Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)

ISOO Staff

Inquiries may be directed to ISOO staff members listed below. Specific liaisons may be contacted with agency concerns. All members of the staff can provide general information about the program.


    William Fischer
    Acting ISOO Director
    Telephone: 202-357-5205
    E-mail: William Fischer

    William Carpenter
    Acting Associate Director 
    Telephone: 202-357-5466
    E-mail: William Carpenter

    Alegra Woodard
    Chief of Staff
    Telephone: 202-357-6855
    E-mail: Alegra Woodard

    Attorney Advisor

    Bryan Oklin
    Senior Legal Advisor
    Telephone: 202-357-6868
    E-mail: Bryan Oklin 

    Information Assurance Specialist

    Larry Clark
    Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Specialist
    Telephone: 202-357-5055
    E-mail: Larry Clark 

    Administrative Staff

    Janet Brooks
    Staff Assistant
    Telephone: 202-357-5111
    E-mail: Janet Brooks 

    Senior Program Analysts

    Tim Daly 
    E-mail: Tim Daly

    Beth Fidler 
    Telephone: 202-357-5001
    E-mail: Beth Fidler

    Christian Goos
    E-mail: Christian Goos

    Heather Harris Pagan
    Telephone: 202-357-5351
    E-mail: Heather Harris Pagan

    Adam Huddleston
    Telephone: 202-357-6863
    E-mail: Adam Huddleston

    Program Analysts

    Kate Aras
    Telephone: 202-357-5175
    E-mail: Kate Aras

    Sharmila Bhatia
    Telephone: 202-357-6858
    E-mail: Sharmila Bhatia

    Carolina Klink
    Telephone: 202-357-5286
    E-mail: Carolina Klink

    Robert Tringali
    Telephone: 202-357-5335
    E-mail: Robert Tringali

    Wanda Tyson
    Telephone: 202-357-6867
    E-mail: Wanda Tyson 

    Charlene Wallace
    Telephone: 202-357-5423
    E-mail: Charlene Wallace

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