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Hiring Reform: Improving the Federal Recruitment and Hiring Process


The President released a memorandum (11 May 2010), entitled "Improving the Federal Recruitment and Hiring Process"

What's changing?

  • Elimination of Written Essays (KSAs) & Resume & Cover Letter. Applicants will no longer have to provide lengthy KSA essays in order to apply for NARA positions. Instead, applicants will respond to occupational questionnaires.
  • Rule-of-Three, Out! Category Rating, In! Result is more people referred for consideration – not just the top three.
  • Manager Accountability and Involvement. Managers are already actively involved in NARA's hiring process but additional resources will made available to provide support with planning current and future workforce requirements, identifying the skills required for the job, and engaging actively in the recruitment and the interviewing process. Also, accountability measures will be established for recruiting and hiring highly qualified employees and supporting their successful transition into Federal service.
  • Quality and Speed of Hiring. Hiring reform seeks to improve the overall quality and speed of the hiring process. The major focus is on establishing measures, analyzing the barriers, providing training to hiring managers and providing applicants timely notification of their application status.

Hiring Reform Guidance

See our Progress

  • The Federal standard for "time-to-hire" is 80 days, starting from the hiring manager's initial request to fill a vacancy to the employee's start date. Although we are not there yet, NARA is committed to meeting this standard.
  • See OPM's Hiring Reform Dashboard - Coming in October 2010
  • Monitor hiring reform implementation – See NARA's Hiring Reform Action Plan

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