JFK Assassination Records

Appendix I: Committee Staff

Appendix I. Staff of the Select Committee on Assassinations ADMINISTRATIVE1
  • Chief counsel and staff director: G. Robert Blakey.
  • Administrative assistant: Dawne C. Miller.
  • Special counsel: I. Charles Mathews.
  • Secretary: Joyce A. Larkin.
  • Deputy chief counsel, legal office: James L. Wolf.
  • Secretary: Caryl M. Emanuel.
  • Deputy staff director and budget office: Thomas Howarth.
  • Staff assistants: Elizabeth B. Norris and Anne P. Wilander.
  • Chief clerk: Elizabeth Berning.
  • Deputy chief clerk: Olive E. Wagner.
  • Director of security: Robert C. Morrison.
  • Assistant director of security: William H. Cross.
  • Security assistants: Paul Golden and Lance W. Svendsen.
  • Editorial chief: Richard N. Billings.
  • Assistants: Paul A. Di Paolo, Robin D. Lindley, and Helen Whitney Watriss.
  • Administrative clerical: Nancy P. Schultz and Beverly A. Smith.
  • Printer: Larry Stickler.
  • Assistant printer: George R. Stephens.
  • Chief counsel and staff director: Richard A. Sprague.
  • Acting chief counsel and staff director: Alvin B. Lewis, Jr.
  • Acting staff director: Thomas W. Lambeth.
  • Deputy director/administration: E. M. Hutton, Jr.
  • Assistant director: Richard J. Feeney.
  • Deputy chief counsel: Stephen J. Fallis.
  • Special counsel: Kenneth E. Brooten, Jr.
  • Counsel/legal office: Jeffrey Facter and Jan R. Schlichtmann.
  • Legal assistant: Sari Mordano.
  • Chief clerk: Rebecca W. Martin.
  • Deputy chief clerk: Marion H. Wills.
  • Director of security: Francis J. Kelly.
  • Office managers: Edyth H. Baish and Dorothy R. Tinajero.
  • Chief researcher: Donovan Gay.
  • Public information officer: Burton A. Chardak.
  • Assistant public information officer: Antoinette "Ty" Roberts.
  • Editor/historian: Linda M. Connor.
  • Special assistant: Joan T. Thornell.
  • Executive assistant: Vivian L. McPherson.
1Staff not with the committee as of Dec. 1, 1978, are listed as "former."

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  • Administrative clerical Carol H. Amato, Giulia M. Barrow, Oliver Champion, Kevin Sean Doyle, Dorothy W. Kuhn, Billie Gay Larson, Denise L. McCray, Cecelia T. Morton, Mary E.C. Ponder, Patricia Lynn Price, Miriam Rudder, and Betty Lou Sisson.
  • Summer interns: John J. Farmer, Jr., Charlotte Green, and Lisa Saunders.
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  • Deputy chief counsel: Gary T. Cornwell.
  • Assistant deputy chief counsel:Kenneth D. Klein.
  • Senior staff counsel: S. Jonathan Blackmer, Surell Brady, Robert W. Genzman, Michael Goldsmith, Belford L. Lawson III, Leodis C. Matthews, and Donald A. Purdy, Jr.
  • Former deputy chief counsel: Robert K. Tanenbaum.
  • Former counsel: Howard M. Gilbert, John W. Hornbeck, James E. McDonald, William K. Triplett, and Paul A. Zevnick.
Research attorneys
  • Research attorneys: Charles M. Berk, Jane Lind Downey, and Howard Shapiro.
  • Chief investigator: Clifford A. Fenton, Jr.
  • Staff investigators: Gaeton J. Fonzi, James P. Kelly, Albert Maxwell, and John J. Moriarty, Jr.
  • Former investigators: Joseph J. Basteri, William Brown, Robert C. Buras, Jr., Martin J. Daly, Clarence J. Day, Lawrence J. Delsa, Albert Gonzales, Kenneth G. Grant, Harold Leap, and Harold A. Rose.
  • Deputy chief researcher:Jacqueline Hess.
  • Staff researchers: James Conzelman, Eileen G. Dinneen, Michael Ewing, T. Mark Flanagan, Jr., Dan L. Hardway, Margo E. Jackson, Edwin J. Lopez, Patricia M. Orr, Elizabeth J. Palmer, Johanna L. Smith, Leslie H. Wizelman, and Elizabeth A. Wolf.
  • Former researchers: Colleen Boland, Margaret Chellie Mason, Ann Furnald Taylor, and Kevin Walsh.
  • Office manager:Jane E. Godfrey.
  • Clerical: Ida Jane Ross, Anne B. Misita, Rebecca A. Rife, and Constance C. Smith.
  • Former clerical: Sheryl L. Bonifer, Alice E.J. Hamlin, Nancy S. Jenkins, Lillian B. Johnson, and Rita LaVerna Morton.
  • Document clerks: Cynthia S. Cooper and Beth Anne Lichtenfels.
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  • Deputy chief counsel: Gene R. Johnson.
  • Assistant deputy chief counsel: Peter G. Beeson.
  • Senior staff counsel: Ronald Adrine, Jeremy R. Akers, Alan B. Hausman, Kenneth S. McHargh, Mark Alan Speiser, and William A. Webb.
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  • Former deputy chief counsel: Robert L. Lelmer.
  • Former assistant deputy chief counsel: Michael C. Eberhardt.
  • Former staff counsel: Thomas M. Gannon, Cornish F. Hitchcock, Laura M. Holt, Joseph Kiel, Melvin Kreidman, Terry W. Lazin, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Robert C. Ozer.
Research attorneys
  • Research attorneys: Wendy S. Collins, Gale Lynn Oppenberg, and Thomas W. Sacco.
  • Former research attorney: Dean B. Webb.
  • Chief investigator: Edward M. Evans.
  • Staff investigators: Conrad E. Baetz, Jerome A. Cullings, Alfred S. Hack, Ernestine G. Johnson, Louis Parisi, and Mel Waxman.
  • Former investigators: James H. Chenoweth, Frank L. Eccles, Dominick K. Giangrasso, Maurice Israel, Floyd Reeves, Elizabeth K. Selleck, Joseph A. Thomas, Robert J. Walker, and Richard C. Wrase.
  • Deputy chief researcher: Gerald P. Hamilton.
  • Staff researchers: Lisa M. Berlow, Mary Susan Grimes, Phoebe C. Orr, Barbara J. Robinson, and Brenda L. Welburn.
  • Former researchers: Claire Brown, Judith R. Burford, Ralph C. Locke, Gina I. Resnick, Marlin Risinger, Merete Muff Rosen, and Mitchell A. Mars.
  • Office manager: Louis H. Hindle.
  • Clerical: Beverly Jackson and Barbara L. Mosley.
  • Former clerical: Yvonne Briggs, Marjorie Eagle, Diana N. Jones, Elizabeth A. Kilker, and Anne T. Strickland.
  • Research document analyst: Elizabeth C. Feeley.
Bibliographic note: Web version based on the Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office, 1979. 1 volume, 686 pages. The formatting of this Web version may differ from the original.