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Ready to start tagging and transcribing? We've curated these topical missions to help you jump in and contribute! Click on a topic that interests you, and it will bring you right to those historical records in our Catalog. Tagging and transcribing makes these records more accessible to everyone. New missions are added and updated regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.

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Outside the Box Missions

Up for a challenge or something different? We often have records that require special work in order to make them more accessible. 

Transcriber Task Force

Transcriber Task Force

Seeking expert transcribers! We’ve gathered records that have tricky elements for our expert transcribers. You may find only a few pages that are difficult or the whole record. If you’d like to join our Transcriber Task Force and get emails for special projects, send us an email

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African American Civil War Soldiers

Give voice to American soldiers and help transcribe records from the National Archives on the Zooniverse platform:

  • The American Soldier: Transcribe this remarkable collection of more than 65,000 handwritten reflections by U.S. soldiers who fought during the Second World War.
  • African American Civil War Soldiers: Transcribe military records of over 200,000 African Americans soldiers who fought for their freedom in the American Civil War.

Featured Records

Jump in and help us transcribe these individual records. Documenting events throughout United States history, transcribers of all skill levels are sure to find something new and interesting in these featured records!​


  • Public Law 87-330: An Act Making Appropriations for Civil Functions Administered by the Department of the Army, Certain Agencies of the Department of the Interior, the Atomic Energy Commission, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Certain Study Commissions, for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1962, and for Other Purposes, 9/30/1961 Transcribe this record.
  • White House Luncheon and Dinner Menu, 2/6/1952 Transcribe this record.
  • G-2 Division, Berlin Brigade, Intelligence Summary (ISUM #3a) (U), 12/21/1961 Transcribe this record.
  • World War I File, 1917-1919: Field Orders and Reports, Special Order Number 35 from Chief of Staff Stuart Heintzelman, 2/4/1919 Transcribe this record.
  • Instructions for Shultz-Gromyko Meeting in Geneva, 1/1/1985 Transcribe this record.
  • Memorandum for the Record (MFR) of an Interview with a Person Affiliated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Conducted by Team 6, 1/21/2004 Transcribe this record.
  • Zinnamon v. Board of Education of the Pulaski County Special School District, Memorandum Opinion, 7/22/1971 Transcribe this record.
  • Letter to Commander-in-Chief and Commanding Officers of All Vessels Regarding Special Order Governing the Examination of Enlisted Men for Entrance to the Naval Academy, 6/20/1914 Transcribe this record.
  • Ford Administration Notes of the Cabinet Meeting, 3/12/1975 Transcribe this record.


  • "[Section 3 - North Vietnam: All Activity] 3 A (3) Gulf of Tonkin, 8/1964," Vietnam Country File, NSF, Box 77 Transcribe this record.
  • Public Law 87-14: An Act Making Supplemental Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1961, and for Other Purposes, 3/31/1961 Transcribe this record.
  • United States v. Clure Isenhouer, et. al. Bill of Exceptions Pages 751-1050, 2/4/1918 Transcribe this record.
  • United States of America, as Guardian of the Indians of the Pueblo of Santa Clara, in the State of New Mexico v. Santiago Abeyta, et al.: Final Decree, 6/25/1931 Transcribe this record.
  • Barbara Chow's Files, 2000 - 2001: Children and Families - CNCS Transcribe this record.
  • "Operation Pierce Arrow, 8/1964, 2 of 2," Vietnam Country File, NSF, Box 228 Transcribe this record.
  • Student Organizations in the State of Sao Paulo, 4/15/1965 Transcribe this record.
  • Printed Copy of Documents Entered into Evidence in the Case of People of the State of Illinois v. Illinois Central Railroad Company and City of Chicago, 6/2/1887 Transcribe this record.
  • Collender, Hugh W. v. Came, John E., et al. Transcribe this record.
  • Barbara Chow's Files, 2000 - 2001, Crime - Death Penalty Transcribe this record.
  • Records Relating to Key Persons, 11/30/1963 - 9/24/1964, DeMohrenschildt, George, March 4, 1964  Transcribe this record.



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