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Outside the Box Missions

Up for a challenge or something different? We often have records that require special work in order to make them more accessible. 

Featured Records

Jump in and help us transcribe these individual records. Documenting events throughout United States history, transcribers of all skill levels are sure to find something new and interesting in these featured records!​


  • Complaint for Damages for Deprivation of Constitutional Rights and Injunctions, 9/24/1969 Transcribe this record.
  • Haiti Statement 9/21/94 Transcribe this record.
  • Memorandum from Henry Kissinger Regarding Communications with Hanoi, North Vietnam Prior to January 20, 1969, 1/31/1969 Transcribe this record.
  • NSDD 71 United States Policytoward Latin America in Wake of Falkland Crisis, 11/30/1982 Transcribe this record.
  • Letter from Boston School Committee Member Kathleen Sullivan to Judge W. Arthur Garrity Regarding a Transfer Policy, 8/18/1975 Transcribe this record.
  • Statement by Commissioner of Education Earl McGrath, International Education and U.S. Foreign Policy, Submitted to the Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 4/13/1953 Transcribe this record.
  • Commencement Address at Boston University, by Commissioner of Education Earl McGrath, Education and Foreign Policy: A Call for Mid-Century Frontiersmen, 6/5/1950 Transcribe this record.
  • Form OF Government, Order No.5, A Regulation conerning the Form of Government for the United States Naval Station, Tutuila., 5/1/1900 Transcribe this record.
  • National Security Action Memorandum No. 231 Middle Eastern Nuclear Capabilities, 3/26/1963 Transcribe this record.
  • Testimony of Wong Tung Jim (Jimmie Howe), 12/29/1928 Transcribe this record.


  • Bob Hope Bosnia Video 12/20/95 Transcribe this record.
  • Newspaper article pertaining to C. G. Gomillion, et al. vs. Howard Rutherford, et al.: Engelhardt Bill to Shrink City Transcribe this record.
  • United States v. Albert Bates, Warrant of Removal, 8/31/1933 Transcribe this record.
  • United States of America, as Guardian of the Indians of the Pueblo of Santa Clara, in the State of New Mexico v. Santiago Abeyta, et al.: Final Decree, 6/25/1931 Transcribe this record.
  • Opinions of Lorenzo Sawyer, Circuit Judge, and Matthew P. Deady, District Judge, in the matter of Case 2900, Edwards Woodruff v. North Bloomfield Mining Company., 1/7/1884   Transcribe this record.
  • Complete Set of Lists of Names of Belgian-Helpers-of-Allied-Airmen Awarded Eisenhower Certificate  Transcribe this record.
  • Wartime Civil Control Administration File Transcribe this record.
  • Printed Copy of Documents Entered into Evidence in the Case of People of the State of Illinois v. Illinois Central Railroad Company and City of Chicago, 6/2/1887 Transcribe this record.
  • Report on Pribilof Island Expedition, 1949  Transcribe this record.
  • United States, Appellants, v. The Libellants and Claimants of the Schooner Amistad. Records of the Supreme Court of the United States Transcribe this record.