Research Our Records

Records of the Central Intelligence Community

The majority of records in RG 457 are described in the National Archives Catalog. We recommend that you search the catalog for records of interest before visiting the National Archives at College Park. If you cannot find the information you need online, other resources are available in the research room at the National Archives at College Park.

To search the catalog for NSA records:

  • Locate the record group (RG 457) listing for the NSA on
    • Select "Research Our Records"
    • Select "National Archives Catalog"
    • Select "Advanced Search"
    • Select "Filter Authority Records"
    • Under "Search Fields for Authority Records," enter "National Security Agency/Central Security Service" in the "Organization Name Only" field
    • Hit “Enter”
    • Select Department of Defense. National Security Agency/Central Security Service.(12/23/1971-)
  • Select “Created [#] Series”
  • Select “View All Description Only”
  • Filter as desired