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Accessions and Openings for the 4th quarter FY 2010

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Washington, DC, Area

In the fourth quarter, the Records Accessioning and Control unit continued work associated with the annual "P" move of records from the Washington National Records Center (WNRC). During this quarter, 2,577 cubic feet of late transfer records from WNRC were also added to NARA's permanent holdings. This quarter the team completed 72 WNRC accessioning jobs for a total of 11,345 cubic feet. To date this year, the team has completed 126 individual accessioning jobs for the 2010 "P" move and late transfers that total 20,864 cubic feet of records. At the end of the quarter, 103 WNRC jobs remained to be closed out amounting to a total of 8,251 cubic feet of records (including pre-FY2010 WNRC jobs in backlog).

The team also completed and closed out 77 direct offer jobs for a total of 836 cubic feet. At the end of the quarter, 103 direct offer jobs remained to be closed out amounting to a total of 9,580 cubic feet of records (including pre-FY2010 direct offer jobs in backlog).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to transfer records as direct offers to the National Archives. During the fourth quarter, we received 4,008 cubic feet of Headquarters and Field Office Class 100 records and 129 cubic feet of Class 105 records.

Team members with SCI security clearances continued to support records center activities by pulling and refiling records holding SCI classifications.


Electronic Records

Records of the Bureau of the Census (Record Group 29)
34,209,862 logical data records
County Business Patterns and ZIP Business Patterns, 2004–2007 (26,705,458 logical data records); County Group Public Use Sample Data Files from the 19th Census of Population and Housing (1970) (6,103,377 logical data records); Current Population Survey: January, March, June, September, and October 2008 (997,788 logical data records); and International Database, as of December 2009 (403,239 logical data records). Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Office of Management and Budget (Record Group 51)
181,101 logical data records
Office of Management and Budget Quickmail and WordPerfect Office Email, 1992–93. Materials restricted. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Bureau of Public Debt (Record Group 53)
2,871,146 logical data records
Public Debt Accounting System Files (PARS) Permanent Data Tables, 2009. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Foreign Agricultural Service (Record Group 166)
6,811 logical data records
Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) Reports, 2007–2008. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Patent and Trademark Office (Record Group 241)
25,220,394 logical data records
Master Classification File, as of August 2006. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330)
275,355 logical data records
Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Files, as of March 2009. Materials partly restricted. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Employment and Training Administration (Record Group 369)
435,757 logical data records
Benefit Accuracy Measurement Database Files, 2000–2007 (174,944 logical data records) and Unemployment Insurance Required Reports (UIRR), 2000–2007 (260,813 logical data records). Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

General Records of the Department of Energy (Record Group 434)
6,415 logical data records
Publications Cleared and Released in Electronic Form, 2007–2008. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

General Records of the Department of Education (Record Group 441)
1,615,219 logical data records
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 2008 (1,611,050 logical data records) and Libraries Files: Academic Libraries Survey, 2008 (Public Use) (4,169 logical data records). Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Record Group 442)
9,712,902 logical data records
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2004-2007 (1,861,077 logical data records); National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 1977-1981, 1985, 1989–2000, and 2003–2007 (825,819 logical data records); National Health Interview Survey, 1965–68 and 2003–2007 (3,220,141 logical data records); National Hospital Discharge Survey, 2003–2006 (1,442,019 logical data records); and Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS), 1974–2000 (2,363,846 logical data records). Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (Record Group 510)
9,039,125 logical data records
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), 1996–2006. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail

Records of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (Record Group 537)
8,564 logical data records
World Port Index, as of July 2009. Materials open. Contact the Reference Staff, Center for Electronic Records, at 301-837-0470, or e-mail


Special Media

New analog photographic series level description include: Interior Department Photographs Documenting Leading Officials of the Department, ca. 1953–89 (48-P) and the Central Photographic Assignment File for the Interior Department, 1970–2005 (48-CF); Photographs Relating to Soil Erosion Experimental Farm Research, 1929–35 (114-CS), and Land Utilization, Resettlement and Social Conditions, 1938–42 (114-RS); USIA Hold File Photographs Relating to American Political, Cultural, and Economic Activities, Prominent U.S. and Foreign Personalities, and World Events, 1950–63 (306-HL); Department of Education, Photographs of Agency Personnel, 1981–2005 (441-P), Subject File of DOE, 1981–2000 (441-SF), and the Central Photographic File of Agency Activities, 1981–2004 (441-G).

New poster descriptions include: Census 2010 Posters (29-CPTT); FAA's Washington Air Defense Identification Zone Poster (237-ADIZ; EPAs Burn Wise poster (412-BWP); USIA's Propaganda Posters Distributed in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East (306-PPB); and the Department of Education's Water Laboratory Alliance Poster (441-WLP).

Also of special note is the description in the National Archives Catalog, and ingestion into ERA, of a series of 59,719 (57 GB) digital images documenting the activities of the Department of Education between 2001 and 2006 (441-GD). This series is the continuation in digital photo format of the analog central photo file described in 441-G. While the records have been described, to date we are unable to make the images and accompanying database finding aid available via ARC. We are exploring this possibility with the ARC staff and hope to have them available online sometime in FY 2011. The analog photos are no longer being created by DOE.

Records of the Bureau of Aeronautics (Record Group 72)
1,000 cubic feet
Aircraft Plans, 1942–62. This series consists of engineering and technical drawings of aircraft construction from the Naval Air Development Center (NADC). NC3-181-80-002(I) Partial.


Regional Archives

Anchorage   |   Atlanta   |   Boston   |   Chicago   |   Denver   |   Fort Worth   |   Kansas City   |   New York City   |   Philadelphia   |   Riverside   |  San Francisco   |   Seattle

All records are open for research unless noted otherwise.

National Archives at Anchorage
Contact archival operations, 907-271-2441.

Records of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Record Group 77)
91 cubic feet
Environmental Restoration Sites, 1993–2004.
Project Surveys, Examinations, and Reviews, 1921–75.
Project Investigations and reports, 1946–76.
Environmental Reports and Assessments, 1961–77.
Topographical Data Files, 1964–78.
Historical Realty Files, 1971–90.

National Archives at Boston
Contact archival operations, 781-663-0121 or 866-406-2379.
No report this quarter.

National Archives at Boston
Contact archival operations, 781-663-0121 or 866-406-2379.

Records of the U.S. Coast Guard (Record Group 26)
36 cubic feet
Cadet Personnel Folders, 1979.
Research Reports and Studies, 1969–79.
Unit Logs USCGC Eagle, 1973–86.
Unit Logs USCGC Henlopen, Cape Morgan, Tamaroa, Campbell, and Sanibel, 1979–89.
Unit Logs USCGC Thunder Bay, 1986–89.
Unit Logs USCGC Seneca, 1986–89.
Unit Logs USCGC White Heath, Chase, Point Turner, Unimak, Point Jackson, and Vigilant, 1973–89.

Records of the U.S. Customs Service (Record Group 36)
22 cubic feet
Investigative Files; Neutrality Violations and Munitions Control, 1978–84.
Investigative Files; Irish Gun Running, 1984.

Records of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Record Group 77)
98 cubic feet
Civil Works Projects, 1959–83.
Hydrological and Flood Control Investigative Reports, 1914–85.
Navigable Waterways Studies, 1977.
Installation Historical files, 1954–83.
Historical Photographs of Flood Events, 1927–84.
Environmental Restoration Project Files, 1976–79.
Conservation of Natural Resources Files, 1933–83.

Records of the National Park Service (Record Group 79)
15 cubic feet
Records of the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, 1977–97.
Federal Surplus Real Property, 1927–84.

Records of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Record Group 100)
1 cubic feet
Braintree, MA. Safety, Fatalities and Catastrophes Case Files, 1989.

General Records of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (Record Group 207)
15 cubic feet
Modernization Grants, 1988–2001.

U.S. Army Operational, Tactical, and Support Organizations (World War II and Thereafter) (Record Group 338)
4 cubic feet
Watertown Arsenal. Technical Report Files, 1971–89.

Records of the Office of Thrift Supervision (Record Group 483)
57 cubic feet
Holding Company Files, 1993–94.
Inactive Thrift Institution Workpapers, 1994.

Records of the Environmental Protection Agency (Record Group 412)
28 cubic feet
Air Division Director's Program Development Files, 1986–89.
Regional Administrator's Program Development Files, 1973–89.
Review and Comment Files, 1995–99.
Directives and Policy Guidance, 1985–89.
State Program Authorization/Approval, 1980–89.

National Archives at Chicago
Contact archival operations, 773-948-9000.

Records of District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
13 cubic feet
District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Rockford: Civil Case Files, 1981–85.
District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Port Huron: Civil Case Files, 1984.
District Court, District of Minnesota, 5th Division, Duluth: Civil Case Files, 1975–83.

General Records of the Department of Justice (Record Group 60)
1 cubic foot
Detroit Strike Force Records, December, 1979 (may be restricted due to FOIA requirements).

Records of United States Attorneys (Record Group 118)
120 cubic feet
U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago.
Criminal Case Files, 1969–71 (may be restricted due to FOIA requirements).
Criminal Case Files, 1972–76 (may be restricted due to FOIA requirements).
Criminal Case Files, 01/01/1977 to 12/31/1977 (may be restricted due to FOIA requirements).
U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Illinois, Fairview Heights: Criminal Case Files, 1978–80 (may be restricted due to FOIA requirements).

General Records of the Department of Energy (Record Group 434)
14.9 cubic feet
Legacy Management Mound Closure Site, Miamisburg, OH: Engineering Drawings, 1948–2006; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit Records, 2003–2009; Public Involvement Records, 2002–2009.

Records for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (Record Group 442)
12 cubic feet
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Hazard Evaluations and Technical Assistance Branch, Cincinnati, OH: Health Hazard Evaluation Reports, 1989.

Records of the United States Bankruptcy Courts (Record Group 578)
2 cubic feet
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern Division of Ohio, Youngstown: Bankruptcy Dockets Books, 1979.

National Archives at Denver
Contact archival operations, 303-407-5740.

Records of District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
5 cubic feet
District of Colorado. Naturalization records, 1982–88.

Records of the Bureau of Land Management (Record Group 49)
138 cubic feet
Colorado State Office, Lakewood, CO.
Rejected or withdrawn patent case files, 1909–69.
Right-of-way case files, 1963–84.
Organizational and historical files, 1954–99.
Serialized case file indexes, 1870–1965.

New Mexico State Office, Santa Fe, NM.
Directives, 1989.
Patent case files, 1909–78.
Right-of-way case files, 1978–80.

Roswell, NM, Field Office.
Right-of-way case files, 1983–84.
Utah State Office, Salt Lake City, UT.
Right-of-way case files, 1977–80.
Wyoming State Office, Cheyenne, WY.
Directives, 1989.
Right-of-way case files, 1940–84.
Grazing and land use case files, 1933–56.

Records of the Forest Service (Record Group 95)
78 cubic foot
Southwestern Regional Office, Albuquerque, NM.
Historical files, 1905–71.

Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest, Fort Collins, CO.
Historical files, 1903–2006.

Records of the Bureau of Reclamation (Record Group 115)
130 cubic feet
Denver Office
Records relating to the Three Gorges Dam project in China, 1981–2009.

Mid-Pacific Regional Office, Sacramento, CA
Photographs and albums relating to the Central Valley Project, 1936–92.

Lower Colorado River Regional Office, Boulder City, NV
Photographs of the Davis Dam project, 1942–53.
Records relating to Native American programs and projects, 1944–89.

Klamath Basin Area Office, Klamath, OR
Drawings and correspondence relating to the Tule Lake, California, CCC and internment camp, 1942–2010.

Records of the U.S. Court of Appeals (Record Group 276)
88 cubic feet
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Denver, Colorado. Case Files, 1984.

Records of the Environmental Protection Agency (Record Group 412)
5 cubic feet
Region VIII Office, Denver, CO: Program development files, 1979–85.

Records of the U.S. Air Force Academy (Record Group 461)
7 cubic feet
Colorado Springs, CO: Publications, 1982–85.

Records of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Record Group 463)
1 cubic foot
National Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins, CO: Wildlife damage control case files, 1924–84.

National Archives at Fort Worth
Contact archival operations, 817-831-5620.
No report this quarter.

National Archives at Kansas City
Contact archival operations, 816-268-8013.

Records of District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
44.43 cubic feet
NREA-2010-021-0023, US DC, District of Kansas, Kansas City, Closed Civil Case Files, 1977–84.
NREA-2010-021-0024, US DC, District of Kansas, Kansas City, Closed Criminal Cases, 1980–84.
NREA-2010-021-0021, US DC, Southern District of Iowa, Council Bluffs, Closed Civil Cases, 1982.
NREA-2010-021-0022, US DC, Southern District of Iowa, Des Moines, Closed Civil Cases, 1982.
NREA-2010-021-0025, US District Court, District of North Dakota, Disbarments, 1900–70.

Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers (Record Group 77)
83 cubic feet, 25,197 items
NREA-2010-077-0001: Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers, Mississippi River Commission—Technical Records, 1879–1937.
NREA-2010-077-0002: Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers, Mississippi River Commission—Historic Map Collection, 1879–1937.

Records of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Record Group 100)
5 cubic feet
NREA-2010-100-0003, Department of Labor, OSHA, Kansas City, Inspection Cases, 1988–89.
NREA-2010-100-0004, Department of Labor, OSHA, Kansas City, Inspection Cases, 1979–87.

Records of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (Record Group 114)
6.46 cubic feet
NREA-2010-114-0001, Records of the Nursery Division, Ames, IA, Nursery, 1934–39.

Records of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Record Group 311)
2 cubic feet
NREA-2010-311-0002, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Region 7, KC, MO, Superfund Files, FY 1988.
NREA-2010-311-0003, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Region 7, KC, MO, Superfund Files, FY 1987–88.

Records of the Federal Transit Administration (Record Group 408)
9 cubic feet
NREA-2010-408-0001, Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Kansas City, Triennial Reviews, FY 1990 and FY 1995.

National Archives at New York City
Contact archival operations, 212-401-1620 or 866-840-1752.
No report this quarter.

National Archives at Philadelphia
Contact archival operations, 215-305-2044.
No report this quarter.

Riverside—NARA's Pacific Region
Contact archival operations, 951-956-2000

Records of District Courts of the United States (Record Group 21)
12 cubic feet
Federal Courts in California:
Central District of California (Los Angeles). Minutes, 1980–83.

Federal Courts in Arizona:
District of Arizona, Tucson Division. Criminal Dockets, 1983–84, and Order Books, 1981–83.

Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments (Record Group 181)
4 cubic feet
Naval Public Works Center, San Diego, CA. Drawing Plan Files, 1977–78.

Records of Records of the Naval Air Systems Command (Record Group 343)
483 cubic feet
Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA. Aeronautical Engineering Drawings, 1960–2007. Records restricted.

Records of Records of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Record Group 370)
51 cubic feet
National Marine Fisheries Service, Long Beach, California. Marine Mammals Regulations Files, 1985–98, and ESA Consultation Files, 1974–2003.
National Marine Fisheries Service, La Jolla, California. International Whaling Commission Reproduction Volume, 1984.
Office of General Council for Natural Resources, Beach, California. Program Case Files, 1990–2002.

National Archives at San Francisco
Contact archival operations, 650-238-3501.
No report this quarter.

National Archives at Seattle
Contact archival operations, 206-526-6501.

Records of the Bureau of Land Management (Record Group 49)
3.161 cubic feet
Interagency Fire Center, Training Aids and Indexes, 1993–2005.
Coeur D'Alene District, Resources Inventory, Study and Mapping Files, 1976–84.

Records of the Environmental Protection Agency (Record Group 412)
2.154 cubic feet
Region 10, Water Quality Planning and Management Files, 1965–88.


Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

During the fourth quarter of FY 2010, the Hoover Library received nearly two (1.8) feet of material from the family of Herbert Hoover III; a three-foot accretion to the Elliot A. Rosen Papers; a six-foot accretion of press files from the Hoover administration; and a one-foot accretion to the Papers of Wayne Parrish.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the fourth quarter, the Roosevelt Library accessioned 50.41 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions is the Grace Tully Archive, a collection totaling 6.5 cubic feet of correspondence, programs, invitations and memorabilia of Grace Tully, FDR's last personal secretary; a collection of papers of Marguerite A. LeHand, Tully's predecessor; and additional papers of President Roosevelt, including drafts of speeches and correspondence, handwritten notes and chits, and other materials.

The Tully Archive was donated by the Chicago Newspaper Liquidation Corp., the successor to Hollinger International and Sun-Times Media Corp., after five years of negotiations. This important collection first came to the library's attention in 2000, when portions of it were seen on display at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in New York City by Director Cynthia Koch. The collection was purchased by Conrad Black, chairman of Hollinger International. When Hollinger encountered financial difficulties in 2004, the collection was consigned to Christie's auction house for sale, where staff from the library was invited to review the collection. At that time, it was determined that portions of the collection were clearly materials that were part of FDR's papers and therefore considered property of the United States Government. After five years of negotiation, which included a law resolving certain tax issues signed by President Obama on February 1, 2010 and sponsored in the Senate by Charles Schumer (D-NY) and in the House by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), the Tully Archive in its entirety is now part of the Roosevelt Library's collections.

The FDR-Suckley letters were donated to the Library by Chicago Newspaper Liquidation Corp. at the same time as the Tully Archive. This collection of approximately 39 handwritten letters from FDR to his distant cousin and confidante was purchased by Black and displayed in the offices of Hollinger/Sun Times. When the corporation was forced to vacate its offices in 2007, the Roosevelt Library was asked to hold them for safekeeping.

Another highly notable acquisition this quarter is the Rudolf Vrba Papers (43 cubic feet). Vrba was a young Slovakian Jew imprisoned by the Nazis in Auschwitz. In April 1944, he and a friend, Alfred Wetzler, escaped from Auschwitz and wrote a lengthy and detailed report about Auschwitz and its operations. The report includes charts and diagrams of the camp buildings, death chambers and ovens. The report reached the Allies in June 1944 and is one of the seminal documents and events in the history of America's response to the Holocaust. An English translation of the report is in the library's War Refugee Board Records. Vrba defected from Czechoslovakia after the war and eventually became a Canadian citizen. Although a trained neurologist, Vrba continued to research and study the Holocaust. His papers include his correspondence, writing, research files, books and other printed materials, photographs, audio and video tapes, and memorabilia. The Vrba Papers were donated by Rudolf Vrba's widow, Robin Vrba.

Other archival acquisitions this quarter included a collection of research materials related to FDR's health and death (gift of Steven M. Lomazow, MD); an extensive autograph collection of important public figures from 1937 to 1938 (gift of Ruth Wolpert); typed draft of Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day" column written from Djakarta on September 4, 1955 (gift of Virginia R. Hall, who worked in the Djakarta embassy at the time); a scrapbook of historical materials related to Marion Rhoads Elliott's involvement in the 1928 Democratic Al Smith campaign (gift of Farar Elliott); a letter from a soldier stationed at Hyde Park recounting the events of a 1942 Christmas party for the soldiers given by the President and Mrs. Roosevelt (gift of Pattie Childs Kealy); a collection of printed and other materials compiled in the writing of a children's book about the New Deal (gift of Tonya Bolden); draft chapters of a memoir by Aubrey Williams, head of the National Youth Administration (gift of Slaton L. White, whose father Lee M. White, Jr., collaborated with Williams on the project).

During the fourth quarter, 43 new books, 33 periodicals, 89 reels of microfilm, and 90 Vertical File items were added to the printed materials collections.

During the fourth quarter, 23 objects were accessioned into the museum collection: a World War II print featuring Roosevelt and Churchill (donated by Kimberly Valentine); a 1936 Social Security card issued at the time of the first registration for the new program (donated by John and Kathleen Carlisle); a World War II–era Nazi propaganda poster (donor unknown); a bronze Franklin D. Roosevelt Official 1933 Inaugural Medal (transferred from archives); and a group of 19 objects from the Grace Tully Archive (transferred from archives).

Harry S. Truman Library

The Truman Library acquired the Papers of John G. Brannon: legal documents, correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and memorabilia relating to his work as a defense attorney at the Tokyo War Crimes Trial (about 20,000 pages, ca. 1941–66). This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Records of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute: minutes of meetings, correspondence, financial records, speech drafts, and other materials relating to the Institute's activities, the work of Institute Treasurer Joseph McGee, and conferences and other special events at the Truman Library (about 32,000 pages, ca. 1955–2008). This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of Francis Heller: a letter relating to Heller's work with the Truman Library Institute (about 7 pages, 1995). This accretion is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the Papers of Louise Ross Holmquist: photocopies of grade cards and school examination papers, correspondence, printed materials, photographs, and memorabilia mostly relating to her brother, Presidential Press Secretary Charles G. Ross (about 800 pages, ca. 1890–1955). This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of Robert B. Landry: the contents of five scrapbooks, containing photographs, correspondence, invitations, printed materials, and memorabilia (about 4,000 pages, ca. 1934–92). This accretion is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of Rose A. Conway: bank statements and other financial records (about 200 pages, ca. 1956–67). This accretion is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to Record Group 46: Records of the United States Senate: Bills Introduced by Senator Harry S. Truman: photocopies of bills, resolutions, amendments, and related documents (about 800 pages, ca. 1939–41). This accretion is closed pending processing.

Audiovisual: 1,124 photographs, 1 cassette tape, and 4 disc recordings.

Museum: Seven new museum accessions were logged during the quarter.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Museum accessions: During the fourth quarter, 1,056 new items were added to the holdings. Most of these items are from archival collections, including sheet music.

Manuscript accessions: The papers of Charles D. Curtiss, 1914–79, and Virginia M. Kincaid, 1957–78, were accessioned this quarter.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned 33 accessions totaling 14.601 cubic feet including:


  • One addition to the Personal Papers of Edward M. Kennedy. Staff files of Michael Iskowitz and a binder on U.S. South Africa Policy. 2.268 cubic feet. Closed.
  • One addition to the Papers of Bernard B. Fall, including research materials, drafts, and other documents relating to Mr. Fall's career. 6.048 cubic feet. Closed.
  • One addition to the Papers of Adam Clymer, including research materials, drafts, and other documents relating to Edward M. Kennedy. 0.252 cubic feet. Closed.
  • Five additions to the Presidential Papers of John F. Kennedy Five oversized albums and scrapbooks received by White House Gift Unit. 3.313 cubic feet. Open.
  • One addition to Presidential Papers of John F. Kennedy. President's Office Files, including Office of the Executive Clerk copies of JFK speeches (as released by Office of the Press Secretary), chronological and subject speech files, and binders regarding White House staffing. 2.52 cubic feet. Closed.
  • One accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, papers of Ronald Peters (Philippines, 1961–63), including approximately 40 letters written by the donor and sent to his family during service in the Philippines (1961–63). Four folders or 0.100 cubic foot. Open.
  • Three additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Ellie Mackinder consisting of a song sheet from John F. Kennedy's 1960 Presidential Campaign; papers from Pete O'Brien including a set of Kennedy trading cards; and papers from Barbara Sowlow including a letter sent from Paul Samuelson describing his experiences at President Kennedy's viewing, were accessioned, processed and opened. Three folders or 0.075 cubic foot. Open.
  • One addition to the Tributes Collection, including a collection of essays created by 6th-grade students from Warners Elementary School (Warners, NY) immediately after President Kennedy's assassination, was accessioned, processed, and opened. Less than one cubic foot (one folder); 0.025 cubic foot. Open.

AV: Still Images
Three additions to the Miscellaneous Photograph Accessions Collection. These additions include original digital image files and accompanying inkjet prints of Senator Edward M. Kennedy in July of 2009 and gravesite images at Arlington National Cemetery, 2009–2010. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

AV: Moving Image and Sound Recordings
Five additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection, including a video transfer of WKTV television news film of Robert F. Kennedy meeting with union representatives in the Utica, NY area in 1958; a video transfer of color home movie footage of John F. Kennedy at a rally in Beaver County, PA, October 15, 1960; audio interviews from 1993 with Mark Dalton, Edward M. McLaughlin Jr., Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, and Billy Sutton regarding their involvement in JFK's 1946 congressional campaign; an audio recording of the inaugural performance of "The Dream Lives On: A Portrait of the Kennedy Brothers" by the Boston Pops, with Robert DeNiro, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, and Cherry Jones narrating; and a filmstrip recording of Carlos Baker discussing "Ernest Hemingway, The Man." These accessions total approximately 8.5 hours. Open.

Two additions to the NLJFK Recordings Collection of moving image and audio documentation of activities and events at the Kennedy Library, totaling approximately 3.5 hours. Open.

Nine additions to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history recordings of 12 Peace Corps Volunteers, approximately 19.5 hours total. Open.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned the Personal Papers of David L. Anderson, 1.38 cubic feet, which consist of the letters he sent his parents and family while serving two tours of duty in Okinawa and one tour in Vietnam at Khe Sahn as an engineer Marine lieutenant. This collection is available for research.

The library also accepted two accretions. One accretion was 14 pages to the Personal Papers of Roy McWilliams. These letters deal with Lyndon Johnson and the NYA, 1945–51, and were added to the existing 16 letters. This collection is available for research. The second accretion was of 20.116 cubic feet to the Personal Papers of Frances Lewine, Associated Press reporter.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned .280 cubic feet of material from the Technical Services Department's ongoing documentation of LBJ Library events.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library completed work for 9 accessions, including accretions to the Gerald R. Ford Funeral Materials, Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files, Betty Ford Papers, Ford Library, Composite General Accessions, Composite Grand Rapids Accessions, and the Ford Library Oral History Projects collection.

The library acquired the papers of Robert S. Ingersoll (6 linear feet). This material relates to his role as ambassador of Japan (1972–73), Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs (1974), and Deputy Secretary of State (1974–76). The bulk of the material relates to his appointment as ambassador, his trips to Japan, and the writing of his memoirs (unpublished).

The library also acquired the Donald R. Quartel Papers (5 linear feet). This material includes constituent correspondence, memoranda, briefing material, a chronological file, and notes related to Mr. Quartel's work in the Research Office of the President Ford Committee.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office.

George Bush Library

The Textual Archives Department accessioned seven cubic feet of David Hoffman Papers into the archives. Mr. Hoffman is a reporter who covered the Bush Presidency for the Washington Post. This donation adds to the 8.8 cubic feet of papers Mr. Hoffman donated in 1998.

The Textual Archives Department accessioned Going to Windward: A Mosbacher Family Memoir by Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. with James G. McGrath. The Textual Archives also received two book donations including A Smart Energy Policy: An Economist's Rx for Balancing Cheap, Clean, and Secure Energy by James M. Griffin, professor of economics and public policy at the Bush School and Communism Versus Democracy: Bulgaria 1944 to 1997 by Nassya Kralevska-Owens.

The Audio-Visual Department accessioned 20 photographs, one CD, and four video accretions to the Post-Presidential Collection from the Office of George Bush. The AV department also accessioned 15 16mm films of donated historical material to be included in the Roger Ailes Collection. There were 15 archival transfers during the quarter, which included three videos, one audiocassette, and 15 photographs.

Deed of Gift: The archives completed inventories for the Fred Zeder and Dorothy Craig Collections and provided draft deeds of gift to the Office of Presidential Libraries for review.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 15.002 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received five unsolicited collections from various donors. The library also received two collections for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual department received approximately 9.279 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. AV also received approximately .504 cubic feet of courtesy storage material.

The museum staff received two new donations this quarter.

George W. Bush Library

The museum received 3,690.56 cubic feet of material this past quarter, including 3,631 cubic feet from Washington, DC; 58.331 cubic feet of internal transfers from textual staff; 1.22 cubic feet of transfers from the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library; and .009 cubic feet of unsolicited donations.

The archival staff received 1,587 cubic feet from Washington, DC, on August 17–18.

A major donation of historic documents and rare books from a donor that has collected the material over the course of his life is nearly finalized.


Herbert Hoover Library

During the fourth quarter, the Hoover Library assisted the archival staff at Coe College in Cedar Rapids to declassify 1,222 pages of documentary materials discovered among the papers of Benjamin D. Silliman, assistant to Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

The library also declassified 93 pages of classified materials in the papers of George Drescher, an officer with the U.S. Secret Service. These papers are in the Hoover Library.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

An accretion to the Isador Lubin Papers totaling 6.0 cubic feet was opened for research. Lubin was an adviser to FDR on economic and labor issues.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research about 3,000 pages of documents in the Papers of Philip M. Kaiser that had previously been closed according to provisions of the donor's deed of gift.

The library acquired and opened for research three small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection: MHDC 976 (letter from Harry S. Truman to Herbert McClosky, with related documents, 1957); MHDC 977 (papers of Bill Leffler, Jr. concerning his relationship with Harry S. Truman, 1965–966); and MHDC 978 (UPI teletype reports on the final illness of Harry S. Truman, 1972).

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Review was completed for the papers of Mamie Doud Eisenhower—1969 Secondary and NFA Series; papers of William Ewald, 1953–85; and papers of Fred A. Seaton, 1900–72—Scrapbook Series. These collections/series are now open for research.

Re-reviews of donor-restricted material resulted in an additional 5,474 pages being opened for research. This material is from records of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President, 1953–61, (White House Central Files)—Official File and Alphabetical File; and the records of the White House Secretary, 1953–61.

During the quarter the agencies returned 14 pages of declassified material, 352 pages of material declassified in part; and 12 pages denied in full.

John F. Kennedy Library

Continued processing audiovisual materials, and completed processing textual materials from the Personal Papers of Katherine Halle including correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, photographs, campaign materials, news clippings, and printed materials. Includes interviews and transcripts of broadcasts on the Kennedy and Churchill families, political campaigning, John F. Kennedy's inauguration, the Eminent Americans Program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the restoration of Blair House, and honorary American citizenship for Winston Churchill. Open in part.

Processed the Jacob Rosenthal Papers. Journalist, government official. U.S. Department of Justice, Assistant Director of Public Information (1964–64), Director of Public Information (1964–67), U.S. Department of State, Executive Assistant to Under Secretary Nicholas deB. Katzenbach (1966–67), Harvard Institute of Politics, Kennedy Fellow (1967–68), New York Times, Urban Correspondent, Washington Bureau (1969–73), Editorial Page Editor (1986–93), Magazine Editor (1993–2000). Personal and professional papers consisting of correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, schedules, and speeches. Topics include the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of State, the Civil Rights movement, organized crime, and wiretapping. 4.17 cubic feet. Open.

Processed three additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Ellie Mackinder consisting of a song sheet from John F. Kennedy's 1960 Presidential campaign; papers from Pete O'Brien including a set of Kennedy trading cards; and papers from Barbara Sowlow, including a letter sent from Paul Samuelson describing his experiences at President Kennedy's viewing. Three folders or 0.075 cubic foot. Open.

Processed one addition to the Tributes Collection, including a collection of essays created by 6th-grade students from Warners Elementary School (Warners, NY) immediately after President Kennedy's assassination. One folder or 0.025 cubic feet. Open.

Processed one accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection, papers of Ronald Peters (Philippines, 1961–63), including approximately 40 letters written by the donor sent to his family during service in the Philippines (1961–63). Four folders or 0.100 cubic foot. Open.

Completed processing audiovisual materials (photographs) from the White House Staff Files of John J. McNally, Jr. (#8.32), 1.016 cubic feet.

Declassified and opened two meetings between President Kennedy and three of the U.S. Senate's most influential ranking members: Senators Mike Mansfield, Everett Dirksen, and Henry "Scoop" Jackson. The subject of these meetings was the upcoming Senate debate and vote on the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Oral History staff worked with AV and Declass to determine the audio access and restrictions of various oral history interviews.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

Mandatory Review
Two hundred and thirty-five new cases were assigned this quarter; 3,524 pages were submitted for declassification review. A total of 2,270 pages were processed following return to the library by agencies. Of these, 1,230 pages were declassified in full, 432 pages opened in part, and 608 pages exempted from declassification.

Systematic Review
The library reviewed 12,911 pages this quarter and declassified 9,104 of those pages.

Remote Archives Capture (RAC) Project File
On September 27–30, 2010, the CIA/RAC team installed new classified and unclassified computer systems at the LBJ Library. A total of 44,724 reviewed pages were returned on the new systems. Of these pages, 25,468 pages are on the unclassified system and are documents open in full or in part.

Richard Nixon Library

On July 2, 2010, the library opened nearly 100,000 pages of Presidential records and 80 hours of video oral histories. The bulk of the documents come from the White House office files of former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The library also released 5,000 pages of formerly classified national security records. These include U.S. intelligence assessments before and during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War; materials relating to US-UK relations, including correspondence between President Nixon and Prime Minister Edward Heath; backchannel Soviet-Israeli relations; the status of Berlin; Soviet strategic weapons; an d the Vietnam War.

Finally, the library released 47 video oral histories. Included in the opening were interviews conducted with, among others: former Vice President Richard Cheney, former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Interior Walter Hickel, former Secretary of Commerce Barbara Franklin, U.S. Representative Charles Rangel, Senator Lamar Alexander, former Senators Bob Dole and Trent Lott, former U.S. Representative Elizabeth Holtzman, Justice Stephen Breyer, Judge Robert Bork, former Watergate prosecutors Richard Ben-Veniste and Jill Wine-Banks, Carl Bernstein, astronaut Frank Borman, Dwight Chapin, Charles Colson, Sir David Frost, Leonard Garment, Herbert Klein, Egil "Bud" Krogh, entertainer Art Linkletter, Jeb Stuart Magruder, Frederic Malek, Raymond Price, William Ruckelshaus, Daniel Schorr, and William Safire.

The Mandatory Review opening on July 2 provided final determinations for 492 documents and 2,036 pages from the National Security Council Files, Henry Kissinger Office Files, and White House Special Files:
   359 documents and 1,330 pages declassified
   96 documents and 589 pages sanitized
   37 documents and 117 pages exempted

The Systematic Review opening on July 2 provided final determinations on a total of 636 documents and 3,241 pages from the National Security Council Files, Vietnam Subject Files:
   271 documents and 1,163 pages declassified
   365 documents and 2,078 pages sanitized

The Mandatory Review team received agency determinations on 437 documents from 44 active cases for a total of 2,355 pages. Archivists entered the decision information and updated the document status in the Mandatory Review database:
   222 documents and 1,062 pages declassified
   162 documents and 1,097 pages sanitized
   53 documents and 196 pages exempted

Gerald R. Ford Library

The Ford Library completed declassification review and opened to research 15 more boxes of the collection National Security Adviser. Trip Briefing Books and Cables for Henry Kissinger, 1974–77. The collection contains communications exchanged between Henry Kissinger and staff at the White House and State Department while he was away from Washington. Files contain Kissinger's detailed reports of his meetings with foreign leaders and the progress of negotiations he was conducting, as well as detailed summaries of concurrent events in Washington and elsewhere in the world. Substantive materials on U.S. relations with the countries Kissinger was visiting and on foreign policy issues in general also appear. Open folders now cover August 1974 through part of December 1975. The library staff expects to open additional increments of this collection over coming months.

The library opened additional materials that complete the archival processing of the collection National Security Adviser. Legislative Interdepartmental Group Files. The Legislative Interdepartmental Group (LIG) coordinated congressional liaison activities on foreign affairs and defense matters for the White House, NSC, CIA, and the Departments of State, Justice, and Defense. The files for many LIG meetings contain both briefing papers and minutes or a record of decisions. The bulk of the collection dates from 1971 and 1972.

The library opened to research the folders in boxes 17–20 of the collection National Security Adviser. Trip Briefing Books and Cables for President Ford that contain briefing books for Gerald R. Ford's 1975 trip to the People's Republic of China. Folders relating to other aspects of the trip to the Far East remain unprocessed and not yet open to research.

Recent openings from the Ford Library Project File of Documents Declassified through the Remote Archive Capture (RAC) Program include almost 3,200 pages of documents from the files of John Marsh and Michael Raoul-Duval concerning the 1975 intelligence investigations, proposals to reform the intelligence community, and other intelligence matters.

Under the Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) program, the library submitted 2,010 pages to the agencies for review and processed 1,199 pages of returns, of which 669 pages were opened in full, 388 pages opened in part, and 142 pages exempted.

Under systematic review, the library reviewed a total of 19,736 pages, of which 17,872 pages were opened. The bulk of the review focused on the National Security Adviser's Trip Briefing Books and Cables for Henry Kissinger and Trip Briefing Books and Cables for President Ford.

During the quarter, the library processed 6,382 pages of Remote Archive Capture (RAC) returns, of which 684 pages were opened in full, 2,986 pages opened in part, and 2,259 pages exempted. The library referred or took no action on 453 of these pages. Materials were processed from the National Security Adviser's NSC Information Liaison with Commissions and Committees Files and several White House Situation Room collections, including Evening Reports from the NSC Staff, Former President Nixon's Briefings, Noon and Evening Notes, and President's Daily Briefing.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following materials—Jack Watson: Cabinet Secretary, DPS: Steven Simmons, Congressional Liaison: Betty Rainwater, donated records from Jack Bass and Hubert Harris.

Mandatory Declassification Review
The Jimmy Carter Library submitted 83 MR cases totaling 2031 pages. Agencies returned a total of 402 pages; 248 were fully declassified, 78 pages were sanitized, and 76 pages were exempt.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received approval to open 288,714 pages this quarter in response to FOIA, Systematic, and personal paper processing notifications.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections: Luis Acle; Administration; Carl Anderson; Martin Anderson; Michael Astrue; Lee Atwater; Christina Bach; Michael Baroody; Gary Bauer; Mariam Bell; Judy Black; Morton Blackwell; Dennis Blair; Danny Boggs; Mabel Brandon; Linton Brooks; Patrick Buchanan; Judith Butler; Office of Cabinet Affairs; Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs; Vincent Cannistraro; Andrew Card; Jane Carpenter; Bruce Chapman; Richard Childress; Katherine Chumachenko; Donald Clarey; Benedict Cohen; Counsel to the President: Appointee Files; Counsel to the President: Judicial Selection; Counsel to the President: Records; Counterterrorism and Narcotics Office, NSC; Christopher Cox; Kenneth Cribb; Crisis Management Center; Arthur Culvahouse; Stephen Danzansky; Richard Davis; Michael Driggs; Drug Abuse Policy Office; Becky Norton Dunlop; Economic Policy Council; Fritz Ermarth; Executive Secretariat: Agency File; Executive Secretariat: Cable File; Executive Secretariat: Country File; Executive Secretariat: Meeting Files; Executive Secretariat: NSPGs; Executive Secretariat: Subject File; Executive Secretariat: System File; Executive Secretariat: Trip Files; Executive Secretariat: VIP Visits File; Linda Faulkner; Fred Fielding; Roger Fontaine; Allison Fortier; Donald Fortier; Craig Fuller; Frank Gregorsky; Edwin Gray; Thomas Griscom; Wendell Gunn; Richard Hauser; Edwin Harper; Edmund Hawley; William Henkel; Hugh Hewitt; Anne Higgins; Dianna Holland; James Hooley; Kevin Hopkins; Intelligence Directorate, NSC; Ben Jarratt; James Jenkins; James Kelly; George Keyworth; Robert Kimmitt; Gwendolyn King; John Klenk; Virginia Knauer; Linas Kojelis; Sven Kraemer; Robert Kruger; Hans Kuttner; Latin American Affairs Directorate; Susan Lauffer; Office of Legislative Affairs; Christopher Lehman; Robert Linhard; Donald Ian MacDonald; David Major; Mari Maseng; Frederick McClure; Media and Broadcast Relations; Edwin Meese; Dian Moore; Thomas Moore; Jay Moorhead; Michael Mussa; Rick Neal; David Neuman; M.B. Oglesby; Jim Pinkerton; Office of Policy Development; Office of Presidential Advance; Office of Presidential Personnel; Office of Private Sector Initiatives; Office of Public Affairs; Rebecca Range; James Rentschler; John Rousselot; Frederick Ryan; Alfonzo Sapia-Bosch; Beverly Selby; Office of Social Affairs; Peter Sommer; John Svahn; Howard Teicher; Carleton Turner; Margaret Tutwiler; Charles Tyson; Lee Verstandig; Cathi Villalpando; David Waller; Murray Weidenbaum; White House Legal Task Force; Richard Williamson; and Wendell Willkie.

As a result of systematic processing the following collections were opened in whole: Office of the Executive Clerk; Jann Mahan-Duval; Sue Mathis-Richard; Karna Small-Stringer; Merrie Spaeth; and Jack Weber.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes case files from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: CM001 (Chemicals); CM002 (Coal); CM003-02 (Dairy Products); CM003-03 (Fruits and Vegetables); CM003-04 (Grain—Mill Products—Livestock Feed); CM006 (Lumber—Wood—Paper); CM008 (Metal Products); CM009 (Miscellaneous Manufactures); CM011 (Commodities – Petroleum); CM016 (Transportation Equipment); CO001-09 (South America—Central and Latin America); CO037 (Costa Rica); CO075 (Italy); CO082-02 (South Korea); CO104 (Mexico); CO114 (Nicaragua); CO158 (Tonga); FE004 (Heraldry); FG018 (Department of the Interior); FG020 (Department of Commerce); FG020-11 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); FG022 (Department of Health and Human Services); FG022-11 (Social Security Administration); FG022-11 (Social Security Administration); FG022-12 (Social and Rehabilitation Service); FG022-13 (Health Care Financing Administration); FG023 (Department of Housing and Urban Development); FG023-01 (New Community Development Corporation); FG023-03 (Federal Housing Administration); FG023-05 (Government National Mortgage Association); FG023-07 (Inspector General, Office of, HUD); FG023-08 Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank); FG024 (Department of Transportation); FG024-01 (Coast Guard); FG024-02 (Federal Aviation Administration); FG024-03 (Federal Highway Administration); FG024-04 (Federal Railroad Administration); FG024-05 (Highway Traffic and Safety Administration); FG024-06 (St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation); FG024-07 (Urban Mass Transportation Administration); FG024-08 (Inspector General, Office of, DOT); FG024-09 (Maritime Administration); FG025 (Department of Energy); FG025-01 (Economic Regulatory Administration); FG025-02 (Energy Information Administration); FG025-03 (Energy Research, Office of); FG025-04 (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission); FG025-05 (Inspector General, Office of, DOE); FG025-06 (Leasing Liaison Committee); FG025-07 (Alaska Power Administration); FG025-08 (Bonneville Power Administration); FG025-09 (Southeastern Power Administration); FG025-010 (Southwestern Power Administration); FG025-11 (Office of Minority Economic Impact); FG25-012 (Office of Alcohol Fuels); FG025-013 (Western Area Power Administration); FG025-014 (Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management); FG038 (Vice President); FG072 (Advisory Council on Historical Preservation); FG081 (Business Council); FG091 (Coastal Plains Regional Commission); FG122 (Environmental Protection Agency); FG127 (Farm Credit Administration); FG134 (Federal Home Loan Bank Board); FG175 (National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere); FG226 (Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation); FG257 (Tahoe Regional Planning Agency); FG258 (Task Forces); FG267 (United States International Trade Commission); FG269-03 (U.S. Postal Rate Commission); FG291 (Southwest Border Regional Commission); FG999 (Federal Agencies, Proposed); FI001-01 (Collections—Receipts—User Fees); FI003 (Bonds—Stocks—Investments); FI004 (Budget—Appropriations); FI005 (Credit—Loans); FI005-02 (Housing—Loans); FI009 (Public Dept); FI010-02 (Income Tax); FO002 (Diplomatic Affairs—Consular Relations); FO006 (International Conferences); FO008 (International Travel); FO009 (Treaties); GI (Gifts); GI002 (Gifts to the President); HE (Health); HE001 (Diseases—Disabilities); HE003 (Food—Nutrition); HE004-02 (Environmental—Occupational Health); HE005 (Hospitals—Medicare); HE006-01 (Narcotics); HE007 (Pollution Control—Sanitary Services); HE007-01 (Air Pollution); HE007-02 (Sewage Systems); HE007-03 (Water Pollution/Purification); HE008 (Radiological Health); HO (Holidays); HO064-01 (Independence Day Greetings—Heads of States); HU013-20 (Asian-American Groups); HU013-71 (Chicano Groups); IT025 (International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S.-Mexico); IT067 (NATO); IT067-01 (Atlantic Ocean Command, NATO); IT086-27 (United States Mission to the UN); IV (Invitations); IV081; IV082; IV083; IV084; IV086; IV088; JL (Judicial—Legal Matters); JL001 (Amnesty—Clemency—Pardons); JL003 (Criminal Matters); JL003-03 (Kidnapping—Hostages); JL006 (Law Enforcement—Police Matters); JL008 (Missing Persons); LA002 (Conditions—Employment—Unemployment); LA003 (Unions—Fair Labor Standards); LA006 (Wages-Hours); LA007 (Welfare—Pensions—Retirement); MA020 (Freedom Awards); MA032 (Man of the Year Awards); ME001-01 (Weddings—Anniversaries); ME001-03 (Sympathy—Condolences); ME002 (Messages to Organizations); ME002-03 (Governmental Groups); ME002-04 (Hospitals, Clinics and Research Institutions); ND001 (Military Aircraft); ND005 (Health—Medical, Military); ND007 (Military Personnel); ND007-06 (Promotions—Demotions—Nominations); ND013 (Ships—Submarines); ND014 (Supplies—Logistics); ND016 (Wars); PE002 (Employment—Appointments); PE010 (Training—Orientation); PQ (Procurement); SO001 (WH Breakfasts); SO003 (WH Luncheons); SO004 (WH Receptions); TA (Trade); TA001 (Boycotts—Embargoes); TA003 (Exports); TA004 (Tariffs—Imports); TA004-03 (Food and Kindred Products, Trade); TA004-08 (Metal Products Trade); TA004-11 (Petroleum—Imports); TA004-14 (Textiles—Apparel); TA005 (Trade Agreements); TR (Trips); TR001; TR019; TR030; TR038; TR062; TR062-01; TR084-06; TR085-02; TR087; VA (Veterans Affairs); WE (Welfare); WE001 (Children); WE001-01 (Child Welfare Services); WE004-01 (United Community Campaigns); WE010 (Poverty Programs); and WH009-01 (Aircraft—Helicopter—White House).

The material opened was added to the following topic guides: Abortion; Africa; Airline Deregulation; Amnesty—Clemency—Pardons; Arms Control; Asia; Lee Atwater; Danny Boggs; Robert Bork; President's Trip to Brazil (1982); Central America; Eugene Chappie; Church Groups, Event, and Issues; Cuba; Harry Dent; Edwards Air Force Base; El Salvador; Energy; Enterprise Zones; Environment; Extraterrestrials and UFOs; Farm Bill Proposals (1985–86); Germany; Douglas Ginsburg; Guatemala; Iran; Iran-Iraq; Iraq; Israel; Japan; Clarence Johnson; Anthony Kennedy; Korea; Libya; David Major; NATO; Nuclear Arms; Pope John Paul II; POW/MIAs; Presidential Proposals of the 99th Congress; Presidential Proposals of the 100th Congress; Radio Marti; Reykjavik Summit, October 1986; School Prayer; Major General Robert Schweitzer firing; Mark Siljander; John Singlaub; South America; Southwest Border Initiative; Soviet Union; Space Policy; Stealth Aircraft and Low Observable Programs; Strategic Defense Initiative; Supreme Court; Terrorism; Commission on the Ukrainian Famine; Unitary Tax; U.S. Council for World Freedom; U.S. Court of Military Appeals; U.S.-Israel Free Trade Implementation Act, 1985; U.S. Postal Rate Commission; Wages; and the World Anti-Communist League.

Part of this opening included about 600 pages of material previously classified and were sent to agencies for declassification review. Over 95 percent of the material comes from various NSC collections.

George Bush Library

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):
The archives received two new FOIA requests during the quarter.

The library received permission to release the following records for research (86,669 pages).

FOIA Requests:
2004-0728-F (U.S.-Nicaragua relations, 1,200 pages)
2004-0729-F (U.S.-Nicaragua Relations, 3,210 pages)
2004-0734-F (Brazil, 8,439 pages)
2004-0869-F (Jordan, 1,573 pages)
2004-1281-F (Clarence Thomas, 463 pages)
2004-1425-F (Pocket Veto, 1,951 pages)
2005-0052-F (Afghanistan, 3,635 pages)
2005-0134-F (Iceland, 1,135 pages)
2005-0135-F (Iceland, 521 pages)
2005-0439-F (1991 Pennsylvania special Senate election, 2,395 pages)
2005-0444-F (National Service, 7,492 pages)
2005-0445-F (Selected C. Gregg Petersmeyer Files on National Service, 993 pages)
2005-0446-F (Points of Light Foundation, 2,405 pages)
2005-0506-F[1] (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands [CNMI], 3,472 pages)
2005-0507-F[1] (Federated States of Micronesia, 1,042 pages)
2005-0507-F[2] (Federated States of Micronesia [FSM], 313 pages)
2005-0508-F[2] (Guam and Palau, 366 pages)
2005-0575-F (U.S.-Libya Relations, 4,800 pages)
2005-0576-F (U.S.-Libya Relations, 300 pages)
2005-1002-F (National Security Council—NSC/DC Meetings Files, 14, 431 pages)
2008-1089-F (Selected Arnold Kanter files on NSR-12 and Open Skies Initiative, 85 pages)
2008-1090-F (Selected files related to NSRs 4, 5, 12, and 24, 123 pages)
2008-1147-F[2] (Austen Furse Files, 276 pages)
2008-1253-F (Memcons/Telcons with world leaders, 83 pages)
2010-0140-S (Selected WHORM Subject File—PE, 972 pages)

Systematically Reviewed Records:
2010-0141-S (WHORM Subject File, PE001, 6,842 pages)
2010-0159-S (WHORM Subject File, PE001-01, 191 pages)
2010-0163-S (WHORM Subject File, PE002, 6,942 pages)
2010-0254-S (WHORM Subject File, PE002-01, 3,427 pages)
2010-0259-S (WHORM Subject File, PE005, 293 pages)
2010-0260-S (WHORM Subject File, PE006, 142 pages)
2010-0261-S (WHORM Subject File, PE007, 397 pages)
2010-0268-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008, 2,461 pages)
2010-0269-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008-01, 12 pages)
2010-0284-S (WHORM Subject File, PE003, 74 pages)
2010-0285-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008-02, 250 pages)
2010-0293-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008-03, 496 pages)
2010-0297-S (WHORM Subject File, PE004, 6 pages)
2010-0298-S (WHORM Subject File, PE010, 1,086 pages)
2010-0299-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008-04, 500 pages)
2010-0352-S (WHORM Subject File, PE008-05, 25 pages)
and 2010-0354-S (WHORM Subject File, PE009, 685 pages)

The following were completed and notified during the quarter (64,140 pages)

FOIA Requests:
2008-1259-F (Baker-Shevardnadze New York Meeting, September, 1990, 94 pages)
2008-1274-F (Baker Trip to Soviet Union, August 1990, 54 pages)
2009-0292-F (Nationalist Movements in Chechnya 1989–90, 188 pages)
2009-0364-F (Selected Senegal Files, 422 pages)
2009-0705-F (Kenyan government Ministers' Visit/National Prayer Breakfast 1990, 73 pages)
2009-0806-F (Selected Files Related to Congressman Mark Siljander, 76 pages)
2009-1295-F (Follow-On to Lance (FOTL),13 pages)
2009-1404-F (People to People International, 285 pages)
2009-1432-F (U.S./Soviet Space Relations, 31 pages)
2010-0601-F (Bush/Markovic Meeting, 32 pages)
2010-0602-F (Scowcroft/Tudjman Meeting, 8 pages)
2010-0603-F (Bush/Jovic Meeting, 14 pages)
2010-0604-F (Santer & Delors Visit, 226 pages)
2010-0605-F (Yugoslavia Transformed, 5 pages)
2010-0606-F (North Atlantic Council Meeting, 20 pages)
2010-0624-F (Raymond G.H. Seitz, 247 pages)
2010-1074-F (Donald Ian MacDonald, 26 pages)
2010-1754-F (Theodore Geisel, 40 pages)

Systematically Reviewed Records: 2010-1890-S (AT002—Nuclear Energy, 2,758 pages) 2010-1905-S (National Security Council—H-Files—NSR Files, 2,153 pages)

William J. Clinton Library

The library processed three mandatory reviews (68 pages released by agencies in full/121 pages released by agencies in part/51 pages released using WH declassification guidelines/72 pages released using DOS declassification guidelines/0 pages through notification).