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Welcome, NARA Staff! We're excited that you are going to help tag and transcribe records in the National Archives Catalog. Every contribution will help make these records more searchable and discoverable in our Catalog.  

1.  Register for a National Archives Catalog Account using your NARA email. If you already have a National Archives Catalog account, please login.

2.  Watch our tutorial on How to Tag and Transcribe Records:


3.  Review the tutorial on What Makes A Good Tag?

4.  Login, then select a mission below and start contributing!

5. In order to report your work accurately to you supervisor, keep a running list of the URL for each page you work on. You will be asked to provide this information to your supervisor on a regular basis, or as requested by the supervisor. 

6.  Questions or problems? Check out our FAQs and take a look at our ICN thread Citizen Archivist Q & A. If you still need help, contact the Community Managers at

Repeal of the 18th Amendment

Repeal of the 18th Amendment
Help transcribe the ratification from each state to repeal the 18th amendment and end prohibition. Get started transcribing.

Meritorious Unit Commendations, 1967 - 1971

Meritorious Unit Commendations, 1967 - 1971

Help us transcribe award files that document the issuance of Meritorious Unit Commendations to U.S. units that distinguished themselves through exceptionally meritorious conduct in support of combat operations in Vietnam. 

Find a page without a blue tag and get started  transcribing!

Recovery of Holocaust-Era Assets

Holocaust-Era Assets

Transcribe claims, claim lists, receipts, descriptions of art treasures, and miscellaneous records discovered or created during the investigation of the claim for the recovery of Holocaust era Assets. The majority of the records pertain to claims of private persons, organizations, businesses or governments.

Get started transcribing.


Washington, D.C. Building Permits

DC Building Permits

Help transcribe building permits from the Records of the Government of the District of Columbia. 

Get started transcribing.

United States Navy Fleet Problems I to XXII, 1975 - 1975

United States Navy Fleet Problems I to XXII, 1975 - 1975

A fleet problem was an exercise which involved most of the Navy's operational fleet units. Help us transcribe copies of final reports, correspondence, statements, and estimates of the fleet problem, narrative reports of events, umpire reports, and records created at the critiques held following each fleet problem.   

Find a page without a blue tag and Get started transcribing.

Native American Photographs Tagging Mission

Image of women and girls sitting posed for a photograph

More than 18,000 photographs from the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) are now available in the Catalog. We are looking for Citizen Archivists to add specific topical subject tags to each photograph in the Record Group.

Adding tags will help increase access to these rich records.

Join the mission and get started tagging!

Activity Reports, 1945

Activity Reports 1945

Transcribe monthly reports from the Third and Seventh U.S. Armies to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) G-5 (Civil Affairs) Division and the Office of the Military Government for Germany (U.S.) (OMGUS) Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section concerning monuments and fine arts activities for 1945..

Get started transcribing.

General Records Relating to Bob Hope Christmas Shows, 1970 - 1972

Bob Hope Christmas Show

Help us transcribe correspondence, memoranda, messages, and an after action report pertaining to the planning and preparation for the Bob Hope Christmas programs in Vietnam.

Get started transcribing.

Would you like to tag or transcribe records from your own unit?

You can search the Catalog and use filters to narrow your results, or do an advanced search to find records to transcribe or tag. We recommend narrowing your results to display "Archival Descriptions with Digital Objects" or "Available Online."

PLEASE NOTE: In order to track the work of NARA staff that may fall outside the missions created above, please add the tag nwfh20 to every description you work on as shown in this example:

Tag example