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Accessions and Openings for the 1st Quarter FY 2013

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

The Hoover Library accessioned two accretions to their manuscript holdings. Additions to the John Fawcett papers amounted to 4.5 cubic feet of materials, while the George A. Hastings papers received less than 0.5 cubic feet of materials. The library acquired 24 periodicals and four books during this quarter. There were no accessions or acquisitions of audiovisual materials.

The following artifacts were added to the collections: three World War I posters, two Hoover lapel pins, body armor worn by Hoover during his 1928 South America tour, 2012 campaign memorabilia, and one Hoover first-day cover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter, 5.05 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

A total of 73 objects were acquired and accessioned during the quarter. They are all Roosevelt family-related objects donated by Curtis Roosevelt, grandson of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Harry S. Truman Library

An accretion (about 5 pages, 1949) to the Harry S. Truman Political Campaigns Collection: an eyewitness account of President Truman's Inaugural parade.

An accretion to the Papers of Hugh Fulton, Chief Counsel of the Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program (the Truman Committee) from 1941 to 1944. The accretion (about 800 pages) consists of three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and a college yearbook, 1930–41, and is closed pending processing.

An accretion (about 150 pages, 1936–52) to the Permanent File of the Harry S. Truman Papers: correspondence, printed materials, and handwritten notes relating to the White House grounds, plans for renovation of the White House, the activities of the Chief Usher, and the White House water supply.

Two bank ledgers from the Bank of America: one from the First National Bank of Independence, dating from 1900 to 1902; and the other from an unknown bank, dating from 1883 to 1885. The ledgers (about 50 pages) record financial transactions involving the family of Bess W. Truman and related families in Independence, MO. This material is closed pending processing.

The museum processed 16 new accessions during the quarter.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The oral history transcript with Irving Schoenberg was accessioned. Additional records of the White House, Office of the Usher were accessioned during the quarter.

The museum has accessioned a total of 157 items this quarter. This includes the remainder of the Robert Schulz collection and a grouping of World War II material donated in memory of Virgil G. Cyr, who served in the 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion in Europe.

John F. Kennedy Library

Textual material:

  • William Henry Byrd Personal Papers (#382). Material focusing on his tenure as director of the Peace Corps outdoor fitness training programs in Puerto Rico from 1962 to 1963. Total volume 0.504 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.
  • Accretion to the W. Willard Wirtz Personal Papers (#310). Total volume 6 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.
  • Accretion to the Theodore C. Sorensen Personal Papers (#222). Total volume 5 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.
  • One addition to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection (#322). Total volume 0.025 cubic foot. Open.
  • One addition to the Ernest Hemingway Personal Papers (#104). Total volume 16 items. Open.
  • Three additions to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (#164). Total volume less than 1 cf. Open.
  • One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), personal papers. Total volume 0.025 cubic feet. Open.

Still images:

  • Two additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013). Total volume less than 1 cf. Open.

Sound recordings and moving images:

  • Four additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interview of returned Peace Corps Volunteer totaling +/- 8.5 hours. Open.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned 0.0029 cubic feet (5 pages) of the personal papers of Jack White, internationally famous pocket billiard and trick shot artist. This collection consists of a brief biography, autographed photograph of him, and a three-page narrative of his meeting President Johnson in Maine in 1966.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned video and photos consisting of 1 LGA-O (legal oversize archives) box containing .593 cubic feet of still photos. The Technical Services Department produced 22 photo CDs (.088 cubic feet) and 12 video DVDs (.048 cubic feet) of material for ongoing documentation of the LBJ Library's public programs. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were .729 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

This quarter the library accessioned several historically significant collections:

  • The entirety of the Frost-Nixon tapes, donated by the Nixon Foundation
  • Original notes on the White House tapes maintained by White House staff member John C. Bennett and donated by his daughter
  • Duplicate materials from the papers of Herbert G. Klein, Director of Communications for the Nixon administration, from the University of Southern California
  • Photographs of President Nixon's departure from the White House on the South Lawn on August 9, 1974
  • Photographs of Richard Nixon at a 1960s golf tournament
  • Six VHS cassettes of Post-Presidential material
  • A U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce pamphlet

The library accepted 12 donations of various campaign material, clothing, framed items and paintings. We are also in the process of accessioning a framed map from Col. Gene Boyer, former pilot of Army 1, and 10 small paintings from artist Ben Benson.

Gerald R. Ford Library

During the quarter the library added material to the Susan Ford Bales Papers; Gerald R. Ford: Materials from the Writing of A Time to Heal, and the Composite Oral History Accessions. Each accretion was less than 1 cubic foot.

The museum received the following acquisitions: a silver "President Ford 76" pin; a 1936 Helios Central High School yearbook featuring Betty Bloomer; a ticket to the 1976 Central High School graduation; a collection of materials from the 1976 Republican National Convention; a 1996 Jerry Ford Invitational sweatshirt, a Jerry Ford Invitational white satin jacket, ca. 1980s; and a collection of material from the Ford Estate.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. We also received material from Frank Moore: Congressional Liaison Material, material related to Panama Canal, trip file and briefing books, mail logs and House and Senate endorsement material. From Carlos Campbell: note from then Governor Jimmy Carter, dated 10/25/1973 and a telegram from Campbell to Carter dated 7/12/1976. From Amy Santagata: material from her father's company Richard Crohon, KRC Associates related to the election. From Rupert Cutler: additional material related to personal papers for Rupert Cutler, period November 2011 through October 2012 plus financial records for the year 2011.

Ronald Reagan Library

Canzeri, Tricia Novak: Papers, Photographs and Historical Materials, 1968–89 (8 cubic feet). This acquisition consists of materials donated by Tricia Novak Canzeri pertaining to the career of her late husband, Joseph Canzeri. He had a long and distinguished career in public relations and advance planning. The material in this collection documents his work with Governor and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and other prominent individuals and organizations. The collection consists of photograph albums, briefing books, scrap books, newspaper clippings, correspondence, framed photographs, Reagan doodles, and various ephemera.

* Ten new accessions, including the original casting and notes from a Reagan artifact in the "Treasures from the Walt Disney Archives" exhibit, artifacts from a Foreign Service employee who served in the Consulate General in Leningrad, and 100+ pieces of 1984 Los Angeles Olympic memorabilia from an Olympic official * Five new courtesy storage transfers * 21,517 iO records have digital images linked

George Bush Library

Textual Archives accessioned seven cubic feet of Office of George Bush Daily Files from 2008.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned three photo albums, 67 photographic and five video additions to the Post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. There was one DVD of Donated Historical Materials processed. In addition, the Audiovisual Department processed eight FOIA transfers from the Textual Archives.

There were 4,190 Post-Presidential artifacts accessioned and processed this quarter. The total processed Post-Presidential collection is 59,246.

There were 37 Presidential artifacts accessioned and processed this quarter. The total processed Presidential artifact collection is 45,983.

There were 4 Vice-Presidential artifacts cataloged and processed this quarter. The total processed Vice-Presidential artifact collection is 2,235.

This quarter, the Collections Department acquired two new artifacts by donations.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 19.386 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received one collection from the Clinton family for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual (A/V) staff received approximately 4.032 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. A/V staff received approximately 1.077 cubic feet of material from a deed of gift collection.

George W. Bush Library

Library staff continue work on completing deeds and acquiring other donations. The library received the final approved Peter Callahan deed this quarter. The library is still waiting to take physical possession of the Lazof book collection, as well as a few remaining Presidential documents from Mr. Lazof's collection.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

In November 2012, the Presidential Materials Staff declassified and returned to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library 144 pages of documents from its holdings that had previously been classified. These materials are from the President's Secretary's Files, the President's Map Room Papers, and the Adolf A. Berle, Jr. Papers. In addition to making the original documents available to researchers, we also created a special web feature and posted electronic copies on the library's website. The FDR Library has no classified holdings at its facility in Hyde Park, NY. Less than 250 pages remain classified out of 17 million pages of manuscripts materials. These remaining classified items are in storage in Washington, DC, and will be undergoing further review in 2013 to determine their eligibility for declassification.

Harry S. Truman Library

An accretion (about 5 pages, 1949) to the Harry S. Truman Political Campaigns Collection.

An accretion (about 150 pages, 1936–52) to the Permanent File of the Harry S. Truman Papers.

George C. Neal Papers, General Counsel of the Civil Aeronautics Board from 1942 to 1946 (19 linear feet, 3 linear inches; 1926–66), consisting of correspondence, reports, printed materials, legal documents, press releases, minutes of meetings, drafts of legislation, speeches, and handwritten notes mostly relating to his career with the Civil Aeronautics Board and his involvement in civil aviation.

John G. Brannon Papers, Defense Counsel at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East from 1946 to 1948 (7 linear feet, 10 linear inches; 1912–93), consisting of legal documents, memoranda, correspondence, printed materials, reports, tables, maps, photographs, and other items relating to his work as a defense attorney at the Japanese War Crimes trials after World War II.

Records of the Jackson County (Missouri) Election Board (2 linear inches; 1932–56), consisting of voter registration records with the signatures of Harry S. Truman and his family, and a tabulation of votes cast in the 1948 general election.

Sheet Music Collection (21 linear feet; 1877–1976), consisting of sheet music that was purchased by or given to President Truman and other members of the Truman or Wallace families.

Accretions to the Papers of Rufus Burrus, friend and attorney of Harry S. Truman (about 200 pages); Sidney Sherwood, Secretary of the Export-Import Bank (about 4,800 pages); and J. Thomas Schneider, an official in the Departments of Defense, Commerce, and Justice (about 50 pages).

An accretion to Record Group 87: Records of the U.S. Secret Service (3 linear feet, 6 linear inches; 1943–64), consisting of records relating to personnel investigations.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The library released 3,170 pages of previously donor-restricted materials during the quarter. The materials are from the Eisenhower Pre-Presidential Papers, the White House Central Files, and the papers of Harris Ellsworth, Thurman C. Erickson, Leonard V. Finder, Edward A. McCabe, Neil H. McElroy and Charles C. Finucane.

John F. Kennedy Library

In October 2012, the library opened and made available online seven boxes of the Robert F. Kennedy Attorney General Papers to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

This quarter, 103 new cases were assigned; 2,514 pages were submitted for declassification review. A total of 750 pages were processed following return to the library by agencies. Of these, 269 pages were declassified in full, 281 pages opened in part.

Richard Nixon Library

On October 23, 2012, the library opened a series of National Security Council records relating to the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. These documents were released in advance of a CIA conference on the war held in January 2013.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the papers of Robert Quartel, 1975–76. This collection consists primarily of materials related to the 1976 Presidential campaign, mostly letters from the public requesting information on President Ford's positions on issues, and the responses of the President Ford Committee Answer Desk to those letters. Also included is a series of Presidential Clemency Board reports documenting performance measurement and analyzing the process of deciding cases. 3.8 linear feet (ca. 7,600).

The library opened an accretion to the Office of White House Central Files Files (1971) 1974–77, consisting of White House filing manuals and logs of oversized attachments. Less than one foot.

The library opened audiovisual items transferred from the files of Mildred Leonard, personal assistant to President Ford; the papers of Paul A. Theis, Republican National Congressional Committee executive director and executive editor in the White House Editorial Office; the papers of Robert Anderson, special assistant for press relations to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and U.S. Ambassador to Morocco; the papers of Gordon E. Vander Till, director of Gerald Ford's Grand Rapids Office; and, the 30-30 Club Scrapbook of club member James L. Trimpe. AV inventories were appended to the online finding aids for the above collections. Ca. 1 linear foot.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following collections: Rex Granum's News Files: Helen Donaldson's Proposed Scheduling Files: Handwriting Files: Edward Sanders' Memorandum files, Correspondence Files, Press Files, and Office Files: Sandy Dockery's and Bob Dunns Subject Files: Domestic and Foreign Trip Files: White House Press Files.

William J. Clinton Library

The following requests/cases were released during this quarter:

2010-0083-F Sample dates from the Daily Diary
2006-0528-F Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
2006-1007-F Ann Z. Caracristi
2006-1140-F Sarin gas attack in Tokyo 3/20/95
2011-0387-F Warren Tsuneishi
2011-0416-F Daily Diary for 5/17/93 and 2/3/98
2011-0747-S Chris Jennings—DPC
2012-0101-S Jeremy Ben-Ami—DPC
2012-0212-S Julia Doan—DPC
2012-0249-S Linda Cooper— DPC
2012-0254-S Heather Howard—DPC
2012-0255-S Dorothy Karayannis Craft—DPC
2008-0824-F Telephone logs