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Accessions and Openings for the 3rd Quarter FY 2013

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

The library accessioned three small collections this quarter: two folders from the Women's Division of National Amateur Athletic Foundation, in which Lou Hoover was active; two folders of scrapbook leaves about the 1928 Presidential campaign; and a typescript copy of Freedom Betrayed that belonged to Herbert (Pete) Hoover III. Twenty-three periodicals and one book were added to the library collections. The museum acquired and accessioned a 1928 silk campaign handkerchief.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the quarter the library accessioned 0.402 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions was a scrapbook kept by Lester Clarke during his time in the Civilian Conservation Corps in New Jersey, Florida, and Idaho, 1935–36. It includes photographs and sketches illustrating camp life in the CCC, letters, and camp newspapers. The scrapbook was rescued from a trash bin and donated to the library by Barbara Wells and Steven Elling.

Four objects (acquired in late March from donor Steven Lomazow) were accessioned during the quarter: an FDR-themed clock produced during the 1930s; an Eleanor Roosevelt stamp cover; a 1930s United Mine Workers framed piece that includes tributes to FDR; and a World War II–era Danish-language anti-Semitic leaflet that includes caricatures of the Big Three (FDR, Churchill, Stalin).

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired the Papers of Thomas McGee, a longtime friend of Harry S. Truman: correspondence between McGee, Truman, and others, 1931–42. The collection (about 35 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the Papers of Victoria Geaney, housekeeper at Blair House during the Truman administration: about 75 handwritten letters to Mrs. Geaney from Bess W. Truman, Madge Gates Wallace, Margaret Truman, and other persons; with envelopes, cards, menus, printed materials, and other items, 1945–52. The collection (about 175 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration: Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Records Relating to Library Operations (Record Group 64): instructional manuals and warranty information for appliances in the kitchen adjoining Mr. Truman's office at the library, with a floor plan for that section of the building, dating from 1956. The accretion (about 100 pages) is open for research.

The museum processed 142 new accessions during the quarter.

On May 29, the Luther D. Bass family visited the museum and donated a diary and other documents pertaining to American POWs in Japan.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Robert S. Drake, 1922–2003

Papers of James Allen Grover, 1940–46

Additional Eisenhower Executive Office Building Collected Materials, 1940–69 97 Minutes of videotape and 46 minutes of audiotape were accessioned.

An oral history interview Mary Jean Eisenhower was accessioned.

The museum accessioned a total of 25 items this quarter, all of which were private donations.

John F. Kennedy Library

The library received copies of 2,000 digital images from the Museo Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, the second shipment of documents from Ernest Hemingway's Cuban residence. The documents, which have never before been seen by the public, will be added to the library's existing Museo Ernest Hemingway Collection for use by researchers. The library accessioned three additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013) (total volume less than 1 cubic foot; open) and three additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184), oral history interviews of returned Peace Corps Volunteers (totaling +/- 6 hours; open).

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned the Personal Papers of Dale Hargrove, which consists of a letter from Bess Abell (1964), LBJ's inauguration invitation (1965), and two photographs of President Johnson and his family. These four pages were given to Mr. Hargrove by a relative of his and are available for research.

The library accessioned oral history transcripts from William Livingston, who was a faculty member in the political science department at the University of Texas at Austin (1949–2007) and held numerous positions at the university (38 and 104 pages).

The Audiovisual Archives Department accessioned video and photos containing 5.207 cubic feet of still photos. The Technical Services Department produced 9 photo CDs (0.036 cubic feet) and 16 video DVDs (0.064 cubic feet), and one contact binder (.382 cubic feet) of material for ongoing documentation of the LBJ Library's public programs. AV Archives received two video donations, containing 0.038 cubic feet. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were 5.953 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

Transcripts and notes of interviews conducted by Mordecai Lee for his book Nixon's Super-Secretaries: The Last Grand Presidential Reorganization Effort.

Two one-inch videotapes and a transcript of a two-hour interview that journalist Harrison Salisbury and filmmaker Bill Jersey conducted with Richard Nixon in 1983.

A photograph of President Nixon and the Secretary of the Interior Rogers C. B. Morton in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photographs of Richard Nixon campaigning in October 1968.

1960 and 1968 campaign-related materials.

Presidential impeachment petitions.

The library received eight unsolicited donations of various campaign materials and framed items. Lee Humiston's loan for the "All American Homecoming" exhibition has been turned into a donation. There are six deeds pending.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library received the following acquisitions: a 1933 Michiganesian University of Michigan Yearbook; a framed political cartoon featuring a caricatured President Ford wearing a "WON" button; a ticket to a 1973 Nixon event in Michigan; a framed print of Kinstler portrait of President Ford; an assortment of Nixon and Watergate-related materials; and a small collection of objects related to Thomas G. Ford.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. This quarter we also received donated material from Carlton Neville. Material includes 1976 campaign and environmental issues.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received a small accretion to White House Staff and Office files including some folders for the Council of Economic Advisers; audiovisual materials and textual materials such as posters, and brochures. It was approximately 1 cubic foot of material.

George Bush Library

Textual Archives received three small unsolicited donations totaling a combined .5 cubic feet from the following individuals: George G. Robertson, Naaman J. Woodland Jr., and Dr. Karl A. Erb.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned 17 photographs, 23 audiocassettes, 26 VHS tapes, and one ¼" tape of donated historical material. There were also 31 photographic and one video of archival transfers. The audiovisual department accessioned 30 photographic scrapbook accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. Mrs. Bush also donated several additional CDs and tapes of her personal photos.

This quarter, the Collections Department accessioned 64 artifacts, including 28 archives transfer accession and 5 new artifact donations.

William J. Clinton Library

The library accessioned approximately 7.559 cubic feet of textual material; received three collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage; and received one deed of gift collection. The audiovisual (A/V) staff received approximately 4.032 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter. A/V staff received approximately 3.976 cubic feet of material for courtesy storage. The museum had four new accessions.

George W. Bush Library

The library received completed deeds for the Bill Melton (2005 Inaugural Parade script) and Phillips Andover (yearbook) donations, and it received material from the Carl Teopel collection. The museum received 16 acquisitions.


Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the Papers of Patrick H. Gallen, an acquaintance of Harry S. Truman: copies of correspondence between Gallen, Truman, and members of the White House staff, along with copies of a few other items. (160 pages, 1935–65).

The library opened for research the Papers of Luther Gulick, a staff member for the U.S. Reparations Mission after World War II: correspondence, printed materials, articles, photographs, reports, and other items relating to Gulick's career as a government official and public administration expert. (3,200 pages, 1917–92).

The library opened for research the Papers of Danny O'Driscoll, a Secret Service Agent: copies of reports and training records, correspondence, logs of Presidential trips, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other items relating to O'Driscoll's career with the Secret Service. (800 pages, 1943–69).

The library opened for research an accretion to the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration: Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Director's Reading File (Record Group 64): letters written by the director of the Truman Library and by other staff members, along with memoranda and reports on Library activities. (14,400 pages, 1986–2000).

The library opened for research small accretions to the Papers of Taylor Atha; Hugh Fulton; Charles F. Knox, Jr.; and Helen Wallace.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Openings o Review of previously donor-restricted material in 16 collections was re-reviewed and resulted in the release of 3,533 pages

John F. Kennedy Library

Materials from the Joseph P. Kennedy Personal Papers that were previously closed due to deed restrictions were reviewed and opened. Review was completed on withdrawn items from 18 subseries. Approximately 4,050 documents were opened in full, and approximately 50 were opened in part (sanitized).

Reviewed over 200 pages, the majority of which was deemed appropriate for opening in full. In the NSF, Sorensen and WHCSF: 121 documents totaling 669 pages were declassified systematically.

Opened: As a result of mandatory review decisions, the Kennedy Library has reviewed 88 documents totaling 566 pages: 52 documents totaling 377 pages were declassified, 22 documents totaling 154 pages were sanitized, and 14 documents totaling 35 pages were exempted.

Reprocessing of the photographs from the Personal Papers of David F. Powers (#189) 2.04 cf; finding aid created. Open.

Processed accrual to United States Interstate Commerce Commission Records, 1.632 cubic feet.

EAD finding aid created for President's Collection Photographs (#5014). Open.

EAD finding aid created for the White House Social Files (#7). Open in part.

EAD finding aid created for the White House Central Subject Files (#6.1). Open.

Donor Appeals: Continued deed review of materials. Researcher appeal of donor restrictions resulted in the opening of 19 items comprising 44 pages in the following collections: John Kenneth Galbraith Papers; White House Staff Files of Mike Manatos; and the White House Staff Files of Lawrence O'Brien. A further six items comprising 30 pages in these collections were reviewed but remain closed. Four oral history interviews were reviewed. Two interviews comprising 164 pages were opened. The other two interviews, comprising 115 pages, remain closed.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The archives staff processed and made available for research oral history transcripts from William Livingston (38 and 104 pages).

The archives staff processed and made available for research the following personal papers collections: 2.76 cubic feet from the Personal Papers of Joseph W. Barr, the Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1963–65), Undersecretary of the Treasury (1965–68), and Secretary of the Treasury (1968–69); 8.74 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of Lowell K. Bridwell, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator and later Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Transportation (Operations) in 1964, and who worked at the Federal Highway Administration (1967–69); four pages from the Personal Papers of Dale Hargrove, a friend of the library who donated a letter from Bess Abell (1964), an invitation to the January, 1965, Presidential inauguration, and two photographs of President Johnson and his family; 11.5 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of Almon Turley Mace, an analyst for the Commodity Stabilization Service (1955–61), Deputy Administrator of the Rural Community Development Service and Director of the Office of Rural Areas Development during the Johnson Administration; 4.21 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of William M. McMillan, Assistant Postmaster General for the Bureau of Operations (1964–68) and Postal Inspector and Regional Director of the Dallas Region (1927–64); and 5.06 cubic feet of material from the Personal Papers of John E. Robson, staff assistant to Joseph Califano (1966–67), first General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Transportation (appointed by President Johnson on Jan. 31, 1967) and Undersecretary of the Department of Transportation beginning May 28, 1968.

The archives staff processed and made available for research materials from the following collections: 0.46 cubic feet from the White House Social Office, Bess Abell; 4.14 cubic feet comprising the Task Force on Communications Policy; 1.84 cubic feet from the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission); 3.312 cubic feet from the White House Central File (WHCF) subject category IV (Invitations); 2.07 cubic feet from the WHCF subject category ME (Messages); 0.414 cubic feet from the WHCF subject category ND (National Defense); and 1.242 cubic feet from the WHCF subject category PR (Public Relations).

Forty cases were assigned this quarter; 593 pages were submitted for declassification review. A total of 459 pages were processed following return to the library by agencies. Of these, 43 pages were declassified in full, 216 pages opened in part, and 200 pages exempted from declassification.

Jimmy Carter Library

The Carter Library released 889 pages in full and 4 pages in part. Mandatory declassification review: 362 pages were released in full; 42 pages were released in part.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received permission from the current White House to open 67,557 pages this quarter. The majority of this material consists of White House Office of Records Management subject categories FG065–FG0164 (Independent Boards, Agencies and Commissions). The remainder of the material is from various Freedom of Information Act requests, CREST documents and documents with applied declassification decisions. Currently, LP-RR has 868,260 pages processed and waiting permission to open.

George Bush Library

FOIA Requests:
2013-0062-F (Dorothy Walker Bush Condolence Files—87,181 pages)
2013-1261-F (American Spectator—351 pages)

Systematically Reviewed Records (0 pages):
2012-3131-S (David C. Welch Files—418 pages)
2013-0362-S[2] (National Security Affairs—Country Files—2,806 pages)
2013-0362-S[3] (National Security Affairs—Foreign Travel Files—4,560 pages)
2013-0362-S[5](National Security Affairs—OVP Control and Destruction Logs—1,228 pages)

The following were released for research during the quarter (39,067 pages). FOIA Requests:
2011-2184-F[3] (Iran Contra Affair—32 pages)
2011-2569-F[3] (Economy—19 pages)
2012-0637-F[2] (South Africa—2,391 pages)
2012-0637-F[3] (South Africa—259 pages)
2012-0638-F[2] (Horn of Africa—3,670 pages)
2012-0638-F[3] (The Horn of Africa—2,256 pages)
2012-1098-F (China MFN—15,929 pages)
2012-1099-F (China MFN—3,117 pages)
2012-2217-F[2] (Family Planning—162 pages)
2012-2218-F[2] (Selected files on abortion—1,469 pages)
2012-2218-F[3] (Selected files on abortion—135 pages)
2012-2319-F[2] (Selected files on housing—76 pages)
2012-2323-F[2] (Selected files on ERISA—3,117 pages)
2012-2324-F[2] (Selected file on Medicare—1 page)
2012-2325-F[2] (Selected files on Robert Monks—52 pages)
2012-3085-F[2] (Murphy Brown speech and The Simpsons—552 pages)
2013-0232-F[2] (Mr. and Mrs. Bush's visit to the British Embassy, 1981–89—83 pages)
2013-0363-F (U.S.S. San Jacinto Commissioning, 1988—230 pages)

During the quarter, the Bush Library received permission to release 6,032 pages in full and 852 pages in part.

William J. Clinton Library

The following FOIA requests/systematic projects were released this quarter:
2006-0885-F (seg 3) Health Care Task Force
2011-0504-F Internet Broadcast of 1998 Easter Egg Roll
2006-0198-F (seg 4) Records related to FLOTUS work with women & children
2006-1008-F PFIAB—Anthony Harrington
2006-1015-F PFIAB—Adm. Bud "Elmo" Zumwalt
2006-1164-F (seg 1) Terrorism
2011-0616-F Robert G. Torricelli
2012-0072-F Robert C. Galloway
2012-0364-F FLOTUS speech March 1999—Morocco
2012-0550-F Texarkana, TX, event March 10-13, 1999—Advance
2012-0597-F Leonie Milhomme Brinkema

George W. Bush Library

The library opened 199,696 pages in full and 5,867 pages in part this quarter. The SCIF team declassified 275 pages in full (62 documents), 138 pages in part (23 documents).