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Carter-Laona Subagency Records

Carter-Laona Subagencies, Carter and Laona, Wisconsin

In 1911, the Office of Indian Affairs established the Carter Agency in Carter, Wisconsin. In 1916, the agency moved to Laona, Wisconsin and renamed the Laona Agency. The agency was responsible for several bands of Pottawatomie Indians in Wisconsin and later, Michigan. It also had duties concerning the Rice Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, who mainly lived in Forest and Langlade counties in Wisconsin. In 1927, the Laona Agency was consolidated with the Lac du Flambeau Agency.


General Records

Correspondence with the Commissioner, 1912-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72017343)

Correspondence with Keshena Agency, 1919-1925 (National Archives Identifier 72017371)

Correspondence with Kickapoo Pottawatomie Agency, 1918-1925 (National Archives Identifier 72017373)

Correspondence with Lac du Flambeau Agency, 1919-1924 (National Archives Identifier 72017374)

Correspondence with Winnebago Agency, 1919-1925 (National Archives Identifier 74613246)

Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1916-1925 (National Archives Identifier 5582226)

Correspondence Related to Heirship, 1917-1926 (National Archives Identifier 72017375)

Letters Received by the Superintendent, 1911-1917 (National Archives Identifier 72017368)

Letters Sent by the Superintendent, 1910-1916 (National Archives Identifier 72017366)

Outgoing Correspondence Related to Individual Indians, 1911-1915 (National Archives Identifier 72017363)

Western Union Telegrams, 1912-1918 (National Archives Identifier 72688943)


Administrative Records

Pottawatomie Census Rolls, 1911-1933 (National Archives Identifier 72017376)

Records of Births and Deaths, 1924-1926 (National Archives Identifier 72130569)


Financial Records

Accounting Statements (Bank and Treasury Statements), 1919-1927 (National Archives Identifier 74613245)

Cash Accounts, 1917-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72688941)

Check Registers, 1917-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72688942)

Cost Ledgers, 1919-1927 (National Archives Identifier 73977762)

Purchase Authorities for Miscellaneous Allotments to Indians, 1911-1917 (National Archives Identifier 72039240)

Records of Authorities for Miscellaneous Allotments to Indians, 1911-1915 (National Archives Identifier 73977406)

Records of Receipts and Disbursements (Appropriation Ledgers), 1912-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72126978)

Registers of Financial Transactions, 1919-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72126982)

Vouchers of Indian Money Accounts, 1906-1922 (National Archives Identifier 72039236)


Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Check Registers, Individual Indian Accounts, 1917-1927 (National Archives Identifier 72039237)

Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1918-1926 (National Archives Identifier 72126977)

Ledger of “Irregular” Indian Accounts, 1913-1915 (National Archives Identifier 74618319)

List of Lands Purchased for Allotment, 1915 (National Archives Identifier 72039234)

Requests for Authority of Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1912-1920 (National Archives Identifier 72039239)

Transfer Ledgers, 1913-1922 (National Archives Identifier 72126986)


Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Patient Records, 1914-1932 (National Archives Identifier 72039235)


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