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Accessions and Openings for the 4th quarter FY 2013


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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

The archives received 4 linear feet from John Fawcett documenting his work with the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association and five small accessions from: Tim Walch, Ray Musesig, the Heacock family, Hugo Meier, and Barry Landau. The audiovisual department received a photograph with hand tinting of the Hoover birthplace. The library acquired seventeen periodicals, eleven books, and thirty-five reels of microfilm.

Several missing items taken by Barry Landau were returned by the Office of the Inspector General.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

During the fourth quarter, 9.42 cubic feet of recent manuscript acquisitions were accessioned.

Most notable among this quarter's accessions was an accretion to the papers of Samuel I. Rosenman, counselor and speechwriter for President Roosevelt. Included is a series of scrapbooks covering Rosenman's public career from 1921 to 1963; correspondence between Rosenman and his wife, Dorothy; documents from Rosenman's early life and education; photographs; printed materials; certificates; and memorabilia.

Twenty-one objects were acquired and accessioned during the fourth quarter. These consist of the following:

From donor Steven Lomazow: a 1920 Cox/Roosevelt campaign pin; a group of 10 stamp covers celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the United States Constitution (signed by a member of FDR's cabinet); a promotional poster for a 1947 movie titled The Roosevelt Story; a World War II–era hand-carved commemorative box with an FDR-theme created by a United States Marine; and a group of six FDR-themed commercial items marketed during FDR's Presidency—three commemorative cigar boxes, two clocks, and a thermometer plaque.

From donor Jonathan A. Benjamin: two World War II-era ship models once owned by FDR and an 18th-century English sterling silver jug that belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Two additional objects, acquired late in the third quarter from donor Steven Lomazow, were also accessioned during the fouth quarter: a commemorative Fala ceramic dish produced during FDR's Presidency and an FDR letter with four blocks of commemorative stamps (with "First Day of Issue" date stamps).

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired the Papers of Maurice J. Tobin, Secretary of Labor from 1948 to 1953: correspondence, speeches, printed materials, and other items relating to his service in President Truman's cabinet, dating from 1948 to 1953. This collection (about 64,000 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the Papers of Max Lowenthal, a Washington, DC, attorney and associate of Harry S. Truman: letters, memorandums, printed materials, and other items relating to wiretapping legislation in Congress, dating roughly from 1940 to 1949. This collection (about 195 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired the Papers of John Ross Truman, the grand-nephew of Harry S. Truman: drafts of several speeches delivered by John Ross Truman at public events, dating from 2008 to 2012. This collection (about 15 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired an accretion to the Papers of Philip M. Kaiser, Assistant Secretary of Labor from 1949 to 1952: photographs, correspondence, memorabilia, the transcript of an oral history interview, and other items relating to his career in government, dating roughly from 1935 to 1995. This accretion (about 800 pages) is closed pending processing.

The library acquired 144 photographs.

The museum processed 194 new accessions during the quarter.

On May 29, the Luther D. Bass family visited the museum and donated a diary and other documents pertaining to American POWs in Japan.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Papers of Douglas and Mabel McKay: 695 still photographs were accessioned from various manuscript collections.

The museum accessioned a total of 244 items this quarter, most of which were transferred from the library.

John F. Kennedy Library

Seven additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection (#164) consisting of seven folders. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Accretion to the Edward M. Kennedy Personal Papers (#130), consisting of office material, folders on Guyana, and a Short Brothers File. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Closed pending processing.

Ace of Clubs Records (#384), including club records, correspondence, meeting minutes, President's books, and photo albums. Of note are meeting minutes from Rose Kennedy's era, including a meeting at which Senator John F. Kennedy spoke. 8.702 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Warren Cikins Personal Papers (#350), consisting of a publication titled, "The Company We Keep: 50 Years of Arkansas Creating Just Communities," signed by Ruth Shepherd (author) and Warren Cikins (who wrote a chapter on Brooks Hays). Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Accretion to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection (#322), consisting of JFK condolence materials from Darmstadt, Germany: two leather-bound condolence books with signatures, one handwritten memorial card, one photostatic memorial card in old German, and one newsclipping from the Darmstadter Stadtnachrichten. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Photographs Collection (#5013), consisting of five photograph prints and one color transparency. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184) consisting of 67 color transparencies. Total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Beulah Harris Ignall Collection of Harcourt Harris Photographs (#5037). Approximately 850 black-and-white 4" x 5" photograph negatives and approximately 475 photograph prints, images made by Harcourt Harris Studios at the Kennedy/Shriver, Kennedy/Lawford, and Kennedy/Smith weddings, and at a reception for John F. Kennedy at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Total volume approximately 1.5 cubic foot. In process.

Sound recordings and moving images:

One addition to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Collection (#184): oral history interview of returned Peace Corps Volunteer totaling +/- 1 hour. Open.

Two additions to the Miscellaneous Recordings Collection (#5011): moving image recordings of the Kennedy family in 1960 and President Kennedy's visit to Germany (Fliegerhorst Kaserne) in 1963. Open.

Two thousand digital images of Ernest Hemingway documents were received from the Museo Ernest Hemingway in Cuba. The facsimiles will be opened once the finding aid is completed.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned the Personal Papers of Robert W. Komer, staff member of the National Security Council, 0.086 cubic feet [one linear inch]. This accretion consists of an unpublished manuscript and is available for research.

The library accessioned the following oral history transcripts: George Sandlin, Texas Democratic Executive Committee Secretary, 1952–54 and Chairman, 1954–56, two interviews totaling 67 pages; Charles Ferris, Democratic Policy Committee staff, 1963–77, Democratic Policy Committee General Counsel and Staff Director, 1964–77, Chief Counsel to House Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, 1977, and Federal Communication Commission Chairman, 1977–81, five interviews totaling 205 pages; Charles Timmes, Major General, Chief of the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group (MACV) in South Vietnam 1961–64, and served with the CIA in Vietnam 1967–75, 28 pages; Mildred Stegall, LBJ staff member, "LBJ As I Knew Him," 16 pages; Margaret Mayer Ward, journalist, 13 pages; Joseph C. Swidler, Assistant Solicitor, Interior Department, 1933, Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933–57, World War II veteran, Chairman, Federal Power Commission, 1961–65, and U.S. Representative to the United Nations 1966, three interviews totaling 82 pages.

The Audiovisual Archives Department accessioned audio tapes, and CDs containing .068 cubic feet of material. The Technical Services Department produced seven photo CDs (.028 cubic feet) and six video DVDs (.024 cubic feet) of material for ongoing documentation of the LBJ Library's public programs. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were .120 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

This quarter the library accessioned 11 collections, including letters from Richard and Pat Nixon to family and friends; covers and posters from the underground press that feature references to Richard Nixon; and materials related to the 1970 White House Conference on children.

The library received 10 unsolicited donations of various Nixon campaign materials, POW-related items, and Birthplace renovation blueprints. Items were accessioned for Lee Humiston, which included the White House and POW White House dinner memorabilia and four scrapbooks of 1969 Nixon Presidential campaign memorabilia that were donated by Kathryn Eickhoff-Smith.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library completed work for five accessions this quarter, which consist of accretions to the Melvin Laird Papers, Gerald R. Ford Funeral Materials, Composite Grand Rapids Accessions collection, and Composite General Accessions collection.

The accretion to the Melvin Laird Papers is especially noteworthy as it comprises Secretary Laird's recent correspondence, notes, Op-Ed pieces, and photographs on such topics as Gerald Ford's election as House Minority Leader, Ford's selection as Vice President, the Nixon pardon, the role of Secretary of Defense, and the Laird Center for Medical Research (0.1 linear feet).

Received the following acquisitions: an assortment of USS Gerald R. Ford materials; two Ford-related campaign buttons; a 1927 South High Yearbook featuring Gerald Ford; a 1930 Ottawa Hills Yearbook featuring Gerald Ford; a matchbook depicting President Ford; and a "Welcome Home Jerry!" political button.

Jimmy Carter Library

The library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office.

President Carter donated his personal arrowhead/projectile point collection of over 1,000 pieces to the museum.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received an accretion to the personal papers collection of Charles Wick, Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA) and a personal friend of the Reagans. It is approximately 13 cubic feet of material consisting mostly of published books. We also continue to receive small items found in Washington, DC, for White House Staff and Office files. This quarter the library received material for the Office of Correspondence, a single White House memo and blueprints and information about the EEOB renovations done in the 1980s. This material is approximately 1 cubic foot.

George Bush Library

The library received an accretion (6.0 cubic feet) of George Bush Presidential Records from Presidential Materials division and textual transfers (3.0 cubic feet) from the Audiovisual Department.

The Audiovisual Department accessioned 67 photo CDs, 358 photographic, 22 DVD videos, and 2 audio accretions to the post-Presidential collection from the Office of George Bush. The bulk of the accretions were from Mrs. Bush, who continued to turn over her personal photographs to the library, this time in the form of CDs and zip drives. Mrs. Bush also sent 23 binders of "Photo Diaries." There were also four DVDs, one photo CD, nine photographs of donated historical material, and 12 FOIA transfers with 16 photographs accessioned this quarter. Also accessioned various photographs and video from Patricia Burchfield.

This quarter, the Collections Department accessioned 57 artifacts, including 1 archives transfer accession and 7 new artifact donations.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately 15.64 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received two unsolicited from donors and two collections from the Clinton family for courtesy storage.

The audiovisual staff received approximately 2.52 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter.

The museum had one new accession.

George W. Bush Library

During this past quarter, the library has received and worked on four accessions. The library also worked on obtaining deeds for other collections.


Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the Records of the Bank of America: copies of pages from two bank ledgers documenting financial transactions by members of the Wallace and Gates families, and by other residents of Independence, Missouri and the surrounding area (50 pages, 1883–1900).

The library opened for research the Papers of Harry Jonas: correspondence, photographs, event schedules, programs, lists of participants and guests, a speech draft, and press clippings relating to his work as Chairman of the Harry S. Truman Statue Committee (100 pages, 1956–77).

The library opened for research the Papers of Henry Koch: letters, memorandums, cables, itineraries, notes, and other documents relating to his work as a State Department official with responsibility for German trade and economic affairs (300 pages, 1948–50).

The library opened for research the Papers of Ken McCormick: copies of correspondence with Harry S. Truman and others relating to McCormick's work as Editor in Chief at Doubleday and Company and the publication of Truman's Memoirs by Doubleday (100 pages, 1949–91).

The library opened for research an accretion to the Papers of Bess W. Truman: greeting and get-well cards, notes, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and photographs received by Mrs. Truman for her birthday, for holidays, or during periods of illness or hospitalization (10,400 pages, 1945–82).

The library acquired and opened for research an accretion to the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration (Record Group 64): Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Atomic Bomb Gallery Museum Visitor Comment Books (880 pages, 2012–2013).

The library acquired and opened for research an accretion to the Records of the National Archives and Records Administration (Record Group 64): Records of the Harry S. Truman Library: Living Legacy Gallery Museum Visitor Comment Books (1,100 pages, 2012–2013).

The library acquired and opened for research small accretions to the Miscellaneous Historical Documents Collection, the Papers of Margaret Truman Daniel and Clifton Daniel, and the Papers of John B. Moullette.

The library opened approximately 4,700 pages of material that was declassified through Mandatory Review and Remote Archival Capture (RAC) programs.

Accretions were opened for the Charles Darlington Papers and the Oscar Ewing Papers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Papers, Condolence Mail Series, Floyd Odlum Papers, Review of previously donor-restricted material in 20 collections was re-reviewed and resulted in the release of 8,430 pages.

John F. Kennedy Library

Review of deed restricted materials in the Joseph P. Kennedy Personal Papers is now complete. Withdrawn items from 15 subseries were reviewed this quarter. Approximately 3,675 documents were opened in full, and approximately 30 were opened in part (sanitized).

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

Textual Archives processing continued. Material not yet open for research from eligible textual collections was reviewed upon request.

Archives staff processed and made available for research the Personal Papers of Joseph W. Barr, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1963–65), Under Secretary of the Treasury (1965–68), Secretary of the Treasury (1968–69), 15.18 cubic feet. The staff also processed and made available for research the records of the 1965 Inaugural Committee, 32.2 cubic feet.

All the transcripts for November 1963 through December 1965 for Lady Bird Johnson's White House Diaryouthouse Diary have been reviewed and processed, and the first three boxes of transcripts are now available for research use [2200 pages: 1.427 cubic feet].

Foreign policy staff completed processing the National Security File (NSF), Files of William G. Bowdler (previously known as NSF, Staff File Fragments, Bowdler, Lewis and Sayre). This three-box series is the last of the so-called "Staff File Fragments" to be processed. Staff processed and made available for research three boxes of material from the Papers of Williams C. Westmoreland, former Commander, Military Assistance Command Vietnam, 1964–68, and U.S. Army Chief of Staff, 1968–72, which includes material from both the MACV period and the Chief of Staff period (1.38 cubic feet). Staff also processed two boxes of Post Presidential Intelligence Briefings File, .92 cubic feet, and completed four boxes of preservation sets of from the Post Presidential Intelligence Briefings File (1.84 cubic feet).

Richard Nixon Library

On August 21, 2013, the archives department released approximately 30,000 pages of formerly classified documents under a systematic review program. Also released were two previously unprocessed collections—the office files of Special Assistants Barbara Franklin and John Price.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the Country File and the Visits File series from the National Security Adviser's NSC Staff for the Middle East and South Asia Files, 1974–77 [11.8 linear feet (ca. 21,600 pages)].

The library opened the National Security Adviser's Staff Assistant John K. Matheny Files, 1975–76. This collection contains material concerning Matheny's work as an assistant to Robert C. McFarlane, primarily in the area of National Security Council interactions with the congressional select committees on intelligence and Ford administration efforts to reform the intelligence community. Some materials on other topics appear, including a significant file on the administration's self-evaluation of the handling of the Mayaguez incident [4.6 linear feet (ca. 8,400 pages)].

The library opened the White House Central Files Central Reference Unit Files, 1974–77. This collection includes directories of prominent individuals and indexes to outgoing correspondence [25.2 linear feet (ca. 46,240 pages)].

The library opened two series from the Charles H. McCall Files, 1974–77. The Draft Speeches and Statements Fact and Style Checking File series consists of speech drafts with notations that specific facts have been verified, related correspondence and memoranda, and briefing materials and pre-advance reports for specific trips by President Gerald Ford. In addition, the series contains background materials such as reports, publications, and newspaper clippings used in drafting and fact checking the speeches and statements. The Administrative File series consists of memorandums and correspondence relating to the operation of the research office of the Editorial Staff. This collection is now fully processed. [35.4 linear feet (ca. 64,800 pages)].

Jimmy Carter Library

The library opened donated material: Michael N. Bleicher, material regarding the Energy Department, 5.5 cubic feet; Richard Morefield, material related to the Iran Hostages, 5 cubic feet; and James Wall, material related to the 1976 campaign, 7 cubic feet.

Ronald Reagan Library

The library received permission from the current White House to open 500,296 pages this quarter. The opened material consists of about 70 percent of the collections within the library. This includes White House Office of Management subject categories, the Alpha File, and White House staff and office files and numerous NSC collections. Notable collection opened in-whole for research includes: Elizabeth Dole, Carlton Turner, Anne Higgins, William Henkel, Lyn Nofziger, John Hall, Mari Maseng (Communications), Thomas Griscom, Edward Stucky and the office records for the Office of Correspondence.

In addition, we received permission to make the White House Bulk Mail collection available on demand. This opened an additional 680,000 pages. In effect, the library was able to open 1,180,286 pages this quarter.

Currently, there are an additional 362,542 pages processed and waiting permission to open.

George Bush Library

The following were released for research during the quarter (607,478 pages).

FOIA Requests:
2004-0416-F[3] (Persian Gulf War Follow-up—NSC Chronological Files—10,443 pages)
2004-2121-F (Bank of Commerce and Credit International—1,478 pages)
2005-1029-F (1991 NSC PA Files—1,541)
2005-1029-F[4] (1992 NSC PA Files—1,536 pages)
2005-1029-F[5] (1993 NSC PA Files—34 pages)
2011-1614-F (Oil & Gas Industries—5,994 pages)
2011-2184-F[2] (Iran Contra Affair—17,514 pages)
2011-2504-F[2] (George Romney—398 pages)
2011-2576-F (Michael Boskin—37,437 pages)
2012-0637-F[1] (South Africa follow-up—7,796 pages)
2012-0638-F[1] (Horn of Africa—9,848 pages)
2012-2218-F[1] (Selected files on abortion—12,824 pages)
2012-2319-F[1] (Selected files on housing—1,147 pages)
2012-2320-F (Selected files on Clayton Yeutter—318 pages)
2012-2321-F (Selected files on Thomas Scully—6 pages)
2012-2322-F (Selected files on Richard Thornburgh—1 page)
2012-2323-F[1] (Selected files on ERISA—445 pages)
2012-2324-F[1] (Selected files on Medicare—1,215 pages)
2012-2325-F[1] (Selected files on Robert Monks—21 pages)
2012-3085-F[1] (Murphy Brown speech and The Simpsons—24 pages)
2012-3089-F (Colombia and Drug Enforcement Administration—706 pages)
2012-3110-F (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development—618 pages)
2012-3144-F (Selected files of NSC Presidential Chron files—4 pages)
2012-3211-F (Virgilio Barco and Cesar Gaviria—250 pages)
2013-0062-F (Dorothy Walker Bush Condolence Files—87,181 pages)
2013-0068-F[1] (Banks/Bankers—1,106 pages)
2013-0068-F[2] (Banks/Bankers—1,143 pages)
2013-232-F[1] (President and Mrs. Bush's visits to the British Embassy, 1989–93—23 pages)
2013-0721-F (President Bush Meeting with Koivisto—206 pages)
2013-1026-F (Antony Acland, Ambassador to the U.S. from Great Britain—54 pages)
2013-1260-F (Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; EU recognition of Croatia—1,833 pages)
2013-1261-F[1] (American Spectator—277 pages)
2013-1261-F[2] (American Spectator—74 pages)
2013-1749-F[1] (Citizens Democracy Corps—3,522 pages)
2013-1755-F (Assorted White House galas—1,116 pages)

Systematically Reviewed Records:
2011-1312-S (WHORM Subject Files CO034 [China]—859 pages)
2011-1313-S (WHORM Subject Files CO034-02 [People's Republic of China]—1,698 pages)
2011-1330-S (WHORM Subject Files CO049 [Ethiopia]—329 pages)
2011-1444-S (WHORM Subject Files CO080 [Kenya]—188 pages)
2011-1345-S (WHORM Subject Files CO071 [Iran]—1,033 pages)
2012-0071-S (WHORM Subject Files CO165 [Russia]—9,245 pages)
2012-1784-F (WHORM Subject Files CO179 [Djibouti]—1,651 pages)
2012-3100-S (Eric Melby Chron Files—15,851 pages)
2012-3125-S (James Keith Files—1,377 pages)
2012-3131-S (David C. Welch Files—418 pages)
2012-3134-S (Adrian A. Basora Files—2,467 pages)
2012-3135-S (Richard Haass files—3,117 pages)
2013-0078-S (WHORM Subject Files FG017-06 [Office of Juvenile Justice]—506 pages)
2013-0362-S[1] (NSA Correspondence Files—4,188 pages)
2013-0362-S[2] (VP Quayle National Security Affairs—Country Files—2,806 pages)
2013-0362-S[3] (VP Quayle National Security Affairs—Foreign Travel Files—4,560 pages)
2013-0362-S[4] (VP Quayle National Security Affairs—Meeting Files—6,224 pages)
2013-0362-S[5] (VP Quayle National Security Affairs—Destruction Logs—1,228 pages)
2013-0456-S (White House Office of Correspondence Public Mail Files—341,600 pages)

Second Review:
Textual Archives staff completed the second review of the following FOIA requests prior to releasing them for research:
2004-0416-F[3] (Persian Gulf War Follow-up—NSC Chronological Files—10,443 pages)
2005-1031-S (NSC Confidential Files—32,800 pages)
2012-3110-F (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development—618 pages)
2013-0362-S[1]-[8] (Systematic Review of VP Quayle Classified Records—63,000 pages)
2013-1196-S (Craig Fuller Files—78 pages)
2013-1198-S (Donald P. Gregg Files: Soviet/U.S. Exchange Program—297 pages)
2013-1200-S (C. Boyden Gray Files—1,888 pages)
2013-1260-F Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; EU Recognition of Croatia—1,833 pages)
2013-1749-F[1] (Citizens Democracy Corps—3,522 pages)
2013-1755-F (Assorted Galas—1,116 pages)
2013-1784-F (Executive Orders—1,651 pages)
2012-3137-S (Walter Kansteiner files—7,200 pages)

William J. Clinton Library

The following FOIA requests/systematic projects were released this quarter
2006-0885-F (seg 4): Health Care Task Force.