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Accessions and Openings for the 2nd quarter FY 2012

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

A folder of items was added to the Margaret Hoover Brigham materials, and a single letter was added to the Friends Meeting House of Washington, DC. The library also acquired four Herbert Hoover Commemorative uncancelled stamps.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter, .090 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions were an accretion to the papers of Charles H. McCarthy, Sr., including additional Cuff-Links Gang memorabilia (gift of the Estate of Charles H. McCarthy, Jr.); a December 1930 issue of Needlecraft magazine containing an article by Eleanor Roosevelt (gift of Dr. Stephen L. and Anne M. Friedland); and interview transcripts and research materials related to Brain Truster Raymond Moley compiled by historian Elliot A. Rosen (gift of Elliot A. Rosen).

The audiovisual department also received an extraordinary item from Dr. Steven Lomazow, an FDR collector and author of FDR's Deadly Secret. Dr. Lomazow purchased through an online auction site a copy print of a snapshot taken of FDR in his wheelchair aboard the USS Indianapolis in early July 1933. The original photographer, Gerhard Stoeckel, Sr., was a chief machinist's mate serving on the Indianapolis. This image becomes only the fourth photograph of FDR in his wheelchair in the Roosevelt Library's collections.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired the following papers:

Papers of David Elmer Hamrick: correspondence, printed materials, photographs, military personnel records, and memorabilia relating to his service in the U.S. Army during World War I (less than 1 linear inch; 1917–87). This collection is closed pending processing.

An accretion to the Papers of Sidney Sherwood: correspondence, printed materials, photographs, handwritten notes, diaries, speeches, and memorabilia concerning Sherwood's personal life and career in government (4 linear feet, 5 linear inches; ca. 1902–84). This accretion is closed pending processing.

An accretion to the Papers of Frank Roberts: correspondence, typescript memoirs, photographs, printed materials, and other items mostly relating to his military career (about 4 linear inches; 1937–74, 2011). This accretion is closed pending processing.

An accretion to the Papers of Charles Ross: programs, invitations, tickets, correspondence, printed materials, and other items relating to Louise Ross Holmquist (the sister of Charles Ross, President Truman's press secretary), the 1948 campaign, and the 1949 inaugural (about 2 linear inches; 1926–52). This accretion is closed pending processing.

An accretion to the Papers of J. Thomas Schneider: photographs, letters, certificates, and sound recordings relating to his career (less than 1 linear inch; ca. 1950–53). This accretion is closed pending processing.

Small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, the Bess Truman Collection, and the Harry S. Truman Political Campaigns Collection (less than 1 linear inch; ca. 1934–2012). Open for research.

An scrapbooks of press clippings relating to President Truman, donated by Gae Neely and compiled by her grandmother (less than 1 linear inch; 1945–53). Open for research.

Transcripts of four oral history interviews conducted by the National Park Service with Trudy Johnson, Doris Miller, the Reverend Robert L. Hart, and Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Kissinger. Open for research.

Accretions to the Audiovisual Collection: approximately 662 photographs from the Papers of Henry Myers, David Lloyd, Bess W. Truman, Harry S. Truman (Official File) and John W. Snyder, as well as one cassette audiotape.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The museum has accessioned a total of 22 items this quarter; these were mainly war bond posters from a private donor and a World War II–era flag and matchbook transferred from the Marx Leva papers.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned three acquisitions totaling approximately 26 cubic feet, including:

One Miscellaneous Accession, special issue of the Amherst Alumni News (fall 1963) on the Presidential Convocation and Ground Breaking for the Robert Frost Library. .025 cubic feet. Open.

Two additions to the Lawrence O'Brien Personal Papers received from the LBJ Presidential Library (one was received in 2009 but never accessioned), a mix of photocopies and originals. 25 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

AV/ Still Images: Two additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

AV/Moving Images and Sound Recording: Five additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection (#5011) totaling +/- 3.5 hours. Open.

Three additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interviews of six returned Peace Corps Volunteers totaling +/- 12 hours. Open.

Hemingway Collection: The JFK Foundation purchased 15 Hemingway letters and a manuscript from a private party in Italy. The library is in the process of preparing a deed for the foundation, which will then deed the letters to the library.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned 49 pages of oral history transcripts from Alfred Rosenthal, who emigrated from Germany to Trinidad and then to Texas, 1938–39, U.S. Army during World War II, NASA's Goddard Space Center Historian and Deputy Public Affairs Officer beginning in 1962; 26 pages from George McGovern, U.S. Congressman 1957–61, U.S. Senator,1963–81, and 1972 U.S. Presidential candidate; and 37 pages from Spurgeon Neel, U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General, 1954–57 and 1966–68, Deputy Surgeon General of the U.S. Army, 1969–73; 157 pages, comprising four interview transcripts, from Jake Jacobsen, lawyer, staff member of Price Daniel, State Attorney General of Texas, U.S. Senator, Governor of Texas, and Special Counsel to the President, 1965–67; 36 pages from oral history interview III with Lucius D. Battle, Executive Secretary, State Department, 1960–62, Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Culture, 1962–64, U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Republic (Egypt), 1964–67, and Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East and North Africa, 1967–68.

Oral history transcript accessions totaled 305 pages of material during the quarter.

The library accessioned 1.38 cubic feet of the personal papers of Richard L. Garwin, President's Science Advisory Committee, 1962–65 and 1969–72, and member of the Defense Science Board, 1966–69; .92 cubic feet from Drew Pearson, author and columnist; 1.38 cubic feet accretion to the Papers of Chester L. Cooper, who held senior posts in the CIA, on the National Security Council, State Department, Institute for Defense Analysis, and was an author; .00116 cubic feet from Maria McPhail, friend of the LBJ Library; .00058 cubic feet from Anne Jordan, friend of the LBJ Library; .00345 cubic feet from Debra Ware, civilian employee of the Grand Prairie Police Department; .184 cubic feet from Fleur Cowles, a close friend of Lady Bird Johnson; and .0174 cubic feet accretion to the papers of Robert Waldron, interior designer and close friend of Lady Bird Johnson.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned video and photos consisting of 4 photo CDs and 15 video DVDs (0.046 cubic feet), produced for ongoing documentation of LBJ Library events by the Technical Services Department and totaling 0.06 cubic ft. Additionally, two LGA-2 boxes of photographs were accessioned from Textual Archives, at 3.22 cubic feet of material. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were 3.28 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

The library formally accessioned 18 donations in the first quarter of 2012, including 17 oral histories and textual materials documenting Douglas Hallett's White House work. The library staff is currently working to accession several small audiovisual donations.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library completed work for 21 small accessions this quarter, including accretions to the David Hume Kennerly Photographs collection, Susan Ford Bales Papers, Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum Public Programs records, Composite General Accessions collection, and the Composite Grand Rapids Accessions collection.

Items of note include: five photographic prints depicting Gerald Ford in the White House, signed by the photographer, Arthur Newman, included in the Kennerly Photographs collection; and Betty Ford funeral materials, including service programs, tribute cards, and photographs included in the Composite General Accessions collection; and the Kennerly Photographs of Betty Ford's Funeral collection.

New museum acquisitions included several shipments of materials from the Betty Ford Estate; books and magazines about Gerald R. Ford; a consommé set owned and used by Arthur and Hazel Vandenberg; and a football program from Ford's college days.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office.

George Bush Library

The library's Textual Archives Department received 12.0 cubic feet of textual records transferred from the museum staff.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned 104 photographic, 11 video and 2 audio accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. In addition, the Audiovisual Department received a hard drive with 8,973 photographs taken by Mrs. Bush since 2006. The AV staff copied the images and returned the hard drive to Mrs. Bush. There were 60 photographic and 1 video accretions of donated historical materials.

The library also received a bronze bust of President Bush (gift of Nicola Perone, MD; artist is Nicola Perone, MD) and a Zenith radio, ca. 1940 (gift of Bruce and Linda Kennedy).

William J. Clinton Library

The library accessioned approximately 9.321 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received twelve unsolicited collections from donors and three collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual staff received approximately 3.024 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. The staff received approximately 29.079 cubic feet of materials from a deed of gift collection.

The museum staff received two new donations in the quarter.

George W. Bush Library

The museum received one artifact in process of being accessioned during the second quarter.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

On March 23, 2012, the library opened to research 63 pages of historian John Toland's transcripts and notes of his interviews of Prof. Gerdy Troost, a German architect who served as an architectural adviser to Adolf Hitler. The interviews were conducted by Toland between 1971 and 1973 in preparation for his biography of Hitler.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened the following collections for research:

Papers of Henry Myers, pilot for Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman (10 linear inches; 1931–68), consisting of correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other printed materials, flight records and itineraries, handwritten notes, memorabilia, and other items mostly relating to his activities as President Truman's pilot and his career in aviation.

Papers of Ted Marks, friend of President Harry S. Truman (2.5 linear inches; 1916–92), consisting of photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, and other documents mostly dealing with his military service and relationship with President Truman.

Papers of Wilbur D. Sparks, an attorney investigator on the staff of the U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program, or "Truman Committee" (2.5 linear inches; 1942–44), consisting of a scrapbook of press clippings pertaining to the Truman Committee and its activities during World War II.

Papers of John Coster-Mullen, an atomic bomb researcher (5 linear inches; 1945–96), consisting of copies of correspondence, research materials, printed materials, photographs, and other items pertaining to his research on the first atomic bombs.

Papers of Vernon and Hazel Reppert, friends of the Truman family (2.5 linear inches; 1906–68), consisting of printed materials, photographs, correspondence, and other items mostly relating to President Truman's sister, Mary Jane Truman, and her involvement with the Order of the Eastern Star.

An accretion to the Papers of Bess Wallace Truman, First Lady of the United States (1 linear feet, 9 linear inches; 1849–1979), consisting of correspondence, cards, newspaper clippings, notes, postcards, and telegrams from family members to Harry S. Truman and Bess Wallace Truman, as well as letters from Bess Wallace Truman to her mother, Madge Gates Wallace.

An accretion to Record Group 87: Records of the U.S. Secret Service (1 linear feet, 9 linear inches; ca. 1950–53), consisting of records relating to personnel investigations.

Approximately 5,000 pages of documents, in whole or in part, previously closed for reasons of national security. The documents are from the Papers of Harry S. Truman (President's Secretary's Files, Korean War File, National Security Council Files, Psychological Strategy Board Files, and Confidential File), George Elsey, Gordon Gray, J. Howard McGrath, John Ohly, Howland Sargeant, and Edwin W, Pauley.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The library opened the Robert Schulz papers, Marx Leva papers, and 1,365 pages of previously donor-restricted materials from the White House Central Files.

John F. Kennedy Library

The processed and opened an addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection consisting of six oral history interviews, 9 audio cassettes.

The systematic review of the Presidential Recordings was completed, and the press opening for tapes 109 through the last tape, 121/A57 (comprising 45 hours of recordings) took place on January 24, 2012.

At the request of a researcher, an archivist has been reviewing records for the Presidential Recordings to piece together their early history. Half of a Hollinger box of material was made available for research in March 2012.

The following oral histories were opened or opened in part: Clayton Fritchey (10/25/78) interview was declassified under NLK-11-246, 1/12, 34 pages. Transcript and reels/CD have been returned to Processing/OH.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the following items:

Additional boxes from the collection National Security Adviser. Kissinger-Scowcroft West Wing Office Files, 1974–77. The first 32 boxes of the collection (subject file folders covering the letters A through U) are now processed and open to research. The boxes opened most recently focus on U.S. relations with the United Kingdom and the USSR. Processing of this collection continues and additional boxes will be made available as they are completed.

Boxes 1–30 of the White House Social Office, Russell Armentrout Files. They contain case files on White House social events, including state dinners. The series had previously been available for research on a review on request basis.

Charles T. Miller Telegrams. This small collection primarily contains marine telegrams between Miller, captain of the merchant ship SS Mayaguez, and officials from Sea-Land Service, Inc., the ship's parent company. The messages were exchanged shortly before the ship and crew were seized by Khmer Rouge armed forces and after they were recovered by U.S. Armed Forces in May 1975.

White House Photo Office T (Transparency) Series, July 5, 1974–August 30, 1976, consisting of a binder of hand-numbered slides with an accompanying log book reflecting the work of White House photographers using transparency film to document the Presidency and provide images for the office's photo services. The slides document various Presidential meetings and activities as well as Presidential and First Lady official portrait sessions. The T Series provides unique material that supplements WHPO's 35mm Photo Series A and B. (1.1 cubic foot)

Library staff completed processing two series of audiovisual materials in the White House Photo Office Files. The Administrative Photographs (1970) 1974–76, consisting of slides, transparencies and copy negatives taken by White House photographers, supplement the other WHPO series with unique images related to President Ford's activity and Ford family official portraits. Included are pictures that were selected and reproduced in bulk to respond to the office's numerous photo requests. The Audiovisual Material Transferred from Textual Series, (1974–76), consists of pictures the Photo Office received through correspondence and other external means. (.8 linear feet)

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following material—Press Office: Patricia Bario, Janet McMahon, Marc Henderson, Bradley Woodward and Bunny Leonard. From the CEA Collection: Stephen Goldfield Subject files

Ronald Reagan Library

Permission was received to open 359,587 pages of Presidential records for research use this quarter.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections:

Administrative, WH Operations, Advance Office, Mort Allin, the White House Alphabetical File, Carl Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Martin Anderson, George Andricos, Appointments and Scheduling Office, Lee Atwater, Christena Bach, Rudolf Beserra, Roger Bolton, Melvyn Bradley, James Brady, Jack Burgess, Vincent Cannistraro, Joseph Canzeri, Geoffrey Carliner, Jane Carpenter, Bruce Chapman, Richard Childress, Caterina Chumachencko, Benedict Cohen, Sherrie Cooksey, Counsel's Office, Counsel's Office Appointee Files, Counsel's Office Investigation Files, T. Kenneth Cribb, Daniel Crippen, Dan Danner, Mary Dewhirst, Michael Driggs, Economic Policy Council, Council of Economic Advisors, Greg Evans, Linda Faulkner, Martin Feldstein, Catherine Fenton, Fred Fielding, First Lady's Press Office, First Lady's Project Office, Alison Fortier, Craig Fuller, Stephen Galebach, Thomas Gibson (Public Affairs), Michael Guhin, Wendell Gunn, Joanne Hansen, Larry Bryce Harlow, Richard Hauser, William Henkel, Anne Higgins, Gahl Hodges, Kevin Hopkins, Mary Jo Jacobi, James Jenkins, Jerry Jordon, James Kelly, Nancy Kennedy, George Keyworth, Robert Kimmitt, Virginia Knauer (Consumer Affairs & Public Liaison), Linus Kojelis, Sven Kraemer, David Laux, Franklin Lavin, Christopher Lehman, Burleigh Leonard, Robert Lilac, Legislative Affairs Office, Ian MacDonald, Donald Mahley, Jan Mares, William Martin, Mari Maseng (Communications and Public Liaison), Eugene McAllister (Economic Policy Council), Dean McGrath, Edward "Ted" McNamara, Edwin Meese, Mary Ann Meloy, Constantine Menges, Velma Montoya, Thomas Moore, Elaine Morton, Michael Mussa, William Niskanan, National Security Council office files for Coordination, European & Soviet Affairs Directorate, Intelligence, Latin American Affairs, Legal Affairs, NSC Executive Secretariat Cable, Country, Subject, System, Trip & VIP Files; Lyn Nofziger, Oliver North, M. B. Oglesby, Eileen Peterson, Office of Policy Development, Roger Porter, Presidential Personnel Office, Office of the Press Secretary, Private Sector Initiatives Office, Office of Public Affairs, Mary Elizabeth Quint, Rebecca Range, Alan Charles, Nancy Risque, (Cabinet Secretary & Legislative Affairs), Nicholas Rostow, Peter Rusthoven, Frederick Ryan (Private Sector Initiatives), Ronald Sable (NSC), Jonathan Scharfen, Gaston Sigur, Robert Sims (NSC), William Sittmann, Dan Smith, Social Affairs Office, Beryl Sprinkel, Social Affairs, James Stark, Jacob Stein, Paul Schott Stevens, Howard Teicher, Carleton Turner, Charles "Chuck" Tyson, Michael Uhlmann, Lee Verstandig (Intergovernmental Affairs), David Waller, White House Legal Task Force, White House Office of Records Management Exit Interviews, David Wigg, Wendell Willkie, Edward Wilson, and Nina Wormser.

Material was opened on demand in the White House Office of Records Management Alphabetical File.

The following collections were opened in whole: Morton Blackwell, Marshall Breger, Michael Deaver, Thelma Duggin, Michael Gale, Michael McManus, Elaine Morton, and Donald Regan. Topic guides were updated to reflect material found within these collections.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes case files from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: FG258 (Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief); FI001-01 (Collections—Receipts—User Fees), FI001-02 (Disbursement—Expenditures); FI002 (Banks—Banking); FI004 (Budget—Appropriations), FI005 (Credit—Loans); FI010-02 (Income Tax); FO008 (International Travel); HE007 (Pollution Control—Sanitary Services), HE007-01 (Air Pollution), IV088 (Invitations), JL002 (Civil Matters), JL003 (Criminal Matters), MA034 (Military Service Awards), ME001-03 (Messages—Sympathy, Condolences), ME002 (Messages to Organizations), PE010 (Training—Orientation); PO (Postal Service); PQ (Procurement); TR054-02 (Utah Trip), TR084-05 (Thailand—Cancelled), TR092 (Augusta, Georgia), and WH007 (Supplies—Material—Services).