JFK Assassination Records

Papers of James Hosty, Jr.

Background on the James P. Hosty, Jr. Papers

James P. Hosty, Jr. served as an FBI special agent in Dallas during the time leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy. He had interviewed Marina Oswald twice before November 22, 1963, and maintained a file on Lee Harvey Oswald. After one of his interviews with Mrs. Oswald, Lee Oswald delivered a threatening note to Hosty. Hosty destroyed the note two days after the assassination.

Mr. Hosty donated this file to the National Archives on January 24, 1997. The documents relate to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the investigation of Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald, the assassination of President Kennedy, and Mr. Hosty's employment with the FBI.

For questions about these records or copying information, please write to the Special Access and FOIA Staff at the National Archives at College Park, Room 6350, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001, call at (301) 837-3190, or e-mail: specialaccess_foia@nara.gov.

Folder Title List

Volume: Less than One Inch

  • Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Mr. J.V. Nevitt, dated 10/20/64
  • Letter from J.V. Nevitt to J. Edgar Hoover, dated 10/14/64
  • Letter from "Vic" to "Joe," dated 9/23/65
  • Memo from Hosty to Inspector James R. Malley dated 11/27/63
  • Sworn statement of Hosty dated 11/26/75
  • Memo from Hosty to Director of FBI dated 10/23/73 regarding "Personnel Matter"
  • Sworn statement of Hosty dated 11/14/75
  • Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Hosty dated 10/5/64 regarding suspension
  • Memo from SAC Shanklin to File (100-10461) dated 12/5/63 regarding FBI's handling of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Memo from Hosty to Director, FBI dated 10/23/73
  • FBI Index cards showing files on Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald assigned to Hosty
  • Petit Jury Summons for Janet Hosty with no date
  • Thank You Letter from J. Gordon Shanklin to Hosty dated 1/21/64
  • Photographs of a set of Texas Licence Plates
  • Handwritten notes