Veterans' Service Records

Locating Veterans and Service Members

NPRC cannot release personal information about a veteran (such as home address, and even if NPRC could release such information, it most likely would not be current).  NPRC lacks the resources and current information to forward letters or correspondence to veterans. 

There are many search services (both free and for a fee) on the Internet that may assist in locating a person.

Other Sources for Veterans Information, Aid and Benefits may also be of assistance.

Military Personnel Locator Services

The U.S. Army and the U.S. Coast Guard no longer provide military locator services.

Veterans Directories and Locators from other Organizations

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  • Interactive Vietnam War Memorial
    The Interactive Vietnam War Memorial from enables visitors to search the Wall for people they know and pay tribute by adding photos, comments and stories of those who lost their lives during the Vietnam conflict. ( More about this project.)
  • Selected Veterans Service Organizations
    A short list of service organizations which may offer reunion listings or locator services.
  • Directory of Veterans Service Organizations
    Comprehensive database of Veterans Organizations compiled by the VA.
  • (fee required for locator services)
    Vet helps you to reunite with friends and family who are veterans of or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
    A commercial site offering free resources to serve, connect, and inform active duty members, reservists, guard members, retirees, veterans, family members, defense workers and those considering military careers.
  • Military Connections
    A commercial site designed to help military troops with supplies and support they need while deployed.


  • US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
    The VA can forward a message from you to the veteran, providing the veteran has filed a claim with VA and they have an address on record. For more information on VA forwarding: