Interagency Working Group (IWG)

General Records of the Department of State (RG 59)

Contents of RG 59:

Researchers are cautioned that, although major topics are described below for each lot file individually, topics often overlap. They should consult the box list for all the records in the series.

Most of the records in Lot Number 96D269 Boxes 1-17 relate to two topics: claims against the United States for seizing, vesting, and liquidating property declared to be enemy-owned or enemy-controlled during World War II; and the disposition of external German assets seized during the War.

The records of claims reflect attempts at achieving diplomatic remedies to losses suffered in federal courts in suits handled by the Office of Alien Property. Among the records of claims are those of Internationale Industrie - und Handelsbeteiligungen AG (Interhandel) of Switzerland, and Manfred Weiss, and his heirs, of Hungary.

Most of the records dealing with the disposition of external German assets are for German assets in Japan, although there are also records relating to the disposition of German property in Brazil, Luxembourg, and other countries.

Also included are records relating to crafting legislation for dealing with compensation claims and war assets, German objections to the "overlap" of compensation payments under the German Equalization of Burdens Legislation and other funds, attempts by former Yugoslav nationals to receive compensation for time spent as German prisoners of war, the disposition of external Japanese assets, a few references to Nazi Gold, the settlement of Greek claims against Germany for the destruction of merchant vessels and other property prior to Greece's entry into World War I, and State Department compliance with Executive Order 12372, which sought to foster intergovernmental partnership and a strengthened federalism.

Most of the records in Lot Number 96D244 Boxes 18-104 relate to four topics: compensation and reparation payments by the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to victims of the Nazis, the return to either the FRG or the German Democratic Republic (GDR) of works of art and other property looted or confiscated from Germany after WWII, the work of the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold, and U.S. participation in the Bureau of International Expositions.

The records on compensation and reparation payments to Nazi victims mainly consist of requests by individuals to the State Department for help with receiving compensation from the FRG; accounts of negotiations between the FRG and Austria, and between the FRG and countries invaded by the Nazis, over the return of stolen property and reparation payments; and analyses of the ramifications for Nazi victims of changes in FRG compensation laws and the 1974 U.S. recognition of the GDR.

The records on the return to the FRG and GDR of works of art and other objects looted or confiscated from Germany after WWII document the negotiations and litigation that led to the return of the items. Most of the looted art works were found in the hands of individuals in the US. The works were usually located when the individuals tried to sell the works, and reputable dealers notified authorities. The works included Portrait of Hans Tucher and Portrait of Felicitas Tucher by Albrecht Duerer; eight rare postage stamps from Mauritius, British Guiana, and the then independent Hawaiian islands; and gold medals and coins.

The U.S. Army confiscated approximately 8,000 pieces of German War Art immediately after WWII as part of denazification. The U.S. returned some of the art to the FRG in the 1950s and again in 1972. In 1986, the U.S. and FRG signed an agreement for the return of approximately 6,225 pieces of art to the FRG. The Army retained 327 art works because they "could tend to glorify Nazism," and the U.S. Army and Air Force retained another 259 items for educational and historical purposes.

There are also records relating to the return by the U.S. of three works of art stolen from Germany in 1922, and vested by the Office of Alien Property in 1947. These were a self-portrait by Rembrandt, Portrait Of A Young Man by Terborch, and a Portrait Of A Young Girl by Tischbein. In addition, there are records relating to attempts to return The Holy Family With Saint Catherine And The Adoring Donor by Tintoretto to the GDR.

A few records relating to the GDR's transfer to the U.S. of paintings by Lyonel Feininger are also included.

The third main topic is the work of the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold. The Commission was an international organization, established by the Paris Reparation Agreement of January 1946. It was composed of representatives of the US, the United Kingdom, and France. It received claims from countries whose monetary gold the Nazis looted, and paid out on recognized claims from monetary gold recovered from the Nazis at the end of the war. Most of the records relate to a protracted dispute between the U.S. and Czechoslovakia. The U.S. refused to allow Czechoslovakia's claims for monetary gold to go forward because Czechoslovakia refused to compensate American nationals for properties nationalized and expropriated after the war. Additional Commission records document claims by the Netherlands, Albania, Poland ("Danzig Gold"), the Foreign Exchange Institute of Italy (Istcambi), Dollfus Mieg et Compagnie S.A. of France, the Sociedade Insulana de Transportes Maritimos, Ltda. of Portugal, and one Frederic Deutsch of Liechtenstein. A few records relating to Commission attempts to get Sweden to return gold deposited there by the Nazis, along with copies of Commission final decisions, meeting minutes, draft reports, and other internal matters are also included.

Other residual WWII related problems include disputes between the former Allied Powers and the FRG over the settlement of the International (Young) Loan of 1930, and the terms of the liquidation of Deutsche Golddiskontbank (DEGO) foreign currency bonds; FRG extension of the statute of limitations on the prosecution of Nazi War Crimes; Nazi War Crimes trials in the 1960s; the possibility that then NASA but formerly Nazi scientist, Werner von Braun, might testify at a Nazi War Crimes trial in Essen, GDR; accusations of the use of slave labor during WWII by the German company Rheinmetall A.G., and the affect of the controversy on Department Of Defense plans to purchase arms from that company; and the disposition of Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian assets blocked by the U.S. after their occupation by the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics in 1940.

The last major subject is U.S. participation in the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE). The BIE assesses applications to host world expositions. Topics include negotiations over U.S. membership, which occurred in 1968; revisions of the 1928 International Convention of World Expositions, which established the BIE; the 1974 International Exposition on the Environment, held in Spokane, Washington; the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, held in New Orleans; advance planning for the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee of 1992; and the work of the Government and Advisory Committee on International Book and Library Programs.

Also included are a few records relating to attempts to protect monuments in Angkor Wat, Cambodia during the Vietnam War; and internal State Department discussions over the differences between negotiating a treaty with a foreign government and negotiating an executive agreement with a foreign government.

By far the largest topic in Lot Number 98D252 Boxes 105-228 is post-WWII educational and cultural exchange agreements between the U.S. and other countries. The records provide details of negotiations; copies of draft and final agreements; evaluations of the state of educational and cultural affairs in other countries, including those with which the U.S. had no exchange agreements; reports of notable educational and cultural events in other countries, particularly those under Communist control; and assessments of educational and cultural agreements between other countries.

Closely related to the records of U.S. educational and cultural agreements are those documenting U.S. participation in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) conferences. UNESCO called the conferences to reach agreements on the importation and circulation of educational, scientific and cultural materials. The series contains records relating to U.S. participation in the 1948 conference which adopted the "Beirut Agreement" (the Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Auditory and Visual Materials of an Educational, Scientific and Cultural Character), and the 1950 meetings which led to the adoption of the complementary, but wider in scope, "Florence Agreement" (the Agreement on the Importation of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Materials).

The series includes records from the case Bullfrog Films v. Charles Z. Wick, a case brought in part because of the denial of rights granted under the Beirut Agreement. Charles Wick was the Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA). The USIA was the implementing agency of the Beirut Agreement. Bullfrog Films sued Wick after the USIA refused to certify the educational character of Bullfrog Films' documentary about the danger of uranium mining, In Our Own Backyards.

Other major topics include public affairs and Voice of America operations.

The public affairs records relate to legal guidance on requests for information under the Privacy Act; legal guidance to State Department employees, including those formerly held hostage by Iran, on avoiding conflicts of interest; and anti-lobbying. Anti-lobbying refers to the fact that, while State Department officials are allowed to contact Congress to urge specific legislative action, they are not allowed to "urge, encourage, request or assist" others to contact Congress to urge specific legislative action. The series includes records from three instances when people charged that the State Department crossed the line. These were during campaigns in support of the Panama Canal and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II) treaties; and in 1987, when Senator Jesse Helms questioned the legality and propriety of efforts by the State Department and the Agency for International Development to publicly oppose funding cuts in foreign affairs operations.

The records on Voice of America (VOA) operations relate to VOA broadcast stations in Bahrain, Greece, Grenada, Israel, Kuwait, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and Thailand. The records document negotiations to establish, extend, or terminate broadcast agreements; site selection; reports on reactions to the VOA presence; and other matters.

This portion of the series also includes more records on the work of the Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold. The records relate to dealings with Germany and Albania. The records relating to Germany concern release of two gold bars to the Commission for incorporation into the Commission's gold pool. After deposit in a U.S. Military Government account in Germany soon after the end of WWII, the bars were apparently overlooked until brought to the Commission's attention by a British journalist in 1983. The records relating to Albania deal with the resolution of long-standing nationalization and expropriation claims by the United States against Albania. The resolution of these issues allowed for distribution to Albania of its share of the Nazi-gold held for it by the Commission.

Other topics include the Informational Media Guaranty (IMG) Program, which facilitated the sale of books and other media about the U.S. for local currency in countries with a shortage of dollars; the work of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, which encourages the preservation and protection of cemeteries, monuments, and historic buildings associated with the foreign heritage of U.S. citizens; determinations of whether or not individual exhibitions of artwork on loan to U.S. institutions were in the national interest and immune from judicial seizure; administrative matters of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC; and three topics of concern to Poland: the return to Poland from the U.S. of Polish Foreign Ministry records, 1918-1940, originally seized by the Nazis; the return to Poland from the U.S. of the remains of Polish pianist, composer and statesman Ignace Jan Paderewski; and Poland's claim to a 1236 AD manuscript on vellum given to the Library of Congress after World War II.

Also included are a few records from 1993-1994 relating to U.S. attempts to have the Soviet government release a collection of books to the Lubavitch Chasidic community. The Soviet government confiscated the books ("the Schneerson Collection") shortly after the Russian Revolution.

Box # Subjects of Documents
1 OAP - Switzerland [3 folders], 1980-1987
OAP - Switzerland I, 1955-1975
2 OAP - Switzerland II, 1978-1986
OAP - Blocked Assets, 1951-1977
3 OAP - General I
OAP - General II
OAP - General III
4 OAP - General IV
OAP - General V
Shafer Report
OAP - Intercustodial - General, 1958-1963
5 OAP - Germany, 1958-1975
5-6 OAP - Interhandel [3 folders]
6 OAP - Vincze, Erno (Elizabeth Vincze Roboz)
OAP - Weiss, Manfred & Erno Vincze Feinlederfabrika of Budapest
OAP - Weiss, Manfred (vs. United States)
7 German Assets I, II, III [3 folders], 1956-1979
German Assets - Brazil, 1957-1959
8-10 German Assets - Japan I-VII [7 folders]
10-11 German Assets - Legislation I, II [2 folders]
11 German Assets - Luxembourg
11-12 German Claims - Greek Debts [4 folders]
12 German Claims - 1969 (Hermanowski, Julian)
13 German Claims - Arbitral Commission
German Claims - Higher Authorities
German Claims - Overlap I, II [2 folders]
14 German Claims - Yugoslav Prisoners of War [2 folders]
German Claims - German Prisoners of War
14-15 Japanese Assets - I, II [2 folders]
15 Federal Register - Regulations
Flag - National Symbols
World Tourist Org
16-17 Intergovernmental Relations - I, II, III [3 folders]
18 Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) 1969 - BIE 1984
Bureau of International Expositions - BIE - 1984 [2 folders]
19 Bureau of International Expositions - BIE - 1984 [2 folders]
BIE General to Date, 1986 [4 folders]
20 BIE General to Date 1986 [1 folder]
BIE General 1985 [3 folders]
BIE 1989 [2 folders]
21 Bureau of International Expositions 1982 [4 folders] BIE 1977 [2 folders]
22 Bureau of International Expositions BIE - 1983 [5 folders]
23 Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) 1972 [3 folders]
23-24 Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) 1966-1968 [5 folders]
24 BIE 1962-1965 [2 folders]
BIE - Convention of 1928 - Ratification 1964-1965
BIE - Convention Revision 1968-1969
25 BIE - Protocol Amending Convention 1970-1972 [2 folders]
25-26 Circular 175 - CU Authorization II [4 folders]
26 Circular 175 (Formerly 25) Authority to Negotiate and Sign Executive Agreements I. [4 folders]
26-27 Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe I, II [5 folders]
27-28 Conflict of Interest I, II [7 folders]
28-29 Austria - Claims General [2 folders], 1947-1978
29 Baltic Assets [5 folders], 1950-1986
30-32 Foreign Relations Power 1944-1961 [14 folders]
32-33 German Claims (New) I, II, III [5 folders], 1981-1986
33-34 General Legal Matters, 1981- [3 folders]
34-35 German Claims - Freiberg Case I, II, III [7 folders]
35-39 German Claims I-IX [24 folders], 1965-1988
40 German Compensation - Slave Labor [2 folders], 1948-1967
40-41 German Compensation Law I-V [9 folders], 1958-1971
42 German - Treaty (Peace), 1947-1950
42-44 German Restitution - External I-V [15 folders], 1954-1976
44-45 German Restitution - Internal I-III [3 folders], 1959-1969
45 German Restitution - Wallach [2 folders], 1955-1960
Germany - Personnel - Tribunals - Validation Board. File relates to German dollar bonds, 1953-1963
Portuguese and Spanish Accords [2 folders], 1955-1966
Angkor Wat (Cult. Prop.), 1971-1973
46 Ardelia Hall I, II [4 folders] Among the documents included are:

A January 18, 1946 memo detailing agencies charged with responsibility of the problems related to Axis-owned and Looted art, 10 pp.

Information regarding policies relating to the return of looted objects of art to countries of origin, 1947

Minutes of meetings of the German-Austria Secretariat regarding restitution and other matters, 1946

Memo by Ms Hall, September 25, 1946, regarding control over importation of works of art, 3 pp.

Art works missing from German museums; memo and drafts of memo regarding restitution of looted cultural property seeking safehaven in the United States, 1947

Drafts of a circular letter to Universities, Museums, Libraries, Art Dealers, and Booksellers, asking for their cooperation in the restitution of looted cultural property 1948, 1950; memo regarding the Problem of United States Customs Control of the Importation, Exportation, and Intransit Shipment of Looted or Axis-Owned Cultural Objects, Octobher 14, 1946, 4 pp.

A 14-page listing of Works of Art Recovered in the United States, 1944-1961

A memo by Ms Hall regarding the External Restitution of "Cultural Property" under the Convention with Germany, January 28, 1957, 3 pp.[In the memo she writes "The World War II vicissitudes becomes a part of the history of a work of art."]

Despatch of February 13, 1959, and related correspondence relating to a claim of Wildenstein & Company, Inc.

Information regarding the return of jewels and other property to the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 1955-1957
Documents relating to the Interzonal Exchange of Cultural Materials, ca. 1950s

Copies of OMGUS (Office of the Military Government, United States, 1947-1948, pertaining to restitution policies, procedures, progress, and recommendations-included is information on U.S. restitution policy, conflict between Restitution and German Economy, termination of the cultural restitution program, progress of the program, restitution to Baltic states, replacement of unique objects, internal restitution of cultural objects, disposition of ownerless cultural objects, archives in the U.S. zone, cultural objects as war booty, archives in the Soviet zone, the Berlin libraries, and the Prussian State Museum; a draft paper on Proposed German Control of Cultural Restitution, ca. 1950, 15 pp.

Documents relating to the Exhibition and Return of the German State Paintings, 1946

Documents relating to the disposition of properties in the U.S. zone of occupation and the U.S. sector of Berlin having belong to the Former German Reich and to the Former German States, Laender or Provinces, 1949;

Information regarding the restitution of the 1457 Mainz Psalter. German Wermug. Files, 1955-1961, relate to art objects allegedly stolen by American troops.
47 Austria [4 files]. Includes:

An extensive report of the Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Austria regarding cultural properties under U.S. Control. Over 1,200 items are identified

Lists of unidentified works of art transferred from the former Munich collecting point to U.S. Authorities in Austria, 1952

A State Department message of January 12, 1951, dealing with the disposition of property of Hungarian persecutees that had been sent by train eastward during the latter days of World War II

A December 10, 1951 despatch dealing with the files and records of the former Monuments and Fine Arts Section.

Also included are numerous documents relating to cultural properties in Austria.
47-50 Protection of Cultural Property. Duerer Paintings I-V [15 folders]
50-52 Duerer Paintings DOES I-IV [11 folders]
52 Production [sic] of Cultural Property. FOIA. [2 folders]
52-53 Production [sic] of Cultural Property. Chrome [2 folders]
53 European Convention-Archaeological [sic] Heritage
53-54 Protection of Cultural Property - 8 Postage Stamps I-IV [9 folders]
54-55 Prot. Of Cult. Prop. - GDR General [4 folders]
55-60 Protection of Cultural Property. German War Art I-VII [28 folders]
60 Protection of Cultural Property. German War Art-Litigation I, II [4 folders]
Mexican Problem
Cultural Property: Newspaper items
61-62 Production [sic] of Cultural Property. Tintoretto I, II, III [11 folders]
63 Legal Matters-General 1983 [5 folders]
64-68 Legal Matters-General 1965-1980 [24 folders]
68 Weekly Reports, 1966-1970
69-70 Administration 1945-1974 [7 folders]
70 Legal Matters 1984 - Chron Jan-March 1973 [2 folders]
71-72 Chron January 1971-December 1973 [9 folders]
73-74 Chron File January 1968-December 1970 [12 folders]
75-76 Chron File January 1965-June 1968 [12 folders]
77-78 Chron File January 1960-December 1964 [13 folders]
79-83 Chron File January 1951-December 1959 [21 folders]
84 [Czech Gold Claim] [5 folders]
84-86 Tripartite Gold Commission. Czechoslovakia. X-XIV [11 folders]
86 Gold - Tripartite Gold Commission I
Tripartite Gold Commission. Czechoslovakia. II-IV [4 folders]
87 Tripartite Gold Commission. Czechoslovakia. V [5 folders]
87-89 Gold - Czechoslovakia Litigation I-IV [13 folders]
90 Gold - Czechoslovakia Litigation IV [1 folder]
TGC Czech XV, XVI, XVII [5 folders]
91 TGC Czech XVII, XVIII [5 folders]
92 TGC Czech XVIII [1 folder]
Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Czechoslovakia-I, II, III [5 folders]
93 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Czechoslovakia-III, IV [6 folders]
94 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Czechoslovakia-V, VI, VII, VIII [7 folders]
95 Gold-Tripartite Gold Commission. Czechoslovakia-VIII [2 folders]
Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Deutsche. [3 folders]
96 Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Albanian Claim)
Tripartite Gold Commission-Arbitral Advice
Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Czechoslovakian Claim)
Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Yugoslavian Claim)
Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Austrian Claim)
Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Belgian Claim)
Tripartite Gold Commission-Adjudication (Polish Claim)
97 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. II, III Final Decisions [6 folders]
98 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Dollfus Mieg et Compagnie S.A. I [4 folders]
98-99 Gold-Tripartite Gold Commission-Dollfus Mieg II [2 folders]
99 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Istcambi Case [2 folders]
Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Portugal
99-100 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Poland I, II [7 folders]
100-102 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. The Netherlands I-V [11 folders]
Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Italy-Netherlands Clm.
Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Sweden
103 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Report - I, II, III [6 folders]
104 Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. World Court Gold-Tripartite Gold Comm. Albania I, II, & III [5 folders]
105 Gold - TGC Albania IV [4 folders], 1981-1996
105-106 TGC - 2 Gold Bars I, II [4 folders], 1985-1996
106 Nazi-Gold [Withdrawal Notice Only] SEA
106-107 Nairobi Protocol - Working File [4 folders]
107 UNESCO - Beirut Agreement
Old Florence Agreement & Little Beirut IV [3 folders]
108 Old Florence & Little Beirut Agreements II, III [5 folders]
UNESCO - Draft Agreement to Facilitate International Circulation of Publications
IV-Importation of ESC Materials (Florence Agreement) Oct. 1952-64
109-111 Bullfrog Files I, II, III [15 folders]
111 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cultural Agreements-General
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Educational Agreements-General
112 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements. Cost Sharing
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Afghanistan
Educational & Cultural Exchange-Algeria
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Argentina
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Australia [4 folders]
113 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Austria I (through 1962) [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Austria II
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Austria. Tax Status I, II [5 folders]
114 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Bangladesh, 1972- Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Belgium & Luxembourg, 1946-1968- [6 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Bolivia
115 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Brazil [3 folders]
115-116 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Bulgaria I, II [7 folders]
116 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Burma
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cameroon
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Ceylon
117 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Chile
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements. China Foundation for the Promotion of Education & Culture
117-118 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-China II, III (People's Republic) [7 folders]
118 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-China I (Taipei) [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Colombia [2 folders]
119 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cuba
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cyprus
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements
119-120 Czechoslovakia [6 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Denmark
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Ecuador [2 folders]
120-121 Egypt-Cultural I, II, III [9 folders]
122 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Egypt I [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Ethiopia
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Finland [2 folders]
122-123 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-France [5 folders]
123 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-France/Canada-Louisiana [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Germany-Cultural
123-124 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Germany, 1948-1969- [7 folders]
125 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Germany, 1969- [1 folder]
Germany-Democratic Republic, 1975- [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Ghana
125-126 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Greece [5 folders]
126 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Grenada
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Guatemala
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Guinea
Cultural Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Honduras
126-127 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Hungary I, II [8 folders]
128 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Iceland [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-India-Cultural Centers
128-129 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-India [6 folders]
129 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Indonesia Educational &
Cultural Exchange Agreements-Inter-American Cultural Conventions
129-130 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Iran [4 folders]
130 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Iraq [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Iraq-Cultural
130-131 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Ireland [2 folders]
131 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Israel [3 folders]
131-132 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Italy [7 folders]
132 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Italy, 1946-1966 [3 folders]
133 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Italy-Agreement, June 1973-Drafts
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Italy-Agreement of June 1973-Legal Texts
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Italy-Cultural [2 folders]
133-134 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Japan [5 folders]
134 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Japan, 1946-1968 [3 folders]
134-135 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Japan (GARIOA), 1959-1966- [4 folders]
135-136 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Japan. Joint Committee & CULCON [4 folders]
136 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-"Japanese-American Friendship Act of 1972" [5 folders]
137 "Japanese-American Friendship Act of 1972" II, III [5 folders]
138 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Korea, 1946-1968- [6 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Kuwait
139 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Lebanon
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Liberia [6 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Libya-Cultural Centers
140 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Malaya
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Mexico-Cultural [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Mexico [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Monrovia
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Mongolia
141 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Morocco I, II [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Nepal
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Netherlands [4 folders]
142 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-New Zealand, 1946-1968- [4 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Nigeria
142-143 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Norway [2 folders]
143 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Pakistan
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Pakistan, 1948-1968 [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Paraguay
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Peru [2 folders]
144 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Philippines [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Poland-English Language Teaching Program
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Poland [3 folders]
145 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Portugal [2 folders]
145-147 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Romania I, II, III, IV V, VI [15 folders]
147 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Romania-Library Understanding, 1968- [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Saudi Arabia
148 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Singapore
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Somali Republic
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-South Africa [2 folders]
148-149 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Spain I, II [11 folders]
149 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Sudan
150 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Sweden
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Switzerland
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Syria [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Thailand
150-151 Travel Arrangements-(Dependents Travel) [3 folders]
151 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Trinidad & Tobago
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Tunisia
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Turkey [3 folders]
151-152 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-United Kingdom & Ireland I (through 1962) [3 folders]
152 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-United Kingdom & Ireland II, 1963- [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Uruguay
152-153 E-USSR-EURAM Case [2 folders]
153 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR-Health Agreement, 1972-
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR-SOVEXPORTFILM (Satra-"War & Peace"
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR-General-Publication Amerika
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR-General-Publication Sputnik [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR-University of Minnesota Band
153-155 E-USSR-General V-VIII, 1986-88 [15 folders]
156 USSR-E-General IV, 1984 [3 folders]
1980-83, E-USSR-General III
156-157 E-USSR-General II [4 folders]
157 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR Cultural Activities, 1972-1973 (1971-Mar.20, 1972)
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR (TIAS 7343) March 21, 1972- [4 folders]
158 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR 1973-74. Jan. 1973- [4 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Exchanges Negotiations. Memoranda of Conversation. 1970 [2 folders]
159 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Cultural Activities, 1970-1971 (TIAS 6878) [3 folders]
[E-USSR] [2 folders]
159-160 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Cultural Activities, 1968-1969 (TIAS 6570) [3 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Exchanges Negotiations. Memoranda of Conversation. 1968
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Draft Agreement and Position Papers, 1968-1969 [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Exchanges. Negotiations - 1970-1971 (Position Papers)
161 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cultural Activities (TIAS 6149) 1966-1967
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR Cultural Agreement (Cables) 1964
P.L. 402. East-West Contacts through Aug. '57. Cultural Convention-USSR (TIAS 3975) [2 folders]
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR.
P.L. 402 East-West Contacts. Science Program. 1958-1959
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Cultural Conventions & Agreements.
P.L. 402 East-West Contacts. Publications through 1963
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Cultural Agreement (1960-61) (TIAS 4362)
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR.
P.L. 402. East-West Contacts, 9/59-12/59 Cultural Convention. (Negotiations for 1960-61 Agree.)
162 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Cultural Relations Agreement (1962-63) (TIAS 5112)
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-USSR. Cultural Activities (1964-65) (TIAS 5582)
Educational & Cultural Agreements--Venezuela
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Viet-nam
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Yemen
Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements--Yugoslavia-Information Center
162-163 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements-Yugoslavia [5 folders]
163-165 Conflict of Interest II-IV [13 folders]
165 Copyright-Reproduction of Copyrighted Materiel
165-166 Copyright II [4 folders]
166 Copyright (Permission to Print)
Copyright - Govt. Policy
166-167 Copyright-General [4 folders]
167 Copyright (Television)
Copyright (Rights-Employee On Inventions)-Writings
Delegation of Authority [2 folders]
East-West Relations Educational & Cultural
168-172 Educational & Cultural Matters I-VIII [27 folders]
172 Ed. & Cult.-Ambassador's Office [2 folders]
172-173 Ed. & Cult.-Immunity From Judicial Seizure [2 folders]
173 Ed. & Cult.-Project Democracy [5 folders]
174 Executive Orders [3 folders]
Executive Order 11034. (PL 87-256)(Administration of the MEducational & Cultural Exchange Agreements of 1961, as amended.) 1961-1965. [3 folders]
174-175 Executive Privilege I, II [6 folders]
175-176 Holocaust Memorial Council [4 folders], 1980-1987
176-177 IMG (to 1966) [4 folders]
177 IMG-Israel [4 folders]
178 Information Centers
Information-Dissemination Abroad
Information Program (Mutual Security) (Merger ICA-State Public Relations Activities)
Information-Restrictions of Distribution & Providing Info to Congress (Policy) [2 folders]
Inter-Departmental Group On Foreign Policy Information. 1970
Intergovernmental Affairs
Legal Opinions,Index
Miscellaneous Memos (1948-1966) [2 folders]
179 Motion Pictures
Memoranda of Conversation [Logan Act]
Memoranda for the Files (Informational) 1960 through 1969
Memoranda for the Files (Informational) through 1959 [3 folders]
179-181 National Gallery I, II, III, IV [15 folders]
181 National Gallery of Art-Sovereign Immunity
181-186 Privacy Act I-VIII [26 folders]
186-188 Public Affairs-General I-IV [13 folders]
188-190 Public Affairs-ACU Suit I, II, III [11 folders]
190-195 Public Affairs-Anti-lobbying I-XI [36 folders]
195 Public Affairs-Anti-lobbying-Legal [4 folders]
196 Public Affairs-FAM 628 [4 folders]
196-198 Public Affairs-Iranian Hostages I, II, III [12 folders]
198-199 Public Affairs-Historical Office [3 folders]
199 Public Affairs-Historical Office-Medals
Public Affairs-Inspection Report on the Role of the Dept. in Domestic Public Affairs
Public Affairs-Anti-lobbying-Latin America [2 folders]
199-200 Public Affairs-Panama Canal I, II [4 folders]
200 L/ECP Chron: July-Dec. 1992 [3 folders]
L/ECP Chron: Jan.-- 1993 [1 folder]
201 L/ECP Chron: Jan.-1993 [3 folders]
L/ECP Chron: 1992
Activities Reports XIII
201-202 BIE I, II [7 folders]
202-203 Administration III [6 folders]
203 Circular 175
204 Columbus Quincentennary
Conflict of Interest
Copyright [4 folders]
204-205 CSCE-General [2 folders]
205 CSCE-Krakow
205-206 Educational & Cultural I, II, III [6 folders]
206 E-Berlin Airlift [3 folders], 1993-1994
E-Berlin Document Center, 1992-1995
206-207 E-Poland [3 folders]
207 Educational & Cultural Exchange Agreements (Educational & Cultural Exch. Agmts.)
E-Quatar [sic] [2 folders]
207-208 E-PRC (China) II [3 folders]
208 E-Romania
E-San Salvador
E-Saudi Arabia
208-209 E-USSR-General Agt. I, II [8 folders]
209-210 E-USSR I,II [6 folders]
210-211 E-USSR Centers I, II [4 folders]
211 E-USSR Educational
E-USSR-1000 [2 folders]
E-United Kingdom
FAM 628
Florence Agreement
211-212 FOIA [3 folders]
212 German Claims, 1988-1991
Great Seal
Heritage Commission [3 folders]
Holocaust Council, 1986-1996
212-213 Immunity From Judicial Seizure (Jan.-June 1997) [5 folders]
213 Legal Matters National Gallery, 1993
214 Nazi Claims/Crimes. Contains 1 p. pertaining to a symposium on Nazi crimes, 1988
Privacy Act
Protection of Cultural Property I [2 folders] Contains information looted art and the Hungarian Crown of St. Stephen.
Prot. Of Cult. Prop.-Austria. Contains 1 p. dealing with Jewish claims, 1989
Protection of Cultural Pro.-GDR
Prot. Of Cult. Prop.-German War Art
Protection of Cultural Property-Mali
214-215 Protection of Cultural Prop.-Paderewski [5 folders]
215 Protection of Cultural Property-Polish Archives [2 folders]
215-216 Prot. Of Cult. Prop.-8 Postage Stamps [5 folders]
216 Protection of Cultural Property-Thailand
Prot. Of Cult. Prop.-Turkey [2 folders]
217 Protection of Cult. Property-Vellum [2 folders]
217-218 PA-Anti-lobbying I, II [7 folders]
218 PA-Correspondents
218-220 Public Affairs-General I, II, III [11 folders]
220 PA-Historian's Office
PA-Penalty Mail [3 folders]
221 PA-Speakers Fund
TGC-Czechoslovakia, 1982-1989
Tripartite Gold Comm.-General, 1987-1996
221-222 TGC-Albania [8 folders], 1983-1996
222 Smithsonian
Security General
223 UNESCO-Florence Agreement (Nairobi Prot.)
UNESCO-Intergovernmental Comm.
USIA-Cultural Centers
223-224 USIA-VOA I, II [7 folders]
224 USIA-VOA-Greece [4 folders]
USIA-VOA-Bahrein [sic]
225 USIA-VOA-Grenada
USIA-VOA-Kuwait, I, II [3 folders]
USIA-VOA-Libreville-Sao Tome
226 USIA-VOA-Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
USIA-VOA-Sri Lanka
World Heritage Commission [2 folders]
226-227 L/ECP Chron: June to December 1991 [4 folders]
227 Protection of Cultural Property-Clippings [3 folders], 1993-1995. Includes information on looted art.
227-228 Miscellaneous [6 folders]