National Archives at Chicago

Home for Disabled Soldiers in Danville, IL

Records of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and the National Homes Service of the Veteran Administration

Records of the Danville Branch, Danville, IL Sample Case Files of Veterans Temporarily at the Branch, 1918-1932

Box 1 (A-F)
Ackroyd, Arthur 3rd Tr. Hdqrs. M.P.
Ashley, Harry D. 53 Ills. Inf.
Barlom, Louis 6th Cav.
Bereuter, Lawrenze 6th Missouri Inf.
Black, Gus M. 302" Field Signal Bn.
Bonnell, Fred H. (Holcomb, Charles H.) F.A.R.D.
Bowers, Harry J. K. Motor Trans. Corps.
Broad, William T. 3rd Cav.
Brown, Orville 8th Prov. Ord. Det.
Brunner, Earl R. 136 Inf.
Campbell, William V. 163 D. Brig.
Cash, Joseph D. 7th Cav.
Cayo, Timothy 4th Inf.
Clemans, William 20th Ill. Vol. Inf. (C)
Clothier, Asa 10th Regiment Inf.
Combs, Francis E. S.A.T.C.
Conner, B.W. 76th F.A.
Copple, Fred 112 Inf.
Cornelius, Edward E. Marine Corps
Cotner, IsaacG. 115th Inf.
Cravens, Gus 806th Pioneer Inf.
Cundiff, Delbert 318th Engrs.
Davalia, Alfred Cas. Det. Demob. Group.
Davis, Clarence H. 89 M.P.
Davis, John W. Ballon Co. # 1
Dempsey, Leo A. Marine Corps
Dickinson, William J Ordinance Detch.
Dougherty, William 35th Engrs.
Drum, Homer R. 40th Inf.
Dyke, Ras 159 D. Brig.
Eberly, Joseph 2nd Engrs.
Ellis, James 10th Cav.
Eller, Paskle M. 1st Field Arty.
Erlandson, Walter A. 330th Inf.
Evans, Raymond C. 130th Inf.
Farleigh, Jesse R. 356th Inf.
Farmer, Orpha V. 160 Depot. Brig.
Ferguson, William B. 55 Reg. Pa. Vol. Militia
Fields, John W. Navy
Fisher, Adam 35 Ind. Vol. Infty.
Box 2 (G-M)
Garrett, Patrick R. 122 M.G. Bttn.
Garrett, Walter D. Demonstration Group
Godfrey, Mike Camp Greenleaf
Gould, John C. 151 Ill. Inf.
Gray, Paul 4 Camp Grant Ill.
Green, Charles F. 164 D. Brig.
Grider, Thomas E. 28th Inf.
Hamilton, William A. Marine Corps
Hardin, Erwin C. 7th Battn.
Harding, Robert J. 166th Inf.
Harrington, John 9th Inf.
Harrington, William Medical Corps
Harris, Claude S. 4th Ill. Inf.
Heathman, David Ind. Inf.
Hogan, Wyatt 83 U.S.C.T.
Hurst, George L. Development Bn.
Ivy, William F. 25th Inf.
Jankowski, Mike (Janson, Mike) 18th Inf.
Johnson, Nathaniel 4th Dev. Btn.
Jones, Isaiah Ohio Inf.
Key, John 59th Regiment Indiana Inf.
Kilgore, Robert L. Postal Express Service
King, Albert C. 62nd Inf.
Kleiner, Tonie 42 Field Art.
Large, Chauncey (Clayton, Chauncy) 21st Inf.
Lathrop, George T. Navy
Lucius, Peter J. 16th Inf.
Lundall, Edward W. 1st Colo. Inf. S
Luzadder, Georg R. 414 Tel. B'n
Marvin, Gifford 29th Inf.
Maynard, Russell 129th Fa
Miller, Valentine Navy
Moore, Frank W. Q.M.C.
Morris, Ernest A. 164th Dep. Brig.
Mullen, Robert E. 59th R.T.C.
Myers, Jimmy Stevedore & Lab. Org.
Box 3 (N-L)
Nicley, Jesse Everett 158th D. Brig.
Nolan, Daniel J. 304th Field Art.
Nolde, Charles R. 115th Aero Squad. AC
Pemberton, William F. 180th Depot. Brig.
Phillips, William G. 1st Co. CAC
Regan, James F. 17th Band CAC
Robinson, Andrew 40th Col. Inf.
Ruble, Treat 362nd Inf.
Russum, Scott Watson Navy
Schuring, Frank W. 161st D.B.
Serviss, Charles 160th Depot Brig.
Sheehan, Charles P. 150th Field Art.
Shelton, Joseph C. 343rd Bakery Co.
Spruell, Casey 26th Ill. Inf.
Summers, George F. 44th Inf.
Thomas, Adrian M. School for Cooks and Bakers
Thurston, Clifford C. 139th Hvy. F. Art.
Turner, Nora Lee Nurse
Vorce, Lester N.Y. Inf.
Wathen, Joseph 335th Inf.
Weiss, Nathan 82 F. Arty.
Williams, Earl 311th Inf.
Williams, Kirk A. 4th Ill. Inf.
Wolfe, Chester Arthur Navy