Electoral College

Checklist for State Officials and Points of Contact

The Constitution of the United States and Federal law place certain Presidential election responsibilities on State executives and the electors for President and Vice President.

The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, and the term “Executive” includes State Governors and the Mayor of the District of Columbia.


Before the General Election

Make sure that you are in communication with OFR. If you have not completed the following steps, please contact OFR.

⬜  Did your State's Executive receive a letter from the Archivist?

⬜  Have you given OFR your contact information?

⬜  Have you given OFR contact information for others in your State involved in the Electoral College process?

⬜  Did you sign up to receive important email announcements and reminders from OFR?

⬜  Do you have OFR's contact and mailing information?


After the General Election (no later than (6) days before the meeting of the electors)

⬜  Prepare SEVEN (7) original Certificates of Ascertainment, in accordance with State law enacted prior to election day. Check:

⬜  Do they contain the names and total votes cast for all potential electors, as well as the names of the appointed electors?

⬜  Do they contain the Executive’s original signature? (They cannot contain stamped or auto-pen signatures.)

⬜  Is the signature dated?

⬜  Do they contain the State seal?

⬜  Do they contain at least one security feature, as determined by your State, for purposes of verifying the authenticity of such Certificate?

⬜  Have you proofread the Certificates for typographical errors?

⬜  Send ONE (1) original Certificate to the Archivist after they are issued and by the most expeditious method available.

⬜  Retain the other SIX (6) original Certificates of Ascertainment to provide to the electors for the meeting of the electors.


For the Meeting of the Electors

⬜  Prepare the Certificates of Vote – SIX (6) originals are required. Each of the SIX (6) original Certificates MUST meet the following requirements:

⬜  Contain two (2) distinct lists, one for President and one for Vice President that:

⬜  List all persons who received electoral votes for President and the number of electors who voted for each person.

⬜  List all persons who received votes for Vice President and the number of electors who voted for each person.

⬜  Check:

⬜  Are the names of the electors typed below their signature lines?

⬜  Are the Certificates dated?

⬜  Have you included original (or certified copies of) documentation regarding replacement electors under 3 U.S.C. §4 (if needed) to pair with each original Certificate?

⬜  Have you proofread the Certificates and any additional documentation for typographical errors?


After the Electors Vote

⬜  Prepare the packages of Certificates. Check:

⬜  Did you pair the remaining SIX (6) original Certificates of Ascertainment and the SIX (6) original Certificates of Vote?

⬜  Did you add all necessary documentation with regard to replacement electors, if needed?

⬜  Did the electors seal up and certify each of the SIX (6) pairs of Certificates?


After the Meeting of the Electors

⬜  Send the packages immediately following the meeting of the electors, by the most expeditious method possible. Did you send:

⬜  ONE (1) pair to the President of the Senate?

⬜  TWO (2) pairs to the Archivist of the United States? 

⬜  TWO (2) pairs to your State’s chief election officer?

⬜  ONE (1) pair to the Chief Judge of the Federal District Court located where your electors met?

⬜  Retain any tracking numbers.


OFR Contact Information

Request permission to sign up for OFR's email list by sending an email to election.officials+subscribe@nara.gov from your official government email account.