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Pictures of American Cities

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New York City at night. Local Identifier: 306-NT-174.352c, National Archives Identifier: 541882.

The Still Picture Branch of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) preserves and services a collection of more than 5 million photographs, many thousands of which deal with the American city. The selection of photographs listed in this publication depicts the city. its development, and its people and their way of life from the early 19th century to recent times. They were selected for their aesthetic quality and historical relevance to the development of urban America and are classified under the following headings: Artists' Conceptions of 19th-Century Cities, Skylines and Streets, City Life, Urban Transportation, The City in Turmoil, and 20th-Century Art Reflecting Urban Themes.

Some items are photographic copies of works of art. The dates and mediums of the originals and the names of the artists are given whenever it has been possible to determine them. This information is followed by the local identification number and the National Archives Identifier number (NAID). The National Archives Identifier number is linked to NARA’s online catalog where a digitized file of the photograph will be available for download. The selected photographs are in the public domain. Under the first heading photographs are arranged alphabetically by name of city; under all other headings photographs are arranged chronologically. Asterisks denote items available in color. An index by city follows the list.

This select picture list was prepared by Nancy E. Malan, and revised in 1977. Additional updates to this introduction were made as recently as May 2021.

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Artist's Conceptions of 19th-Century Cities

1. "Albany, from Van-Unsselaens lsland." Engraving from The History and Topography of the United States of North America by John Howard Hinton (Boston, 1846). National Archives Identifier: 513340. Local Identifier: 30-N-36-322. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135803594

2. "Battle Monument, Baltimore." Engraving from American Scenery by Nathaniel Parker Willis, illustrated by W. II. Bartlett (London, 1838). National Archives Identifier:  513343. Local Identifier: 30-N-38-816. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135802901)

3. "View of the Water Celebration, on Boston Common, October 25th 1848." Lithograph by P. Hyman and David Bigelow. National Archives Identifier: 535910. Local Identifier: 208-PR-10E-13. 

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"View of the Water Celebration, on Boston Common, October 25th 1848." Local Identifier: 208-PR-10E-13, National Archives Identifier: 535910.

4. "Brooklyn Heights, Opposite the City of New York." Engraving from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion (Boston, 1854). National Archives Identifier: 513337. Local Identifier: 30-N-33-63. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135803550)

5. "Burlington, Vt., 1858. From the Lake." Lithograph. Endicott and Company, New York. National Archives Identifier: 535909. Local Identifier: 208-PR-10E-12.  

6. "Chicago, Looking North from State and Washington Streets." Lithograph from Pictorial History of Chicago (Chicago, 1930). National Archives Identifier: 513338. Local Identifier: 30-N-35-34.

7. "Cincinnati, Ohio." Engraving from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" (July 1883). National Archives Identifier: 513330. Local Identifier: 30-N-31-714. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135797353)

8. "Fort Pierre [S. Dak.] and the Adjacent Prairie" by Karl Bodmer. Lithograph from Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834 by Maximilian, Prince of Wied (London, 1838-43).  National Archives Identifier: 530981. Local Identifier: 111-SC-92851.  

9. "lndependence-Courthouse-Missouri." Engraving from The United States Illustrated by Charles A. Dana (New York, 1855). National Archives Identifier: 513335. Local Identifier: 30-N-32-283. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135803323)

10. "Key West," ca. 1856. Lithograph. Chandler and Company, Boston. National Archives Identifier: 513349. Local Identifier: 30-N-48-1063. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135802477

11. "View of Main Street, Louisville, in 1846." Engraving from History of Kentucky by Richard H. Collins (1874). National Archives Identifier: 513346. Local Identifier: 30-N-45-2749.  (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135802821)

12. "View of Madison, the Capital of Wisconsin. Taken from the Water Cure, South Side of Lake Menona, 1855." Lithograph. C. Curriers, New York. National Archives Identifier: 535911. Local Identifier: 208-PR-1OE-14.  

13. "New London [Conn.] in 1813." Engraving from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" (Dec. 1863). National Archives Identifier: 513328. Local Identifier:  30-N-31-665. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135801926)

14. "Panoramic View of New Orleans-Federal Fleet at Anchor in the River," ca. 1862. Illustration from Campfires and Battlefields by Rossiter, Johnson, et al. (New York, 1894). National Archives Identifier: 530501. Local Identifier: 111-BA-1921.  

15. "View in Wall Street from Corner of Broad." New York. Engraving from Thirty Years'Progress of the United States (Hartford, Conn.,1867). National Archives Identifier:  513348. Local Identifier: 30-N-48-150.

16. "East View of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and part of Camden, New Jersey," ca. 1836. Lithograph. A. Koliner, Philadelphia. National Archives Identifier: 535908. Local Identifier: 208-PR-10E-6.  

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"East View of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and part of Camden, New Jersey" Local Identifier: 208-PR-10E-6, National Archives Identifier: 535908.

17. "Pittsburgh in 1790." Engraving from Information Respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States by Henry R. Schoolcraft (Philadelphia, 1854). National Archives Identifier: 513339. Local Identifier: 30-N-35-86. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135803816)

18. "Sacramento-City in California~" Engraving from The United States Illustrated by Charles A. Dana (New York, 1855). National Archives Identifier: 513333. Local Identifier: 30-N-32-272. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135801684)

19. "Public Square, St. Augustine." Lithograph from The History and Antiquities of the City of Saint Augustine, Florida (New York, 1858). National Archives Identifier:  513350. Local Identifier: 30-N-48-1154. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135802479)

20. "Salt Lake City in 1850." Engraving from American Pictures Drawn with Pen and lnk by Samuel Manning (London. 1876). National Archives Identifier: 513336. Local Identifier: 30-N-32-455. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135804396)

21. "San Francisco." Engraving from The United States Illustrated by Charles A. Dana (New York, 1855). National Archives Identifier: 513334. Local Identifier: 30-N-32-282. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135801686)

22. "La Ciudad de Santa Fe." Engraving frnm "Report of Lt. J. W. Abert of his Examination of New Mexico in the Years 1846-1847." S. Ex. Doc. 23, 30th Cong., 1st sess. Series 506. National Archives Identifier: 530944. Local Identifier: 111-SC-89562. 

23. "Seattle, Washington Territory." Engraving from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" (Sept. 1870). National Archives Identifier: 513329. Local Identifier: 30-N-31-684. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135797343

24. "Newspaper Row, Washington, D.C." Engraving from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" (Jan. 1874). National Archives Identifier: 513327. Local Identifier: 30-N-31-629. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135801920)

Skylines and Streets

25. Georgetown. Washington, DC, ca. 1862. Mathew Brady collection. Overview of the C & 0 Canal. Aqueduct Bridge at right, and unfinished Capitol dome in the distant background. National Archives Identifier: 529522. Local Identifier: 111-B-5422.

26. Governor's Island, New York Harbor, ca. 1864. Mathew Brady collection. Grassy shore of the island, a partially submerged barge in the harbor, and sailing ships and city buildings in the background. National Archives Identifier: 527660. Local Identifier: 111-B-3480. 

27. Nashville, Tenn., from the statehouse, 1864. Photograph by George N. Barnard. Mathew Brady collection. The statehouse portico guarded by artillery in the foreground. National Archives Identifier: 528792. Local Identifier: 111-B-4670.  

28. Chattanooga, Tenn. in time of war. Soldiers' tents and supply wagons beside the city building. 1864. Mathew Brady collection.  National Archives Identifier: 530466. Local Identifier: 111-B-7042.

29. Store-lined street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1869. Photograph by William H. Jackson. National Archives Identifier: 517358. Local Identifier: 57-HS-811.  

30. Panorama of Helena, Mont., in 1870. Photograph by William H. Jackson. National Archives Identifier: 516647. Local Identifier: 57-HS-40.  

31. The weatherbeaten wharves between Piety and Desire Streets, New Orleans, La., August 1881. Group of men seated on the wharves, store-lined street in the background. National Archives Identifier: 540087. Local Identifier: 233-NO-23. 

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The weatherbeaten wharves between Piety and Desire Streets, New Orleans, Louisiana. Local Identifier: 233-NO-23, National Archives Identifier: 540087.

32. Oyster fleet in Baltimore Harbor, Md., ca. 1885. Ships' masts dominate the foreground; buildings, horse-drawn wagons, and carts visible through them. National Archives Identifier: 513081. Local Identifier: 22-CE-178.  

33. Panorama of Portland, Oreg., in 1890. Mount Hood in the background. National Archives Identifier: 530891. Local Identifier: 111-SC-85698.  

34. Airshaft of a dumbbell tenement, New York City, taken from the roof, ca. 1900. National Archives Identifier: 535468. Local Identifier: 196-GS-14.  

35. Hundreds of wooden barrels covering the docks at the resin yards, Savannah, Ga., 1903. National Archives Identifier: 523025. Local Identifier: 95-G-40877.   

36. The Saint Louis, Mo., waterfront crowded with steamboats at the start of President William H. Taft's inspection trip down the Mississippi River, Oct. 1909. National Archives Identifier: 519435. Local Identifier: 77-H-10580P-4.  

37. An Indian enclave in Albuquerque, N. Mex. Primitive shelters with modern city street behind. 1912. National Archives Identifier: 523032. Local Identifier: 95-G-91031.  

38. Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., looking toward the Capitol from the Treasury Building. The Hotel Occidental advertises rooms with bath for $2 and up and modern Cadillac automobiles for rent for $3 per hour. ca. 1915. National Archives Identifier: 518227. Local Identifier: 66-G-23L-239.

39. Horse-drawn wagons line the narrow street in front of New Orleans' French Market, Jan. 1915. National Archives Identifier: 521050. Local Identifier:  83-G-3121. 

40. Looking west on South Water Street, Chicago, crowded with horse-drawn wagons and motor trucks filled with produce for market, Apr. 1915.  National Archives Identifier: 521051. Local Identifier: 83-G-3716.  

41. Rows of laundry outside a New York City apartment house. Posters below advertise coming attractions at the Roosevelt and Apollo Theaters. 1935. National Archives Identifier: 535899. Local Identifier: 208-PR-3F-9.  

42. Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, in winter, from the air. The Cuyahoga River winds through the flats. Dec. 1937. National Archives Identifier: 512842. Local Identifier: 18-AA-73-2. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 68146322

43. Aerial view of San Antonio. Tex., and the surrounding plains, Dec. 1939. National Archives Identifier: 512843. Local Identifier: 18-AA-95-19.

44. Unattended pushcart advertising "frankfurts" with sauerkraut or onions, ice-cold soft drinks, and pies for 5 cents on a rain-soaked wharf, New York City, ca. 1939. National Archives Identifier: 535710. Local Identifier: 208-EX-236-44.   

45. Rows of frame houses in a hilly area of Pittsburgh, with the smoke-shrouded city in the background, ca. 1940. National Archives Identifier: 518066. Local Identifier: 59-HP-85-10.   

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Rows of frame houses in a hilly area of Pittsburgh, with the smoke-shrouded city in the background. Local Identifier: 59-HP-85-10, National Archives Identifier: 518066.

46. Mounds of coal, catwalks, and barges at the Milwaukee Western Fuel Company coal docks, Dec. 1942. National Archives Identifier:  535923. Local Identifier: 208-PR-27B-1.

47. Aerial view of the tip of Manhattan looking like a miniature city, ca. 1942. National Archives Identifier: 513345. Local Identifier: 30-N-42-1864.  

48. Crude-oil pipe stills, rundown tanks, and "Cat Crackers" at the Baton Rouge Esso Refinery, ca. 1945. Photograph by Edwin Rosskam. National Archives Identifier:  535733. Local Identifier: 208-LO-14F-2.

49. San Francisco's cable cars climbing the Powell Street hill, ca 1945. National Archives Identifier: 535921. Local Identifier: 208-PR-25T-15. 

50. The maze of livestock pens and walkways at Chicago's stockyards, ca. 1947. National Archives Identifier: 541823. Local Identifier: 306-FS-304-47.  

51. The lion statues at the New York Public Library, with a mantle of snow during the record December 1948 snowfall. National Archives Identifier: 541884. Local Identifier: 306-NT-609K-20.

52. The rain-swept Boston Fish Pier, crowded with fish carts, fishing boats, and workmen, ca. 1950. National Archives Identifier: 541953. Local Identifier: 306-PS-51-17518.  

53. The sprawling lights of Los Angeles and the surrounding area seen from Inspiration Point, Mount Lowe, ca. 1950. National Archives Identifier: 541906. Local Identifier: 306-NT-950X-18.  

53A. New York City at night, ca. 1935.  National Archives Identifier: 541882. Local Identifier: 306-NT-174.352C.  

City Life

54. Frederick's Photographic Temple of Art, New York City, ca. 1850. Original in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. National Archives Identifier: 535901. Local Identifier: 208-PR-4K-1. 

55. Bearded Irish clam diggers and a matronly companion on a wharf in Boston, 1882. National Archives Identifier: 513083. Local Identifier: 22-CF-428.  

56. Smartly dressed couple seated on an 1886-model bicycle for two. The South Portico of the White House, Washington, D.C., in the background. National Archives Identifier: 519711. Local Identifier: 77-RP-7347-4.  

57. A military parade down the main street of Phoenix, Ariz., ca. 1888. National Archives Identifier: 516379. Local Identifier: 48-RST-4B-15.  

58. Man with a derby hat stands atop a mound of oyster shells outside the C. H. Pearson & Company oyster cannery, Baltimore. Workers bring wheel- barrows of shells from the factory to the heap. ca. 1890. National Archives Identifier: 513080. Local Identifier: 22-CE-172.  

59. Boston's fisherman's wharf jammed with merchants and dock workers, ca. 1890. National Archives Identifier: 513079. Local Identifier: 22-CF-8. 

60. Italian fishermen mending nets on a wharf in San Francisco Harbor, ca. 1891. National Archives Identifier: 513108. Local Identifier: 22-MDF-4.  

61. Two officials of the New York City Tenement House Department inspect a cluttered basement living room, ca. 1900. National Archives Identifier: 535469. Local Identifier: 196-GS-32.  

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Two officials of the New York City Tenement House Department inspect a cluttered basement living room. Local Identifier: 196-GS-32, National Archives Identifier: 535469.

62. Residents in front of a dilapidated frame house in Kansas City, ca. 1900. National Archives Identifier: 535470. Local Identifier: 196-GS-490. 

63. Children play ball in the street in front of typical housing with five rooms per family for $10 to $12 per month. San Francisco, ca. 1900. National Archives Identifier: 535471. Local Identifier: 196-GS-522.

64. Shoppers at the outdoor food market, 7th Street at Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.. Washington, D.C. View looking up 7th Street, ca. 1900. National Archives Identifier: 518226. Local Identifier: 66-G-23L-47.

65. Elegantly dressed New Yorkers on Fifth Avenue, Easter morning, 1906. National Archives Identifier: 535711. Local Identifier: 208-EX-237-1. 

66. Three gentlemen pass the time on a park bench in San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, Tex., 1906. National Archives Identifier: 523026. Local Identifier: 95-G-65764. 

67. Treasury Department official, surrounded by packages of newly minted currency, counting and wrapping dollar bills. Washington, D.C., 1907. National Archives Identifier: 532295. Local Identifier: 121-BA-339A. 

68. Pedestrians on the upper deck promenade of Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, ca. 1910. National Archives Identifier: 541908. Local Identifier: 306-NT-958A-4.  

69. Stevedores on a New York dock loading barrels of corn syrup onto a barge on the Hudson River. Photograph by Lewis Hine, ca. 1912. National Archives Identifier: 518287. Local Identifier:  69-R-1K-35.

70. Women assembling dolls on a long worktable at the Shrenhat Toy Company, Philadelphia, Oct. 1912. National Archives Identifier: 523031. Local Identifier: 95-G-87763. 

71. Architects at their drafting tables at the Treasury Department Building, Washington, D.C., 1912. National Archives Identifier: 532294. Local Identifier: 121-BA-209.  

72. Young boy tending freshly stocked fruit and vegetable stand at Center Market. Washington, D.C., Feb. 18,1915.  National Archives Identifier: 521049. Local Identifier: 83-G-21.  

73. Group of employees and several small boys in the littered alley entrance to a Baltimore garment factory, 1921. National Archives Identifier: 522861. Local Identifier: 86-G-1Q-1.

74. Crowd of bathers on the Lake Michigan beach, Chicago, Ill., ca. 1925. National Archives Identifier: 535893. Local Identifier: 208-PP-20B-2.  

75. First-nighters posing for the camera outside the Warners' Theater before the premiere of "Don Juan" with John Barrymore. New York, Aug. 6, 1926. National Archives Identifier: 535750. Local Identifier: 208-LU-28N-1.   

76. Women shoppers at Mrs. Snyder's Candy Shop, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 1927. National Archives Identifier: 522873. Local Identifier: 86-G-10E-2.  

77. Workmen hand-dipping candles at the Saint Louis Candle and Wax Company, St. Louis, Mo., 1927. National Archives Identifier: 512799. Local Identifier: 16-G-2294.  

78. Ticker tape and confetti floating onto the motorcade carrying the crew of the Bremen, and the crowds assembled to greet them. Broadway, New York, 1928. National Archives Identifier: 541910. Local Identifier: 306-NT-958J-1.   

79. Workman, perched on the end of a beam, bolting together the framework of the Empire State Building, New York City, 1930. Photograph by Lewis Hine. National Archives Identifier: 518290. Local Identifier: 69-RH-4K-1.  

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Photograph of a Workman on the Framework of the Empire State Building. Local Identifier: 69-RH-4K-1, National Archives Identifier: 518290.

80. Black children playing leap frog in a Harlem street, ca. 1930. National Archives Identifier: 541880. Local Identifier: 306-NT-171.611c.  

81. Refreshment stand in New York City where pineapple and orange nectar drinks are sold for 5 cents, July 1932. National Archives Identifier: 541881. Local Identifier: 306-NT- 172.539c. 

82. Row of men at the New York City docks out of work during the depression. Photograph by Lewis Hine, 1934. National Archives Identifier: 518288. Local Identifier: 69-R-1L-3. 

83. Civil Works Administration (CWA) workmen cleaning and painting the gold dome of the Denver Capitol, 1934. National Archives Identifier: 541904. Local Identifier: 306-NT-940K-1. 

84. Religious statues, a calendar, and rubbish left behind in the second-floor front room of a vacated Brooklyn housing project, 172 Ten Eyck Street, May 13, 1935. National Archives Identifier: 518272. Local Identifier: 69-N-24762. 

85. A full house, seen from the rear of the stage, at the Metropolitan Opera House for a concert by pianist Josef Hofmann, Nov. 28, 1937. National Archives Identifier: 541890. Local Identifier: 306-NT-757D-1.

86. A huge vat of molten steel being poured into a mold at the Jones and Laughlin Steel Company, Pittsburgh, May 1942. National Archives Identifier: 535922. Local Identifier: 208-PR-27B-2. 

87. Mechanical crew at the Baton Rouge Esso Refinery in line for their pay checks. Photograph by Rosskam, Dec. 1943. National Archives Identifier: 535734. Local Identifier: 208-LO-14F-27. 

88. Two oldtimers playing chess on a Central Park bench in New York City, May 1946. National Archives Identifier: 541889. Local Identifier: 306-NT-726C-11. 

89. Mustachioed male (marble bust) focuses attention on nude female (life-size marble sculpture) in a storage room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, June 1946. National Archives Identifier: 541888. Local Identifier: 306-NT-694H-3. 

90. Two street vendors taking time out for lunch at a makeshift table of wooden crates covered with newspaper. New York, Aug. 1946. National Archives Identifier: 541909. Local Identifier: 306-NT-958F-1.

91. Matronly visitor to the National Gallery Washington, D.C., scrutinizing Benvenuto Cellini's "Salt Cellar" on temporary exhibit, ca. 1947. National Archives Identifier: 541887. Local Identifier: 306-NT-694A-1. 

92. A patron of "Sammy's Bowery Follies," a downtown bar, sleeping at his table while the resident cat laps at his beer. New York, Dec. 1947. National Archives Identifier: 541905. Local Identifier: 306-NT-945J-2. 

93. Workmen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, uncrating "The Madonna of the Rosaries," a painting by Caravaggio on loan from the Austrian government, 1950. National Archives Identifier: 541883. Local Identifier: 306-NT-453A-9.

94. Workman operating an industrial loom strung with hundreds of wool threads at Chicago's Olsen Rug Company, ca. 1950. National Archives Identifier: 535920. Local Identifier: 208-PR-13X-1. 

95. Four young members of the Madison Square Boy's Club rowing a boat in a rooftop pool, Manhattan skyscrapers in the background, Feb. 1950. National Archives Identifier: 541907. Local Identifier: 306-NT-953-2. 

Urban Transportation

96. Poster circulated in Philadelphia in 1839 to discourage the coming of the railroad. It reads in part: "Philadelphians, your RIGHTS are being invaded! regardless of your interests or the LIVES OF YOUR LITTLE ONES. THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY with the assistance of other companies without a Charter, and in VIOLATION OF LAW as decreed by your Courts, are laying a LOCOMOTIVE RAILROAD! RALLY PEOPLE in the Majesty of your Strength and forbid THIS OUTRAGE!" National Archives Identifier: 513347. Local Identifier: 30-N-46-1957. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 135797420)

97. "Great Railway Station at Chicago-Departure of a Train." Platform crowded with departing passengers, including several Indians. Engraving, ca. 1880. National Archives Identifier: 535752. Local Identifier: 208-LU-39K-1. 

98. "Terminal," by Alfred Steiglitz, 1892. Original lantern slide in the International Museum of Photography, New York. National Archives Identifier: 535902. Local Identifier: 208-PR-4K-2.

99. "A Typical Cable 'Accident' on Broadway." New York. A horse-drawn ambulance arrives on the scene where a man lies in the street after being hit by a cable car. Illustration from Leslie's Weekly, Aug. 29,1895. National Archives Identifier: 513353. Local Identifier: 30-N-49-1767.

100. Horse-drawn wagons and carriages, an electric trolley car, and pedestrians congest a cobblestone Philadelphia street in 1897. National Archives Identifier: 513362. Local Identifier: 30-N-36713. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 205738451)

101. Easter morning, 1900. New York City's Fifth Avenue bustling with horse-drawn traffic and two motor cars. National Archives Identifier: 513360. Local Identifier: 30-N-18827. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 205738419)

102. Traffic violator driving a 1900-vintage car being stopped by a policeman on a bicycle. New York City. National Archives Identifier: 513352. Local Identifier: 30-N-49-1481. 

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Traffic Violator Driving a 1900 Vintage Car being Stopped by a Policeman on a Bicycle. Local Identifier: 30-N-49-1481, National Archives Identifier: 513352.

103. The Eighth Avenue trolley, New York City, sharing the street with horse-drawn produce wagon and an open automobile. Downtown, looking north. 1904. National Archives Identifier: 541891. Local Identifier: 306-NT-762F-3. 

104. A Pittsburgh factory where limousine bodies are built from wood, Oct. 1912. National Archives Identifier: 523030. Local Identifier: 95-G-87758. 

105. Policeman directing downtown Chicago traffic, ca. 1917. National Archives Identifier: 518065. Local Identifier: 59-HP-54-4. 

106. Pickwick stages, counterparts of modern day buses, outside Union Station, Los Angeles, awaiting passengers bound for southern California, 1920. National Archives Identifier: 513361. Local Identifier: 30-N-20893. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 169136224)

107. City officials inspecting a subway car newly equipped with ventilating devices that operate while the car's windows are closed. New York City, 1933. National Archives Identifier: 541886. Local Identifier: 306-NT-671-1. 

108. Aerial view of a traffic jam, 14th Street and the Mall, Washington, D.C., Apr. 1937. National Archives Identifier: 513342. Local Identifier: 30-N-37-1360A. 

109. Five steam locomotives, side by side, outbound from Chicago at dusk, ca. 1940. National Archives Identifier: 535894. Local Identifier: 208-PP-24J-7. 

110. Rear view of an "Okie's" car, passing through Amarillo, Tex., on its way west, 1941. National Archives Identifier: 532820. Local Identifier: 145-AAA-7434. 

111. The ferryboat Dongan Hills, filled with commuters, about to dock at a New York City pier, ca.1945. National Archives Identifier: 541821. Local Identifier: 306-FS-135-23.

112. New York City's Sixth Avenue elevated railway and the crowded street below, ca. 1940. National Archives Identifier: 535709. Local Identifier: 208-EX-236-12. 

113. Aerial view of a complex of Long Island highways that provide access to New York City, ca. 1946. National Archives Identifier: 518064. Local Identifier: 59-HP-40-17. 

114. Grandmother amusing her young companion in the waiting room of the Greyhound Bus Station, New York City, July 1947. National Archives Identifier: 541942. Local Identifier: 306-PS-49-14503. 

115. "Walk," "Don't Walk," "No Right Turn," "Thru Only": a complicated traffic signal to uncomplicate Washington, D.C., traffic, 1949. National Archives Identifier: 541941. Local Identifier: 306-PS-49-2682. 

The City in Turmoil

116. "The Boston Massacre~" Engraving after the painting by Alonzo Chappel. National Archives Identifier: 513326. Local Identifier: 30-N-31-332. 

117. "Capture of the City of Washington," August 1814. Engraving from The History of England by Paul de Rapin -Thoyras. National Archives Identifier: 531090. Local Identifier: 111-SC-96969. 

118. The ruins of Mills House and nearby buildings, Charleston, S.C. A shell-damaged carriage and the remains of a brick chimney in the foreground. 1865. Photograph by George N. Barnard. National Archives Identifier: 533131. Local Identifier: 165-C-777. 

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Mills House, Charleston. Local Identifier: 165-C-777, National Archives Identifier: 533131.

119. Shells of the buildings of Richmond, Va., silhouetted against a dark sky after the destruction by Confederates, 1865. Mathew Brady collection. National Archives Identifier: 524531. Local Identifier: 111-B-112. 

120. The ruins of San Francisco, still smoldering after the 1906 earthquake, taken from the tower of the Union Ferry Building. Market Street between Sacramento and Third Streets. National Archives Identifier: 531006. Local Identifier: 111-SC-95087.

121. Water Street and Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, under 20 inches of water during the flood of March 1907. National Archives Identifier: 523024. Local Identifier: 95-G-29158. 

122. The burned-out Monticello Hotel, Norfolk, Va., and fire apparatus frosted with icicles. The New Year's Day 1918 fire was thought to be the work of enemy agents. National Archives Identifier: 533642. Local Identifier: 165-WW-158A-20. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 31478084)

123. Soldiers and sailors tearing up a flag carried by Socialists during their peace demonstration in Boston. National Archives Identifier: 533641. Local Identifier: 165-WW-158A-4. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 31478052)

124. Second Battalion of the IX Coast Artillery Corps demonstrating the hollow square formation used in the event of a street riot. Machine gunners in front row and troopers with rifles behind them control the street, with ranks on the sides of the square covering windows and roofs of nearby buildings. New York City, March 1918. National Archives Identifier: 207434748. Local Identifier: 165-WW-158A-2A. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 31478257)

125. The wreckage of Chicago's Federal Building after the explosion of a bomb allegedly planted by the International Workers of the World (lWW) as a reprisal for the sentencing of the union's leader, "Big Bill" Haywood, and 94 other members for seditious activities, 1918. National Archives Identifier: 207434750. Local Identifier: 165-WW-158A-2A. (High Resolution National Archives Identifier: 134982134)

126. Detroit police inspecting equipment found in a clandestine underground brewery during the prohibition era. National Archives Identifier: 541928. Local Identifier: 306-NT-170.365c.

127. The Ku Klux Klan on parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington, D.C. The Capitol in the background. 1928. National Archives Identifier: 541885. Local Identifier: 306-NT-650-4. 

128. Bullet-riddled taxi and the bodies of two gangsters in a New York City street after a gun battle with police, 1931. National Archives Identifier: 541879. Local Identifier: 306-NT-168.013c. 

129. Unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen opened in Chicago by Al Capone. The storefront sign reads "Free Soup, Coffee and Doughnuts for the Unemployed." February 1931. National Archives Identifier: 541927. Local Identifier: 306-NT-165.319c. 

130. Shacks, put up by the Bonus Army on the Anacostia flats, Washington, D.C., burning after the battle with the military. The Capitol in the background. 1932. National Archives Identifier: 531102. Local Identifier: 111-SC-97532. 

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Shacks, put up by the Bonus Army on the Anacostia flats, Washington, DC, burning after the battle with the military. Local Identifier: 111-SC-97532, National Archives Identifier: 531102.


131. Saint Louis children and their parents behind a police line during their protest against transfer to a school open to black children, March 1933. National Archives Identifier: 541878. Local Identifier: 306-NT-176.577c. 

132. Confrontation between a policeman wielding a night stick and a striker during the San Francisco General Strike, 1934. National Archives Identifier: 541926. Local Identifier: 306-NT-94692. 

133. Open battle between striking teamsters armed with pipes and the police in the streets of Minneapolis, June 1934. National Archives Identifier: 541925. Local Identifier: 306-NT-93410. 

134. Mounted police clashing with strikers, one carrying an American flag, outside an electrical plant in Philadelphia, 1946. National Archives Identifier: 541924. Local Identifier: 306-NT-6036v. 

135. A member of the United Financial Employees, on strike in 1948, heckling a businessman who crossed the picket line. New York. National Archives Identifier: 541914. Local Identifier: 306-NT-1363H-1. 

136. Joseph Basile, hiding his face with his coat, under arrest in connection with the seizure of $25 million worth of narcotics. Chief of Detectives William T. Whalen standing near him with some of the confiscated drugs. New York City, Feb. 1949. National Archives Identifier: 541915. Local Identifier: 306-NT-1375-2. 

20th-Century Art Reflecting Urban Themes

137. Kansas City, Kansas* by Henry Tanner. Watercolor 10 x 14. 1897.  National Archives Identifier: 559359. Local Identifier: S-SAI-91-11 (Old ID: 200-SAI-91-11).  

138. Brooklyn Bridge by Joseph Stella. Oil. 84" x 76". ca. 1917-18. Original in Yale University Art Gallery. National Archives Identifier: 535900. Local Identifier: 208-PR-4DD-2.  

139. Backyards, Greenwich Village by John Sloan. Oil. 26 x 32. 1914. Original in Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. National Archives Identifier: 535903. Local Identifier: 208-PR-4R-3. 

140. Sixth Avenue Elevated at Third Avenue by John Sloan. Oil 30 x 40. 1928. Original in Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. National Archives Identifier: 535904. Local Identifier: 208-PR-4R-4. 

141. A City of Towers by Arthur Diggs. Oil? ca. 1929.  National Archives Identifier: 559056. Local Identifier: H-HN-DIG-4 (Old ID: 200-HN-DIG-4.) 

142. Bryant Square by John Marin. Oil on canvas. 21" x 26". 1932. Original in Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. National Archives Identifier: 535906. Local Identifier: 208-PR-5E-1. 

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Bryant Square. Local Identifier: 208-PR-5E-1, National Archives Identifier: 535906.

143. City at Evening by Lee Gatch. Oil on canvas. 18" x 25". 1933. Original in Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. National Archives Identifier: 541943. Local Identifier: 306-PS-50-12505. 

144. Atlanta landscape by Hale Woodruff. Oil. 1936.  National Archives Identifier: 559150. Local Identifier: H-HN-WO-1 (Old ID: 200-HN-WO-1). 

145. Douglass Square, Boston by Allan Crite. Oil. 20" x 24". 1936. National Archives Identifier: 559054. Local Identifier: H-HN-CRI-15 (Old ID: 200-HN-CRI-15). 

146. Power Plant, Harlem by Aaron Douglas. Oil. 1939. National Archives Identifier: 559058. Local Identifier: H-HN-DOU-8 (Old ID: 200-HN-DOU-8).

147. Baltimore* by Palmer Hayden. Watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559067. Local Identifier: H-HN-HAY(P)-6 (Old ID: 200-HN-HAY(P)-6).

148. Basin Street* by Palmer Hayden. Oil. National Archives Identifier: 559068. Local Identifier: H-HN-HAY(P)-7 (Old ID: 200-HN-HAY(P)-7).

149. Brooklyn Bridge* by Warren L. Harris. Watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559062. Local Identifier: H-HN-HAR(W)-4. (Old ID: 200-HN-HAR(W)-4).   

150. Brownstones in Winter * by Ellis Wilson. Oil. National Archives Identifier: 559149. Local Identifier: H-HN-WIL(E)-52 (Old ID: 200-HN-WIL(E)-52).

151. Old Charleston Houses by Ellis Wilson. Oil. National Archives Identifier: 559146. Local Identifier: H-HN-WIL(E)-35 (Old ID: 200-HN-WIL(E)-35).

152. Park Street, Boston by Karl Zerbe. Encaustic on canvas 30 x 36. 1942. Original in Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. 208-PR-4Z-1.   

153. Morning Subway* by Joseph Delaney. Oil. 23" x 20". 1953. National Archives Identifier: 559346. Local Identifier: S-SAI-20-3 (Old ID: 200-SAI-20-3).

154. Crap Game* by Harold Dorsey. Oil. 18 x 24. 1954. National Archives Identifier: 559347. Local Identifier: S-SAI-21-9 (Old ID: 200-SAI-21-9).

155. Gathering Storm Over Philadelphia* by Louis B. Sloan. Oil. 39" x 49". National Archives Identifier: 559357. Local Identifier: S-SAI-86-6 (Old ID: 200-SAI-86-6).

156. The Arrival* by Benny Andrews. Oil and collage. 96" x 50". 1960. National Archives Identifier: 559342. Local Identifier: S-SAI-1-17 (Old ID: 200-SAI-1-17).

157. City Scape* by James Mathis. Oil. 1964. National Archives Identifier: 559354. Local Identifier: S-SAI-59-14 (Old ID: 200-SAI-59-14). 

158. My Son, My Son* by Buford Evans. Oil. 36" x 48". 1968. National Archives Identifier: 559348. Local Identifier: S-SAI-25-11 (Old ID: 200-SAI-25-11). 

159. The Great American Subway* by Mahler B. Ryder. Ink on paper. 24" x 17". 1969. National Archives Identifier: 559356. Local Identifier: S-SAI-82-4 (Old ID: 200-SAI-82-4). 

refer to caption

The Great American Subway. Local Identifier: S-SAI-82-4, National Archives Identifier: 559356.

160. Asunder (tenement Series)* by Shirley Bolton. Acrylic on canvas. 28" x 34". 1970. National Archives Identifier: 559344. Local Identifier: S-SAI-11-9 (Old ID: 200-SAI-11-9). 

161. Renovation (Tenement Series)* by Shirley Bolton. Acrylic on masonite. 24" x 36". 1970. National Archives Identifier:  559343. Local Identifier: S-SAI-1la-2 (Old ID: 200-SAI-1la-2). 

162. Black and White Ghetto* by James Malone. Acrylic. 2 x 4. National Archives Identifier: 559350. Local Identifier: S-SAI-58-15 (Old ID: 200-SAI-58-15).

163. Carnival New Orleans* by Walter Williams. Oil. 24" x 30". National Archives Identifier: 559360. Local Identifier: S-SAI-103-18 (Old ID: 200-SAI-103-18).

164. Deserted Street* by Jessie Smith. Oil. 30" x 16". National Archives Identifier: 559358. Local Identifier: S-SAI-87-9 (Old ID: 200-SAI-87-9).

165. From New York to Jersey* by Yvonne Catchings. Oil. 24" x 36". National Archives Identifier: 559345. Local Identifier: S-SAI-16-1 (Old ID: 200-SAI-16-1).

166. Ghetto Children* by Jack Jordan. Watercolor. National Archives Identifier: 559349. Local Identifier: S-SAI-48-18 (Old ID: 200-SAI-48-18).

167. Ghetto Headlines* by James Malone. Collage. 24" x 24". National Archives Identifier: 559351. Local Identifier: S-SAI-58-19 (Old ID: 200-SAI-58-19).

168. Rooftop Virtuoso* by Hayward Oubre. Oil-resin. 34" x 26". National Archives Identifier: 559355. Local Identifier: S-SAI-70-15 (Old ID: 200-SAl-70-15). 

169. Swing Low Ghetto Church* by James Malone. Oil. 5 x 2-1/2. National Archives Identifier: 559352. Local Identifier: S-SAI-59-7 (Old ID: 200-SAI-59-7).  

170. White Ghetto* by James Malone. Acrylic. 2 x 4. National Archives Identifier: 559353. Local Identifier: S-SAI-59-10 (Old ID: 200-SAI-59-10).


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