National Archives at Riverside

Other Records on Microfilm in Laguna-Niguel, CA

Federal Employees And Job Seekers Publication Number Cabinet Number
Letters of Application & Recommendation (for Federal Jobs), 1797-1877 Various V7
List of U.S. Diplomatic Officers, 1789-1951 M586 V8
List of U.S. Consular Officers, 1789-1939 M587 V8
Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-1971 M841 V7-8
Index & Registers of Substitute Mail Carriers in 1st and 2nd Class P.O's 1885-1903 M2076 V8
Index to U.S. Marshalls , 1789-1960 T577 V8
Attorney Rolls of the Supreme Court, 1790-1951 M217 V8
Registers of Lighthouse Keepers, 1845-1912 M1373 V8
Indexes to Rosters of Railway Postal Clerks, 1883-1902 M2077 V7
Record Cards of Letter Carriers Separated from the Postal Service M1846 V8

Land Records Number Cabinet Number
California Private Land Claim Docket T910 1
California's Spanish Archives * 1
Index to Private land Grant Cases - US District Courts T1214-T1216 1
Index of Spanish-Mexican Private Land Grant Records - California 9K-RAI 1
US General Land Office, Arizona and New Mexico 77-1946 1
Bureau of Land Management Records (1859-1950) M1627-M1630 34
List of North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee , 1778-1791 M68 1

Territorial and Regional Publication Number Cabinet Number
Territorial Papers of US Senate, 1789-1873 M200 V8
Interior Department Territorial Papers - Arizona, 1868-1913 M429 V8
Interior Department Territorial Papers - New Mexico, 1851-1914 M364 V8
Interior Dept Appointment Papers - Arizona, 1857-1907 M576 V8
Interior Department Appointment Papers - California, 1849-1907 M732 V8
State Department Territorial papers - Arizona, 1864-1872 M342 V8
State Department Territorial papers - New Mexico, 1851-1872 T17 V8
Internal Revenue Assessments for California, 1862-1866 M756 V8
Records of the US District & Predecesor Courts for Northern California , 1851-1950 T717 V8
Index to Civil Case Files - U.S. District Court, San Diego, 1955-1962 M1735 V1
Index to Criminal Case Files - U.S. District Court, San Diego, 1955-1962 M1736 V1
Index to Civil & Criminal Files - U.S. District Court, San Diego, 1962-1966 M1737 V1
Index to Bankr., Civil & Crim. Case Files - U.S. District Court, San Diego, 1953-1954 M1741 V1
U.S. District Court, Los Angeles, Minute Books 1-5, 1851-1866 X2025 V8
Case Files of the U.S. District Court for the Territory of Hawaii, 1900-1927 M1467 V8A
Letters Sent by the Governors & Secretaries of State of California, 1847-1848 M182 V8

Miscellaneous Publication Number Cabinet Number
Index to Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, 1908-1922 M1085 V8
Register & Indexes for Passport Applications, 1810-1906 M1371 V1
Emergency Passport Applications (Passports Issued Abroad), 1877-1907 Index to Passport Applications, 1850-52, 1860-80, 1881, 1906-1923 M1834 M1848 V8 V8
Index of Jews Whose German Nationality was Annulled by the Nazi Regime T355 V13
Mauthausen Death Books T990 V13
Post Office Reports of Site Locations, AZ, CA, & NV, 1836-1950 M1126 V8
Baptismal Records - Los Angeles County, 1770-1783 * V1
Virginia Delegates, First Congress T408 V8
Pacific Lighthouse Construction Drawings, 1853-1957 MI-25 V8
Registers of Lighthouse Keepers, 1845-1912 M1373 V8
Examples of Genealogical Records in the National Archives T325 1
Select Picture List (American West, 1848-1912; U.S. Ships, 1775-1941) * V11
M Series Descriptions MR#3 V1
Statistics of Congregations of Lutheran Synods, 1890 M2073 V1
Correspondence Relating to Enforcement of the Passenger Acts, 1852-1857 M2010 V6
Records Relating to U.S. Marshal Crawley P. Dake, the Earp Brothers, and Lawlessness and Cowboy Depredations in the Arizona Territory, 1881-1885 M2028 Front Desk
City Directories of the United States. Special Edition. Z-1 35
Telephone Directory, Winter 1929-30 - The Bronx (New York City) Z-160 35
Indexes to Certificates of Reg. & Enrollment Issued for Merchant Vessels at S.F., CA M1867 V8
Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR) Card File, 1940-1945 M1943 V13
Internal Revenue Service Tax Assessment Lists for Colorado and Wyoming, 1873-1918 M1775 V8-A
Internal Revenue Service Tax Assessment Lists for New Mexico and Arizona, 1883-1917 M1776 V8-A