National Archives at Chicago

Records of Territorial Courts (Michigan)

Records of the Territorial Courts, 
from the Territory of Michigan, 1815-1837

These records are held in the National Archives regional facility in Chicago, Illinois.

The establishment of the Territory of Michigan in 1805 was accompanied by the creation of a Territorial Supreme Court.  This body also served in the capacity of the District and Circuit Court of the United States.  Virtually all of the records created by the court have been deposited in the Michigan State Archives; however, the National Archives at Chicago has three series of records from the Territorial Court.

Record Group 21

General Records, 1815-1837

Minutes of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Michigan, 1815-1830.  National Archives Identifier 74860180

Journal of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Michigan Sitting as a Circuit and District Court of the United States, 1815-1837.  National Archives Identifier 74860179

General Case Files, 1816-1836.  National Archives Identifier 74797808