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Past Editions


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Revolutionary War Pensions at One Year

6/13/2024 What we’ve learned in one year of transcribing Revolutionary War pension files. View the Newsletter
Honoring the Military 5/30/2024 Explore records from Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. View the Newsletter
Mining the Catalog - Exploring records from the Exhibit Power & Light 5/16/2024 Take a look at records in the Catalog from the new exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. View the Newsletter

Citizen Archivist “Outside the Box”

5/2/2024 We explore a fascinating “Outside the Box” tagging and transcription mission during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. View the Newsletter
Earth Day, 2024 4/18/2024 For Earth Day, we take a closer look at the National Wildlife Refuge System. View the Newsletter
75 Years of Alliance 4/4/2024

Seventy-five years ago twelve nations formed an alliance of military and political cooperation.

View the Newsletter

Celebrating Amazing American Women

3/21/2024 Every March, we take some time to appreciate the contributions women have made to our country.  View the Newsletter
Two Hundred Years of Native Relations 3/7/2024 This week we share records from two hundred years of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and share tips for searching names in the National Archives Catalog. View the Newsletter
Celebrating Feats of Engineering 2/23/2024 We take a look at big and small feats of engineering and design to celebrate National Engineers Week. View the Newsletter

Bending Toward Justice: Civil Rights in the Federal Courts

2/8/2024 Explore the legacy of early Civil Rights activists through court cases found at the National Archives at Chicago. View the Newsletter
The Supreme Court - now with sound! 1/25/2024 We take a listen to a few landmark Supreme Court cases. View the Newsletter
Happy Birthday Ellis Island! 1/11/2024 In celebration of Ellis Island opening on January 1, 1892, we'll explore the resources on immigration found at the National Archives. View the Newsletter



Title Publication Date Summary Link
Citizen Archivist Year in Review 12/28/2023 A look back on this year’s most popular Citizen Archivist missions View the Newsletter

In Their Own Words: World War II Oral Histories


Citizen Archivists have transcribed more than 6,800 pages of World War II oral histories that give first hand accounts of battles.

View the Newsletter
Today's Document 11/30/2023 Want more National Archives in your life?  Check out Today’s Document. View the Newsletter
Exploring the Records of the Dawes Commission 11/16/2023 A wealth of information can be found in the records of the Dawes Commission, we’ll help you get started with your research. View the Newsletter

Honoring America's First Veterans


Are you ready to join us in honoring America’s first veterans by transcribing their pension files? 

View the Newsletter
The Many Records of President Carter 10/12/2023 We say happy 99th birthday to President Carter in this week’s newsletter. View the Newsletter
“P” is for Phenomena 9/21/2023

Are we alone? Explore declassified records related to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

View the Newsletter
USS Nautilus: On Top of the World, Under the Ice 8/24/2023

The various quests to reach the North Pole were equal parts danger and glory, with scientists and thrill-seekers alike pushing the limits of human endurance and technology. 

View the Newsletter
Alllllll Aboard!  7/20/2023 Come along for a fast track overview of Cartographic Branch’s railroad records. View the Newsletter

You’ve Been Drafted! Revolutionary War Transcription Project

6/22/2023 The stories of over 80,000 men and women who lived through the American Revolution are waiting to be told. Will you help us tell them? View the Newsletter

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage

5/25/2023 The National Archives holds a wealth of material documenting the achievements and contributions of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders.  View the Newsletter
New in National Archives Catalog 5/11/2023 Today we’re sharing recently added records in the National Archives Catalog! Take a ride with us as we explore some of the latest records available for online research. View the Newsletter
JFK Assassination Records Transcription Opportunity 4/27/2023 Help us transcribe records from the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection. View the Newsletter
1950 Census Revisited 4/13/2023 The 1950 Census was released one year ago this month! We hope you’ve had a chance to search the 1950 Census and learn more about your family history and life in the United States in 1950. View the Newsletter
Explore History Hub's New Home! 3/30/2023 Are you stuck in your historical research? Have you hit a wall in your genealogy quest? Find your answer on History Hub!  View the Newsletter
Happy Sunshine Week 2023! 3/16/2023 This week we are celebrating access to public information, including how the National Archives makes access happen and fulfills open government requirements View the Newsletter
Queens of the Air: American Women Aviation Pioneers 3/2/2023 In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the Queens of the Air! Within the holdings of the National Archives, you will find many resources documenting the history and early days of aviation.  View the Newsletter
All American: The Power of Sports 2/16/2023 Let’s play ball! Bring the whole family for a historic day out and get ringside seats to our current exhibit: “All American: The Power of Sports.”  View the Newsletter
Celebrating Black History Month 2/2/2023 Join us in a celebration of Black History Month! As one of the primary sources for African American historical documents, the National Archives provides access to tools and other resources that can be used while conducting research. View the Newsletter
Citizen Archivist Mission Refresh 1/19/2023 Let’s start 2023 with some new Citizen Archivist missions! We’ve refreshed our dashboard with new missions and more individual featured records, all waiting for you to jump in and transcribe. View the Newsletter
New Records for the New Year 1/5/2023 Welcome to 2023! Take a ride with us through the new Catalog as we explore some recently added records. Our Catalog contains more than 200 million digitized pages of records, with new records and descriptions added each week! What records are you most looking forward to accessing online this year?  View the Newsletter


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Wrapping up 2022

12/22/2022 It’s hard to believe we are wrapping up another year of online access!  View the Newsletter

The New National Archives Catalog is here!

12/8/2022 The new Catalog officially launched on November 21, 2022. We are excited to introduce this fully redesigned and modernized online public access Catalog. Our new Catalog maximizes our ability to make the records of the National Archives even more accessible. Discover what's new! View the Newsletter

In case you missed it...

11/15/2022 The new Catalog will officially launch on November 21, 2022, replacing the legacy Catalog at  View the Newsletter

Honoring Our Veterans

11/10/2022 November 11 marks the annual observance of Veterans Day, a day on which we honor the courageous women and men who have served in the United States military. View the Newsletter

Get ready for the NEW National Archives Catalog! (Special Edition)

11/3/2022 We are putting the finishing touches on the new Catalog, and introducing new features and functionality on a regular basis. The new Catalog will officially launch on November 21, 2022, replacing the legacy Catalog at Visit our informational page for the latest updates.  View the Newsletter

60th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis

10/27/2022 For 13 agonizing days—from October 16 through October 28—the United States and the Soviet Union stood on the brink of nuclear war. The peaceful resolution of the crisis with the Soviets is considered to be one of Kennedy’s greatest achievements. View the newsletter

Universal Newsreel: Release Descriptions Now Live

10/13/2022 The Universal Newsreel Collection is the largest donated newsreel collection in the Moving Image and Sound Branch at the National Archives. The popular collection includes nearly 4,000 edited releases which were originally shown in movie theaters, as well as 8,500 reels of unedited outtakes. View the newsletter
Introducing the Next Generation National Archives Catalog 9/30/2022 The National Archives Catalog is getting an upgrade! We are excited to announce a sneak preview of our fully redesigned and modernized online public access Catalog. View the newsletter

West Point Military Academy Photographs: Enhancing searchability through tags

9/15/2022 Citizen Archivists, we have a new mission for you! More than 2,500 photographs taken at the West Point Military Academy in the early 20th century are now available in the National Archives Catalog.  View the newsletter

New in the Catalog! U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Ships Logbooks

9/1/2022 More than 500 logbooks of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Ships (USC & GSS) are now available to view and download in the National Archives Catalog.  View the newsletter

Seas the Day! Cartographic Ship Plans

8/18/2022 The Cartographic Branch at the National Archives is home to over one million ship plans, with records spanning more than 15 distinct Record Groups and over 25 separate series.  View the newsletter
What's New in the National Archives Catalog? 8/5/2022 Curious about the most recently added records to the Catalog? Check out our What's New in the National Archives Catalog web page! View the newsletter

Exploring the new Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

7/21/2022 The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri, recently completed an extensive renovation to tell the story of President Harry S. Truman in a new and exciting way. View the newsletter

National Park Service Virtual Tour

7/7/2022 Celebrate the records of the National Park Service and take a virtual tour of the parks in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Tools and Training for Teachers 6/23/2022 Attention, educators! Join the National Archives and Presidential Libraries this summer for free, online and onsite professional development opportunities.  View the newsletter
Mapping World War II 6/10/2022 Join us as we navigate a recently digitized series of World War II maps. View the newsletter

Photographing the Civil War: Mathew Brady at 200

5/26/2022 Mathew Brady was one of the most prolific photographers of the nineteenth century, creating visual documentation of the Civil War period. This year marks the beginning of the commemoration of Brady’s 200th birthday.  View the newsletter

“Don’t Be a Dope”: Will Eisner’s World War II Posters

5/12/2022 Explore the U.S. Government posters for World War II by cartoonist and writer Will Eisner (1917-2005). View the newsletter

Milestone Documents

4/28/2022 Curious about the most viewed and sought out documents in the holdings of the National Archives? Explore the Milestone Documents website!  View the newsletter
Transcribing the 1950 Census 4/14/2022

The initial name index is built on optical character recognition (OCR) technology, we know it is not 100% accurate. This is where we need your help! We encourage you to try out the 1950 Census website’s built-in transcription tool to help refine the name index. 

View the newsletter

The 1950 Census is here!


After 72 years of confidentiality, the 1950 Census is here! The 1950 census is now available for everyone to view on a free, dedicated website from the National Archives:

View the newsletter

Declassified: Exploring formerly Top Secret records

3/17/2022 In celebration of Sunshine Week we're shining a light on some popular declassified records available at the National Archives. View the newsletter

Volunteer for Victory: American National Red Cross Nurses

3/3/2022 As the National Archives celebrates Women’s History Month, we recognize the contributions of women to our nation’s history. This week, we honor the dedicated American National Red Cross nurses who served during the First and Second World Wars. View the newsletter

Help Shape the Future of the National Archives Catalog

2/17/2022 We have two topics this week. First, the National Archives Catalog is going through some exciting changes! We need your help to make sure these changes are on the right track, participate in our survey. Second, the National Archives is proud to participate in National African American History Month, an observance that takes place every February.  View the newsletter

On your mark, get set, go!

2/3/2022 As athletes and spectators across the world prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympic games in Beijing, we are weaving our way through the National Archives Catalog to bring you records related to historic Olympic Games and participants.  View the newsletter
Coast Guard Canines 1/20/2022 We salute the hard working canine mascots of the U.S. Coast Guard. View the newsletter
New Records for the New Year 1/6/2022 With more than 160 million digitized pages of records available in the National Archives Catalog, there is always something new to discover. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
2021 in Review 12/23/2021 As we wrap up another year of online access, we’re sharing highlights from the past year. We look forward to sharing more of our holdings and history with you in 2022. View the newsletter
Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary 12/7/2021 On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers and torpedo planes staged a surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, propelling the United States into World War II. View the newsletter
What's Cooking? 11/25/2021 The holiday season is here. Time to put on our historic chef hats, preheat the oven, and get started on our winter weather menus! View the newsletter
Veterans Day 11/11/2021 Join us in celebrating and thanking our veterans. View the newsletter
Holding it Together: Historical Fasteners in the
National Archives Catalog
10/28/2021 Join us as we cut through the red tape in this week’s newsletter to bring you stories of various document fasteners found in the records at the National Archives. View the newsletter
Commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month 10/14/2021 Join us in a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month as we commemorate the histories, cultures, and contributions in the United States by the Latino and Hispanic communities with roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. View the newsletter
Donated Collections Explorer 9/30/2021 To help you navigate the universe of records held at the National Archives, we are excited to introduce the third in a series of online finding aid tools: the Donated Collection Explorer. View the newsletter
Exploring the Confederate Slave Payrolls 9/16/2021 During the U.S. Civil War, the Confederate Army required enslavers to loan their enslaved people to the military. To track this extensive network of thousands of enslaved people and the pay their enslavers received for their lease, the Confederate Quartermaster Department created the record series now called the "Confederate Slave Payrolls." This series is fully digitized and available to view in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
We Remember: 20th Anniversary of 9/11 9/2/2021 Marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. As the nation’s record keeper, the National Archives holds many documents and photographs related to the events of September 11. View the newsletter
Archives Back to School 8/19/2021 Whether you are a teacher or a learner in an online or in-person environment, the National Archives has an abundance of resources for students and educators. View the newsletter
This land is your land 8/5/2021 The Bureau of Land Management recently celebrated its 75th birthday. It was created on July 16, 1946 when President Harry Truman merged two agencies within the Department of Interior: the General Land Office and the Grazing Service. Today, the Bureau of Land Management currently manages about 245 million acres of public land in America. View the newsletter
Going for the Gold 7/22/2021 Celebrating achievements from historic Olympic games. View the newsletter
Navigating the Catalog 7/8/2021 We've updated our Catalog Help pages with new instructional videos to help you navigate the Catalog and make the most of your research online. View the newsletter
New, Noteworthy, and Neato 6/24/2021 Join us this week as we celebrate some new, noteworthy, and just plain neat stories from our holdings. View the newsletter
Pride in the Archives 6/10/2021 Records at the National Archives constitute a rich documentary history of the experience of LGBT+ individuals. View the newsletter
Behind Enemy Lines: WWII Escape and Evasion Reports 5/27/2021 Learn more about the records documenting first hand accounts of survival from WWII escape and evasion reports. View the newsletter
100 Years: Remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre 5/13/2021 This month marks the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, one of the worst instances of mass racial violence in American history. View the newsletter
Citizen Archivists: Get involved on History Hub 4/29/2021 Learn more about History Hub, our pioneering crowdsourced history and genealogy research community. View the newsletter
Catalog Undercover 4/15/2021 Join us as we crack the code in this week’s newsletter to bring you stories of spies, camouflage, and cryptography found in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
1950 Census Countdown 4/1/2021 The National Archives will release the 1950 population census schedules in April 2022, 72 years after the official 1950 census day of April 1, 1950. Learn more about the Census and how you can get started preparing for the release. View the newsletter
You Are Here: Maps in the Catalog 3/18/2021 Jump on board with us as we navigate a selection of our favorite maps and map-related records in the Catalog. View the newsletter
Women's History Month 3/4/2021 Celebrating Women's History Month with records and resources available at the National Archives. View the newsletter
Civil Rights 2/18/2021 Learn more about the major civil rights court cases, decisions, and acts that can be found in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
African American History Month 2/4/2021 Join us in a celebration of African American History Month. Learn more about records, resources, and programs available at the National Archives. View the newsletter
Holocaust Remembrance Day 1/21/2021 Learn more about conducting research on Holocaust and other World War II-related topics. View the newsletter
New Records for the New Year 1/4/2021 Learn about newly added records to the Catalog, and learn how to volunteer as a citizen archivist. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
Year in Review 12/24/2020 Highlights in research and online access from 2020. View the newsletter
Bureau of Indian Affairs Photographs Finding Aid 12/10/2020 Search and explore more than 18,000 digitized historical photographs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) records with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Photographs Finding Aid. View the newsletter
Giving Thanks 11/26/2020 Giving thanks to our community of Citizen Archivists. View the newsletter
Honoring our Veterans 11/12/2020 Learn more about resources for veterans and their families. View the newsletter
Searchable Stock Shots 10/29/2020 Learn more about a Citizen Archivist tagging project to help make Motion Picture stock shots more searchable in the Catalog. View the newsletter
Native American Treaties Explorer 10/15/2020 Hundreds of Native American treaties have been scanned and are freely available online, for the first time, through the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Back to School: Educator Resources 10/1/2020 Learn about National Archives resources for students and educators. View the newsletter
Into the Wild: US FIsh & WIldlife Service 9/17/2020 Travel into the wild with us as we bring you photographs from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. View the newsletter
Native American Photographs Tagging Mission 9/3/2020 Introducing a new project to help tag photographs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to help increase access to these rich records. View the newsletter
1 Million Pages! 8/20/2020 Thanks to our citizen archivists, we've reached a BIG milestone of contributions to the National Archives Catalog. We also introduce the Presidential Library Explorer. View the newsletter
19th Amendment Centennial 8/6/2020 The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, but this landmark event was not the beginning or the end of the story for women and the struggle for the right to vote. The National Archives holds the records that help tell this story, including petitions, legislation, court cases, and more. View the newsletter
History Hub 7/23/2020 We invite you to explore History Hub, our pioneering crowdsourced history and genealogy research community. View the newsletter
You Light Up My Life 7/9/2020 Lighthouse fans and photography aficionados! Allow us to navigate you to a completely digitized series of Coast Guard lighthouse photographs: 26-LG: Lighthouses, 1855 -1933. View the newsletter
Virtual Vacation 6/25/2020 Join us on a virtual vacation of through the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
International Archives Week 6/11/2020 Celebrating the importance of archives around the world, as well as the ways we provide and promote public access to historical government records. View the newsletter
Searching Still Photographs for Army Personalities 5/28/2020 Learn more about how to search within the holdings of the Still Picture Branch at the National Archives to aid in the search for specific individuals in the military. View the newsletter
National Archives at the Movies 5/14/2020 The Motion Picture Preservation Lab at the National Archives performs conservation and preservation work on motion picture records. Among the millions of feet of film handled by staff each year, they’ve identified some of their favorites for your viewing pleasure! View the newsletter
Governors Island Maps, Plans, Architectural and Engineering Drawings 4/30/2020 The Electronic Records Division completed a large project to add more than 11,000 born-digital records related to Governors Island in New York City to the Catalog. Learn more about the history of Governors Island, and these incredible maps, plans, and architectural drawings. View the newsletter
Wallabout Market Photographs 4/16/2020 The National Archives at New York City completed a digitization project for a series of photographs of the Wallabout Market in Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about the market and these incredible photographs. View the newsletter
Archives at Home 4/2/2020 We offer a multitude of ways for people at home to enrich their understanding of our nation's history through our records and even contribute to our mission. View the newsletter
Searching for Something? Try the Catalog! 3/19/2020 Have you tried your search in the National Archives Catalog? The Catalog is our online portal to the records held at the National Archives and information about those records. View the newsletter
Now Playing: Historical Films of the U.S. Army Signal Corps 3/5/2020 The U.S. Army Signal Corps Historical Films digitization project is now complete! More than 400 reels of film from Record Group 111 (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer), Series H (Historical Films) have been digitized in their entirety to view in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Are YOU in the Catalog? 2/20/2020 Learn more about some remarkable discoveries in the Catalog. View the newsletter
Presidential Libraries Road Trip 2/6/2020 Join us on a Presidential Libraries Road Trip, a virtual journey throughout the country, bringing you records from the Presidential Libraries across the National Archives. View the newsletter
Dorie Miller, War Hero 1/23/2020 We pay tribute to Doris (“Dorie”) Miller, a US Navy sailor in service on board the USS West Virginia during the attack on Pearl Harbor. View the newsletter
New Records for the New Year 1/9/2020 With millions of digitized pages of records available in the National Archives Catalog, there is so much to explore and discover. Join us as we present some recently added items in the Catalog. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
2019 Year in Review 12/26/2019 As 2019 comes to a close and we prepare for a new decade, we are taking the opportunity to reflect on some of this year’s most memorable newsletter topics. View the newsletter
Spotlight on Photographs Documenting the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 12/13/2019 Learn more about the photographs held at the National Archives that document the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). View the newsletter
Giving thanks (and please pass the dressing) 11/28/2019 Still finalizing your Thanksgiving menu? Look no further! Within the holdings of the National Archives, you can find many favorite recipes from the First Families, as well as recipes prepared by White House kitchen staff for special events through the years. View the newsletter
Native American Heritage Month 11/14/2019 Join us in recognizing and paying tribute to the ancestry, history, and contributions of Native Americans. View the newsletter
444 Days: The Iran Hostage Crisis 10/31/2019 Learn more about the records related to the Iran Hostage Crisis. View the newsletter
Photographs Relating to World War II Air Force Units 10/17/2019 View photos and learn how to research the National Archives largest collection of Air Force photographs. View the newsletter
Introducing the Record Group Explorer 10/3/2019 We are excited to announce a new tool to help you navigate the universe records held at the National Archives. View the newsletter
Hispanic Heritage 9/19/2019 Learn more about the National Archives' holdings related to the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. View the newsletter
New Search Feature: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 9/5/2019 We’re excited to share a new feature in the Catalog: Optical Character Recognition (OCR). View the newsletter
“I Shall Return” 8/22/2019 Learn more about General Douglas MacArthur's report maps that highlight the battles fought in the Pacific. View the newsletter
Stories from the Catalog: Dr. Mary Walker, Civil War Surgeon 8/8/2019 Learn more about Civil War surgeon and Medal of Honor recipient, Dr. Mary Walker. View the newsletter
Refine Your Search by Record Group or Collection 7/25/2019 Learn about the new refinement feature that will help users narrow their Catalog search by record group or collection, View the newsletter
Apollo 11 50th 7/11/2019 This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Learn more about records, resources, and stories for in the National Archives. View the newsletter
Celebrate July 4th with us! 6/27/2019 Learn more about the Declaration of Independence and annual celebrations at the National Archives. View the newsletter
75th Anniversary of D-Day 6/13/2019 This year marks 75 years since the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. View the newsletter
Scanned in the Innovation Hub 5/30/2019 Learn more about interesting finds within military pension files scanned by volunteers in the Innovation Hub. View the newsletter
Commemorating Memorial Day 5/16/2019 In observance of Memorial Day, we are sharing a newly digitized series of records from the Cartographic Branch at the National Archives: Initial Burial Plats for World War I American Soldiers. View the newsletter
Rightfully Hers 5/2/2019 Learn more about the new major exhibit to mark the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment and its impact on our nation’s history. View the newsletter
What's New in the Catalog? 4/18/2019 Explore newly digitized historical records in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Catalog Newsletter 101 4/4/2019 Every other week we use this newsletter to share historical records from NARA’s holdings, demonstrate Catalog functionality, and provide ways to volunteer as a Citizen Archivist to enhance the records in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Workin' on the Railroad: Help Tag Railroad Valuation Maps 3/21/2019 Learn more about Railroad Valuation maps, and help identify geographic locations and landowner information within each map. View the newsletter
Sunshine Week Transcription Challenge 3/7/2019 March 10 marks the beginning of Sunshine Week 2019! While every day is a celebration of information access at the National Archives, Sunshine Week is an annual nationwide event celebrating freedom of information and open government. View the newsletter
Comments Welcome! 2/21/2019 Did you know you can add comments to the records in the Catalog? View the newsletter
Back in the Saddle 2/7/2019 We are back in the saddle and ready to share some new Citizen Archivist missions with you. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
Patently Festive 12/13/2018 Get into the spirit of the season with these festive patents! View the newsletter
Trial of the Century: La Amistad 11/29/2018 Learn more about the 19th Century Amistad case, and help transcribe records related to the case. View the newsletter
May I take your order? World War II Era Menus from the Mountain West 11/15/2018 Learn more about World War II era menus from across the mountain west. View the newsletter
"Remembering Vietnam" this Veterans Day 11/8/2018 Join us for a week-long commemoration to honor and pay tribute to Vietnam Veterans. View the newsletter
Tag it! Introducing the National Archives Facebook Chatbot 11/1/2018 Our new Facebook chatbot makes participating in citizen archivist activities easy and fun. View the newsletter
Transcriptions Reveal Life in the Trenches 10/18/2018 Search within WWI division records to unlock soldier's voices and discover events, battlefield conditions, and even emotions that soldiers wrote about within their accounts. View the newsletter
Exploring the Final Frontier 10/04/2018 In celebration of NASA’s 60th anniversary, we invite you to explore our holdings to discover the fascinating story of the creation of this agency and the story of space exploration. View the newsletter
What's in a Name? Help Make Naturalization Records Name Searchable 09/20/2018 New Petitions for Naturalization are now available in the Catalog. View the newsletter
Witness Depositions in Support of Seamen's Protection Certificates 09/06/2018 Explore this newly digitized series of records, excellent for genealogy research. View the newsletter
The Radium Girls 08/23/2018 Digitized radioactive documents concerning radium dial painters are now made available in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Scanned in the Innovation Hub: Pension file discoveries 08/09/2018 Learn about pension file discoveries from citizen scanners in the Innovation Hub. View the newsletter
United States of America v. Alger Hiss 07/26/2018 Learn more about the Alger Hiss Criminal Case file, which includes 149 documents made up of orders, affidavits, minutes, motions and more. View the newsletter
Planning for America’s Best Idea: Master Plans for National Parks 07/12/2018 National Park Service master plans were created in the 1930s, containing a decorative cover, an index, and various plans relating to the existing and proposed developments within a park. View the newsletter
Celebrating 10 Million Utility Patents 06/28/2018 Join us for a celebration of 10 million patents! Today we share some of our favorite patents. View the newsletter
Commemorating D-Day 06/14/2018 Today we bring you records documenting the preparation and invasion, as we commemorate the 74th anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Invasion. View the newsletter
Citizen Archivist Road Trip 05/31/2018 We're on the road! Join us online as we virtually travel throughout the country, bringing you records from field offices across the National Archives. View the newsletter
Sightings, Saucers and Stranger Things 05/17/2018 The National Archives is home to several collections of documents from the United States Air Force related to the investigation and analysis of “flying discs,” popularly known as “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs). View the newsletter
Join us for an online transcribe-a-thon! 05/05/2018 Give voice to the soldiers of World War II through a new transcription project. View the newsletter
Celebrating 100 years of Betty Ford 05/03/2018 The National Archives is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Ford. View the newsletter
Tales From The Trenches: World War I Division Records 04/19/2018 We were especially moved by these descriptions of the battlefield by the descriptions of the battlefield by the soldiers who experienced the war first hand. View the newsletter
Resources for Genealogists 04/05/2018 Are you a genealogist, or interested in researching family history? The National Archives holds many valuable records that can help you research your family history. View the newsletter
Virtual Volunteer Project Roundup 03/22/2018 Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer online? We're highlighting special projects found within our missions or as a partnership with the National Archives. View the newsletter
Pentagon Papers Transcription Mission 03/12/2018 In celebration of Sunshine Week, we’re hosting a special citizen archivist mission focusing on transcription of the Pentagon Papers. View the newsletter
Spotlight on Electronic Records 03/08/2018 This week, we’re taking a closer look at electronic records to show you how to use them as a resource in your research. View the newsletter
Military Pension Files 2/22/2018 Did you know that military pension files may contain valuable details about family history? View the newsletter
African American History at the National Archives 2/8/2018 Explore records documenting the remarkable contributions of African Americans to the American Story. View the newsletter
Semper Fi! U.S. Marine Corps Photographs 1/25/2018 View more than 6,000 recently digitized photographs of U.S. Marine Corps. View the newsletter
Citizen Archivist Week of Service Update 1/18/2018 Thank you to all of our virtual volunteers who are joining us for Citizen Archivist Week of Service. View the newsletter
Citizen Archivist Week of Service 1/11/2018 In the spirit of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, join us January 15-19, 2018 for a week-long citizen archivist challenge. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
The 12 Days of Research 12/28/2017 This holiday season, we bring you the 12 Days of Research, as told through the many photographs and records found in the National Archives. View the newsletter
Year in Review 12/14/2017 Catch up on some of our favorite and most memorable newsletters from 2017. View the newsletter
Maps of the Confederacy 11/30/2017 The Cartographic Branch is pleased to announce the digitization of over 100 Confederate maps from Record Group (RG) 109. View the newsletter
Feeling Thankful 11/16/2017 Find holiday inspiration from these historic recipes and photographs found in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Remembering Vietnam 11/2/2017 Take a look inside our new Vietnam War research portal, for use by researchers, students and educators, museum goers, veterans, and those curious about the conflict. View the newsletter
Introducing: Citizen Archivist Resources! 10/19/2017 Today we are introducing our new Resources page on our Citizen Archivist Dashboard. Whether you are a new transcriber, or looking for ways to become more involved, our resource page is designed to provide helpful information, tips and tricks, instructional videos and more. View the newsletter
The Panama Canal: Riots, Treaties, Elections, and a Little Military Madness 10/5/2017 This special release inspired us to develop a transcription mission based on records found in the National Archives Catalog relating to the Panama Canal. View the newsletter
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 9/21/2017 Did you know that tags in the Catalog can be used to create resource guides? View the newsletter
Happy Constitution Day! 9/17/2017 September 17 is designated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. View the newsletter
Spotlight on Records: Native American Reservation Photographs 9/07/2017 Explore photographs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs documenting the Native American residents of reservations as well as their living and working conditions. View the newsletter
Famouse Faces in the Military 8/24/2017 Learn more about the Official Military Personnel Files from the Archives’ Persons of Exceptional Prominence (PEP) collection are now digitized and available to view or download in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Renovating the White House 8/10/2017 Learn more about the renovation of the White House during the Truman Administration. View the newsletter
Making the Most of Your Catalog Search 7/27/2017 With so many resources to search across, how can you refine your search to help find exactly what you are looking for? View the newsletter
Making connections with SNAC 7/13/2017 Have you ever wondered how to make connections between historical figures across archival collections? Where to find those collections, and how to discover if two individuals from history have ever crossed paths? You can now find and make these connections more easily with Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC). View the newsletter
What Makes a Good Tag? 6/29/2017 We’ve previously discussed why we tag records in our Catalog, but have you ever thought about what makes a good tag? View the newsletter
We've Got A New Look 6/15/2017 Have you visited our Citizen Archivist Dashboard recently? If so, you might have noticed a few fresh changes! Based on feedback from our citizen archivists, we’ve redesigned our dashboard pages to make it easier for you to navigate and start contributing. View the newsletter
Two Steps Every Researcher Should Tak 6/1/2017 You’ve determined your research topic and gathered information, but are you ready to visit a National Archives facility to conduct your research in person? View the newsletter
And the winner is... 5/18/2017 Last week we celebrated Public Service Recognition Week with our annual Archivist’s Achievement Awards ceremony. This year, we were proud to present a special award to one of our most dedicated and enthusiastic Citizen Archivists: Alex Smith. View the newsletter
Archiving the Archives 5/4/2017 Did you know the records of the National Archives are in the National Archives? We preserve the permanent records of all federal government agencies, and that includes the National Archives. View the newsletter
Digitization Discoveries 4/20/2017 Through a generous donation made by an anonymous donor, the National Archives was able to digitize over 110,000 photographs and nearly 300 reels of film related to the Great War. View the newsletter
Commemorating the Great War 4/6/2017 April 6, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I. As the largest repository of American World War I records, the National Archives holds a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in this conflict, including photographs, documents, audiovisual recordings, educational resources, articles, blog posts, lectures, and exhibits. View the newsletter
Follow, Share, and Learn 3/23/2017 Did you know there are many ways to learn about what’s happening at the National Archives? The National Archives uses social media platforms to tell great stories, spark deep conversations, and provide opportunities for civic engagement. Through social media, we present content from across the offices of the National Archives with the goal of sharing our mission and connecting with more people than ever before. View the newsletter
Celebrating Women's History Month 3/9/2017 In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are sharing some of our favorite women’s history records at the National Archives. Join us as we explore women’s vast contributions to our nation’s history through letters, photographs, films, and other primary sources at the National Archives. View the newsletter
Exploring the Dawes Rolls 2/23/2017 Are you looking to sharpen your research skills? We’ll periodically explore some of the most requested records at the National Archives and how to search for them in the Catalog. Today we’ll take a closer look at the Applications for Enrollment in the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914, also known as the Dawes Rolls, a popular search by researchers in the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Our Favorite Presidential Records 2/20/2017 In honor of President’s Day, we asked our colleagues across the National Archives to share their favorite records relating to Presidents. View the newsletter
Teaching from the Archives 2/9/2017 Primary sources such as letters, photographs, posters, and speeches can provide a direct connection to historical events and an unfiltered view of the way people interacted with each other and responded to issues during a particular time period. View the newsletter
Thank you, Citizen Archivists! 1/26/2017 Our Citizen Archivists have been very active contributing their knowledge to the holdings of the National Archives. In 2016, 3,038 Citizen Archivist volunteers added nearly 229,000 enhancements to the records in our Catalog, which includes tags, transcriptions and comments. View the newsletter
Favorite Film Finds of 2016 1/12/2017 In the past year, staff in the motion picture preservation lab handled millions of feet of film. To follow up last year’s list, we’ve identified a handful of films that were digitized in 2016 and found their way to our list of favorites. View the newsletter


Title Publication Date Summary Link
The Catalog is Cooking! 12/29/2016 Did you know the National Archives Catalog contains many food related records, including recipes from the White House chefs and First Families? View the newsletter
Spotlight on Records - Navy Deck Logs 12/15/2016 Deck logs from U.S. Navy ships are daily chronological entries documenting the administrative activities of a ship. Deck logs can be useful to genealogists, researchers, and historians as information contained within logs may include details about ship movement, meteorological and operational accounts, sick lists, injuries, honors and even arrests during a particular month. It is no surprise that deck logs are among the most popular U.S. Navy records in the holdings of the National Archives. View the newsletter
Favorite Things 12/1/2016 We all have our favorite records. Maybe it’s a photo that reminds you of home, a document that shows a unique perspective of a historical event, or a letter that reveals a more personal side of a President. We asked a few of our colleagues to tell us about their favorite records in the National Archives Catalog, and what makes them so special. View the newsletter
Improve Your Transcription Skills 11/17/2016 New to transcribing? Our newly designed Transcription Tips webpage shows you how to get started with transcription, and includes some helpful examples of documents so you can see transcription in action. View the newsletter
Explore, Transcribe, and Celebrate African American History 11/3/2016 On September 24, 2016, the Smithsonian celebrated the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. To mark the event, the National Archives is having a transcription challenge for records pertaining to African-American history in our Catalog. View the newsletter
Join us for the 2016 Virtual Genealogy Fair! 10/22/2016 Our biggest genealogy event of the year is almost here! On October 26 & 27, 2016, the National Archives will host a two-day, virtual Genealogy Fair through a live broadcast on YouTube. Through this free program, viewers have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about Federal records as resources for family history research. View the newsletter
Explore Records on Gender Equality 10/6/2016 Join the National Archives and Wikipedia for upcoming edit-a-thons View the newsletter
Calling all creatives! 9/22/2016 The National Archives is now on Giphy, the online library of animated gifs to share and create. We’ve opened our vault to reveal dozens of animated GIFs, created from the holdings of the National Archives, all ready to share and reuse. View the newsletter
How well do you Know Your Records? 9/8/2016 Have you ever wanted to learn more about the records held by the National Archives? Did you know that we offer a wide variety of lectures each month, led by National Archives staff and expert researchers? View the newsletter
Celebrities in the Archives! 8/24/2016 Did you know the National Archives Catalog features many images of celebrities and other well-known people? View the newsletter
Olympic Fever! 8/11/2016 This summer nineteen active and retired members of the US Armed Forces are competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. View the newsletter
Sharing historic moments through Google Arts & Culture's American Democracy Collection 7/28/2016 From political campaigns to conventions, from constitutional amendments to landmark documents, the holdings of the National Archives document the history of American democracy in action.To share some of these historic moments, we are pleased to participate in Google Arts & Culture’s American Democracy collection, contributing thirteen interactive online exhibits that tell the story of presidential elections in the United States. View the newsletter
Hello From Your New Community Managers 7/21/2016 What is a Community Manager? Our job is to manage, build and grow the community of users surrounding the National Archives Catalog. View the newsletter
Tagging for Access 7/14/2016 To encourage contributions from the public, we implemented tagging in the National Archives Catalog in 2011 as a way for users to apply meaningful keywords or labels to records and make content more discoverable online. View the newsletter
National Park Service Turns 100 6/30/2016 Summer is here and we hope your plans include visiting one or more of the 411 national parks, monuments, battlefields, military parks, historical parks, historic sites, lakeshores, seashores, recreation areas, scenic rivers and trails in the National Park System. View the newsletter
Presidential Materials in the National Archives Catalog 6/16/2016 Did you know that every U. S. President since Herbert Hoover has a Presidential Library, and that these Libraries are administered by the National Archives and Records Administration? View the newsletter
One month by the numbers 6/2/2016 Today we want to peek behind the curtain at the number of offices and people at the National Archives it takes to add descriptions and digitized records to our Catalog. View the newsletter
Calling all techies! Explore the Catalog API 5/19/2016 We'd like to introduce you to the National Archives Catalog API. The API (or "application programming interface"), is a technology that allows computer programs or web applications created by the public to interact with our Catalog's dataset. View the newsletter
Bringing history into focus 5/5/2016 We are working to improve the quality of digital images in the National Archives Catalog by replacing older, low-quality images with high resolution versions. View the newsletter
Don't leave us hanging! 4/21/2016 On our Citizen Archivist Dashboard we have a transcription mission called Don’t Leave Us Hanging! The purpose of this mission is to point out records in the National Archives Catalog with incomplete transcriptions - and appeal to citizen archivists to pitch in and help complete them. View the newsletter
Let's talk! Comments in the National Archives Catalog 4/7/2016 Commenting is a new feature we recently launched in the National Archives Catalog. Users can now comment directly on digital copies of records, descriptions of records, and authority records. View the newsletter
Check out the National Archives History Hub 3/24/2016 History Hub is a pilot support community for historians and other history enthusiasts, researchers, genealogists, citizen archivists, open government advocates, and archival professionals. It is a place to ask questions, share information, work together, and find help based on experience and interests. View the newsletter
Participate in Sunshine Week! 3/10/2016 Do your part by transcribing for Sunshine Week! Each day of this week-long event we’ll release missions based on a historical era. Our goal is to transcribe 2,000 pages this week. View the newsletter
What's new about the National Archives Catalog? 2/25/2016 We’ve made significant improvements to the Catalog that will make it easier to use, more interactive, and an even more valuable research tool. View the newsletter
Need more football? Join our tagging challenge 2/11/2016 Check out our new football tagging mission where you can help make historical records more useful by identifying football games, players, coaches, and fans (including military, civilian, and Presidential fans!). View the newsletter