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Accessions and Openings for the 3rd Quarter FY 2012

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

One reel (49 feet) of 16mm film of a black-and-white silent newsreel, "President Hoover Inspecting Air and Navy Fleet," by the Keystone Kinescope Company was accessioned. It shows President Hoover's inspection of the U.S. Naval fleet off Hampton Roads, VA, on May 20, 1930. The film documents the USS Salt Lake City, USS King, USS Bainbridge, and the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga. Added to the collection were a Hoover Bicentennial tea towel and a printing block of John Brown's cottage, and Presidential campaign memorabilia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the third quarter, 7.49 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions were an accretion to the papers of Adolf A. Berle, Jr., a member of FDR's Brains Trust (gift of Beatrice Berle Meyerson), and an accretion to the papers of Mordecai Lee related to his studies of governmental reorganization, efficiency, and propaganda during the Roosevelt administration (gift of Mordecai Lee).

The library also received this quarter a collection of FDR-related memorabilia, books, photographs, and printed materials purchased by Dr. Steven Lomazow from various online auction sites. Parts of this donation will be accessioned into the library's permanent collections, and some will be placed into the library's nonpermanent collections materials. Dr. Lomazow, who is a great friend and supporter of the library, has offered to assist the library in acquiring items to fill gaps in its collections, particularly museum holdings related to New Deal programs.

During the quarter, eight objects were accessioned into the museum collection: a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) banner with pin (donated by Nedra Schmidt); four Cuff Links Gang items presented by FDR to Charles H. McCarthy, Jr. (transferred from the Archives Department—from the Estate of Charles H. McCarthy, Jr.); portraits of Sara Delano Roosevelt and Dr. Edward Ludlow (donated by Kenneth Lawrence Klinge); and an American Federation of Labor Pin (transferred from the Archives Department).

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of Danny O'Driscoll: documents relating to his career with the U.S. Secret Service (less than 2.5 linear inches; ca. 1945–70). This collection is closed pending processing.

Papers of John M. Carnie: a diary kept by Carnie during his service as Mess Sergeant of Battery D, 129th Field Artillery, during World War I (less than 2.5 linear inches; 1918). This collection is closed pending processing.

Papers of Harry S. Jonas: correspondence, photographs, event schedules, programs, lists of guests and participants, a speech draft, and press clippings relating to his service as chairman of the Harry S. Truman Statue Committee (less than 2.5 linear inches; 1972–77). This collection is closed pending processing.

Records of Jackson County, Missouri: six registers of voters in Blue Township, Precinct 3 (1932–44) and Precinct 7 (1944–56), with the signatures of Harry S. Truman, Bess Truman, and Margaret Truman; and "General Election, November 2, 1948," a tabulation of votes cast by precinct and township (5 linear inches; 1932–56). This collection is closed pending processing.

Small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, the Bess Truman Collection, the Map Collection, the Papers of Alfred and Agnes Wolf, and the Papers of R. Gordon Arneson. With the exception of the accretions to the Wolf Papers, all of these accretions are open for research.

565 still photographs, 66 audio tapes, 1 audio CD, and 8 motion picture films.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The museum has accessioned a total of 38 items this quarter. Highlights of these new acquisitions include a Luftwaffe barracks radio captured by a member of the U.S. 13th Armored Division during World War II and a collection of Army Air Corps and U.S. Air Force uniforms donated by a local veteran.

938 photographs and 30 hours of videotape were accessioned.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library accessioned 11 acquisitions totaling approximately 21.375 cubic feet and 23 hours, including:

Accrual to the Warren I. Cikins Personal Papers consisting of assorted documents dating from 2006 to 2011. 0.05 cubic feet. Open.

Three additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection relating to D. Wayne Linn's memoir of his Peace Corps experiences in Malawi. 0.075 cubic feet. Open.

Four additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions (#164) totaling less than 0.5 cubic feet. Open.

Three accretions to the Theodore C. Sorensen Personal Papers. 19.75 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Oral histories
No oral histories were accessioned during this quarter.

AV: Still Images
Five additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

One accession of transparencies and textual material, less than 1 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.

AV: Moving Images and Sound Recording
Five additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection (#5011) totaling about 2.5 hours. Open.

One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interviews of returned Peace Corps Volunteers totaling abou 2 hours. Open.

Personal Papers of Warren I. Cikins (#350), audio and video recordings totaling about 15.5 hours. Open.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver materials, 16mm and Super 8mm motion picture reels totaling about 3.5 hours. Closed.

Caroline Kennedy materials, 16mm motion picture reels totaling about 6 minutes. Closed.

A drawing of JFK made for Time magazine, and a lithograph of the Attorney General's office.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned 49 pages of oral history transcripts from Alfred Rosenthal, who immigrated from Germany to Trinidad and then to Texas, 1938–39, U.S. Army during World War II, NASA's Goddard Space Center Historian and Deputy Public Affairs Officer beginning in 1962; 26 pages from George McGovern, U.S. Congressman 1957–61, U.S. Senator, 1963–81, and 1972 U.S. Presidential candidate; and 37 pages from Spurgeon Neel, U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General, 1954–57 and 1966–68, Deputy Surgeon General of the U.S. Army, 1969–73; 157 pages, comprising four interview transcripts, from Jake Jacobsen, lawyer, staff member of Price Daniel, State Attorney General of Texas, U.S. Senator, Governor of Texas, and Special Counsel to the President, 1965–67; 36 pages from oral history interview III with Lucius D. Battle, Executive Secretary, State Department, 1960–62, Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Culture, 1962–64, U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Republic (Egypt), 1964–67, Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East and North Africa, 1967–68.

Total library oral history transcript accessions during the quarter are 305 pages of material.

The library accessioned 1.38 cubic feet of the personal papers of Richard L. Garwin, President's Science Advisory Committee, 1962-1965 and 1969-1972, and member of the Defense Science Board, 1966-1969; .92 cubic feet from Drew Pearson, author and columnist; 1.38 cubic feet accretion to the Papers of Chester L. Cooper, who held senior posts in the CIA, on the National Security Council, State Department, Institute for Defense Analysis, and was an author; .00116 cubic feet from Maria McPhail, friend of the LBJ Library; .00058 cubic feet from Anne Jordan, friend of the LBJ Library; .00345 cubic feet from Debra Ware, civilian employee of the Grand Prairie Police Department; .184 cubic feet from Fleur Cowles, a close friend of Lady Bird Johnson; and .0174 cubic feet accretion to the papers of Robert Waldron, interior designer and close friend of Lady Bird Johnson.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned video and photos consisting of 4 photo CDs and 15 video DVDs (0.046 cubic feet), produced for ongoing documentation of LBJ Library events by the Technical Services Department and totaling 0.06 cubic ft. Additionally, 2 LGA-2 boxes of photographs were accessioned from Textual Archives, at 3.22 cubic feet of material. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were 3.28 cubic feet.

124 objects were accessioned into the museum collection.

Richard Nixon Library

The library has formally accessioned two small photographic donations in the third quarter.

Gerald R. Ford Library

During the third quarter the library acquired the Ron Nessen Diary: Audiotapes and Transcripts, 9/20/1974–1/14/1977, consisting of dated dictations related to Nessen's tenure as President Ford's White House Press Secretary. Included are 37 dated audiocassette and transcripts for 30 of the dictations (less than 1 cubic feet).

The library acquired the Marvin Dewinter Photographs of Ford Museum Construction, 1941–83, consisting of 96 photographs illustrating the various stages of construction of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, which was designed Marvin DeWinter Associates of Grand Rapids. (less than 1 cubic feet).

The library completed work for 21 small accessions, including accretions to the Susan Ford Bales Papers, Gordon E. Vander Till Papers, David Hume Kennerly Materials, Composite General Accessions, Composite Grand Rapids Accessions, Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum Public Programs Records, and the Gerald R. Ford Post-Presidential Office Files. Items of note include a letter from Dick Cheney to his doctoral adviser informing him that he will not return to campus but will remain in Washington, DC. (Composite General Accessions); transcripts of Tom Brokaw's 2005–2006 interviews with Gerald Ford's associates and family (Kennerly Materials); a copy of Gerald Ford's mother's DAR application (Grand Rapids Composite General Accessions); multiple screening copies of Black and Blue, a documentary film about Gerald Ford and Willis Ward (Composite General Accessions); and a copy of the CBS News 1976 Republican Convention Handbook (Composite General Accessions).

The museum acquired five preliminary studies and one maquette from J. Brett Grill of his sculpture of President Ford in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda; a Congressman Dick Vanderveen poster and an art poster depicting the Ford Museum in 1981; a Gerald Ford-signed platter for a 2000 Grand Rapids charity event; a ticket to Paul Goebel, Jr., campaign fundraiser featuring President Ford; and an assortment of objects related to Martin Jablonski's service during the Mayaguez Incident.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. We also received material from Amy Satagata. Her father Richard Crohn's company did direct mail fund raising for Carter's 1975 campaign for President. Also received audio visual material: Gerald Rafshoon campaign tapes.

Ronald Reagan Library

Four new accessions (museum).

George Bush Library

The library's Audiovisual Department accessioned 75 photographic accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. There was no donated historical material accessioned this quarter.

There were 66 Presidential artifacts accessioned and processed this quarter.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 9.12 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received one unsolicited collection from a donor and two collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual staff received approximately 4.536 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. A/V staff received approximately 116.209 cubic feet of materials from the Clinton Foundation for courtesy storage.

George W. Bush Library

The archives received three donations this quarter. The library acquired a digitized collection from Dallas Morning News photographer David Woo. The collection of photographs includes rare, never-before-seen images of George W. Bush.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

On May 2, the library opened to research 132 pages of correspondence files of Papers of Doris Faber, a biographer of Eleanor Roosevelt's friend, Lorena Hickok.

Harry S. Truman Library

Papers of William K. Divers, Chairman of the Home Loan Bank Board from 1947 to 1953 (1 linear foot, 4 linear inches; 1934–94), consisting of correspondence, printed materials, photographs, articles, reports, speeches, pamphlets, brochures, maps, scrapbooks, and other items relating to Divers's life and career as a government official and corporate officer.

Papers of Monte Poen, historian and author (2 linear feet, 7 linear inches; 1945–2001), consisting of interview transcripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, press releases, and other items pertaining to Harry S. Truman and an oral biography of Truman that Poen planned to write.

Papers of B. T. Fitzpatrick, Deputy Administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency from 1949 to 1954 (10 linear inches; 1946–72), consisting of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs mostly pertaining to his career in government and housing policy during the Truman administration.

An accretion to the Papers of Bess Wallace Truman, First Lady of the United States (10 linear feet, 11 linear inches; 1973–82), consisting of correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and printed materials sent by various persons and organizations to Mrs. Truman, and correspondence sent by Mrs. Truman or her secretary in reply to letters received.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Re-review of formerly donor-restricted materials results in the release of 3,575 pages. This newly released information is from the Records of Dwight D. Eisenhower as President (White House Central Files)—Alphabetical File and General File, U.S. Army Unit Records, and the Young & Rubicam Citizens for Eisenhower records.

John F. Kennedy Library

Completed processing the Warren I. Cikins Personal Papers and opened the collection to researchers. Professional and personal papers documenting his lengthy career in Washington, D.C. and community volunteer work, with an emphasis on civil rights, intergovernmental relations, equal employment regulations, health care policy, criminal justice, and prison industries. 78.947 cubic feet. Open.

Completed processing first series of the Lawrence F. O'Brien Personal Papers (Series 1. John F. Kennedy Campaigns, 1954–60) and opened the series to researchers. Democratic Party official, government official. Director of organization, Kennedy-Johnson Presidential campaign (1960); Special Assistant to the President for Congressional Relations and Personnel (1961–65); Postmaster General of the United States (1965-1968); chairman, Democratic National Committee (1968–72); author of No Final Victories (1974). The opened series consists of files related to O'Brien's work on John F. Kennedy's 1958 Senate reelection campaign and his 1960 Presidential campaign. 9.576 cubic fee


Began box listing the White House Social File, 272.664 cubic feet. Portions opened.

Processed addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection consisting of one oral history interview, two audiocassettes. Open.

Richard Nixon Library

On June 26, 2012, the library opened for research approximately 14 cubic feet of declassified materials from the National Security Council; The Henry A. Kissinger Office Files; White House Central Files (WHCF) Staff Member and Office Files (SMOF), Anne Armstrong and White House Central Files, Confidential Files, FG 6-11-1/Peter Flanigan.

The library also released 67 cubic feet of nonclassified materials from the WHCF SMOF, First Lady's Press office, and two cubic feet from the WHCF, Name Files.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library completed processing and review of the following collections:

National Security Adviser. Kissinger-Scowcroft West Wing Office File, 1969–77 (18.4 feet). This collection is an unusually rich file of material from the West Wing office of the National Security Adviser. Many files cover some or all of the Nixon Presidency, in addition to the Ford Presidency. Included are communications at the highest levels between the United States and countries such as the Soviet Union, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Great Britain, France, West Germany, and China. Topics include the Vietnam War, arms control negotiations, détente, the Cyprus crisis, the process of normalizing relations with China, Middle East peace negotiations, status of Berlin, and the Kurds. Also included are administrative materials concerning National Security Council staffing, organization, and procedures.

National Security Adviser. Europe, Canada, and Ocean Affairs Staff Files, 1974–77 (30.8 feet). This collection is composed of the working files of A. Denis Clift and his staff concerning U.S relations with and events in specific countries in Europe and Canada, trips there by American officials, visits to the U.S. by European and Canadian leaders, and ocean policy.

Dale Van Atta Papers, 1968–78 (6.3. feet). The collection consists of chronologically arranged photocopies of selected CIA staff notes, Weekly Reviews, and issues of the National Intelligence Daily; State Department INR morning summaries, memoranda, and memoranda of conversations; Defense Intelligence Agency documents regarding intelligence issues and findings; and NSC documents, including an almost complete set of National Security Decision Memoranda from 1969 to 1976. The collection covers an extensive range of foreign policy and national security topics and provides analyses of numerous foreign political situations. The documents were collected by journalist Van Atta while covering those issues.

Recent openings from the Ford Library Project File of Documents Declassified Through the Remote Archive Capture (RAC) Program include almost 4,800 pages of documents from such collections as the records of the U.S. Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (Rockefeller Commission), NSC Information Liaison with Commissions and Committees (much of this also relates to the intelligence investigations), and the Scowcroft Daily Work Files, and codeword documents from a number of National Security Adviser collections. The Project File is intended as a convenience to researchers, affording expedited access to declassified information from unprocessed/closed collections. It also allows returning researchers to more easily discover newly declassified information from previously processed/open collections. Since November 2008 the staff has opened 56 archives boxes of declassified documents through the RAC program.

The library has posted to the website a list of documents declassified in whole or in part through the Mandatory Declassification Review process during the months of January to March 2012. Researchers may contact us for additional information about the newly opened documents or to order copies.

U.S. Department of Defense. Historical Office. Public Statements of Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, 2001–2006 (4.8 linear feet). The collection contains transcripts of Secretary Rumsfeld's remarks, testimony, press briefings, press conferences, and media interviews concerning his work as Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration and various national security issues.

The library opened two additional oral histories from the collection Gerald R. Ford Library Oral History Projects. The first is that of Nina Babcock, former editor of the Cedar Springs Clipper in Cedar Springs, Michigan, ca. 1981. The interview concerns her work with the newspaper and her involvement in early political campaigns of Gerald R. Ford, 14 pages. The interview with Bill Brockett, 1/20/2006, concerns his work at the White House Communications Agency and his unofficial role as White House dog trainer, assisting the Ford family with their dog "Liberty," 28 pages.

The library opened the Warren L. Gulley Papers, 1974–77 (400 pages). This small collection contains a chronological list of Air Force One trips of President Ford and passenger manifests of flights made by President Ford, Mrs. Ford, and the Ford family on government-owned aircraft.

The library opened the textual portion of the James D. Haldaman Photographs and Papers, 1980-81 (150 pages). This is a small collection that consists of materials related to the planning and execution of community events held in conjunction with the dedication of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in September 1981.

The library opened the transcripts included in the collection: Yanek Mieczkowski Research Interviews, 1994-2007 (800 pages). This collection consists of audiocassettes and transcripts of interviews with former President Gerald R. Ford, Ford White House staff, agency officials, and congressmen. The interviews focus heavily on Gerald Ford's response to the economic and energy crises of the 1970s, relations with Congress, 1975 State of the Union Address, and the 1976 Presidential campaign.

The library also opened two small additions to existing collections. Transcripts of interviews with John Connolly and William Simon were added to the Bruce S. Wagner Papers, 87 pages. The Ford Vice Presidential Reception File, 1973–74, a series of the Peter Sorum Papers, 250 pages, was processed and opened to research.

The library opened audiovisual items transferred from the textual papers of William Greener, Benton Becker, Ron Brandon, William Greener, Martin Hoffman, Robert Horn, Sidney Jones, Patricia Lindh, David Macdonald, John Robson, Robert Visser, and the David Hume Kennerly Materials.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following material Press Office—News Summary Office, Greg King's Magazine Summaries and Greg King's News Summaries files, Federal Publication Files, Anne Wexler: Heather Ann Pars Subject Files, Misc. Mass Mailing Files, Press Weekly Compilations files, Press Office, Eleanor Weaver, Hispanic and Jewish Media Mass Mailing Files, Anne Wexler, series Jane Wales's Subject files, White House Press: Eleanor Weaver, Janet McMahon, Kathy Mellody Pool files.

Ronald Reagan Library

Permission was received to open 2,460 pages of Presidential records for research use this quarter.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes folders from the following collections: Asian Affairs Directorate, Howard Baker, Dennis Blair, Linton Brooks, Richard Childress, William Clark, Herman Cohen, Coordination Office, NSC, Counterterrorism and Narcotics, NSC, Robert Dean, Edward Djerejian, Paula Dobriansky, Philip Dur, European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, Executive Secretariatm, Cable, Country, Head of State, Meeting, NSDDs, NSPGs, Subject, and System files; Roger Fontaine, Donald Fortier; Max Friedersdorf, Frank Hodsoll, Alton Keel, Geoffrey Kemp, George Keyworth, Kenneth Kissell, Sven Kraemer, Latin American Affairs Directorate, David Laux, Ronald Lehman, Robert Lilac, Robert Linhard, Jack Matlock, Frederick McClure, Douglas McMinn, Thomas McNamara, Ed Meese, Near-East and South Asia Directorate, Oliver North, APNSA—Chron Files, Robert Oakley, James Rentschler, Nicholas Rostow, Alfonso Sapia-Bosch, Jonathan Scharfen, Christopher Shoemaker, Peter Sommer, James Stark, Paul Thompson, Charles Tyson, and Richard Williamson.

Material opened in response to FOIA requests includes case files from the following White House Office of Records Management subject files: FG038 (Vice President), FO002 (Diplomatic Affairs), FO003 (Economic—Technical Development), IT051 (INTELSAT), ND003 (Communications—Electronic), ND018 (Weapons—Ordnance—Munitions), PE (Personnel Management), and TA003 (Exports), JL002 (Civil Matters), JL003 (Criminal Matters), MA034 (Military Service Awards), ME001-03 (Messages—Sympathy, Condolences), ME002 (Messages to Organizations), PE010 (Training—Orientation); PO (Postal Service); PQ (Procurement); TR054-02 (Utah Trip), TR084-05 (Thailand—Cancelled), TR092 (Augusta, GA), and WH007 (Supplies—Material—Services).