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Research Services Competencies

Welcome! This page provides links to the Research Services Competency Models. The models are categorized by Division/Department, Position Title, and Grade.  If you are an Executive, Manager, or Supervisor, please select the following Competency Model for your position.

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Archival Operations

Archives Aid GS-02
Archives Aid GS-03
Archives Specialist (Quality Control) GS-09
Archives Specialist GS-05
Archives Specialist GS-07
Archives Specialist GS-09
Archives Specialist GS-11
Archives Specialist GS-12
Archives Specialist GS-13
Archives Specialist GS-14
Archives Technician GS-04
Archives Technician GS-05
Archives Technician GS-06
Archives Technician GS-07
Archivist GM-15
Archivist GS-07
Archivist GS-09
Archivist GS-11
Archivist GS-12
Archivist GS-13
Archivist GS-14
Archivist GS-15
Community Outreach Prog & Supt Spec GS-12
Customer Service Representative GS-07
Customer Services Coordinator GS-12
Customer Services Specialist GS-09
IT Specialist GS-12
IT Specialist GS-13
IT Specialist GS-14
IT Specialist GS-15
Lead Archives Technician GS-07
Lead Archives Technician GS-08
Management and Program Analyst GS-12
Office Automation Assistant GS-05
Program Analyst GS-09
Program Analyst GS-11
Program Analyst GS-12
Program Analyst GS-13
Program Analyst GS-14
Secretary (Office Automation) GS-05
Secretary (Office Automation) GS-06
Secretary (Office Automation) GS-07
Staff Assistant GS-07
Student Trainee (Archival Science) GS-06

Planning and Support Staff (R-S)

Management and Program Analyst GS 09
Management and Program Analyst GS 11
Management and Program Analyst GS 12
Management and Program Analyst GS 13
Management and Program Analyst GS 14
Secretary (Office Automation) GS 07
Secretary (Office Automation) GS 08

Access Coordinator (RD)

Management Analyst GS 12
Management and Program Analyst GS 13