National Archives at Chicago

Mackinac Agency Records

Mackinac Agency, Mackinac, Michigan

General Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1906-1927
Annual Reports, 1910-1925
Circulars, 1908-1927
Press Copies of Letters Sent by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1904-1914
Letters Sent by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1910-1911
Letters Received by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1902-1909
Correspondence Regarding Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1910-1927
Requests for Authority, 1909-1911
Records of Authorities, 1908-1918
Statement of Accounts, 1907-1925
Quarterly Statements of Indian Accounts, 1915-1919
Cost Ledgers, 1917-1927
Transfer Ledgers, 1908-1918
Records of Receipts and Disbursements, 1910-1927
Ledger of Payments to Indians, 1916-1923
Forestry Records, 1909-1924
Scale Reports, 1918-1920
Certificates of Completion of Timber Contracts, 1911-1923
Timber Journals, 1917-1938
Ledger of Land Sales, 1907-1908

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