Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Records Management Services (RMS) Program

What is the Records Management Services (RMS) Program?

The RMS Program is a collection of activities (projects) to:

  • Manage the collection, documentation, and prioritization of requirements for records management services components. This activity is in support of the E-Government Electronic Records Management (ERM) initiative #24;

  • "Get the word out" to academia and industry that the Government has collectively agreed to meet during the next three months and propose a set of requirements for records management services components;

  • Continue coordination with Federal agency participants in order to ultimately acquire one or more records management services components for inclusion in the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) component repository; and to

  • Continue to make available reports and information about the RMS requirements for major software acquisitions of the Federal Government such as the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) Electronic Records Archives (ERA), and the DoD 5015.2 standard certification Programs.

The RMS Program Objectives are:

  • To facilitate potential acquisition of RMS that can be used to provide interoperable Records Management functionality in any agency system that creates/manages electronic records by:
    • Identifying, documenting, normalizing and prioritizing those core Records Management stakeholder requirements that are amenable to support by service components; and
    • Aligning with the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB's) FEA reference models, profiles, and component registry program.
  • RMS will enable vendor and developer communities to integrate RMS into their products and services by extending records management across any point in the business process, and will ensure appropriate recordkeeping from both similar and dissimilar business processes that result in electronic records creation.

Page Last Updated: 02/20/08