Interagency Working Group (IWG)

General Records of the Department of State (RG 59)

Records of the Bureau of Public Affairs

Notice to Researchers in Records Released under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act

The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), in implementing the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act, has taken the broadest view in identifying records that may be responsive to the Acts. Information relevant to the Acts is often found among files related to other subjects. In order to preserve the archival integrity of the files, the IWG and the National Archives and Records Administration, where possible, have released entire files together, not just those items related to Nazi or Japanese war criminals, crimes, persecution, and looted assets. These records may relate to persons who are war criminals, former Axis personnel who are not war criminals, victims of war crimes or persecution, or civilian or military personnel investigating Nazi activities. The records may also include mention of, or information about, persons having no connection to these activities.

Records of the Office of the Historian

Records of the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold 1946-1998

This series contains copies of selected official records of the Tripartite Gold Commission (TGC) that were sent to the State Department when the TGC was terminated on September 9, 1998, for transfer to NARA. Another set of these selected records was sent to the Public Records Office in Great Britain. All of the official TGC records were transferred to the French National Archives in Paris.

Boxes 1-7 location: 250/63/21/2

Box # Subjects of Documents
1 Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 1-69 (Dec 8, 1946-July 23, 1948)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 70-94 (Sept 2, 1948-July 12, 1950)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 95-106 (July 18, 1950-April 26, 1951)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 107-120 (May 21, 1951-March 15, 1952)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 121-154 (March 27, 1952-Oct 13, 1958)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 155-168 (Oct 12, 1959-March 10, 1964)
Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 169-220 (April 21, 1964-May 25, 1988)
2 Minutes of Meetings, Nos. 221-251 (June 23, 1995-August 28, 1998)
Proc`es verbaux d`efinitifs des R`eunions, Nos. 1-109, 125, 127-128, 134, 138-139, 162, and 168-169.
1971 Report. Report of the Commission to the three Governments. Volumes I and II (the adjudications, 1/3 and 2/3).
3 1971 Report. Volumes II (the adjudications, 3/3), III, and Annexes 1-57.
Rapport 1971. Rapport de la Commission aux trois Gouvernements.
Volumes I, II (les d`ecisions, 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3), and III.
4 Rapport 1971. Annexes 1-57.
Final Report of the Commission to the three Governments, 1998.
Le Rapport Final de la Commission aux trois Gouvernements, 1998.
The Gold Book. Record of gold movements into and out of the Tripartite Commission's accounts.
File 2/1 Generalities, Reassemblement, Distribution (1/2 and 2/2)
File 2/2 Situations de la...
5 File 2/3a Allemagne-Zone USA.
File 2/3b Allemagne-Zone USA.
File 2/4a: Allemagne-Zone UK.
File 2/4b: Allemagne-Zone UK.
File 2/5: Allemagne-Zone francais, Loi 53, cas particuliers.
File 2/6: Autriche-Zone USA.
File 2/7: Autriche-Zone UK.
File 2/8: Swiss/Suisse.
6 File 2/9: Sweden/Suede.
File 2/10: Spain/Espagne.
File 2/11: Rumania/Roumanie.
File 2/12: Japan/Japon.
File 2/13: BIS (Banque des R`eglements Internationaux).
File 2/14: Portugal.
File 2/15: Italian alloy bars/Lingots d'alliage italiens.
File 2/16: Possibilit`es de versements n'ayant pas eu suite.
File 2/17: "Howard" Report/Rapport "Howard."
File 2/18: "OMGUS" Report/Rapport "OMGUS."
File 2/19: Interest on Gold.
File 2/20: Acquisitions par les Banques centrales, etc.
7 File 3/2a (I): Generalities, Correspondence. [Bank of England]
File 6: Restitution-Generalities, Letters to Commandants in the Zones.
File 6/11: Claims from private individuals/Demandes de personnes priv`ees.
Final distribution of gold and closure of the TGC.

Records of the Office of the Legal Advisor

Records of the Assistant Legal Advisor for Cultural Relations and Public Affairs

Subject Files 1943-1972 (Looted Art)

A small portion of the records includes files relating to the recovery of cultural objects dispersed during World War II, and the programs for the return of historic objects to countries of origin. These files consist of correspondence, memorandums, and minutes of inter-Departmental committees and international conferences relating to looted art, disposition of German Libraries, settlement of cultural properties under U.S. control, and international protection of artistic and historic property. Also included are copies of Department of State Bulletin articles written by Ardelia Hall, and other reports that refer to her expert advice and guidance on these cultural concerns.

Boxes 1-7 location: 250/63/21/3

Box #Subjects of Documents
1 Looted Art (1/2 and 2/2)
Convention-Art (1/3 and 2/3)
2 Convention-Art (3/3)
Art-Protection of Cultural Property in Event of Armed Conflict, 1953
Art-Protection of Cultural Property in Event of Armed Conflict, 1954-61
Budget, 1950-56
Budget, 1957-58
Budget, 1959
Budget, 1960
Budget, 1961
Budget, 1962
3 Budget, 1963
Budget, 1964
Budget, 1965
Eight-Hour Law
Personnel (PER)-General
PER 6: Awards and Commendations
PER 10-2: Performance Evaluation Ratings
PER: Compensation Commission and Claims for Compensation
PER 13: Forms and Pamphlets
PER 13: Employment, Legal Advisors
PER 13: Employment, L/CRP Miscellaneous
PER 13: Employment, Miscellaneous
PER: Biographic
PER: Ames, Morgan Paul
4 PER: Barnett, Walter E.
PER: Brown, Winifred R.
PER: Dunn, S. Raymond
PER: Freeman, Alwyn V.
PER: Holt, Janet L.
PER: Long, Jerry E.
PER: Reid III, Thorburn
PER: Ribble, FDG
PER: Rowe, Margaret M.
PER: Runyon, Mefford
PER: Stewart Jr, John T.
PER: Teal, Fred T.
PER: Ware, Edith W.
United Nations Conference on Freedom of Information, March-April 1948
Conference on Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information-Publications
5 Freedom of Information-Communications to and from Geneva, March-August 1948
Freedom of Information-Information, December 1959-
Freedom of Information-Information
Problem Case: Center Theatre Group-Mark Taper Forum
6 Problem Case: William C. Davidon
Problem Case: Central Washington State College
Problem Case: Chen Yu-Hsi (East-West Center)
Problem Case: Jack Ericson Eblen
Problem Case: Leslie A. Friedler
Problem Case: Edward Holmes
Problem Case: Noel Kent (East-West Center)
Problem Case: Dr. Jurgen Schmidt
Problem Case: Clay Shaw
Problem Case: Prof Mulford Q. Sibley
Problem Case: W.R. Smith
Problem Case: Dr. James L. Webb
Problem Case: World Academy, Inc
USIA-Formerly IIA, USIE and USIS
USIA-Executive Orders #10476, 10477 and 10575
USIA-Intra/European NATO Journalist Tours
USIA-Plans #7 and 8
USIA-Review Function of State with Respect to Information Activities
USIA-State Task Force (International Cultural Activities)
7 USIA-State Administration of Mutual Agreement
USIA-State Agreement (India Wheat)
USIA-State Agreement (Finnish Program)
Report on Trip to Europe and Near East (Teal, Asst Legal Advisor for Public Affairs)

Records of the Assistant Legal Advisor for Educational, Cultural, and Public Affairs

Subject Files 1945-1997
location: 150/72/01/02

Assistant Legal Advisor for International Claims

Records Relating to Claims with Hungary 1946-1968

Includes cables, claims, correspondence, inventories, ledgers, memorandums, minutes of meetings, vesting orders, reports, summaries of discussions, and other records relating to claims by Hungary and Hungarian nationals against the United States, and claims by the United States and U.S. nationals against Hungary. Most of the claims arose from actions taken during the 1930s, World War II, and the Cold War. Categories of claims by the U.S. and U.S. nationals against Hungary include claims for war damages; nationalization of property; defaulted Kingdom of Hungary, Hungarian municipal, and Hungarian Land Reform dollar bonds; and a November 1951 "aerial incident" in which Hungary confiscated a U.S. Air Force C-47 and its contents after the plane either mistakenly landed, or was forced to land, in Hungary. Categories of claims by Hungary and Hungarian nationals against the U.S. include claims for property vested under the Trading With the Enemy Act, restitution for Hungarian property taken by the retreating German Army into what became U.S. occupation zones in Germany and Austria, blocked assets, transfers of inheritances, U.S. Government payments withheld from Hungarian residents, the return of the Crown of St. Stephen , and the "Hungarian Gold Train." Also included in this series is a file relating to Robert A. Vogeler. The Hungarians arrested Vogeler, an executive with International Telephone and Telegraph, in November 1949. He was charged and convicted of espionage in February 1950, and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. The Hungarians released him in April 1951. The series also has a few records relating to Hungarian assets vested by the U.S. during World War I, and a couple of records relating to the estate of Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. Arranged by subject. A NARA-produced box list is available.

Boxes 1-6 location: 250/63/16/04
and Box 7 location: 250/B/24/06