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Accessions and Openings for the 2nd Quarter FY 2013

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

The library accessioned three small collections this quarter: 16 letters from MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer to Herbert Hoover, five GOP pamphlets, and five maps of Burma showing the Bawdwin mine.

Archival staff processed 0.5 cubic feet of Hoover's off-the-record talks. The library acquired twenty periodicals, seven books, a birds-eye view photograph of West Branch, and leather log/scrap book from the USS Maryland during its goodwill tour of Latin America with President-elect Hoover.

The museum acquired and accessioned: two 1928 inaugural medals and a 1928 campaign salt and pepper shaker set.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Two objects were acquired and accessioned during the quarter: a 1936 Alfred Landon campaign elephant figurine (donated by Crystal Perry) and a travel clock owned by Franklin Roosevelt (donated by Geoffrey Ward).

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired the Papers of Niel Johnson, archivist at the Harry S. Truman Library: two scrapbooks and a notebook containing press clippings, photographs, newsletters, programs, notes, and memorabilia relating to the Truman Library and the Truman family, 1945–2006. The collection (about 275 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of Francis H. Heller, Vice President of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute: correspondence, printed materials, and other items mostly concerning the Truman Library and the Truman Library Institute, ca. 1953–2009. The accretion (about 200 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired about 550 pages of Truman family letters and related items, 1893–1961, from Flora K. Bloom. These documents will be filed in the Truman Family, Business and Personal Affairs Papers, the Bess W. Truman Papers, and the Margaret Truman Daniel and Clifton Daniel Papers. With the exception of 30 letters from Harry to Bess Truman, which have been opened for research (see below), the papers are closed pending processing.

The library acquired 980 photographs and negatives and 22 audio recordings (reel-to-reel audio tape, cassette tapes, flexible discs, and an audio CD).

The museum processed 183 new accessions during the quarter.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Accretion to the Papers of Alfred M. Gruenther.

The museum accessioned a total of 82 items this quarter, including two exceptionally significant collections of donated material.

A citizen from Novosibirsk, Russia, whose grandfather served in the Red Air Force during the Great Patriotic War gave the museum a uniform, insignia, Soviet military books, and personal items that belonged to his grandfather. The staff at the Eisenhower Presidential Museum are profoundly grateful to the donor and the State Department employees who helped facilitate this important and unique gift.

The museum was also fortunate to receive a German MP-38 submachine gun and an assortment of Axis militaria from a veteran of the 91st Infantry Division who served in the Po Valley Campaign in Italy.

John F. Kennedy Library

Textual material (1.352 cubic feet)


Accretion, Theodore C. Sorensen Personal Papers (#222). Miscellaneous correspondence; JFK quotations and speech excerpts; recollections of conversation with Nelson Mandela. Total volume 0.1 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.


Accretion, Edward M. Kennedy Senate Papers (#130). Binder, "Favorite Quotations of Senator Edward M. Kennedy;" files of Paul G. Kirk on the "Final Salute" memorial to EMK. 1 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.

Accretion, Jack Rosenthal Personal Papers (#367). One green binder of speech drafts and other material pertaining to RFK's trip to Europe in June 1964. 0.252 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.

United Press International news teletype from Sunday, November 24, 1963, announcing both the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the procession of the caisson bearing President John F. Kennedy's coffin from the White House to the Capitol. 1 item. Open.

Constituent letters; two letters from Senator John F. Kennedy (1960) and four letters from Senator Edward M. Kennedy. 2 items. Open.

Letter from Vicar-general of the Popayan province, Colombia, on the assassination of President Kennedy. 1 item. Open.

Still images


Three additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.


One collection of +/- 1,200 original black-and-white and color negatives, images of John F. Kennedy 1960 campaign appearances in California, Robert F. Kennedy 1968 primary campaign appearances in California, and Edward M. Kennedy 1980 campaign appearances. In processing queue.

Sound recordings and moving images


One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interviews of returned Peace Corps Volunteers totaling +/- 3 hours. Open.


Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned an accretion of 0.46 cubic feet to the Personal Papers of Chester L. Cooper, Assistant Deputy Director of the CIA, 1947–62. The accretion of articles, other print material, and notes for an unpublished novel is available for research.

The library accessioned oral history transcripts from: Clarence Redford, a childhood friend of Lyndon Johnson's, attorney, and Uncle Ben executive [26 pages]; Cecil Redford, another childhood friend of Lyndon Johnson's and attorney [13 pages]; Robert E. Short, veteran, lawyer, businessman, friend of Hubert Humphrey's, owner of the Minneapolis/LA Lakers basketball team and the Washington Senators/Texas Rangers baseball team [44 pages


The library accessioned a 1/4 inch sound recording tape from the architect Charles F. Sanders, in which his mother interviews Lyndon Johnson by telephone in September 1958 about the League of Women Voters.

The Audiovisual Archives Department accessioned video and photos containing .068 cubic feet of still photos. The Technical Services Department produced seven photo CDs (.028 cubic feet) and 10 video DVDs (.04 cubic feet) of material for ongoing documentation of the LBJ Library's public programs. AV Archives received three donations, including one small BetaSP tape (.022 cubic feet) and two DVDs in commercial cases (.22 cubic feet). Total AV accessions and acquisitions were .112 cubic feet.

Gerald R. Ford Library

Received the following acquisitions: a replica Ford football jersey from the 2012 Republican National Convention; a 1968 Nixon Rally flyer mentioning Congressman Ford; a Bicentennial/Michigan History quilt signed by President Ford; and one challenge coin from the USS Gerald R. Ford Island Landing ceremony.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. It also received material from Gerald Rafshoon, President Carter's White House Director of Communications. This material consists of both textual and audiovisual material


Ronald Reagan Library

Eight new museum accessions.

George Bush Library

The Audiovisual Department logged eight photo, eight VHS tapes, and two audiocassette transfers from the Textual Archives Department. In addition, the Audiovisual Department accepted two video accretions of donated historical material.

This quarter, the Collections Department accessioned 20 artifacts, including nine archives transfer accession and seven new artifact donations.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 9.127 cubic feet of textual material this quarter.

The library received two collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage and received one deed of gift and 1 unsolicited collection.

The audiovisual (A/V) staff received approximately 4.032 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. A/V staff received approximately 1.008 cubic feet of material from a deed-of-gift collection.

The museum had four new accessions.

George W. Bush Library

The library acquired the George W. Bush gubernatorial records from the Texas State Library & Archives in Austin. The A/V and textual materials measure 2,195 cubic feet; the museum received some artifacts as well. The gubernatorial records, while in the physical custody of NARA, are still available to researchers according to Texas state law.

The library worked with Ronald C. Lazof to secure a loan of rare books for display in the Research Room during the Dedication and opening months of the library. The books were delivered on March 28, 2013.

The museum 159 received acquisitions; three deaccessions.


Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research an accretion to the Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers of Harry S. Truman: 30 letters from Harry to Bess Truman, dating from 1948 to 1952, and including about 120 pages of material.

The library opened for research the Papers of Robert Rodes, President of the American Trade Association of Morocco: correspondence, press releases, legal documents, and printed materials pertaining to U.S. trade with Morocco and a related lawsuit filed by Rodes against U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson. (400 pages, 1949–67)

The library opened for research the Papers of Philip Glick, Deputy Director of the War Relocation Authority from 1945 to 1946, and General Counsel of the Federal Public Housing Authority and Public Housing Administration from 1946 to 1948: reports, books, newspaper clippings, speeches, personal writings, memorabilia, photographs, and correspondence mostly pertaining to his service with the War Relocation Authority and other agencies of the Federal Government. (1,200 pages, 1926–90)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Nielsen, Waldemar A.; Papers, 1954–90.

White House Office, Office of the Staff Secretary: Records of Paul T. Carroll, Andrew J. Goodpaster, L. Arthur Minnich and Christopher H. Russell, 1952–61—Cross Reference Sheets Series.

3,072 pages of previously donor-restricted material from 28 collections.

Systematic Review: 1,969 pages of U.S. Treasury Department—Secret Service files were released.

Mandatory Review: Opened—34 pages in full and 15 in part.

John F. Kennedy Library

Materials from the Joseph P. Kennedy Personal Papers that were previously closed due to deed restrictions were reviewed and opened. Review was completed on withdrawn items from 17 subseries. Approximately 875 documents were opened in full, and approximately 25 were opened in part (sanitized).

Processed the 16 remaining letters of the Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings Personal Papers, Series 1. Correspondence, 1934–39. The letters were opened for research use in March 2013.

Processed the New Orleans Times-Picaynne Photograph Collection (#5034). Photographs, 1919–66, wire service and original New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper black-and-white photographs illustrating John F. Kennedy's life, career, and family. 2.448 cubic feet. Open.

Completed deed review and reprocessing of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Personal Papers, Series 9. Financial Records, 3.528 cubic feet. One subseries was reopened for research use.

Researcher appeal of donor restrictions resulted in the opening of 33 items comprising 85 pages in the following collections: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Papers; McGeorge Bundy Papers; John Kenneth Galbraith Papers; and the National Security Files.

Systematic review of donor restrictions resulted in the opening of 16 items comprising 40 pages in the John Kenneth Galbraith Papers and the National Security Files.

The Declassification Unit reviewed over 200 pages, the majority of which was deemed appropriate for opening in full.

Under the RAC, 378 RAC documents totaling 1,871 pages were reviewed: 361 RAC documents totaling 1,635 pages were declassified, 11 documents totaling 26 pages were sanitized, and 6 documents totaling 210 pages were exempted.

Opened: As a result of mandatory review decisions, the library has reviewed 328 documents totaling 1,687 pages: 136 documents totaling 496 pages were declassified; 111 documents totaling 358 pages were sanitized; and 81 documents totaling 833 pages were exempted.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The Courtship Letters of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Lady Bird Taylor, written during their whirlwind romance in 1934, were opened on February 14, generating extensive media coverage and public interest. The 0.46 cubic feet of materials were uploaded onto the library's website for digital access and are fully available for research.

The Archives staff processed and made available for research the following Personal Papers collections: 0.46 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of Chester L. Cooper; 2.33 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of Helen Fuller; 3.22 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of John Oliver Hall; and 2.30 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of William Horvath.

The Archives staff completed processing of four boxes from the Kerner Commission Embargoed Series, consisting of 1.84 cubic feet of material, and the boxes are open and available for research.

The Archives Staff processed and made available for research oral history transcripts from Clarence Redford [26 pages]; Cecil Redford [13 pages]; and Robert E. Short [44 pages].

One hundred and six new mandatory review cases were assigned this quarter; 2,493 pages were submitted for declassification review. A total of 2,671 pages were processed following return to the library by agencies. Of these, 733 pages were declassified in full; 1,318 pages opened in part.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the NSA National Security Council Staff Secretary Files, (1973) 1974–77. The collection consists of a fragmentary chronological file of outgoing correspondence and memoranda along with a small subject file. Although occasional minutes of meetings or memoranda of conversations appear, the material is mostly routine in nature and the bulk of it concerns administrative matters. 94.6 linear feet [ca. 8,800 pages])

The library opened accretions to the Arthur F. Burns Papers, (1957) 1969–87. A new series was established (Trip File), and materials were added to four existing series (Federal Reserve Board Subject File, Federal Reserve Board Staff Files, Name Correspondence Files, and Chronological File). The Trip File contains materials relating to trips made by Arthur Burns, primarily in his official capacity as the U.S. Ambassador to West Germany. Although most of the material is routine trip planning records, there is some substantial material related to diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union pertaining to Berlin, and relations between U.S. military bases in West Germany and the surrounding communities. The Federal Reserve Board Subject File contains material related to the 1975 New York City financial crisis and vacancies on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, among other topics. The other series contain routine correspondence. (12.4 linear feet [ca. 22,560 pages])

The library opened an accretion to the Birge Watkins Files, 1974–77. This accretion contains a very complete set of typed daily schedules (with handwritten additions and corrections) for Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs L. William Seidman. (0.4 linear feet [ca. 800 pages])

Mandatory Review
Received: 749
Submitted: 719
Opened: 133

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened the following collections: Donated Phil Wise Papers, Phil Wise was the President's Appointment Secretary; Special Asst. to President (Health Issues)—Peter Bourne Files; Appointments, Scheduling and Advance Office—Maxio Cooper's Trip Files; Declassified materials from the Staff Secretary Files and Handwriting Files.

RAC activities: The library released in full 691 pages, released in part 22 pages and 0 pages were denied in full.

The library received10 mandatory review requests for 2,216 pages. LP-JC submitted 22 MR cases totaling 281 pages. Agencies returned 17 cases, 305 pages were released in full, 61 pages were released in part and 18 pages were denied in full. 37 cases were closed out.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received permission from the current White House to open 3,830 pages this quarter. The majority of this material consisted of documents with applied declassification decisions. Currently, there are 800,362 pages processed and waiting permission to open.

Using White House or State Department guidelines, the archival staff declassified 1,020 pages. We applied declassification action to another 4,351 pages.

George Bush Library

The library received permission to release the following records for research (61,306 pages).

FOIA Requests
2005-1029-F[1] (1989 NSC PA Files, 8,433 pages)
2008-1178-F[1] (Selected Files on Mongolia, 673 pages)
2008-1178-F[2] Selected files on Mongolia, 18 pages)
2011-0282-F (Selected David Gompert Chron Files, 1,803 pages)
2011-0288-F (Robert Hutchings Chron Files, 2,731 pages)
2011-2577-F (Council of Economic Advisors, 13,482 pages)
2012-0081-F[1] (Yugoslavia, 14,948 pages)
2012-0636-F[1] (Angola, Namibia, UNITA, Herman Jay Cohen, 7,061 pages)
2012-0636-F[2] (Angola, Namibia, UNITA, Herman Jay Cohen, 253 pages)
2012-0636-F[3] (Angola, Namibia, UNITA, Herman Jay Cohen, 63 pages)
2012-1796-F (IT086 [U.N. Secretariat], 3,092 pages)
2012-1797-F (IT086-12 [U.N. Gen. Assembly], 365 pages)
2012-1798-F ( IT086-13 [U.N. Com. on Human Rights], 200 pages)
2012-1799-F (IT086-14 [U.N. International Court of Justice], 96 pages)
2012-1800-F (IT086-015 [U.N. International Law Commission], 0 pages)
2012-1801-F (IT086-018 [U.N. Peace Observation Commission], 0 pages)
2012-1802-F (IT086-22 [U.N. Security Council], 197 pages)
2012-1803-F (IT086-27 [U.S. Mission to the U.N.], 100 pages)
2012-1804-F (IT086-29 [U.S. Com. on Improving the Effectiveness of the U.N.], 23 pages)
2012-1805-F (IT109 [U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States], 0 pages)
2012-1806-F (IT110 [U.S. Mission to the International Atomic Energy Agency], 0 pages)
2012-1807-F (IT112 [U.S. Mission to the European Office of the U.N.], 25 pages)
2012-1808-F (IT113 [U.S. Mission to the European Communities], 5 pages)
2012-1931-F[1] (Japan/Korea Trade Files, 1,645 pages)
2012-1931-F[2] (Japan/Korea Trade Files, 603 pages)
2012-2216-F[1] (U.S.-Japan Relations, 86 pages)
2012-2216-F[2] (U.S.-Japan Relations, 156 pages)
2012-2216-F[3] (Selected files on U.S.-Japan relations, 26 pages)
2012-2217-F[1] (Family Planning, 1,093 pages)
2012-2230-F (Selected Richard Haas Meeting Files, 1,152 pages)
2012-2662-F (Memcons with Foreigners, 100 pages)
2012-3070-F (Resolution Trust Corporation, 2 pages)
2012-3228-F (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE), 30 pages)

William J. Clinton Library

Archivists processed 18 mandatory reviews (65 pages released by agencies in full/23 pages released by agencies in part/104 pages released using WH declassification guidelines/6 pages released using DOS declassification guidelines/0 pages released through notification).