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Accessions and Openings for the 4th Quarter FY 2012

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Presidential Libraries


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter, 1.22 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions were a collection of teletypes of Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day" columns edited by United Feature Syndicate (transfer from the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project at George Washington University); original correspondence between Eleanor Roosevelt and Dorothy Hill regarding assistance to unwed mothers (gift of Emily Pierson); and transcripts and audio cassette recording of an oral history interview of Pare Lorenz, known as FDR's filmmaker (gift of Alan M. Fern).

The library also received this quarter an additional collection of FDR-related memorabilia, books, photographs, and printed materials purchased by Dr. Steven Lomazow from various online auction sites. Parts of this donation will be accessioned into the library's permanent collections and some will be placed into the library's nonpermanent collections materials.

During the quarter, 8 objects were accessioned into the Museum collection: six Roosevelt-era political objects (donated by Dr. Steven Lomazow); a 1941 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) cap (donated by Girl Scouts of the Hudson Archive and Museum); and a 1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign button manufactured by Grays Harbor Stamp Works (donated by John C. Hughes).

Harry S. Truman Library

The Truman Library acquired an accretion to the Papers of John Coster-Mullen: printed materials, correspondence, reports, a memoir, an interview, two DVDs, and other items relating to his atomic bomb research (about 5 linear inches; 1947–2012). This accretion is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of John Caskie Collet: five scrapbooks of press clippings, photographs, correspondence, programs, school records, certificates, and memorabilia concerning Judge Collet's life and career; his service in the Truman administration; his relationship with Harry S. Truman; and the activities of his sons, William and John, Jr. (about 3 linear inches; ca. 1920–55). This accretion is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Records of the U.S. Secret Service (Record Group 87): Personnel Investigation Files and Protective Survey Reports and Trip Files (about 28 linear feet, ca. 1943–61). This accretion is closed, with the exception of some of the Personnel Investigation Files.

The library acquired an accretion to the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration: Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Museum Visitor Comment Books from the Atomic Bomb Gallery and the Living Legacy Gallery (about 1 linear foot, 8 linear inches; 2010–2012). This accretion is open for research.

The library acquired the transcripts of eight oral history interviews conducted by the National Park Service with Evan Bayh, Barbara Allen Gard, Lady Bird Johnson, William R. Wagner, Helen W. Wilson (with Bess W. Paris), Roger T. Sermon, Jr., James W. Symington, and Edmund S. Muskie. The transcripts are open for research.

The library acquired several small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, which are open for research.

The library acquired small accretions to the Papers of Benjamin Hardy and the Papers of James Webb, which are closed pending processing.

The library acquired 820 photographs and negatives and 21 audio recordings (reel-to-reel audio tape, cassette tapes, flexible discs, and audio CD).

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The museum has accessioned a total of 98 items this quarter, the majority of which were transferred from the library's collection of the Robert Schulz papers.

John F. Kennedy Library

The Kennedy Library accessioned 19 acquisitions totaling approximately 38 cubic feet and 4.75 hours, including:

Accrual to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection of D. Wayne Linn. Original correspondence, printed material, reports, photographs, notebooks, calendars, and mementos from donor's PC service in Malawi. 1.077 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Letter from Christian Herter to George Ball regarding deferment of Bernard Norwood's assignment to the National War College, 1966. 0.025 cubic feet. Open.

Handwritten letter to Dave Powers from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1983. 2 pages. Open.

Typed, signed letter from Maj. Gen. Chester V. Clifton to Al Rosenbaum (later "Rowe"), a PR rep. for Hughes Tool, Aircraft Division (and friend of Clifton), thanking Rosenbaum for his condolences following the assassination of President Kennedy, December 10, 1963. Open.

Accrual to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection: 31-page daily log (typed, photostatic copy) documenting Barnes's experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, 10/10/61–1/16/62); one copy of Barnes's novella, A Wind of Change, based on his Peace Corps experience (1968). Open.

Accrual to the George C. Lodge Personal Papers. 1.085 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accrual to the William K. Leonhart, Personal Papers. 0.788 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.

Three shipments of additional material from the Lawrence F. O'Brien Personal Papers from the LBJ Library. 34 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Five additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Three additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection (#5011) totaling +/- 1.75 hours. Open.

One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interview of returned Peace Corps Volunteer totaling +/- 3 hours. Open.

The JFK Foundation purchased 15 Hemingway letters and a manuscript from a private party in Italy, materials that have been formally deeded to the Kennedy Library.

Four deeds were completed this quarter:
John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection
Dan H. Fenn;
Richard K. Donahue (2 deeds)

. Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection: John W. Douglas.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The Johnson Library accessioned 22.08 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Joseph A. Califano, Special Assistant to President Johnson, 1965–69; 3 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Lloyd Hackler, Assistant Press Secretary for President Johnson, 1966–69; 2.3 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Charles Maguire, Staff Assistant to President Johnson; .46 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of James H. McCrocklin, the President of Southwest Texas State University and Undersecretary for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare during the last months of the Johnson Presidency; .0029 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Dale Robertson, attorney in Brownsville, Texas, who sent the library photocopies of two letters concerning Lyndon Johnson applying for the principalship and teaching position in Raymondville, TX, for 1929 and 1932; .344 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Marie (Smith) Schwartz, journalist, author, philanthropist, and personal friend to the Lyndon Johnson family; .00058 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of David Stillman, an autograph collector who gave the library a letter from Lyndon B. Johnson to Governor of Arkansas Oral E. Faubus; 11.04 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Homer Thornberry, a long-time friend of LBJ, U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Circuit Judge; and .46 cubic feet of the Personal Papers of Mark K. Updegrove, current Director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum and author of Indomnable Will: LBJ in the Presidency.

The Audiovisual Archives accessioned 6 video DVDs, produced for ongoing documentation of LBJ Library events by the Technical Services Department. Total AV Archives accessions and acquisitions were .031 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

This quarter the Nixon Library accessioned the Air Force Advance materials of J. V. Sandoval as well as two small photographic donations. The library is currently working to accession the full Frost/Nixon interview tapes from the Nixon Foundation.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The Ford Library added material to the Roy Wetzel Papers and Audiovisual Materials, 1952–2008. The accretion consisted of 3.5 cubic feet of textual material related to U.S. national elections, including polling data and NBC News memoranda. Also included were audiovisual materials related to television coverage of Presidential elections, national conventions, and other political topics.

The library also added accretions to the David H. Lissy Files, White House Administrative Offices Files, White House Usher's Office Files, Composite General Accessions, and Composite Grand Rapids Accessions (each totaling less than 1 cubic foot).

The museum received the following acquisitions: a book on Congressman Glenn Davis with a foreword written by Gerald Ford; a handgun owned by Gerald R. Ford, Sr.; handmade Bicentennial quilt top; "Jolly Green" patch, pin, and dogtag from Mayaguez Incident; two condolence books for President Ford's death from the United Nations; one ceramic Bicentennial eagle; three grill scrapers from Ford Paint & Varnish; and a large assortment of materials from the Ford Trust.

Jimmy Carter Library

The Carter Library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. The library also received White House records from the National Archives Presidential Materials Staff and donated records from Mary King.

Ronald Reagan Library

The Reagan Library received a small accretion to the Marie Allen collection, the Council of Economic Advisers collection and the Usher's Office collection in July 2012.

The museum received 8 new accessions.

George Bush Library

The Audiovisual Department accessioned two CDs, 22 photographic, two video and four audio accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. There were also 9 DVDs and 10 photographs of donated historical material accessioned this quarter and 18 photo CDs from Bush Library Center events dating August 2011 through June 2012. The Audiovisual Department also processed 16 FOIA transfers from the textual archives including 17 photographs.

William J. Clinton Library

The museum staff accessioned three new donations in this quarter.

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 74.64 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library did not receive any unsolicited collection. The library also received six collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual (A/V) staff received approximately 3.528 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. A/V staff received approximately .504 cubic feet of materials for courtesy storage from the Clinton Family.

George W. Bush Library

The George W. Bush acquired additional President Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush courtesy storage material. The library also received a donation of Ethiopian schoolbooks used for teaching English (1.5 cubic feet).


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

On August 21, the FDR Library opened to research 8 pages of redacted diary entries from the Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt Wotkyns, a niece of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Harry S. Truman Library

The Truman Library opened for research the Papers of Jane Lingo, a friend of Margaret Truman and the Truman family (1 linear foot, 4 linear inches; 1932–2005), consisting of an address book, calendars, correspondence, invitations, diaries, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, programs, memorabilia, and other items mostly concerning her relationship with the Trumans.

The library opened approximately 60 pages of declassified documents in the Papers of John Paton Davies, Jr. (Foreign Service Officer, 1931–54).

The library opened for research, in whole or in part, approximately 2,800 pages of declassified documents in the Papers of Harry S. Truman (President's Secretary's Files, Confidential File, National Security Council Files, Naval Aide to the President Files, and Psychological Strategy Board Files) and the Papers of Matthew J. Connelly.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Charles G. Ross, Press Secretary to the President from 1945 to 1950 (5 linear inches; 1890–2010), consisting of correspondence, printed materials, photographs, memorabilia, and other items mostly relating to Ross, his sister Louise Ross Holmquist, and the military career of his son, Dr. John B. Ross.

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Francis O. Wilcox, Chief of Staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1947 to 1955 (5 linear inches; 1930–85), consisting of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other items relating to his life and public career.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Re-reviews of donor-restricted material resulted in an additional 1,020 pages being opened for research.

John F. Kennedy Library

Finished deed review and processing of the Papers of Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General Papers: Confidential File. Brother of President Kennedy, lawyer. Counsel, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (1952) and Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field (1954–59) U.S. Senate; Attorney General of the United States (1961–64); Senator from New York (1965–68); Presidential candidate (1968). Closed.

Continued deed review and processing of the Papers of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Lady of the United States (1960–63.); Condolence Mail Series 4.032 cubic feet. Closed.

Completed box listing the White House Social File, 612.864 cubic feet. Portions opened.

Processed accretion to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection consisting of one oral history interview, 3 audio cassettes. Open.

Completed deed review of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Personal Papers, Series 3.5. Family Correspondence File, 1910–94. 3.5 cubic feet. Open. Started deed review of Series 9. Financial Files, 1959–88. 8.568 cubic feet. Closed pending review.

Began deed review of Joseph P. Kennedy Personal Papers for the purpose of opening items that no longer require restrictions, 5.04 cubic feet. By permission only.

Processed the Black Star Photograph Agency Collection, Photographs, 1960–63. 7? x 9? black-and-white prints. Images made by Black Star Publishing Co., Inc. photographers, featuring John F. Kennedy at various events during his presidential campaign and as president; members of the Kennedy family and the Kennedy administration also appear. 0.408 cubic feet. Open.

Processed the LOOK Magazine Photograph Collection. Photographs, 1957–63. 8" x 10" black-and-white prints. Images made by LOOK magazine, Cowles Communications, Inc., featuring John F. Kennedy at various events during his tenure as Senator through his Presidency. Members of the Kennedy family, Kennedy administration and foreign dignitaries also appear. 2.016 cubic feet. Open.

Processed The New York Times Photograph Collection. Photographs, 1957–69. Black-and-white prints of images made by New York Times photographers featuring John F. Kennedy and administration officials during the Kennedy Presidency; and Robert F. Kennedy as Senate counsel, United States Attorney General, U.S. Senate candidate, United States Senator for New York, and 1968 Presidential candidate. 0.816 cubic feet. Open.

Processed the Newsweek Magazine Photograph Collection. Photographs, 1960–63, black-and-white prints. Images made by Newsweek magazine photographers featuring John F. Kennedy at events during the 1960 Presidential campaign and during his Presidency. Members of Kennedy family, administrative officials, and foreign and domestic dignitaries also appear. 0.408 cubic feet. Open.

Processed the United Nations Photograph Collection. Photographs, 1953–65. 8" x 10" black-and-white prints of images created by the United Nations featuring John F. Kennedy at the United Nations in 1961 and 1963, as well as publicity images of international United Nations projects. 0.204 cubic feet. Open.

Continued processing of audiovisual materials from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Collection (#131). In process.

Processed Magnum Photos Collection (#5022) as part of AV Control collections management. Images made by Magnum Photos, Inc., photographers, featuring John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, members of the Kennedy family, and their associates, 1960–68. Topics include the 1960 Democratic National Convention, 1961 inaugural events, the first 100 days of the Kennedy administration, and Robert F. Kennedy's campaigns for United States Senate in 1964 and in the Presidential primaries in 1968. 1.023 cubic feet. Open.

The following oral histories were opened or opened in part during this quarter: Laurence Frost interview, 11 pages, was declassified under NLK-11-263;
John McNaughton interview tapes of 11/14/64 and 11/21/64 were compared to the transcript and were deemed fine to open from a declassification point of view.

Richard Nixon Library

The following collections of personal papers were opened in their entirety and are now available for research: William McChesney Martin, Donald F. Turner, Samuel Halperin, Ben Stephansky, Ernest Cuneo, Beatrice Berler, Frank Matthews, Don Hummel, Dale Robertson, David Stillman, Mark K. Updegrove, and Marie Smith Schwartz.

Mandatory Review
One hundred eighty-two new cases were assigned this quarter; 3, 997 pages were submitted for declassification review. A total of 1,154 pages were processed following return to the library by agencies. Of these, 337 pages were declassified in full, 647 pages opened in part, and 170 pages exempted from declassification.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The Ford Library has opened the James L. Trimpe 30-30 Club Scrapbook collection, (1931) 1965–2005. The scrapbook consists of textual materials and photographs compiled by James L. Trimpe related to the 30-30 Club. The club, which met annually on Thanksgiving Day, consisted of the members of the 1930 All-City championship football team of South High School in Grand Rapids, MI. The collection consists of club reports and correspondence, group photographs, and newspaper clippings primarily related to the 1974 team reunion hosted by Gerald Ford (a 30-30 Club member) at the White House. [1 linear inch (117 pages)]

The library has opened accretions to the Gordon E. Vander Till Papers, (1959–60) 1968—76. The accretions consist of materials related to the 1968 Nixon campaign activities in Michigan, and an assortment of materials primarily related to Gerald Ford's Grand Rapids congressional district office. The materials include: an audio recording of a television program featuring the 1972 Michigan Fifth Congressional District Democratic primary election candidates; Ralph Nader's Congress Project assessment of Gerald Ford's record; opposition and Ford campaign materials; and records relating to Vice President Ford's homecoming in 1974. [1 linear foot (ca. 2,400 pages)]

The library completed description in the PRESNET collection description database of the National Security Adviser. Europe, Canada, and Ocean Affairs Staff Files, 1974–77. Please contact the Library to request searches of this database. This subcollection is comprised of working files of A. Denis Clift and his staff concerning U.S relations with and events in specific countries in Europe and Canada, trips there by American officials, visits to the U.S. by European and Canadian leaders, and ocean policy. [30.8 linear feet (ca. 61,600 pages)]

The library completed systematic review of the William J. Baroody, Jr. Papers, 1961–77. The materials were generated during Mr. Baroody's tenure as an aide to Congressman and Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird (1961–73) and as assistant to Public Liaison to Presidents Ford and Nixon, (1973–77). Republican Party activities, policy positions, and Presidential campaigns (especially 1964 and 1976) are also among the topics. Some items remain closed under the terms of the donor's deed of gift. [200 linear feet (ca. 400,000 pages)]

The library opened the textual portion of the Yanek Mieczkowski Research Interviews, consisting of audiocassettes and transcripts of interviews of former President Gerald R. Ford, Ford White House staff, agency officials, and congressmen. Yanek Mieczkowski conducted the interviews in support of his scholarly works, including his book, Gerald Ford and the Challenges of the 1970s. The interviews focus heavily on Gerald Ford's response to the economic and energy crises of the 1970s, relations with Congress, 1975 State of the Union Address, and the 1976 Presidential campaign. (less than 1 foot)

The library opened the textural portion of the James D. Haldaman Photographs and Papers, 1980–81. The material was generated by Mr. Haldaman in his capacity as official photographer of the Community Events Committee and the Gerald R. Ford Museum Dedication Committee. The collection consists of textual and audiovisual materials related to the planning and execution of community events held in conjunction with the dedication of the Gerald R. Ford Museum in September 1981. Included are press releases, schedules, correspondence, agendas, and minutes. (less than 1 foot)

The library opened the papers of Warren "Bill" L. Gulley, director of the White House Military Office, 1974–77. This collection consists of passenger manifests of flights made by President Ford, Mrs. Ford, and the Ford family on government-owned aircraft. Also included is a chronological list of Air Force One trips of President Ford and a map of Camp David. (less than 1 foot)

The library opened two small accretions to existing collections. Transcripts of interviews with John Connolly and William Simon were opened in the papers of Bruce S. Wagner, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the President Ford Committee's advertising arm, Campaign '76 Media Communications, Inc. The Vice Presidential Reception File series was opened in the papers of Peter Sorum, Ford Vice Presidential Reception Committee Member and Staff Assistant for the Advance Office, 1973–74.

Jimmy Carter Library

The Carter Library opened files from the Press Office: Walter Wurfuel, Claudia Townsend, Richard Nelson, and Connie Gerrard, Files from Staff Offices Anne Wexler: Harolyn Landow's Subject Files and Heather Ann Par subject files, Public Liaison: Jane Wales's files and 1976 campaign reel-to-reel tapes.

Ronald Reagan Library

The Reagan Library received permission to open 26,936 pages of Presidential records for research use this quarter.

The material was from the following collections: Advance Office, Martin Anderson, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Chron File; Dennis Blair, Robert Bonitati, Jack Burgess, Joseph Canzeri, Council of Economic Advisors Office and Staff Files, Counsel's Office: Appointee File, Crisis Management Center, Economic Policy Council, Executive Secreatariat, NSC: Subject File, Executive Secretariat, NSC: System File, Todd Foley, Roger Fontaine, Chuck Greener, Edwin Harper, Ann Higgins, Mary Jo Jacobi, Jim Jenkins, Robert Kimmitt, Latin American Affairs Directorate, NSC, Robert Lilac, Eugene McAllister, Dean McGraff, Edwin Meese, Kathleen Parke, John Poindexter, Roger Porter, Public Affairs Office, Lucian Pugliaressi, Rebecca Range, Nancy Risque (Cabinet Secretary), William Sittmann, Christopher Shoemaker, Situation Room, Margaret Tutwiler, Faith Ryan Whittlesey, and Richard Williamson.

In addition, the opening included newly found material for the following Chief of Staff collections: Howard Baker, Dan Crippen, Richard Darman, Kenneth Duberstein, M. B. Oglesby and John Tuck.

Material was also placed within the White House Office of Records Management Subject File within 64 subject files regarding Senator Jesses Helms and the Falklands War.

Topics covered include Canada, Central America, energy, environment, Falklands War, Germany, Jesse Helms, Israel, Japan, Philippines, regulations, Taiwan, tourism, and the Venice economic Summit, 1987.