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Transcript of Letter to Committee Members and Chairman of State Governors Committees from Harry S. Truman

The White House

                                                                                                December 3, 1949


            It is indeed a very real pleasure to salute the members of the Committee on National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week and the Chairmen of the various State Governor’s Committees on the occasion of the annual “report” meeting at which you examine the results of your truly magnificent labors in behalf of the physically handicapped.

            I have taken great interest in watching public attention increase and grow each year as public spirited citizens joined with Federal, State and community officials to bring to the attention of our nation’s people and employers the true worth of our impaired workers. Like any good movement which appeals to the better instincts of the human race, the program for greater job equality and opportunity for the handicapped has been handled with the enthusiasm for which America is so well known.

            Please be assured of the continued personal interest of your President and your Government in your year around efforts to place more trained and capable disabled veterans and handicapped non veterans in the offices, farms and factories of our land. Express personal interest and tell them I hope that, with their support, additional openings in State and municipal employment will be made for the handicapped. In order to effectively champion the cause of the handicapped, our various officials must point the way by hiring more qualified handicapped workers.

                                                                        [Signed] Harry Truman