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Number of Textual Scans online

The progress bar provides an estimate of the percentage of textual pages in this Library’s holdings that are available online. Some Libraries have only one format while others have multiple formats.

About the Presidential Library Explorer Numbers

The Presidential Library Explorer data visualization is based on a count of the scans of textual pages available through the National Archives Catalog and an estimate of the total number of textual pages currently in Presidential Library holdings. Numbers will be updated monthly to reflect new additions to the Catalog and future iterations of the Explorer will provide additional data on records types other than textual records.

How Presidential Library Explorer Numbers are Calculated

The number of scans online uses file counts accessed via the National Archives Catalog API.

The estimated total pages in each Library is calculated by taking the volume of textual records (in cubic feet) and multiplying by an average of 2,500 pages of records per cubic foot. The 2,500 page average coming from historical capacity estimates for a Federal Records Center (FRC) box used to store archival documents.

The percent of scanned textual pages online equals scans online / estimated total pages.

1.800% 1,420,077 textual scans online
78,888,200 estimated total textual pages in this Presidential Library’s holdings (Learn more about these numbers)

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