National Archives at Chicago

Carter-Laona Subagency Records

Carter-Laona Subagencies, Carter and Laona, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Correspondence with the Commissioner, 1912-1927
Outgoing Correspondence Related to Individual Indians, 1911-1915
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1916-1925
Miscellaneous Letters Sent by the Superintendent, 1911-1916
Miscellaneous Letters Received by the Superintendent, 1910-1916
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Field Nurse, 1930-1932
Letters Received by the Government Farmer, 1927
Correspondence with Keshena Agency, 1919-1925
Correspondence with Kickapoo Pottawatomie Agency, 1918-1925
Correspondence with Lac du Flambeau Agency, 1919-1924
Correspondence Related to the Mole Lake Chippewas, 1918-1923
Correspondence Related to Inheritance, 1917-1926

II. Administrative Records

Pottawatomie Census Rolls, 1911-1933
Records of Birth and Death, 1924-1926

III. Financial Records

Registers of Financial Transactions, 1919-1927
Records of Receipts and Disbursements (Appropriation Ledgers), 1912-1927
Records of Authorities for Miscellaneous Allotments to Indians, 1911-1915
Accounting Statements, 1919-1927
Cost Ledgers, 1919-1927
Cash Accounts, 1917-1927
Check Registers, 1917-1927

IV. Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Requests for Authority, 1912-1920
Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1918-1926
Ledger of "Irregular" Indian Accounts, 1913-1915
Transfer Ledgers, 1913-1922
Check Registers, Individual Indian Accounts, 1917-1927

V. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Patient Records, 1914-1932

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