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Accessions and Openings for the 3rd Quarter FY 2011

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

During the third quarter of FY 2011, the Hoover Library received assorted materials from the Estate of L.C. Rummells, West Branch banker and officer of the Hoover Presidential Library Association.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter, 12.618 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions were the papers of F. Taylor Ostrander, an economist who worked in the Roosevelt Treasury Department and defense and wartime agencies (gift of F. Taylor Ostrander); research materials of Steven M. Lomazow, MD, related to his study of FDR's health and death (gift of Steven M. Lomazow); additional correspondence, books, photographs and other memorabilia of Maureen Corr, Eleanor Roosevelt's last personal secretary (gift of the Estate of Maureen Corr); Delano family photograph album (gift of Diana Delano Gardner); the 1943 vehicle registration for FDR's Ford Phaeton (gift of Melanie Moore Sullivan in memory of her father Howard R. Moore, a New York State trooper detailed to Hyde Park during World War II); and a "Three Champions" campaign card featuring FDR, Jack Dempsey and Herbert Lehman (gift of Kathleen Eagan).

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of Robert E. Rodes: correspondence, press releases, printed materials, and other items concerning U.S. trade with Morocco and a related lawsuit filed by Rodes against U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson (about 400 pages, 1949–67). This collection is closed pending processing.

Papers of Henry T. Myers: correspondence, photographs, press clippings, other printed materials, flight records, itineraries, handwritten notes, diagrams, and memorabilia relating to Myers's activities as President Truman's pilot and his career in aviation (about 2,000 pages, ca. 1934–68). This collection is closed pending processing.

Papers of Fred J. Schmidt and an accretion to the Papers of Edward Meisburger, both donated by John W. Hartley, Jr.: correspondence from Harry S. Truman to Schmidt and Meisburger, two of his Army comrades from World War I, with other items (about 30 pages, 1942–80). These materials are closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Papers of Joseph H. Short and Beth Campbell Short: correspondence, press releases, press telegrams, handwritten notes, photographs, and other items relating to their careers as journalists and members of President Truman's White House staff (about 2,400 pages, 1939–58). This accretion is closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Papers of Harry S. Truman: Post-Presidential Papers: correspondence between Truman and his daughter Margaret, his son-in-law Clifton Daniel, and Clifton Daniel's parents; other correspondence relating to Margaret Truman Daniel and her family; and related photographs, printed materials, and other items (about 1,600 pages, 1956–75). Under the terms of a deed of gift executed with the Daniel family, this material is closed to researchers until 2014.

Accretion to the Papers of James Silberman: reports, correspondence, and memorabilia relating to his career in international economic development (about 6,000 pages, ca. 1944–2005). This accretion is closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Papers of Charles G. Ross: letters from Bess Truman to Louisa Ross Holmquist, Ross's sister; report cards and school papers of Charles G. Ross; programs for the Independence High School commencement in 1901 and the unveiling of the Bess Truman portrait at the White House in 1968; and other items (about 50 pages, 1895–1968). This accretion is closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Audiovisual Collection: 24 color slides showing Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, donated by James Russo. These items are closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Bess Truman Collection: a letter from Mrs. Truman to Mrs. Fred Moon, dated December 17, 1947. These items are open for research.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The following papers were accessioned this quarter:

Museum accessions:

  • "I Like Ike" campaign dress
  • Pair of railroad fireman's overalls and jacket that were worn by a crew member on Eisenhower's funeral train and news clipping showing the fireman in the donated attire

Manuscript accessions:

  • Eleanor Lansing Dulles: Papers (an accretion from the Eisenhower Library AV Department)
  • Thor M. Smith: Additional Papers

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned 32 acquisitions totaling 18.677 cubic feet, including:

  • Accretion to the Pre-Presidential Papers of John F. Kennedy, including Senate files relating to JFK's work on the Special Committee on the Senate Reception Room. 0.504 cubic feet. Closed.
  • Accretion to the Personal Papers of Dan Fenn. Copies of White House staff listing. 0.025 cubic foot. Closed.
  • Accretion to the Personal Papers of Rose Kennedy. Printed materials, family photo albums, notebooks, diaries, address books, and other materials belonging to Rose Kennedy. 16.469 cubic feet. Closed.
  • Accretion to the Jean Kennedy Smith Personal Papers. Family and personal papers of Jean Kennedy Smith, including items to be integrated into the Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy Personal Papers. 0.252 cubic foot. Closed.
  • One accretion to the Kenneth O'Donnell Personal Papers. Twelve photograph prints, various periods, some duplicates; two campaign brochures and two news clippings, some duplicates. 0.025 cubic foot total (items integrated into open collection) Open.
  • Two accretions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection. One accretion to the papers of D. Wayne Linn (Malawi, 1973–75) including the Appendix to Chapter 4 of his memoir. Donation from Henry Gwiazda including a spiral-bound paper typescript with color photographs, "A Collection of Memories and Photographs of the American Peace Corps Group VIII, India,"and a three-ring binder regarding India VIII Returned Volunteer 40th Reunion. 0.277 cubic foot. Open.
  • Five additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection, including papers from Neil Schermitzler consisting of JFK Presidential campaign pamphlets and copy of World Week magazine, February 28, 1962; papers from Judith Maloney Boyle consisting of a draft letter sent to President Kennedy recalling attending house party held for JFK by her parents in 1946; papers from Lenore Gordon consisting of documents relating to Arthur Kaplan's work on the McClellan Committee and professional relationship with RFK and JFK; papers from Claudine Pearson Luppi consisting of a booklet created by the donor, "A Dinner for the First Family" relating to Mrs. Kennedy's 1962 trip to India; papers from Rita Helen Myers consisting of blank stationery from the Northern California JFK for President campaign office. 1.025 cubic feet. Open.
  • Four additions to the Tributes Collection, including papers from Thomas Sewell, consisting of a signed statement read by Cardinal Cushing upon the death of RFK; papers from Bonnie Williams consisting of an unsent letter written by donor after death of JFK, "Special Delivery from Heaven"; papers from Rose Allen Kraft consisting of student letters written after death of JFK from Seventh graders at Highland View Junior High School, November 26–27, 1963; and papers from Klaus Schnell consisting of commemorative JFK stamps from the Commonwealth of Dominica. 0.100 cubic feet. Open.
  • Eight additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection, totaling seventeen photograph prints, one original transparency, and one original 8" x 10" glass negative (gelatin dry plate). The glass negative is of a Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy wedding portrait, ca. October 1914 (donated by Photographic Historical Society of New England). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.
  • One accretion to the Papers of Kenneth P. O'Donnell (#178), totaling 12 photograph prints. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.
  • One donation of 69 x-ray films, various views, John F. Kennedy, 1938–56, from New England Baptist Hospital, sizes 6" x 8" to 14" x 17". In process.

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library has received a signed deed of gift for the Edward M. Kennedy Papers, a collection comprising 10,000 cubic feet of material focusing on the senatorial career of the late Edward M. Kennedy. Other deeds this quarter include five deeds of gift for the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection and accretions to both the Papers of Bernard Fall and William Josephson.

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection: one VHS video cassette?"The White House: In Tune With History," produced by White House Historical Association, approximately one hour; one 1/4" audio recording on 7" reel, ABC Radio coverage of President Kennedy's funeral procession, approximately one hour. Open.

Six additions to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history recordings of returned Peace Corps Volunteers totaling approximately 15 hours. Open.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned 44 transcripts (.7245 cubic feet) of interviews of Lady Bird Johnson conducted by the Johnson Library Oral History Project; Papers of William P. Graham, 0.172 cubic feet; Papers of Paul Erb, 0.00116 cubic feet.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned .024 cubic feet of still photographs (compiled on six photo CDs) and .092 cubic feet of video material (compiled on 23 video DVDs).

The Museum Collection accessioned 126 objects. These objects have been inventoried and are included in the 3rd quarter inventory count.

Richard Nixon Library

In May the Richard Nixon Foundation deeded to the library audiovisual materials relating to the 1968 campaign, including television and radio advertisements and related production material. The library also received a recording of Richard Nixon's debate with Governor Pat Brown during the 1962 California gubernatorial race and a recording of Richard Nixon at a restaurant in 1976.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library added accretions to the Composite General Accessions, the Composite Grand Rapids Accessions and the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum Public Programs. Included in the latter were recordings of multiple events featuring speakers William T. Coleman, Sharon Fawcett, Ben Feller, Ron Nessen, Tim Weiner, and a panel of White House photographers.

Museum acquisitions included two Herpolsheimer department store boxes; a Troop 219 Boys Scout booklet; a large, framed portrait of Arthur Vandenberg; a copy of the Yale banner featuring Gerald Ford on the coaching staff; a newspaper advertisement from Gerald R. Ford's first congressional campaign; and a 1976 assortment of newspapers from Wisconsin focusing on President Ford.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. Post and Pre-Presidential Photos have been added to our Audio Visual collections.

George Bush Library

The library Textual Archives Department accessioned the Theodore Luntz Papers (one cubic foot). Luntz is a native of Cleveland, OH, and a long-time supporter of Bush. The donation consists of "Bush for President 1980" campaign literature and personal correspondence between Luntz and Bush in advance of a personal visit between Luntz and Bush during Bush's 1980 primary campaign.

The Audio-Visual Department accessioned three digibetas. There were no photographic and no audio CD accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. The digibetas contain the Points of Light Program that aired nationwide in March. The production company sent the program to the Bush Office.

The Audio-Visual Department received donated historical material from Bush White House photographer David Valdez. The AV staff are processing the collection and will begin working on a deed of gift after the material is arranged.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 2.858 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received two unsolicited collections from various donors. The library also received three collections for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual department received approximately 19.452 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. AV also received four digital files of donated/courtesy storage materials containing video and photos.

George W. Bush Library

During the quarter, Textual Archives received 27 donated collections, and 4.7 cubic feet were accessioned into the library's holdings. They include: Public Statements of Secretary of Defense (0.5 cubic feet); Exceptional Manuscripts in the Harlan Crow Library (0.1 cubic feet); Printed Americana in the Harlan Crow Library (0.1 cubic feet); My Recollections: The Spirit of Bipartisanship (0.1 cubic feet); House Mouse, Senate Mouse (0.1 cubic feet); Woodrow, the White House Mouse (0.1 cubic feet); How Capitalism Will Save Us (0.1 cubic feet); Washington at Valley Forge (0.1 cubic feet); Leading Ladies: American Trailblazers (0.1 cubic feet); Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Illustrated (0.1 cubic feet); We Still Hold These Truths (0.1 cubic feet); Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq (0.1 cubic feet); All the Best, George Bush (0.1 cubic feet); State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III (0.1 cubic feet); The War Within (0.1 cubic feet); Dead Certain (0.1 cubic feet); Hubris (0.1 cubic feet); Reagan's Disciple (0.1 cubic feet); W (0.1 cubic feet); Edmund Morrisey Collection (0.144 cubic feet); Book Festival 2007 (0.036 cubic feet); Janet Martin Collection (0.1 cubic feet); Tsuyoshi Sunohara Collection (1.158 cubic feet); The Lazof Presidential Document Collection (0.1 cubic feet); The Lazof Presidential Book Collection (0.3 cubic feet); Mickey Stuart Collection (0.313 cubic feet); The Pentagon Channel—George W. Bush Interviews (0.2 cubic feet).

Textual Archives has received deeds of gift for the John Shaffner and Joe Stewart Collection; Skoglund Collection, and the Mickey Stuart Collection.

The museum received 23.08 cubic feet of material this past quarter.


Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research an accretion to the Harry S. Truman Papers: Papers Pertaining to Family, Business and Personal Affairs (5 linear inches, 1903–52), consisting of letters from Harry S. Truman to his wife and daughter, financial records, legal documents, and other items relating to Truman's personal life and financial affairs.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Harry S. Truman Papers: Post-Presidential Papers (8 linear feet, 4 linear inches, 1860–1977), consisting of two new series, a Financial Affairs File and an Office Administration File, along with other documents, and specifically including correspondence, financial records, legal documents, handwritten notes, personnel records, and other items relating to Truman's activities as a former President.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Bess W. Truman Papers (14 linear feet, 10 linear inches, 1889–1983), consisting of four new series (a Financial Affairs File and three Correspondence Files dating from 1889 to 1953), and specifically including correspondence, financial records, and other items relating to Mrs. Truman's personal life, her activities as First Lady of the United States, and the financial affairs of the Truman family.

The library opened for research the Papers of Myrtle Bergheim, Secretary to Charles G. Ross, Press Secretary to the President, 1945–50 (2 linear inches, 1940–77), consisting of correspondence, invitations, certificates, train schedules, and other items relating to her work as a secretary in the White House and her subsequent career in government.

The library opened for research the Papers of Irwin Silverman, Chief Counsel of the Division of Territories and Island Possessions and (later) the Office of Territories in the Interior Department, ca. 1945–53 (5 linear inches, 1941–83), consisting of a diary, correspondence, printed materials, and other items mostly relating to statehood for Alaska and Hawaii and the establishment of self-government for the inhabitants of Puerto Rico and Guam.

The library opened for research the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration: Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Records Relating to the Truman Home Inventory (Record Group 64; 10 linear inches, 1959–88), consisting of correspondence, inventories, and other items documenting the contents of the Truman home in Independence and their acquisition by the U.S. Government following the death of Mrs. Truman.

The library opened for research accretions to the following collections: the Papers of Henry Reiff, legal specialist in international organization at the State Department, 1944–46 (5 linear inches, ca. 1945–2008); the Papers of Robert Freer, member of the Federal Trade Commission, 1935–48 (5 linear inches, ca. 1932–72); the Papers of Paul Griffith, Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1949–50 (5 linear inches, ca. 1940–75); and the Papers of Francis Lincoln, member of the American Mission to Greece, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1947–50 (5 linear inches, 1933–58).

The library opened for research approximately 1,500 pages of documents that had previously been closed because of donor restrictions. The documents are from the Papers of Stephen Mitchell, Robert Freer, George Elsey, and others.

The library opened for research, in whole or in part, about 1,900 pages of documents containing information that previously had been closed for reasons of national security. The documents are from the Papers of Harry S. Truman (President's Secretary's Files, National Security Council Files, and Psychological Strategy Board Files), the Papers of Dean Acheson, and the Papers of John Ohly.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The library opened 5,276 pages of re-reviewed donor-restricted material from 33 collections and/or series.

John F. Kennedy Library

On May 25, 2011, on what marked the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's first challenge to the country to commit to sending a man to the moon before the end of the 1960s, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum announced that it had declassified and made available for research a Presidential recording of President Kennedy and NASA Administrator James Webb discussing the future of the U.S. space program. The meeting was held in the White House on September 18, 1963, and revealed President Kennedy's private concerns over waning public support for space exploration.

In response to a National Archives request, the Declassification Unit reviewed 10 Hollinger boxes totaling 8,500 pages of the Papers of Robert McNamara, namely, the "Pentagon Papers." After an NDC review, the Pentagon Papers were opened in full.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

During the third quarter, the following collections became completely available and open to researchers in their entirety for the first time: the Office Files of Robert Hardesty, Charles Maguire, Frank McDermott, Harry Middleton, and William Sparks; and the White House Social Files, Gift Unit.

On May 22, the library opened transcripts of 44 oral history interviews with Lady Bird Johnson conducted by the LBJ Library Oral History Project. The interviews were made available online on the LBJ Library web site on this date to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the library's dedication.

Richard Nixon Library

On June 13, 2011, the 40th anniversary of their publication, the library opened the fully declassified, Vietnam Task Force study, United States—Vietnam Relations 1945–1967, more commonly known as the Pentagon Papers.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the following:

National Security Adviser. NSC East Asian and Pacific Affairs Staff Files (1969), 1973–77 (17 feet) is now open for all countries and file titles. Files on selected countries had been opened previously.

National Security Adviser. White House Situation Room Presidential Daily Briefings, 1974–77 (8 linear feet), comprising daily reports to President Ford, compiled by Henry Kissinger and others from intelligence and diplomatic sources, on international developments.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following material— NSA Daily Reports, Staff Secretary Files, President Carter's Domestic Trip Briefing Files, Marie Keech LeGrand's Presidential Trip Files, Staff Advance Trip Files, donated files from Max Cleland, and Jimmy Carter Audio Speech Files.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received approval to open 145,761 pages this quarter in response to FOIA, systematic, and personal paper processing notifications.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections: Administrative Office; Advance Office; Carl Anderson; Appointments and Scheduling; Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, NSC; Joanna Bistany; Melvin Bradley; Marshall Breger; Joseph Brennan; Jack Burgess; Vincent Cannistraro; Joseph Canzeri; Robert Carleson; Jane Carpenter; Coordination Office, NSC; Counsel to the President: Appointee Files; Counsel to the President: Investigations; Stephen Danzansky; Michael Deaver; Paula Dobriansky; Elizabeth Dole; Michael Driggs; Becky Norton Dunlop; Philip Dur; Economic Policy Council; European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC; Executive Secretariat, NSC: Cable File; Executive Secretariat, NSC: Country File; Executive Secretariat, NSC: Subject File; Executive Secretariat, NSC: System File; Shannon Fairbanks; Patsy Faoro; Stephen Farrar; Linda Faulkner; Peter Ferrara; Fred Fielding; First Lady Office; First Lady, Press Office; Roger Fontaine; Donald Fortier; Stephen Galebach; Thomas Gibson (OPA); Gift Unit; H.P. Goldfield; Max Green; John Grimes; Michael Guhin; Wendell Gunn; Eric Hemel; Christopher Hicks (Counsel); J. Douglas Holladay; Barbara Honegger; James Hooley; Kevin Hopkins; Intergovernmental Affairs; Nancy Janes; James Jenkins; Robert Kimmitt; Linas Kojelis; Sven Kraemer; Latin American Affairs Directorate; Susan Lauffer; David Laux; Legal Advisor Office, NSC; Legislative Affairs Office; Christopher Lehman; John Lenczowski; Burleigh Leonard; Robert Lilac; Robert Linhard; Andrew Littlefair; Donald Ian MacDonald; Judyt Mandel; William Martin; Mari Maseng (OPL); Robert McFarlane; C. Dean McGrath; Edwin Meese; Eric Melby; Powell Moore; Rick Neal; William Niskanen; Oliver North; Douglas Paal; Kathleen Parke; Roman Popodiuk; Presidential Personnel Office; Private Sector Initiatives Office; Public Affairs Office; Public Affairs Directorate, NSC; Mary Elizabeth Quint; K. Kae Rairdin; Walter Raymond; Nancy Risque (Legislative); Christopher Rizzuto; Peter Rusthoven; Ronald Sable (NSC); Alfonso Sapia-Bosch; Jonathan Scharfen; Paul Simmons; Robert Sims (Press Secretary); William Sittmann; Mary Lou Skidmore; Dan Smith; Karen Spencer; Steven Steiner; Paul Thompson; Jacqueline Tillman; William Triplett; Carlton Turner; Charles Tyson; Wayne Valis; Lee Verstandig (IGA); Cathi Villalpando; White House Office of Records Management; White House Situation Room; David Wigg; Richard Williamson; David Wright; and Henry Zuniga.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes case files from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: CO (Countries—Geographic Areas), CO001-09 (South America), CO034-02 (People's Republic of China), CO127 (Portugal), CO141 (South Africa), FE001-01 (Deaths—Funerals), FE004 (Heraldry), FE010 (Records and Archives), FE010-01 (Access to Records), FG075 (American National Red Cross), FG080 (Board for International Broadcasting), FG104 (Committee for Purchase from the Blind & Severely Handicapped), FG148 (FDR Memorial Commission), FG162 (Interagency Committee for the Purchase of US Savings Bonds), FG258 (Task Forces), FG258-14 (Pres. Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives), FG384 (PPSSCC), FG409 (Pres. Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nuclear Weapons), FG415 (Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States), FG421 (Pres. Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management), FG999 (Federal Agencies, Proposed), FI001-02 (Disbursements—Expenditures), FI001-03 (Financial Irregularities), FI004 (Budget—Appropriations), FI010-02 (Income Tax), FO002 (Diplomatic Affairs—Consular Relations), FO002-01 (Personal—Special Rank of Ambassador or Minister), FO003-02 (Mutual Security), FO005 (Information— Exchange Activities), FO005-03 (International Publicity), FO008 (International Travel), FO009 (Gorbachev Meeting, November 1985), GI001 (Gifts from the President), GI002 (Gifts to the President), GI003 (Gifts to or from the US), HE006-01 (Narcotics), HE008 (Radiological Health), HO (Holidays), IT011 (Free Europe, Inc.), IV081–IV088 (Invitations), JL002 (Civil Matters), JL003 (Criminal Matters), JL003-01 (Assassination—Attempted Assassination), JL003-02 (Hijacking—Skyjacking), JL009 (War Claims—Alien Property), MA (Medals—Awards), ME001-02 (Birthday Greetings), ME001-03 (Sympathy—Condolences), ME002 (Messages to Organizations), ME002-03 (Governmental Groups), ME003 (Messages Denied), ND (National Security—Defense), ND001 (Aircraft, Military), ND001-01 (Non-Military Use of Aircraft), ND004 (Defense Mobilization), ND004-02 (Materials, Military), ND006 (Intelligence), ND007 (Military Personnel), ND007-01 (Casualties—Burials, Military), ND009 (Properties—Installations), ND009-03 (Navy—Marine Bases), ND010 (Reserve Forces—National Guard), ND013 (Ships—Submarines), ND016 (Wars), PE (Personnel Management), PE001 (Employee Relations), PE002 (Employment—Appointments), PQ (Procurement—Disposal), SO004 (White House Receptions), TA003 (Exports), TA004-11 (Petroleum), TR (Trips), TR001 (DC Metro Area), TR004 (First Lady Trips), TR039, TR039-02, TR098-04, TR123, TR126-02, TR180, TR223, UT (Utilities), WE (Welfare), WE004-01 (United Community Campaigns), WE010 (Poverty Programs), and WH004 (White House Office Management).

The following WHORM Subject File categories were opened in whole: FG375 (Pres. Commission on Broadcasting to Cuba) and TR098-07 (Fairbanks, AK 05/02/1984).

George Bush Library

The Bush Library received permission to release the following records for research (128,440 pages).

FOIA Requests:
2004-0416-F[2] (Persian Gulf War Follow-up: WHORM ND016-Entire Category—46,293 pages)
2005-0995-F (Cuba—20,018 pages)
2005-1030-F (NSC PA Limited Access Chron Files—2,117 pages)
2006-0668-F[1A] (President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB)—1,600 pages)
2007-0265-F[1] (Robert Gates—13,200 pages)
2007-0491-F[1] (October Surprise—3,238 pages)
2008-1179-F[1] (Cambodia/Kampuchea—865 pages)
2008-1295-F (Washington Summit Follow-Up—1,526 pages)
2009-0322-F (Lubavitch Movement—650 pages)
2009-0704-F[2] (Venezuela—2,544 pages)
2009-0783-F (Selected Records on Germany—1,142 pages)
2009-0785-F (Selected Records on the European Community (EC)—224 pages)
2009-0788-F (Selected NSC Files on Germany—11,567 pages)
2009-0789-F (NSC Numbered Files on NATO—7,511 page)
2009-0798-F (Bush Administration and Former Presidents—72 pages)
2009-0800-F[1] (Bush Administration and President Reagan—432 pages)
2009-0801-F (Bush Administration and President Nixon—215 pages)
2009-0802-F (Bush Administration and President Carter—475 pages)
2009-0803-F (Bush Administration and President Ford—200)
2009-1293-F[2] (United Kingdom—1,530 pages)
2009-1442-F (Project 908 (Continuity of Government)—8 pages)
2010-0107-F (John Paul II—5,383 pages)
2010-0625-F (Ambassador Henry E. Catto—2,811 pages)
2010-0791-F (White House Fellows Program—3,168 page)
2010-1182-F[2] (Burma (Myanmar)—30 pages)
2010-1804-F[1] (William F. Buckley, Jr.—506 pages)
2010-2421-F (Pres Bush's Meeting with Prince Andrew Bertie—18 pages)
2011-0256-F[2] (Billy Graham—105 pages)
2011-0313-F[2] (Selected Files on Iran—60 pages)
2011-0520-F (Barbara Bush's Trip to Ghana—932 pages)
2011-0570-F (Straight, Inc.—351 pages)