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including the papers of Sister Sylvia McClain and the papers of Linda Meinders Webb. 0.376 cubic feet.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The oral histories of Ashbrook Bryant, William Capron, Nash Castro, Raul Castro, Ed Clark, William DePuy, C. E. "Curley" Doyle, George D. Jacobson, Elizabeth Johnson, William Knowlton, Robert McMahon and Mark Muller, Joe Robertson, James Roosevelt, Bess Whitehead Scott, Milton P. Semer, Merrell "Pop" Small, George Smathers, and Adrian Spears. 689 pages.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Several thousand declassified pages added to the artificial collection, Ford Library Project File of Documents Declassified through the Remote Archive Capture (RAC) Program. The pages opened this quarter are from the following National Security Adviser subcollections: NSC East Asian and Pacific Affairs Staff Files, NSC International Economic Affairs Staff Files, Kissinger-Scowcroft West Wing Office Files, Presidential Agency File, and Presidential Subject File.

Transcripts and audiotapes for the following oral history interviews:

  • Roy Ash, Director, Office of Management and Budget
  • Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture
  • William T. Coleman, Secretary of Transportation
  • Thomas Kleppe, Secretary of the Interior
  • Elliot Richardson, Secretary of Commerce
  • Anne Armstrong, Counsellor to the President
  • Patricia Lindh, Special Assistant to the President for Women
  • Col. Tom Sherman, involved in the planning of the Vietnam clemency program
  • Hugh Sidey, journalist
  • Robert Teeter, political strategist/public opinion pollster

Jimmy Carter Library

Papers of Heather Campion.
Domestic Policy Staff—files of Ellen Goldstein.

George H. W. Bush Library

Records processed in response to the following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been opened for research (65,414 pages):

  • 1998-0029-F (POW/MIA—6 pages)
  • 1999-0062-F (NAFTA—92 pages)
  • 2000-1390-F (START [Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty]—1,610 pages)
  • 2001-0144-F[1] (Bahrain—1,411 pages)
  • 2001-1419-F[1] (Covert Action—689 pages)
  • 2001-1853-F (U.S.-Soviet Trade Relations—5,236 pages)
  • 2002-0033-F (Ireland—4,879 pages)
  • 2002-1567-F[1] (Dennis B. Ross—904 pages)
  • 2003-0125-F (Argentina/IMF—1,799 pages)
  • 2003-0166-F[1] (Liberia—3,467 pages)
  • 2003-0255-F (Middle East Peace Process and Loan Guarantees to Israel— 12,423 pages)
  • 2003-0256-F (Middle East Peace Process: Selected Sara DeCamp Files—850 pages)
  • 2003-0260-F (Middle East Peace Process—4,416 pages)
  • 2003-0366-F[1] (Margaret Thatcher—3,689 pages)
  • 2003-0370-F (London NATO Summit—268 pages)
  • 2003-0373-F (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE)—1,048 pages)
  • 2003-0716-F[1] (NEA and Keith Geiger—707 pages)
  • 2003-1978-F (Atheism/Atheists—539 pages)
  • 2004-0576-F[1] (James Oberwetter—415 pages)
  • 2004-1014-F (Doles' August 1989 Visit to Kennebunkport—1 page)
  • 2004-1280-F[1] (Flag Desecration and the Flag Protection Act of 1989—16,752 pages)
  • 2005-1036-F (Veto Threats—1,565 pages)
  • 2006-0348-F (Rwanda—301 pages)
  • 2006-0620-F (NSR-3, NSR-4, NSR-5—6 pages)
  • 2006-0701-F (NSR-28—2 pages)
  • 2008-0059-F[1] (William Barclay Allen—23 pages)
  • 2008-0060-F (Carl A. Anderson—19 pages)
  • 2008-0062-F[1] (Esther G. Buckley—2 pages)
  • 2008-0063-F[1] (Sherwin T.S. Chan—96 pages)
  • 2008-0064-F[1] (Arthur A. Fletcher—180 pages)
  • 2008-0066-F (Robert P. George—29 pages)
  • 2008-0067-F[1] (Constance Horner—201 pages)
  • 2008-0068-F (Russell G. Redenbaugh—62 pages)
  • 2008-0069-F (Cruz Reynoso—2 pages)
  • 2008-0070-F (Charles Pei Wang—214 pages)
  • 2008-0379-F[1] (Bilderberg meetings—8 pages)
  • 2008-0903-F (Congressman Montgomery and President Bush—25 pages)