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Revolutionary War Pension Files Tagging Mission

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The stories of over 80,000 men and women who lived through the American Revolution are waiting to be told. Will you help us tell them?


Transcription is just one part of the process.  Adding a tag can help identify a person, event or location. Tags can also be used to create a link to all records with that tag [Here’s an example of records tagged with Revolutionary War Substitute]. You’ll also find that pension files contain non standard spelling.  By adding a tag that uses a standardized version of the name or battle,  you will help increase searchability

You are welcome to add as many tags as you see fit.



How to add tags

Tags can be added to the page where the subject is found. First select a record from the list of transcribed pension files. Review the transcription on the page to look for people, subjects, or events to tag. First you should view the transcription - click Show Details above the thumbnail list.














Click on the transcription icon or from the Grid View [left] or on Available from the List View [right]



Read through the transcription. If you identify a tag to add, click on Tags (circled) to open the Tag panel and add each  individual tag in the contribution box (arrow).  We suggest using a tag in the Tags to Add list found below.


Tags can also be added to the entire pension file by adding them to the contribution box at the bottom of the description.  In general, a tag added here indicates that the tag is about the entire pension file.


GET STARTED adding tags to pension files that have been transcribed.


Tags to Add

Since there are dozens of tags that can be added to each pension, we’ve created some lists of tags our partners and researchers find especially useful.  They’re listed here in order of priority.


National Park Service tags

The highest priority for tagging is to place a Revolutionary War veteran at a National Park Service site.  Please add both the battle or event name and the National Park Service Site name and code.

Battle or Event National Park Service Site
Battle of Bunker Hill

Boston National Historical Park

Bunker Hill Monument and Museum

Battle of Cowpens

Cowpens National Battlefield


Battle of Brandywine

First State National Historical Park


Siege of Fort Stanwix

Clinton-Sullivan Campaign

Fort Stanwix National Monument


Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park


Declaration of Independence

Independence National Historical Park


Siege of Boston

Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site


Battle of Kings Mountain

Kings Mountain National Military Park


Battle of Lexington 

Battle of Concord

Minute Man National Historical Park


Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

Moores Creek National Battlefield


Encampment at Morristown

Morristown National Historical Park


Siege of Ninety Six

Ninety Six National Historic Site


Battles of Saratoga

Saratoga National Historical Park


Encampment at Valley Forge

Valley Forge National Historical Park


Battle of Yorktown

Surrender of Cornwallis

Colonial National Historical Park


Yorktown Battlefield





Battles and Sieges

Tag a siege or battle by using a standardized name listed below.  This is not a comprehensive list and you can use sources such as this list of Revolutionary War battles in chronological order from Wikipedia to find a battle that is not listed.

Battles of Lexington and Concord Battle of White Plains Battle of Princeton Attack on German Flatts Battle of Cowpens
Siege of Boston Battle of Fort Washington Battle of Brandywine Capture of Savannah Battle of Guilford Court House

Battle of Quebec

Battle of Trenton Battle of Germantown Battle of Beaufort Siege of Augusta
Battle of Sullivan's Island Second Battle of Trenton Battle of White Marsh Siege of Savannah Siege of Ninety-Six
Battle of Long Island Battle of Princeton Battle of Monmouth Siege of Charleston Battle of Eutaw Springs
Battle of Harlem Heights Siege of Fort Ticonderoga Siege of Boonesborough Battle of Kings Mountain Battle of Siege of Yorktown


Notable Names

Veterans also include the names of officers they fought under or spotted in camp or on the battlefield. While it is impossible to list all the names of officers, please use these tags for the most famous.

Major John André General Charles Lord Cornwallis Marquis de Lafayette
General Benedict Arnold Lord Dunmore General Casimir Pulaski
General John Burgoyne John Paul Jones General George Washington


Other tags

Veterans often include colorful recollections of their service.  You are welcome to use the following tags to draw attention to a topic that may be of interest to the public.  We include the prefix of Revolutionary War before the subject so that a search for the tag will only return records from the Revolutionary War pension.

Revolutionary War African American Revolutionary War Musician
Revolutionary War Camp Life Revolutionary War Native American
Revolutionary War Construction Revolutionary War Prisoner
Revolutionary War Declaration of Independence Revolutionary War Prison Ship
Revolutionary War Deserter Revolutionary War Privateer
Revolutionary War Drummer Revolutionary War Ranger
Revolutionary War Enslaved Revolutionary War Recruiter
Revolutionary War Family Bible Revolutionary War Sailor
Revolutionary War Farmer Revolutionary War Sea Service
Revolutionary War Formerly Enslaved Revolutionary War Scout
Revolutionary War Fraktur Revolutionary War Small Pox
Revolutionary War Green Mountain Boys Revolutionary War Spy
Revolutionary War Guard Revolutionary War Substitute
Revolutionary War Hessians Revolutionary War Surgeon
Revolutionary War Horse Revolutionary War Tories
Revolutionary War Illness Revolutionary War Valley Forge
Revolutionary War Illustrated Family Record Revolutionary War Wagoner
Revolutionary War Kitchens/Waiter Revolutionary War Washington’s Life Guard
Revolutionary War Minutemen Revolutionary War Wounded
  Revolutionary War Whig

GET STARTED adding tags to pension files that have been transcribed.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I’ve added tags but this pension is still on the list.
Since there are so many possible tags, we’re leaving a pension file on the list for longer than normal.  Feel free to skip ahead and find another record to tag.


Do I have to tag every page?
No.  It is possible that some pages or even entire pensions do not have anything to tag.


I have a suggestion of a tag to add to your list.  What should I do?
You are welcome to add the tag to the pension file and send the suggestion to for consideration.


Can I tag a pension that is not part of your list?
Of course!  Any pension in the series can be both tagged and transcribed.  Our missions just provide a smaller and more manageable subset of records for our volunteers.


I wan to transcribe, where is that page?
You can find the transcription mission page here and it is linked at the top of this page.