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Accessions and Openings for the 4th Quarter FY 2009

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Presidential Libraries


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Documents and printed materials related to FDR's death, including a reminiscence by the mortician at the Patterson Funeral Home in Atlanta, GA, that prepared FDR's body at Warm Springs, and copies of documents and printed materials related to the establishment by the Civilian Conservation Corps of Fahnestock, Norrie, and Glen State Parks in New York.

Audiovisual acquisitions this quarter included film of FDR's visit to Cartagena, Colombia, on July 10, 1934. Also received was a copy of Fox Movietone newsreel clips and outtakes of FDR's State of the Union radio address of January 11, 1944, in which he declares a "Second Bill of Rights" on economic matters. This footage recently appeared in Michael Moore's film Capitalism: A Love Story and was donated to the library by the University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archive through Mr. Moore's production company Front Street Productions, LLC.

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of John Saucer, consisting of printed material, correspondence, and articles relating to his research into the military career of Harry S. Truman, less than one foot.

Accretion to the Arthur Ginsburg Papers and several small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, all of which have been opened for research.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Communiqués of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 1944–45.

Additional papers of Frederic Fox, 1967.

Additional papers of Richard Gabel, 1972–79.

John F. Kennedy Library

Addition to the personal papers of Ronald Linton. Letters, newspapers, and an article draft relating to donor's involvement in Senator John F. Kennedy's Presidential campaign. 0.025 cubic foot. Closed.

Personal papers of John W. Gibson, Assistant Director for Development Planning, USAID Mission to Panama. Memos 1967–69, copies of documents created by donor and other Peace Corps Volunteers, photographs, and an article written by the donor regarding his experience as a PCV in Panama. 0.504 cubic feet. Closed.

Accretion to the Personal Papers of Edward M. Kennedy. Condolence books signed by visitors to the John F. Kennedy Library during and after Edward M. Kennedy's wake. 2.016 cubic feet. Closed.

Accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including the papers of Rich Schneider, the papers of Lila Gardner, 0.050 cubic feet; and oral history interviews with:

  • Howard Elegant (Colombia, 1964–66)
  • Kermit Krueger (Thailand, 1963–65)
  • Susan Luccini (1961–63)
  • Barbara-Jean Payne Janes (Pakistan, 1961–63)
  • Stefan Goodwin (Nigeria, 1965–67)
  • (Wilma) Ann Robinson (Dominican Republic, 2000–2002)
  • William W. Thompson (Colombia, 1965–67)
  • Bernadette Spanuello Thompson (Colombia, 1965–67)
  • David Gittelman (Zaire, 1982–84)
  • John W. Wilson (Nigeria, 1965–67)
  • Michael McQuestion (Philippines, 1974–77
  • )
  • Robert P. Criso (Nigeria, 1966–67 and Somalia, 1967–68)
  • Rudolf Reiblein (Nigeria, 1965–67)
  • Joseph A. Doucet (Nigeria, 1966–67 and Tanzania, 1967–68)
  • Kimiko Doherty (Honduras, 2003–2005)
  • H. William Batt (Thailand, 1962–64)
  • Adam Lutynski (Bolivia, 1966–68)
  • Joyce Bowden (Bolivia, 1963–66)
  • Kevin Burke (Nigeria, 1965–67)

Additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including a packet of press materials relating to JFK's visit to Fliegerhorst Kaserne, June 25 1963; papers from Charlotte Evans including a receipt for a top hat made and sent to President-elect John F. Kennedy by William H. Schnautz (Hat Corporation of America); and papers from Marianne Steiner including two letters sent from Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis to Paul Steiner were accessioned, processed, and opened. 0.025 cubic feet. Open.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The following oral history transcripts were accessioned and are available for research:

  • Bui Diem, South Vietnamese Ambassador to the United States 1968–72 and founder of the Saigon Post, 12 and 23 pages;
  • Myer "Mike" Feldman, Deputy Special Counsel to the President 1961–64, Special Counsel 1966–68, 5 pages;
  • Richard Stillwell, Chief of Staff for Generals Paul Harkins and William Westmoreland 1963–65, Commander U.S. Army Support Command, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam 1964, Commander XXIV Army Corps 1968–69, 26 pages;
  • Robert Finch, Administrative Assistant to Vice President Richard Nixon 1958–60, Lieutenant Governor of California 1967–69, Secretary of HEW 1969–70, Counselor to the president 1970–73, 11 and 21 pages.

Personal Papers of Elizabeth Wallace. Wallace was active in the Americans Abroad for Johnson campaign in 1964. This collection consists of a 37-page report of the committee and several voting cards. This collection is 0.028 cubic feet and is available for research.

Richard Nixon Library

A collection of materials from former White House staff member Douglas Hallett. The collection includes books, photographs, and documents from Mr. Hallett's time with the Nixon administration.

Three phonographs of radio DJ promotions during the 1970s.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Papers of Frederick Steeper, a Michigan-based political analyst with a long career in survey research and analysisThe accession consists of Republican Party polling data conducted for Presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional elections from 1989 through 2005, 74 cubic feet.

Accretions to the Frank Zarb Papers, Michael Moskow Papers, and Composite Grand Rapids Accessions collection.

The library also received copies of 34 DVD recordings of oral history interviews with former members of the Ford administration conducted by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.

Jimmy Carter Library

Materials from Bruce Laingen. Mr. Laingen was the senior embassy officer for the U.S. Embassy in Tehran when the embassy was seized by Iranian student militants. Mr. Laingen and 51 other embassy staff remained hostage for 444 days.

Accretion to collection from President Carter's Office.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 4.308 cubic feet of textual material this quarter:

  • Mark Katz Collection, humor writer for the Clinton White House
  • Additions to the IMPAC Collection, documenting innovations in Arkansas education

George W. Bush Library

Additional gubernatorial/campaign materials of George W. Bush.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Papers of Raymond Moley, a Columbia University professor and a member of FDR's "Brains Trust." This small collection contains handwritten personal correspondence between Moley and his wife, 1930–57, speeches and writings, printed materials and newspaper clippings, approximately 500 pages.

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of Sol Stolowy, President Truman's tailor. The Stolowy Papers consist of programs and other printed material relating to celebrations of Harry S. Truman's birthday and the annual presentations of the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award, 5 linear inches.

Papers of Waldemar Nielsen, an official with the Department of Commerce, the Economic Cooperation Administration, and the Mutual Security Agency (1946–97). The Nielsen Papers consist of correspondence, printed material, reports, photographs, speeches, and other items concerning Nielsen's career, and especially his association with the Marshall Plan, approximately one foot.

Papers of Howard Sachs, a U.S. District Court Judge and friend of President Truman (1933–96). The Sachs Papers include correspondence from Bess and Margaret Truman to the Sachs family and information concerning the relationship between the two families. Portions of this collection were previously open for research as part of the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, less than one foot.

Records of Guggenheim Productions, Inc., producers of a documentary film on the life of Harry S. Truman (1944–95). The Guggenheim records consist of transcripts of 37 interviews conducted by Charles Guggenheim in 1994 and 1995 for a documentary film on Truman's life, and related research materials, approximately one and a half feet.

Papers of Ben Nicks, a collector of material concerning the Enola Gay Controversy (1993–96). The Nicks Papers consist of newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, and correspondence related to the controversy surrounding the planned exhibit of the Enola Gay at the National Air and Space Museum, less than one foot.

Papers of E. Vernice Anderson, assistant to Ambassador Philip Jessup and to the Director of the National Science Foundation (1944–2001). The Anderson Papers consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, photographs, invitations, programs, sound recordings, and other material related to Anderson's service with the Department of State, the National Science Foundation, and the National Science Board, approximately five and a half feet.

Accretion to the Papers of Lowell Mason, a member of the Federal Trade Commission, consisting of clippings, speeches, photos, and printed material relating to his work with the commission.

Additional material in the Papers of James Webb, Under Secretary of State and Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This material, consisting of personnel records, meeting agendas, travel vouchers, and biographical information, had been closed under the terms of the donor's deed of gift, approximately 100 pages.

Accretion to the Arthur Ginsburg Papers and several small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Thousands of declassified documents providing additional insight into key foreign policy issues during the Eisenhower Presidency. The newly available records are from 16 Eisenhower Presidential Library manuscript collections, notably the papers of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the National Security Council, and General Lauris Norstad.

John F. Kennedy Library

Addition to the Personal Papers of John Kenneth Galbraith, Correspondence, memorandums, draft manuscripts of books and articles, reports, speeches, interviews, testimonies, and news clippings. Open in part.

Addition to the Personal Papers of Katherine Halle, journalist, author, socialite, Kennedy and Churchill family friend; radio broadcaster, WGAR (1938–42); executive, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) (1942–45); campaigner for Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy. Correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, photographs, campaign materials, interviews and transcripts of broadcasts on the Kennedy and Churchill families, political campaigning, and John F. Kennedy's inauguration, the Eminent Americans Program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the restoration of Blair House, and honorary American citizenship for Winston Churchill. 125.828 cubic feet. Open in part.

Personal Papers of Stanley Karnow, journalist, author, Mao and China (1972). Subject files relating to the donor's work as a journalist and foreign correspondent in China. 39.82 cubic feet. Open in part.

Addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, the papers of William Tuffin. 0.025 cubic foot. Open.

Three additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, 0.025 cubic feet. Open.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The oral history transcripts of Roman Pucinski, Fleur Cowles, William A. Reynolds, John H. Crooker, Bui Diem, Myer "Mike" Feldman, Richard G. Stilwell, and Robert H. Finch, 285 pages.

In addition to the oral history transcripts, library staff opened the recordings of the oral histories of Edward Re, Roman Pucinski and Richard Stilwell.

Papers of Morton Halperin, 4 boxes.

Office Files of Richard Goodwin, 12 boxes; Office Files of George Christian, 1 box; Office Files of Kenneth O'Donnell, 2 boxes; Office Files of Ervin Duggan, 2 boxes; Office Files of Ben Wattenberg, 6 boxes; Office Files of Horace Busby, 10 boxes; Office Files of Fred Panzer, 182 boxes.

White House Central Files, Subject File, PR, 2 boxes; White House Central Files, Subject File, PU, 4 boxes.

National Security File, Files of Harold Saunders, 3 boxes.

Records of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, 3 boxes.

Richard Nixon Library

Lorrin Koran collection, pertaining to Dr. Koran's work with the White House in developing a comprehensive policy regarding drug abuse in the United States.

Gerald R. Ford Library

National Security Adviser. Presidential Subject File, 1974–77. The collection includes material that was either addressed to President Ford or related to policy decisions, meetings, and issues in which he was involved. It is arranged by subject with the largest files concerning congressional relations, energy, foreign aid, military exercises, presidential determinations, SALT, and trade, approximately 9.6 feet.

Jimmy Carter Library

Additional Carter Family Papers—Rosalynn Carter Gubernatorial Correspondence Files and Rosalynn Carter's Gubernatorial Special Project and Events Files.

Chief of Staff—George Moffett Files.

Congressional Liaison— Ronna Freiberg Administration Files.

Domestic Policy Staff— R. D. Folsom, Thomas Lambrix, and Kitty Schirmer's Subject Files.

Ronald Reagan Library

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections: Administrative Office, Martin Anderson, Lee Atwater, Gary Bauer, Richard Beal, Mariam Bell, Morton Blackwell, Melvin Bradley, Patricia Mack Bryan, Judi Buckalew, Jack Burgess, Robert Carleson, Ty Cobb, Benedict Cohen, Sherrie Cooksey, Coordination Office, NSC, Counsel to the President: Appointee File, Counsel to the President: Investigations, Counsel to the President: Judicial Selection Files, Kenneth Cribb, Richard Davis, Executive Clerk: Bill Reports, Executive Secretariat: Agency File, Executive Secretariat: Cable File, Executive Secretariat: Country File, Executive Secretariat: NSDDs, Executive Secretariat: NSPGs, Executive Secretariat: Subject File, Executive Secretariat: System File, Executive Secretariat: VIP Visitors, Stephen Farrar, Fred Fielding, First Lady Office: Advance and Press, Alison Fortier, William Graham, Richard Hauser, William Henkel, Kevin Hopkins, Nancy Janes, Geoffrey Kemp, John Klenk, Virginia Knauer, Kathleen Koch, Linas Kojelis, David Laux, Ronald Lehman, James Lilley, Ian McDonald, Mari Maseng, Shellyn McCaffrey, Ed Meese, NSA: Chron File, M.B. Oglesby, Policy Development, Roger Porter, Public Affairs, Alan Raul, Robert Reilly, Nicholas Rostow, Peter Rusthoven, Mary Schnepper, Peter Sommer, Beryl Sprinkel, Jay Stephens, Carlton Turner, and David Waller.

Case files opened in response to FOIA requests include material from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: CO111 (The Netherlands), CO125 (Philippines), FE005 (Management Improvement Program), FE010-01 (Access to Records), FG006-01 (White House Staff), FG006-14 (Office of Science and Technology Policy), FG024-09 (Maritime Administration), FG122 (EPA), FG207 (National Labor Relations Board), FG393 (President's Commission on Organized Crime), FG438 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board), FG999 (Federal Agencies, Proposed), GI (Gifts), IS001 (Accident/Health Insurance), JL002 (Civil Matters), JL003 (Criminal Matters), MA020 (Freedom Awards), ME (Messages), PE001 (Federal Personnel Political Activities) and TN005 (Water Transportation).

FOIA topics covered include: Anti-Apartheid Act—Veto and Override; Canada; Catholic Outreach; Central States Pension Fund; China; Clinch River Breeder; Communications; Rudolph Giuliani; Iceland; the Iran-Iraq War; Investigations of Ed Meese, Lyn Nofziger, Theodore Olson, EPA-Superfund, James Jenkins, Melvyn Paisley, William French Smith, Richard Allen, and Michael Deaver; Judicial Selection; Judge Irving Kaufman; Korean War Veterans Memorial; Micronesia; the Middle East; Mobutu Sese Seko; Mozambique; Pharmaceutical Industry; Reform '88; Science Committees; Spain and NATO; Taiwan; Terrorist Plots & Attacks of the 1980s; Third World Hunger Relief; TWA 847 Hijacking; and Zaire.

George H. W. Bush Library

Records processed in response to the following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request have been opened for research:

  • 2001-1703-F [1] (Korea—16,026 pages)
  • 2001-1996-F (Correspondence between various individuals—6,979 pages)
  • 2003-0371-F (16th Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations—30,598 pages)
  • 2003-0737-F [1] (Christian Coalition—1,185 pages)
  • 2003-1478-F (Media and White House relations—3,786 pages)
  • 2004-0742-F (Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt Visit, 2/20/92—411 pgs)
  • 2004-0744-F (Bjorn Borg 1989 White House Tennis Match—31 pages)
  • 2004-1211-F [1] (Robert T. Stafford—191 pages)
  • 2004-1443-F (S. 12 Cable Television Consumer Protection Act—599 pages)
  • 2007-0753-F (Advance Manuals—743 pages)
  • 2007-0768-F (John G. Rangos, Sr.—86 pages)
  • 2008-1027-F (CISET and Intellectual Property—20 pages)
  • 2009-0869-F (Alpha Files on Sonia Sotomayor—4 pages)

Records processed systematically from the following have been opened for research:

  • 2004-0608-S (WHORM Subject File ND016—3 pages)
  • 2004-0707-S (WHORM Subject File NR001—202 pages)
  • 2004-1047-S (WHORM subject File PR010—20 pages)
  • 2004-1258-S (WHORM subject File FG024 through FG024-09—4,613 pages)
  • 2004-1291-S (WHORM Subject File FG023 through FG023-07—3,115 pages)
  • 2004-2015-S (WHORM subject File JL002, JL002-01, JL002-02—276 pages)
  • 2005-0041-S (WHORM Subject File FG446—14 pages)
  • 2005-1217-S (WHORM Subject File FG006-04 through FG006-15—1,685 pages)
  • 2007-0640-S (Mary Beth Riordan Files—2,434 pages)