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1st Quarter FY 2014

Accessions and Openings for the 1st quarter
FY 2014

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Presidential Libraries


Herbert Hoover Library

This quarter the library had five small accessions: two folders of photographs of the Hoover site in the 1950s by Armin Bruns and six other items. Published materials acquired were 24 periodicals and 10 books.

Items transferred from archival collections to the museum collections included: 17 pieces of currency used by the American Relief Association, 2 blank pieces of stationary from "The President's Camp on the Rapidan," and a cloth sample for one of Lou Henry Hoover's evening dresses in the period 1929–31.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Fourteen objects were acquired and accessioned during the first quarter. These consist of 14 Roosevelt-related campaign and political pieces transferred from the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. Several additional pieces transferred from the Truman Library were given to the Roosevelt Library's Archives Department or added to the museum's non-collection material (for display and educational use).

Harry S. Truman Library

The library acquired 22 photographs of Joel Vile, a friend and associate of Harry S. Truman. This collection is closed pending processing.

The library acquired 1,234 photographs and negatives from accretions to the Oscar Ewing Papers, Post-Presidential Papers, Charles Brannan Papers, and Philip Kaiser Papers, and 41 films and 1 audio recording from the Margaret Truman Daniel Papers.

The museum collection received 67 objects from potential donors. This material includes significant Truman-era items acquired by Secret Service agent Morgan L. Gies and a small collection of Truman medallic art presented by the family of Hy Vile. These artifacts will be accessioned when signed deeds of gift are received.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The Eisenhower Library accessioned additional papers of George A. Horkan, Jr., and of Tom B. Coughran.

One hundred fifty-six still photographs were accessioned from various manuscript collections.

The museum accessioned a total of 53 items this quarter. These included several small groups of private donations and a collection of Adlai Stevenson campaign material from the library.

John F. Kennedy Library

Accessions at the Kennedy Library during the first quarter included:

Philip Caper Personal Papers (#388): material regarding Caper's work with Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the 1973 HMO bill, as well as other related health care issues. 2.518 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

James C.G. Conniff Personal Papers (#386). Research files of James C. G. Conniff (1920–2013) regarding articles on President John F. Kennedy's health, correspondence with Dr. Janet Travell, and notes from a 1973 article with Rose Kennedy that was published in Today's Health, a publication of the American Medical Association. 0.504 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Janice L. Brown Photograph Collection (#5043). Fifty-seven 3.5" x 3.5" original color photograph prints and accompanying original negatives made by donor, a flight attendant aboard the aircraft Caroline, 1961–64. Images made aboard and from the Caroline and from the ground, and include members of the Kennedy family; Peter Lawford and R. Sargent Shriver; images from Robert F. Kennedy's 1964 Senate campaign, including President Johnson speaking; images of Kennedy homes on Cape Cod; image of Caroline's pilot Capt. Howard Baird and co-pilot Bob McIntee; and aerial images of New York, Cape Cod, and Washington, DC, including an image made above the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963, during the March on Washington. 57 Photographs. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the William Josephson Personal Papers (#122). Two boxes of CORE Special Purpose Fund documents including correspondence. 2.154 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the David Powers Personal Papers (#189). Materials from Courtesy Storage at the library. 0.504 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Accretion to the Ernest Hemingway Collection (#104) of advanced galley proofs for Old Man and the Sea and "God Rest You Merry, Gentleman," a limited edition printing of 300. Closed pending processing.

Two additions to the Independent Film Producers Collection (#5003)
One reel of 16mm black-and-white motion picture film, optical sound on film, +/- 1,000' (+/- 29 minutes), "JFK's Last Words to Labor" (1964), documenting President Kennedy's address to the AFL-CIO's Fifth Constitutional Convention in New York City, November 15, 1963, with filmed introduction by AFL-CIO President George Meany. Received mounted on projection reel in original can in original shipping container (postage meter stamped "Washington D. C. Mar 26 '64"), and with original AFL-CIO printed "Film Discussion Guide" with discussion questions for school groups. [MPPCA] 1 roll. Open.

One reel of 16mm black-and-white motion picture film, optical sound on film, +/- 100' (+/- 3 minutes), out-takes from a special television interview conducted at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver, CO, with Bryon L. Johnson, congressional candidate, and Senator John F. Kennedy, not dated 1958. Received on 3.5-inch plastic projection reel in original advertising agency container. 1 roll. Closed pending processing.

Three additions to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection (#184). Tributes from local Persian and Arab Iranians in response to the assassination of President Kennedy. 4 items. Closed pending processing.

Hammond, Tiffany (Yuna), (2010–2012). Oral history interview. 1 Tape. Open.

Materials from Max H. Brandt's time spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nigeria (1963–65) including approximately 650 color slides, correspondence, research notes, and survey of music education in the schools of Nigeria, a copy of his master's dissertation titled "Forty Traditional African Children's Songs: Selections from the Acholi, Hausa, Shona, and Yoruba" and a bound report titled "Music Education in Ibadan Primary Schools." 1.077 cubic feet. Closed pending processing.

Four additions to the Miscellaneous Accessions Collection (#164), total volume less than 1 cubic foot.

Letter from James M. Landis to Mr. Henry H. Abbott, September 20, 1960, regarding allegations of Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy's anti-Semitism. 1 item. Open.

Handwritten birth records of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (4 pages) from Southampton Hospital in Southampton, NY. Records contain information such as pulse, weight, medication, special orders, condition of patient, etc. 1 folder. Closed pending processing.

"Memoirs of Father Vincent Healy Arimond," June 2013, which includes passages about his time patrolling on PT boats with John F. Kennedy. 1 folder. Open.

One color 35mm transparency of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis taken in Arlington Cemetery in November 1964. 1 slide. Open.

Thirteen accretions to the John F. Kennedy Tributes Collection (#322), total volume less than 1 cubic foot. Open.

Letters of sympathy written by third graders at the Belvoir School in Cleveland Heights, University Heights, Ohio, School District. Also included is one black-and-white photograph of the class. 1 folder.

Program for a memorial service for John F. Kennedy, November 25, 1963, at the Embassy of the United States of America, New Delhi, India. 1 item.

Student essays from 9- and 10-year-olds from Redondo Beach, CA. 1 folder.

Essay about life in a small Midwest town at the time of the Kennedy assassination. 1 folder.

Essay entitled, "A Poignant Encounter with Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the Fourth of July 1960." 1 folder.

Six condolence books from the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination that were signed by visitors to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum during the weekend of November 22–24, 2013. 6 volumes.

Audio CD containing a recording of an original song by the singer/songwriter Anni Clark. The song is entitled "November, 1963" and tells of the singer's memories at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy. 1 disc.

Personal journal of Nina Bauman, 8th grader in Great Neck, NY, from the time of President Kennedy's death, including a home economics assignment dated January 17, 1964. 1 binder.

Memorial card signed by board members of the Worcester Public Library in commemoration of the 50th anniversary. 1 folder.

Booklet of student poetry by 12 students at Bangor High School, in Bangor, ME. 1 folder.

Sermon manuscript, "So . . . Where Were You on Friday, November 22, 1963?" at the First Baptist Church, Graham, TX, Sunday, November 24, 2013, by Mark Bumpus, pastor. DVD of the video of Dion singing "Abraham, Martin and John" by; followed by silent Zapruder color video of Kennedy motorcade, frames 118–311; and silent 8-second frame, "November 22, 1963." A small mirror that was distributed to the departing congregation with the text "Shine as lights in the darkness of a warped world." 1 folder.

Fifty-five essays written on November 26, 1963, by 11th-grade students at Bladensburg Senior High School in Bladensburg, MD. 1 folder.

Essays from 8th-grade English class at Our Lady of Refuge School, Bronx, NY, regarding President Kennedy's death. 1 folder.

Hemingway Collection:
Two thousand digital images of Ernest Hemingway documents were received from the Museo Ernest Hemingway in Cuba. The facsimiles will be opened once the finding aid is completed. Processing of these materials continued this quarter as part of the Museum Ernest Hemingway Collection (#357). An additional 500 images (of four scrapbooks) were received from the Finca Vigia Foundation and will be incorporated into the collection as well.

Worked with a photographer to image and create museum-quality prints of five paintings in the Hemingway Room for the Finca Vigia in Cuba. The prints will be a gift of Angela Hemingway.

An inventory of all reference books in the Hemingway Room was completed for the Reference department. Additional books that have yet to be filed or re-filed will be checked against the inventory list.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library accessioned personal papers collections belonging to the following individuals: Mrs. H. C. Allen, the wife of V.J. McCaul, a U.S. Marine Corps pilot (0.0928 cubic feet); Charles W. Bailey II, a newsman and novelist (.092 cubic feet); Nellie H. Benner, the wife of Paul F. Benner, who corresponded with Lyndon Johnson about his Veterans Administration compensation claims (.0046 cubic feet); Ruby Cullin "Boots" Best, a friend of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Connally who was with them in the University of Texas Curtain and Drama Clubs while students, December 21, 1940 (.00058 cubic feet); David A. Bielski, consisting of one 8mm film of President Johnson at Bergstrom Air Force Base (this film was transferred to Audiovisual Archives); Dewey Bradford, an executive with the Texas Fine Arts Commission (.00116 cubic feet); Cecil E. Burney, a long-time political associate and friend of Lyndon Johnson (.138 cubic feet); John Dorsey, a resident of Dallastown, PA, who donated memorabilia related to Johnson's visit there in 1966 (.046 cubic feet); Ed Hornsby, a military serviceman and constituent of Lyndon Johnson (.092 cubic feet); Eliot Janeway, an informal economic advisor to Lyndon Johnson, (.0288 cubic feet); Maurice H. Kirby, a military veteran (.00058) cubic feet; Mary L. Linscome, a university archivist in archives and special collections at the University of Northern Colorado Archives, consists of programs about President and Mrs. Johnson's visit to Thailand, October 28, 1966 (.046 cubic feet); the LBJ High School Letters consist of congratulatory letters from individuals who worked with President Johnson and were instrumental in naming Lyndon B. Johnson High School in Austin, Texas, for the President (.0185 cubic feet); Clarence R. Martin, an Army Air Forces Reserve officer, served as Director of the Air Force Reserve Association in Austin, Texas (.184 cubic feet); Virginia H. Martin, which consists of a letter from Congressman Lyndon Johnson dated November 5, 1941, congratulating her on her membership in Phi Beta Kappa (.0058 cubic feet); John B. Mayo, who worked at one time as the weekend news editor for the radio and television stations owned by the Johnsons, consists of research material pertaining to the assassination of President Kennedy and Mayo's book, Bulletin From Dallas: The President Is Dead (2.154 cubic feet); Jim Novy, a longtime friend of Lyndon Johnson's and advocate for Jewish affairs (.092 cubic feet); Thomas Parry, who donated letters written to him by various politicians, 1961, 1964, 1969 (.0087 cubic feet); Eugenia Angier Patton, wife of Congressman Nat Patton, who served as the Representative for the Seventh Congressional District of Texas, 1935–45 (.184 cubic feet); Garland Riggs, who worked for Congressman Lyndon Johnson and later became an accountant (.0058 cubic feet); Walter Schaefer, sergeant of arms for the Texas House of Representatives for many years and an LBJ acquaintance (.00116 cubic feet); Jack Seriff, Recording Secretary of the Congregation Agudas Achim (.0058 cubic feet); Neal Spelce, long-time television news anchor, 1977–78 (.92 cubic feet); and Dr. Charles R. Turchin, who was President Johnson's podiatrist (.184 cubic feet).

The library accessioned the oral history transcripts of the following individuals: James Quigley, Congressman from Pennsylvania's 19th District, 1955–57 and 195–61, HEW assistant secretary, 1961–66, and Federal Water Pollution Control Administration commissioner, 196–68, 45 pages; Charls E. Walker, Undersecretary of the Treasury 196–72, and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury 1973, totaling 13 pages; Anita Winters, longtime friend of the Johnsons and lifelong resident of Johnson City, two interviews totaling 51 pages; and Melvin Winters, longtime friend of the Johnsons and lifelong resident of Johnson City, five interviews, totaling 271 pages.

The Audiovisual Archives Department accessioned two boxes of photographic material containing 1.008 cubic feet of material. The Technical Services Department produced 6 video DVDs (.024 cubic feet) of material for ongoing documentation of the LBJ Library's public programs. AV Archives also accessioned 1 DVD from the VTR Collection. Total AV accessions and acquisitions were 1.043 cubic feet.

Richard Nixon Library

The Nixon Library received and accessioned several small donations that included an assortment of magazines that included articles regarding President Nixon; a copy of The Vietnam War Revisited: A Revolutionary View of U.S. Foreign Policy by Nguyen Ngoc Tan; and textual materials related to the treatment of the President in 1974 for a medical problem.

This quarter the library received five signed deeds of gifts from Gisele Cariou, Scott Aduddell, Mona Lee Arce, Ruth Hipple, and Walter Methner and also received five unsolicited gifts.

Gerald R. Ford Library

The Ford Library completed work for six accessions this quarter: Ford Family Materials, Joseph Levenstein Collected Materials, and accretions to the Composite General Accessions and Composite Grand Rapids Accessions collections.

The Ford Family Materials consists of artifacts, books, photographs, audiovisual materials, and documents related to the Ford administration and both Gerald and Betty Ford's childhood, families, personal lives, and post-Presidential activities. This material was donated by President and Mrs. Ford's four children: Michael Ford, John G. Ford, Steven Ford, and Susan Ford Bales (26 cubic feet).

The Joseph Levenstein Collected Materials consists of photographs, correspondence, articles, signature cards and invitations related to the events and people surrounding the Watergate scandal. Many of the items are autographed (4.1 cubic feet).

Received the following acquisitions: A Jerry Ford Celebrity Cup ski hat and materials from the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) christening.

Jimmy Carter Library

The Carter Library continues to receive material from President Carter's Office. Material from Rupert Cutler was received along with unsolicited material that has been added to our vertical file.

President Carter donated his personal arrowhead/projectile point collection of over 1,000 pieces to the museum.

George Bush Library

The textual archives received a 19.5-cubic-foot accretion to the George Bush Post-Presidential Collection, including Jean Becker Files, CVN-77 Files 2000–2011 (1.6 cubic feet); Hutton Hinson Files, Celebration of Reading Author Files 1997–2006 (1.6 cubic feet); Alpha Files 2009–2011 (9.7 cubic feet); Daily Files 2009 (4.8 cubic feet); Tsunami Reports 2012 (.2 cubic feet); Get Well Cards 2012–2013 (.8 cubic feet) and Maine Office Files 2010–2012 (.8 cubic feet).

The audiovisual department received one DVD of donated historical material and four FOIA transfers this quarter.

This quarter, the Collections Department accessioned seven artifacts, including one archives transfer accession and three new artifact donations.

William J. Clinton Library

The Clinton Library accessioned approximately .0504 cubic feet of textual material this quarter. The library received one unsolicited and one deed of gift from donors.

The audiovisual staff received approximately 3.024 cubic feet of internal transfers from the textual staff during holdings maintenance, systematic processing, and FOIA processing this quarter.

The museum had five new accessions during the quarter.

George W. Bush Library

Two deeds of gift were completed this quarter. One for Morris E. Wilkes, who donated audio files from the 1978 congressional primaries for the Texas 19th District (in which President Bush was a candidate). The other deed was for material from Karl Rove.

The library received a small donation consisting of congressional records (most of which are in the public domain) from Christopher Bright. No deed of gift was necessary, and these have been accessioned.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Sixty-five pages of the Bernard Bellush Papers previously closed under deed-of-gift privacy restrictions were opened to research on December 2, 2013. These materials related to the personal life of former ambassador John Gilbert Winant and were part of Bellush's research materials compiled while working on a biography of Winant in the 1950s.

Harry S. Truman Library

The library opened for research the Papers of Maurice J. Tobin, Secretary of Labor from 1948 to 1953: correspondence, speeches, printed materials, and other items relating to his service in President Truman's cabinet, dating from 1948 to 1953 (about 66,000 pages, 1948–53).

The library opened for research the Papers of James Warren: correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed materials and other documents relating to his work as Chief, Imports Section, Finance and Program Division, Marshall Plan Mission to Greece, 1950–54 (about 12,800 pages, 1944–2009).

The library opened an accretion to the Charles Brannan Papers.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The library opened Papers of Roger M. Kyes and Family; Papers of Henry Holland; Papers of Murray Snyder; and Large Items from Top of Cabinet Cupboard Rooms 65, 68, 71, 74, 98, Records of Dwight D. Eisenhower (White House Central Files).

John F. Kennedy Library

The library opened Margaret Ronayne Hahn Personal Papers (#379). Materials documenting Margaret Ronayne Hahn's experience as a campaign worker on the Presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy: correspondence, clippings, photographs, campaign ephemera, notes, memoranda, etc. Also included is Ms. Hahn's recorded oral history of her campaign experiences (original cassettes and copy DVDs). (.504 cubic feet) Open.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

The library completed processing and made available the Personal Papers collections of the following individuals, who are identified above in Accessions:
Mrs. H. C. Allen (.0928 cubic feet); Charles W. Bailey II (.092 cubic feet); Nellie H. Benner (.0046 cubic feet); Ruby Cullin "Boots" Best (.00058 cubic feet); Dewey Bradford (.00116 cubic feet); Cecil E. Burney (.138 cubic feet); John Dorsey (.046 cubic feet); Ed Hornsby (.092 cubic feet); Eliot Janeway (.0288 cubic feet); Maurice H. Kirby (.00058 cubic feet); Mary L. Linscome (.046 cubic feet); the LBJ High School Letters (.0185 cubic feet); Clarence R. Martin (.184 cubic feet); Virginia H. Martin (.0058 cubic feet); John B. Mayo (2.154 cubic feet); Jim Novy (.092 cubic feet); Thomas Parry (.0087 cubic feet); Eugenia Angier Patton (.184 cubic feet); Garland Riggs (.0058 cubic feet); Walter Schaefer (.00116 cubic feet); Jack Seriff (.0058 cubic feet); and Neal Spelce (.92 cubic feet).

All necessary processing and preservation was completed for the following Personal Papers collections: Senate Historical Office, which consists of 23 reports submitted to the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, 1967 (1.38 cubic feet).

Additionally, staff processed and made available for research boxes 19 and 20 of the White House Central File, Subject File, Invitations (IV) (.828 cubic feet).

The archives staff processed and made available for research the oral history transcripts of James Quigley (45 pages); Charls E. Walker (13 pages); Anita Winters (51 pages); and Melvin Winters (271 pages).

Gerald R. Ford Library

The library opened the Myron Kuropas Papers (1963) 1975–77. This collection contains materials relating primarily to Kuropas's work as Special Assistant to the President for Ethnic Affairs in 1976, including arrangements for meetings with ethnic groups and background information on ethnic issues. A few items concern his duties in 1977 as legislative assistant to Senator Robert Dole. (9.8 linear feet, ca. 19,000 pages).

The library opened for research the Anne Kamstra Files, 1974–77 (ca. 47,000 cards). This collection contains index cards prepared by Anne Kamstra documenting autograph requests for President Ford.

The library opened the NSA. Staff Assistant Robert C. ("Bud") McFarlane Files, 1974–77. This collection consists of a small subject file and a chronological file concerning various aspects of Robert C. ("Bud") McFarlane's work as an aide to Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, and William Hyland. Major topics include his role in ensuring proper and adequate coordination of Presidential decision papers, the 1975 intelligence investigations and the administration's response, and NSC congressional relations during the early months of the administration. (3 linear feet, ca. 6,000 pages).

The library opened for research the Subject File series from the NSA. NSC Staff for the Middle East and South Asia Files, (1974) 1976–77. (5.3 linear feet, ca. 9,600 pages).

The library opened the following series from the Arthur Burns Papers:

  • Ambassador's Subject File, 1981–85 (1986–87) (U Series) (2.3 linear feet, ca. 4,600 pages)
  • Speeches, Congressional Testimony, Interviews, and Writings File accretion, 1978–87 (E Series) (8.3 linear feet, ca. 16,900 pages)
  • White House Alphabetical Correspondence File, 1969–70 (X Series). (7.4 linear feet, ca. 13,600 pages)

The library opened the following series from the Virginia Knauer Files:

  • Consumer Representation Plan File, 1975–76 (A Series) [8.4 linear feet (ca. 16,800 pages)
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development File (OECD), 1970–75 (1976) (C Series) (1.75 linear feet, ca. 3,200 pages)
  • General File, 1973–76 (E Series) (0.7 linear feet, ca. 1,200 pages)
  • Deputy Director File, 1974–76 (F Series) (1.2 linear feet, ca. 2,200 pages)
  • Speech File, 1969–76 (G Series) (8.9 linear feet, ca. 16,500 pages)
  • Press Releases, 1969–76 (H Series) (1.0 linear feet, ca. 2,000 pages)
  • Publications, 1969–76 (I Series) (1.2 linear feet, ca. 2,300 pages)

The library opened the following series from the Robert Anderson Papers:

  • Ambassador to Morocco Subject File, 1976–78 (2.2 linear feet, ca. 4,500 pages)
  • Tangiers American Legation Museum Society Subject File, 1980–95 (0.4 linear feet, ca. 600 pages)
  • Special Assistant for International Affairs to CINCLANT Subject File, 1978–82 (0.2 linear feet, ca. 300 pages)
  • Ambassador to Dominican Republic Subject File, 1982–85 (4.0 linear feet, ca. 8,000 pages)
  • Post-State Department Subject File, 1985–90 (0.6 linear feet, ca. 1,100 pages)

George Bush Library

Textual archives staff completed the second review of the following FOIA requests prior to releasing them for research:

2004-1701-F (Selected Vice President Quayle Trips to Indonesia–964 pages)
2005-1031-F (NSC Confidential Files–12,893 pages)
2011-1613-F[1A] (Oil, Gas & Energy Policy–77,367 pages)
2011-1613-F[1B] (Oil, Gas & Energy Policy–315 pages)
2011-2270-F[1] (Korea–4,609 pages)
2011-2270-F[2] (Korea–301 pages)
2011-2270-F[3] (Korea–1,043 pages)
2012-3129-S (G. Philip Hughes Files–763 pages)
2012-3136-S (Robert L. Hutchings Files–2,150 pages)
2012-3137-S (Walter H. Kansteiner Files–33,002 pages)
2012-3161-S (WHORM Subject Files FG006-06 [National Security Council]–19,295 pages)
2013-0362-S[6] (National Security Affairs–Subject Files–6,612 pages)
2013-1201-S (Japan Economic Summit Follow-up Files–1,608 pages)
2013-1202-S (Donald Gregg Files–Outgoing Cables–647 pages)
2013-1203-S (Terry Mattke Files–POW/MIA Files–1,061 pages)
2013-1204-S (John Schmitz Files, Reports Files–1,214 pages)
2013-1205-S (Foreign Travel Files–940 pages)
2013-1206-S (Thomas Collamore Files–2,185 pages)
2013-1207-S (Frederick Khedouri Files–Commerce Files–1,233 pages)
2013-1208-S (Counsellor's Office–Miscellaneous Files–1,849 pages)
2013-1209-S (John Schmitz-Iran Contra Files–1,641 pages)
2013-1212-S (Donald P. Gregg Files–Meetings with Americans Files–4,885 pages)
2013-1223-S[3] (Don Gregg–Country Files, 1983–3,216 pages)
2013-1223-S[4] (Donald P. Gregg Files–Country Files, 1984–1,874 pages)
2013-1223-S[7] (Donald P. Gregg Files–Country Files, 1987–3,635 pages)
2013-1223-S[8] (Donald P. Gregg Files–Country Files, 1988–3,963 pages)

William J. Clinton Library

The following FOIA requests/systematic projects were released this quarter:
2013-0670-F Sandra Lynch