JFK Assassination Records

FBI Abbreviations

11/22-24/63 Activities of November 22-24, 1963
AAG Assistant Attorney General
ACK Acknowledge(s)
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
ACT Activities
ADMIN Administrative
AFFIL Affiliation
AKA Alias/Aliases
ARTIC Arctic
A/O And/Or
ASSA Assassination
ASSOC. Associates
ASSOC WITH LHO Association with Oswald, Lee
A/T Airtel(s)
ATT Attached
BACKYARD Backyard Photograph
B/F INT Business and Financial Interest
BUSS Business
BKG Background
CC Church Committee
CIT Citizen
CO Company
CONSPR Conspiracy
CONV AND SUBS EVENTS Conviction and Subsequent Events
CP Communist Party
CS Clay Shaw
DA District Attorney
DAG Deputy Attorney General
DEFECT Defection to Russia
DEMOH George DeMohrenschildt
DF David Ferrie
DID Domestic Intelligence Division
DIV Division
DLPD Dallas Police Department
DOC Document(s)
DRE Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil
DTD Dated
EBF Enclosure Behind File
EMP Employment
ENC Enclosure(s)
ENT TO BASE OF PS Entrance to Basement of Police Station, November 24
EVID Evidence
FAM WITH POL Familiarity with the Police
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FPCC Fair Play for Cuba Committee
FPT Fingerprints
GID General Investigative Division
HDW Handwriting
HSCA House Select Committee on Assassinations
IDENT Identification
INC Includes
INSTR Instructions
INTEL ntelligence
INTV Interview(s)
INVEST Investigation
JACQ K Jacqueline Kennedy
JBS John Birch Society
JC John Connally
JFK John Kennedy
JFK, NAR A/O AOKRI JFK, News Articles Regarding Assassination And/Or Activities of Key Related Individuals
JG James Garrison
JR Jack Ruby
JR, IGRHB A/O HAS Jack Ruby, Information Gathered Regarding His Background and/or His Suspected Associates
JURE Junta Revolucionaria Cubana
LAB Laboratory
LABOR Labor Union Activities
LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson
LCN La Costra Nostra
LHM Letter Head Memorandum(s)
LHO Lee Harvey Oswald
LOC Located
LTR Letter
LTRS Letters
MCO Marguerite Oswald
MED Medical
MED/PERS HIST Medical and Personal History
MIL Military
MIL SERV Military Service
MNO Marina Oswald
MRP Michael Paine
NAAWP National Association for the Advancement of White People
NCK Name Check(s)
NEG Negatives(s)
NSRP National States Rights Party
OC Organized Crime
OP Oswald Period
PC Pike Committee
PDT Police Department
PMH Parkland Memorial Hospital
POLIT Politics/Political
POST-OP Post-Oswald Period
POST-RP Post-Russian Period
PPT Palm-prints
PRELIM Preliminary
PRE-OP Pre-Oswald Period
PRE-RP Pre-Russian Period
PREP Preparation
PRES AT PS Presence at Police Station, November 22
PSYCH EXAM Psychiatric Exam
RACK AND SUBV Racketeering and Subversive Activities
RC Rockefeller Commission
REL Relative(s)
REL WITH JM Relationship with James Martin
RES Residence
REQU Request
RFK Robert F. Kennedy
RHP Ruth Paine
RP Russian Period
RPT Report(s)
R/S Routing Slip(s)
RTN Return
RUSS Russia/Russian
RUSS SPK ASSOC Russian-Speaking Associates in Fort Worth and Dallas
SATDL FBI Agents Travel to Dallas
SERV Service
SNFE Second National Front of Escambray
S/S Search Slip(s)
SUBV Subversive
SUSP Suspect(s)
SWP Socialist Workers Party
TELCAL Telephone Call(s)
TEST Testimony
TEST BEFORE WC Testimony Before the Warren Commission
TRA Travel
TSBD Texas School Book Depository
TTY Teletype(s)
TYW Typewriting
UNK Unknown
WIT Witness
YCL Young Communist League