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Appointment of Postmasters, 1789 - 1832

Microfilm Publication M1131

4 rolls.

This microfilm publication reproduces four volumes that document dates of appointment of postmasters and, after 1814, dates of establishment of post offices.
The first volume is a chronological list of first returns of postmasters and can be used primarily to verify service.
Volumes 2 through 4 are generally arranged alphabetically by name of post office on a national basis, without regard to state or county. The records before 1824 do not show the names of the counties in which the post offices were situated. Some of the pages are not entirely legible.

Roll 1: Volume 1, 1789-1818
Roll 2: Volume 2, 1814-1823 (overlaps roll 1)
Roll 3: Volume 3, 1824-1828
Roll 4: Volume 4, 1828-1832

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