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About the Department 

Web Site:   Office of the Federal Register
Location:   Physical site is Washington, DC

The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) provides access to the official text of:

  • Federal Laws
  • Presidential Documents
  • Administrative Regulations and Notices
  • Descriptions of Federal Organizations, Programs and Activities

We also administer the Electoral College and the Constitutional Amendment Process.

"The Office of the Federal Register is the one-stop location, whether online or in print, to keep abreast of all of the substantive actions of the executive branch and the Congress. It is an exciting and challenging place to be," said Charley Barth, director of the Federal Register.

Types of Internships

  1. Assist in the cataloging and maintenance of the Office of Federal Register Legal Library.

    The Office of the Federal Register maintains a library of its own publications, of materials filed for Incorporation by Reference in the Code of Federal Regulations, and of related materials necessary or useful for conducting research in the Federal Register system. Assistance is needed in cataloging the collection, collecting appropriate additional materials for the library, organizing the collection, and identifying and obtaining missing materials.
  2. Proofread presidential documents for the Public Papers of the Presidents and the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.

    Each week, dozens of oral and written transcripts of Presidential statements and copies of materials issued by the White House Press Office are received by the Office of the Federal Register for editing and publication. These materials are published because of their evidential, informational, and historical value. The published versions must be perfectly true to the original documents, and careful proofreading is required.
  3. Assist in the conversion of the card file of executive orders and proclamations to an electronic database.

    The Office of the Federal Register maintains the only complete catalog of all executive orders and proclamations issued by the President of the United States. The catalog is maintained in card format. Because the cards contain information about both the subject of the orders and proclamations and about existing orders and proclamations that they amend or supersede, this catalog is a valuable research database. The Office needs assistance in making the database more accessible through conversion to an electronic format.
  4. Assist in the receiving and filing of Federal Register documents.

    An average of 150 documents are received each day in the Office of the Federal Register for public inspection and publication in a daily issue of the Federal Register. Before documents can be put on public inspection, several administrative steps must be undertaken to ensure their authenticity, their reference in various finding aids, and verification of technical compatibility with Office publishing systems. Assistance is needed in this daily production effort, which will expose an intern to the entire spectrum of federal rules, proposed rules, and notices that are found in the daily issue of the Federal Register.
  5. Assist in the creation of finding aids for Federal Register publications.

    For the information contained in Federal Register publications to be useful, and for researchers to be able to conduct research on the development of federal regulations, it is necessary that the Office of the Federal Register develop and maintain adequate finding aids. Significant editorial assistance is needed to make these finding aids both accurate and timely. An individual working on finding aids will develop expert knowledge of the federal regulatory system and the relationship between the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.

How to Apply

A complete application package includes a cover letter stating the area of interest, a resume, official transcripts and a letter of recommendation from an educational faculty member.

Where to Send Applications

Materials should be submitted to:

Office of the Federal Register, F
National Archives and Records Administration
7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20408

Application Deadline

Applications may be submitted at any time. Positions are available throughout the year.