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3rd Quarter FY 2010

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

During the third quarter of FY 2010, the Hoover Library received four folders of material related to Herbert Hoover's mining career in Australia and China.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Notable archival acquisitions this quarter include a collection of FDR letters and ephemera collected by Milton Morey, an attorney from Poughkeepsie, NY (gift of Carmen R. Morey); and two original autograph FDR letters from the governorship period (transfer from the collections of Florida Atlantic University).

Notable printed materials acquisitions this quarter include a first-edition rag-paper copy of FDR's 1934 book On Our Way, inscribed by FDR to his secretary Dorothy Jones (gift of Betty Robertson); and a bound copy of the Spanish magazine Semana, published in Madrid, September 30, 1941, and containing articles and photographs related to World War II in Spain (gift of Jorge Jorba Jove).

The printed materials collections also added 30 new books, 33 periodicals, 166 reels of microfilm, and 51 vertical file items during the quarter. One hundred seventy-three (173) previously unaccessioned books that were identified during the book collection inventories were also accessioned into the collection.

Harry S. Truman Library

The Truman Library acquired the Papers of B. T. Fitzpatrick: six scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other items; certificates; photographs; speeches; and memorabilia mostly pertaining to his career as General Counsel and Deputy Administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency (about 6,000 pages, ca. 1925–72). This collection is closed pending processing.

Audiovisual acquisitions: 452 photographs.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The papers of Mary Caffree Stephens, 1915–2007, were accessed this quarter.

Oral Histories Accessioned and Finding Aids Completed: OH-556—John and Molly Archibold; OH-557—Jacqueline Cochran.

Audiovisual: 12 hours of videotapes and 1,034 still pictures were accessioned.

John F. Kennedy Library

The Kennedy Library accessioned 246 accessions totaling 13.708 cubic feet including:

  • Two accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including the papers of Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras, 1975–77), including his memoir, "South of the Frontera," and his collection of stories, "Whispering Campaign"; also including a memoir of Nepal 22 RPCVs donated by John P. Hughes, (Nepal, 1970–72). 0.050 cubic feet.
  • Seven additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Donald S. Ohannes, consisting of a letter from Senator Robert F. Kennedy; papers from Fred Meyer, consisting of Hubert Humphrey campaign posters, ca. 1960; and five other additions were accessioned, processed, and opened. 7.212 cubic feet. Open.
  • Two additions to the Tributes Collection, including a total of seven memorial scrapbooks were accessioned, processed, and opened. 6.446 cubic feet. Open.
  • One addition to the John F. Kennedy Condolence Mail Collection, Papers of the Post-Assassination Period, was accessioned, processed and opened. 1 item. Open.
  • One addition to the Papers of Joseph P. Kennedy, including photographs, advertising placards, and advertising banners relating to JPK's Presidential campaign, ca. 1930s. 7 items. Closed.
  • One addition to the Personal Papers of John F. Kennedy, including historical documents sent to White House in February 1961 as donations to President Kennedy's personal historical documents collection. 8 items. Open.
  • Nine additions to the Miscellaneous Photograph Accessions Collection, totaling 75 photographic prints, 18 digital image files, and two 35mm transparencies. These additions include 28 U.S. Army Signal Corps photographs documenting funeral activities for President Kennedy that were not previously in these holdings, and 18 images made at the dedication ceremonies of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Total volume is less than one cubic foot. Open.
  • The NLJFK Photographs Collection of images documenting activities and events in the Kennedy Library added 216 35mm color negatives and 57 digital files. Total volume is less than one cubic foot. Open.
  • Three additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection, including motion picture film for a short Robert Kennedy tribute film from 1968 and a Curtis Publishing Company television advertisement for a Saturday Evening Post story on the PT 109, and a DVD recording of "The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination," by Tom Jennings Productions, as aired on National Geographic Channel in 2009. These accessions total approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Open.
  • Two additions to the NLJFK Recordings Collection of moving image and audio documentation of activities and events at the Kennedy Library, totaling approximately 2.5 hours. Open.
  • Two additions to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history recordings of Peace Corps Volunteers Augusta Field (Lesotho) and Tennie Bickham (Liberia), totalling approximately 2 hours. Open.

Deeds of gift were competed for the papers of Deborah Harding, Jack Rosenthal, and three Returned Peace Corps Volunteers' Oral History Interviews.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The Johnson Library accessioned the Personal Papers of Lynda Robb, 1.38 cubic feet, which consist of condolence letters concerning the death of her mother, Lady Bird Johnson, in 2007, and the Personal Papers of Donald G. Ream (architect with Brooks, Barr, Graeber & White), 0.46 cubic feet, which consist of architectural descriptions and drawings of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, 1970–71. The library also received an accretion to the Personal Papers of Everett Hutchinson, Undersecretary of Transportation, 1.38 cubic feet.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned 0.375 cubic feet of material from the Technical Services Department's ongoing documentation of LBJ Library events.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The Ford Library acquired the Michael Kelly Political Ephemera collection, 1912–2008, (12 feet). The collection includes campaign handouts, flyers, posters, newspaper and magazine articles, and other political ephemera. It covers Presidential candidates, Presidential hopefuls, and candidates for state and local offices, with a concentration on the era of 1960 to 2000. There is coverage of the Democratic and Republican candidates and a variety of other political parties, including the American Nazi Party, Prohibition Party, and American Independent Party.

The library received from the Ford Museum the Joseph Levenstein Collected Materials (approx. 1.5 linear feet), including letters, photographs, magazines, and other materials related to Gerald Ford. Many of the items have been signed by President Ford.

The library added six new accessions in the quarter, including accretions to the Composite General Accessions and the Composite Oral History Accessions. Included were California Highway Patrol dispatch cards documenting police communications following Sara Jane Moore's assassination attempt on President Ford on September 22, 1975. These cards were donated by Lawrence Burchett on behalf of his father, Jim Burchett, a police officer in charge of security.

Also accessioned, from donor Joan Knoertzer, was a 1935 UM Senior Ball certificate showing Gerald Ford on the arrangements committee and autographed by bandleader Kay Keyser.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office.

Ronald Reagan Library

Speakes, Larry M.: Papers/Files, 1970–89 (212 cubic feet). This acquisition/accession consists of materials donated by Larry Speakes through regarding his service in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations. It appears that a substantial amount of this material is in fact Reagan Presidential records. The materials consist of press briefing materials, daily schedules for Speakes, and a small amount of personal correspondence.

Usher's Office, White House: Records, 1970–89 (9 cubic feet). The records consist of memorandums, reports, logs, receipts, invoices, correspondence, notes, and an expense log covering the administration and maintenance of the White House.

White House Office of the Executive Clerk: Records, 1981–89 (12 cubic feet). The records consist of biographies and other materials regarding nominees to positions in the Executive and Judicial branches that required confirmation by the United States Senate.

George Bush Library

The Textual Archives Department accessioned 10 cubic feet of Dorothy Craig Papers. Ms. Craig headed the White House Historical Office and was a close personal friend of Barbara Bush. The library also accessioned five cubic feet of Fred Zeder Papers. Mr. Zeder was a close friend of George Bush and was appointed by Mr. Bush as head of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

The Audio-Visual Department accessioned seven DVDs and 397 photos to the Office of George Bush Post-Presidential Collection.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 3.66 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received one unsolicited collection consisting of a scrapbook of President Clinton memorabilia. The library also received three collections from President Clinton for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual department received approximately 2.394 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. AV also received approximately .504 cubic feet of WJC Personal Collection/Courtesy Storage material.

George W. Bush Library

The Audiovisual Department received 25 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff, including 20 previously listed as Eric Draper/Photo Office (containing photos of the week) and five listed as Malone Sams (containing First Lady scrapbooks).


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

On May 25, three pages of the Joseph P. Lash diary relating to the death and funeral of Eleanor Roosevelt were reviewed and opened following a request by a researcher. The entries were previously closed under deed of gift privacy restriction.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the Papers of Wallace H. Graham, White House physician and personal physician to President Truman (12 linear feet, 8 linear inches; 1918–96), consisting of clippings, correspondence, financial records, handwritten notes, invitations, medical records, memorabilia, memoranda, photographs, printed materials, reports, scrapbooks, speeches, telegrams, sound recordings, motion pictures, handwritten notes, and drafts of his memoirs related to his personal life, military career, medical career, and role as a physician to Harry S. Truman.

The library opened for research the Papers of Harry J. Salsbury, Jr., an aide to Senator Harry S. Truman (less than one half of one linear foot, 1935–40), consisting of correspondence from Senator Truman to the Salsbury family and from Harry J. Salsbury, Jr., to his wife, Thelma, mostly relating to Truman's campaign for reelection to the Senate in 1940.

The library opened for research the Papers of Owen T. Jones, foreign service officer and Director of the Office of Greek, Turkish, and Iranian Affairs in the State Department from 1956 to 1960 (3 linear feet, 6 linear inches; 1927–79), consisting of diaries recounting Jones's personal and professional activities from his days as a student at Oberlin College through his career as a diplomat and State Department official. The collection also includes a few letters, photographs, and printed items that were enclosed with the diaries.

The library opened for research the Papers of John Paton Davies, Jr., foreign service officer from 1931 to 1954 (5 linear feet, 3 linear inches; 1916–97), consisting of correspondence, printed materials, diaries, handwritten notes, photographs, transcripts, articles, reports, and other items relating to Davies' life and career as a diplomat, government official, author, and expert on China; and his involvement in government loyalty and security investigations.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Bess W. Truman, First Lady of the United States from 1945 to 1953 (about 1 linear feet, 5 linear inches; 1944–61), consisting of appointment books, White House menus, and handwritten notes mostly relating to Mrs. Truman's activities as First Lady.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Greta Kempton, portrait painter and creator of the official White House portraits of the President and Mrs. Truman (about one half of one linear foot; 1965–84), consisting of financial records and correspondence.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Frank Pace, Jr., Secretary of the Army from 1950 to 1953 (less than one half of one linear foot; 1946–67) consisting of commemorative postage stamps, correspondence, and photographs.

The library opened for an accretion to the Records of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Independence, MO (less than one half of one linear foot; 1901–83), consisting of correspondence, minutes of meetings, and financial records.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection: MHDC 973—a letter from Harry S. Truman to Donald W. Nyrop, May 9, 1952.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Re-reviews of donor-restricted material resulted in an additional 8,531 pages being opened for research. This newly released material is from the papers of Fred Seaton; the papers of the Republican National Committee, Office of the Chairman; and two series from the records of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President (White House Central Files)—Alpha Series and Official File.

John F. Kennedy Library

Began processing audiovisual materials, and continued processing textual materials, in the Personal Papers of Katherine Halle. Correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, photographs, campaign materials, news clippings, printed materials. Includes interviews and transcripts of broadcasts on the Kennedy and Churchill families, political campaigning, John F. Kennedy's inauguration, the Eminent Americans Program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the restoration of Blair House, and honorary American citizenship for Winston Churchill. Open in part.

Completed reprocessing the James Tobin Papers. Economist, government official. Adviser, Presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy (1960). Member, Council of Economic Advisers (1961–62). Adviser, Presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy (1967). Correspondence, memorandum, notes, reports, speeches relating to 1960 Presidential campaign, the Council of Economic Advisers, and the 1967 Presidential campaign. 1.008 cubic feet.

Completed reprocessing the Pedro Sanjuan Papers. Government official. Assistant Chief of Protocol (1961–63), Director of Special Protocol Services (1963), member of the Department of State Latin American Policy Sub-Committee on the Cultural Program for Latin America. Progress reports, minutes of meetings, and memorandum particularly concerning housing and travel arrangements for African diplomats, copies of scrapbooks. 0.504 cubic feet.

Seven additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Donald S. Ohannes consisting of a letter from Senator Robert F. Kennedy; papers from Fred Meyer consisting of Hubert Humphrey campaign posters, ca. 1960; and five other additions. 7.212 cubic feet.

Two additions to the Tributes Collection, including a total of seven memorial scrapbooks. 6.446 cubic feet.

Two accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, including the papers of Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras, 1975–77), including his Memoir, "South of the Frontera," and stories, "Whispering Campaign"; also including a memoir of Nepal 22 RPCVs donated by John P. Hughes, (Nepal, 1970–72). 0.050 cubic feet.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The Archives staff processed eight boxes from the White House Central Files Subject File, PR.

Three boxes from the National Security File, Situation Room File.

One box from the Office Files of William Sparks; one box from the Papers of Alain Enthoven.

Sixty-eight boxes from Papers of John Connally.

One box from the Papers of Joe Califano.

One box from the Papers of Robert G. Lewis.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened National Security Adviser, Presidential Briefing Material for VIP Visits, 1974–76 (9.2 linear feet). It is now searchable in PRESNET and on the web site. The collection contains briefing materials prepared for President Ford's meetings with visiting heads of state and government officials. There were over 50 official visits, and the material covers a wide array of foreign policy topics. Also included are materials relating to more routine aspects of preparations for visits by foreign dignitaries.

The library opened the first eight boxes of the collection National Security Adviser, Trip Briefing Books and Cables for Henry Kissinger. These boxes cover Kissinger's trips between August 1974 and February 1975. The collection contains communications exchanged between Kissinger and staff at the White House and State Department while he was away from Washington. Files contain Kissinger's detailed reports of his meetings with foreign leaders and the progress of negotiations he was conducting, as well as detailed summaries of concurrent events in Washington and elsewhere in the world. Substantive materials on U.S. relations with the countries Kissinger was visiting and on foreign policy issues in general also appear. The library staff expects to open additional increments of this collection over coming months.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following materials—First Lady's Office, Chief of Staff, Cabinet Secretary, Domestic Policy Staff, Staff Secretary, and White House Press Office.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received approval to open 200,413 pages this quarter in response to FOIA, systematic, and personal paper processing notifications.

Material open in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections: David Addington, Administrative Office, Office of Presidential Advance, African Affairs Directorate, Ronald Alvarado, Carl Anderson, Martin Anderson, Office of Appointments and Scheduling, Linda Arey, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Christina Bach, Howard Baker, James Baker, Doug Bandow, Michael Baroody, William Barr, Gary Bauer, Genie Bauman, Richard Beal, Mariam Bell, Judy Black, Morton Blackwell, Ralph Bledsoe, Roger Bolton, Robert Bonitati, Wendy Borcherdt, William Burns, Office of Cabinet Affairs: Cabinet Council Minutes, Vincent Cannistraro, Joseph Canzeri, Robert Carleson, Geoffrey Carliner, Frank Carlucci, Jane Carpenter, Red Cavaney, Bruce Chapman, Richard Childress, Katherine Chumachenko, Donald Clarey, Benedict Cohen, Sherrie Cooksey, Coordination Office (NSC), Office of the Counsel to the President: Appointee File, James Coyne, Kenneth Cribb, Donald Danner, Mary Dewhirst, Paul Dobriansky, Elizabeth Dole, A. Blair Dorminey, Michael Driggs, Thelma Duggin, Economic Policy Council, European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, Executive Secretariat: Cable File, Executive Secretariat: Country File, Executive Secretariat: Head of State File, Executive Secretariat: Meeting Files, Executive Secretariat: NSC Meetings, Executive Secretariat: NSDDs, Executive Secretariat: Subject File, Executive Secretariat: VIP Visits, Linda Faulkner, Peter Ferrara, Fred Fielding, Office of the First Lady: Advance Office, Office of the First Lady: Press Office, Alison Fortier, Craig Fuller, Stephen Galebach, Max Green, Chuck Greener, Sally Grooms, Wendell Gunn, Richard Hansen, Richard Hauser, J. Douglas Holladay, Kevin Hopkins, Mary Jo Jacobi, Geoffrey Kemp, Gwendolyn King, John Klenk, Linas Kojelis, Robert Korengold, Sven Kraemer, William Lacy, Latin American Affairs Directorate, Susan Lauffer, David Laux, Franklin Lavin, Office of Legislative Affairs, Robert Lilac, Robert Linhard, Edward Lynch, Donald Ian MacDonald, Mari Maseng, Jack Matlock, Frederuck McClure, Robert McFarlane, David McIntosh, Edwin Meese, Mary Ann Meloy, Constantine Menges, Kate Moore, Thomas Moore, J. Upshur Moorhead, Elaine Morton, Michael Mussa, Oliver North, M. B. Oglesby, Deborah Owen, Robert Pastorino, Office of Political Affairs, William Poole, Roger Porter, Richard Prendergast, Office of Presidential Personnel, Office of Public Affairs, Mary Elizabeth Quint, Walter Raymond, Robert Reilly, James Rentschler, John F.W. Rogers, Debra Kopko Royal, Peter Rusthoven, Mary McGeein Schnepper, Gaston Sigur, Robert Sims, Susan Spencer, Beryl Sprinkel, Steven Steiner, Carolyn Sundseth, John Svahn, Robert Sweet, Shirin Tahir-Kheli, Jacqueline Tillman, Carleton Turner, Margaret Tutwiler, Charles Tyson, Michael Uhlmann, Lee Verstandig, Catalina Villalpando, David Waller, White House Legal Task Force, Faith Whittlesey, and D. Edward Wilson.

Additional material open in response to FOIA requests includes case files from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: CM011 (Petroleum—Gas/Oil), CO001-05 (Europe), CO001-09 (South America-Central and Latin America), CO006 (Angola), CO022 (Brazil), CO034-02 (People's Republic of China), CO049 (Ethiopia), CO058 (Grenada), CO064 (Haiti), CO065 (Honduras), CO071 (Iran), CO072 (Iraq), CO082-02 (South Korea), CO086 (Lebanon), CO125 (Philippines), CO141 (South Africa), CO143 (Namibia), FE010-01 (Access to Records), FG006-01 (White House Staff), FG038 (Vice President), FG095 (Commission on Federal Paperwork), FG107-01 (National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity), FG159 (Inter-American Foundation), FG175 (National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere), FG258-10 (Communications Task Force), FG260 (Trade Policy Committee), FG380 (Peace Corps), FG384 (President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control), FG999 (Federal Agencies, Proposed), FI001-02 (Disbursements—Expenditures), FI004 (Budget—Appropriations), FI009 (Public Debt), FI010-02 (Income Tax), FO002-01 (Personnel—Special Rank of Ambassador or Minister), FO003 (Economic—Technical Development), FO003-02, FO004-02 (Loans—Funds), FO005-03 (Publicity, International), FO006 (International Conferences), FO006-10 (Economic Summit, Tokyo, Japan), FO006-14 (US-USSR, Moscow, 1988), FO008 (International Travel), FO009 (Treaties), GI002 (Gifts to the President), HE (Health), HE003 (Food—Nutrition), HE006-01 (Narcotics), HO (Holidays), HO016-01 (Christmas Greetings—Received/Sent), HU013-30 (Afro-American Groups), HU021 (Civil Disturbances—Riots), IT011 (Free Europe, Inc.), IT070 (Organization of American States), IT086-27 (U.S. Mission to the UN), IT087 (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), IT122 (Multinational Force and Observers), IV081 (1981 Invitations), IV082 (1982 Invitations), IV083 (1983 Invitations), IV084 (1984 Invitations), IV086 (1986 Invitations), IV087 (1987 Invitations), IV088 (1988 Invitations), JL002 (Civil Matters), JL002-01 (Anti-Trust Cases), JL003 (Criminal Matters), JL003-02 (Hijacking—Skyjacking), LA (Labor—Management Relations), LA002 (Conditions—Employment/Unemployment), LE (Legislation), MA (Medals—Awards), MA020 (Freedom Awards), ME001-03 (Sympathy—Condolences), ME002 (Messages to Organizations), ME002-02 (Colleges, Universities, Schools, Libraries), ME002-03 (Governmental Groups), ME002-06 (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and TV Stations), ME003 (Messages Denied), ND001-01 (Non-Military Use of Aircraft), ND006 (Intelligence), ND007-01 (Casualties—Burials, Military), ND008 (Preparedness, Military), ND013 (Ships—Submarines), ND016 (Wars), PE002 (Employment—Appointments), PE005 (Insurance, Federal Employees), PE008 (Salaries—Wages), PO (Postal Service), PQ (Procurement), SO003 (Luncheons, White House), TA (Trade), TA001 (Boycotts—Embargoes), TA003 (Exports), TA004 (Tariffs—Imports), TA004-03 (Food and Kindred Products, Trade), TA004-08 (Metal Products Table), TA004-09 (Miscellaneous Manufacturers Trade), TA004-11 (Petroleum—Gas/Oil), TA004-13 (Stone—Clay and Glass Products), TA004-14 (Textiles—Apparel), TR017 (TX, CA, CO), TR017-01 (San Antonio, TX), TR017-02 (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, CA), TR017-03 (Denver, CO), TR026 (New Orleans, LA), TR043 (Chicago, IL), TR045 (Eureka College, IL), TR045-01 (Peoria, IL), TR045-02 (Chicago, IL), TR057 (Columbus, OH), TR062-03, TR066, TR084-06, TR126, TR155, TR156, TR211, UT001-01 (Radio—Television), VA003 (Hospitalization—Rehabilitation), WE (Welfare), WE001-01 (Child Welfare Services), WE003 (Family Planning—Abortion), WE004-01 (United Community Campaigns), and WH009-01 (Aircraft—Helicopter, White House).

FOIA topics covered include: Abortion; Armenian-Americans; Cabinet Council Minutes; the Caribbean Basin Initiative; Central America Working Groups; Church groups, events, and issues; Communications and Automation; the David Dodge Kidnapping; Enterprise Zones; Europe; Father Dowling; Father Jenco; Douglas Ginsburg; Grenada; Iraq; Japan; KAL 007; Korea; Mickey Leland; Liberia; Libya; Mother Theresa and the Catholic Church; Multinational Forces and Observers; Rupert Murdoch; NSC Meetings; NSDD 193; the New Zealand Port Access Issue; POW/MIAs; President Doe of Liberia; Presidential Proposals of the 98th Congress; Oil and Energy; Saudi Arabia's Support for Mujahedeen; Social Conservatives; Socialist International; SDI and ASAT; the Textile Industry; and Voice of America.

Part of this opening included about 2,477 pages of material that had been previously classified and was sent to agencies for declassification review. Over 95 percent of the material comes from various NSC collections.

William J. Clinton Library

Three mandatory reviews resulted in 36 pages released by agencies in full, 8 pages released by agencies in part, 123 pages released using WH declassification guidelines, and 78 pages released using DOS declassification guidelines.

In addition to traditional FOIA cases, the archival staff responded to expedited FOIA requests for records related to Elena Kagan. The archival staff processed approximately 171,000 pages related to Elena Kagan, nominee to replace John Paul Stevens as Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

The following FOIA requests were released during this quarter: 2009-1006-F Elena Kagan.